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Sound Forge 10.0 Series. Sound Forge Pro 11 Crack + Serial Number Full Download. Digital insanity keygen sound forge 10. First launched in 2020 by Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm, provides an online index of digital content that includes audio, video, applications, games, adult content, and miscellaneous content like e-books and comic books. Sony Sound Forge -SoundForge Pro 10.0 + Keygen..NJOY https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1007.

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Multi-Keygen by Digital Insanity: Sony Vegas, Sound Forge and ma patch, 5834. Come and download sound forge pro 10 keygen Digital insanity keygen download sony vegas pro 11 On Digital Insanity Keygen Sony Vegas Pro 11 sets itself to the operating system and processor type. Radio Lover has a tight connection with iTunes. Digital Insanity - link 2 * moviEZ HD 1.0 Series * SpectraLayers Pro 1.0 Series * Sound Forge 9.0 Series * Sound Forge 10.0 Series * Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0 Series * Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Series. The sound levels were increased as close as possible to clipping when I mastered to CD-R from cassette and then normalized to -18dB average RMS power (loudness) in Sound Forge An interesting website for further research is the Jonestown Institute which contains transcripts as well as commentary on this and other recordings recovered by the FBI from Jonestown after the mass suicide and murders.

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PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS Users may feel free to add any other rep here, steamtrades.com, /SGS rep, /GCXRep, etc but understand that the only fully accepted rep on /indiegameswap is on /IGSRep. Traders may reject trades for any suspicion and should feel free to contact the mods for background checks
List of my games https://pastebin.com/9M2qMv44
Hello! Here is my list of games that i have.
IGS: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/8ad28l/sonosakis_igs_rep_page/ https://www.reddit.com/useSonosaki/comments/ad0jzd/sonosakis_igs_rep_page_2/ https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/c9lzcz/sonosakis_igs_rep_page_3/ https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/ejo7ho/sonosakis_igs_rep_page_4/
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Theorycraft: Best Girls of Thracia 776

Theorycraft: Best Girls of Thracia 776
Short disclaimer: This was originally conceived a rather long time ago, and the write-up has progressed slowly over that time. So you'll see little concerns about things like stats and abilities that make less sense post-Gen 3 BST, as well as some short edits explaining where certain things I designed were, ah, kind of implemented by the game before I ever posted this. Just to keep that in mind.
ERRATA 1: Mareeta should have an offensive spread of 48/36 not 52/39. I put in the stats for her sword incorrectly. She shouldn't look like that.
Anyway, this is a theorycraft for my eight favourite girls of Thracia 776, and how I would see them implemented in the game, with both an eye for what reflects the lore of the characters alongside the patterns that IS has shown in implementation. However, as I am aware that most FEH fans will not have played Thracia 776, I have also included a little synopsis of who the characters are and why I like them, as a little introduction to some characters you may not be overly familiar with. For that reason, there will be story spoilers here. I cannot really talk about the characters or the unit builds without going into the plot or lore details; if you wish to remain unspoiled you should avoid reading any further. Also, play Thracia 776 and Genealogy. They're good. Trust me.
For the most part, the artwork you see in the unit builder is borrowed from the superb アガハリ, also known as Agahari. For those of you who are not aware of their work, they are a supremely talented fan artist working mainly in traditional, non-digital media, who has produced a vast catalogue of Fire Emblem fanart for basically all the older games in the series, and has acquired something of a legendary status in the FE community at large. They also have an extensive collection for a ton of other fanbases as well. If that's your cup of tea I urge you to go check their work out. The exception is for Lara, for whom I used the official artwork from Thracia 776 by Mayumi Hirota, who unfortunately passed away last year. She was a great artist in her own right and I equally encourage you to check out her work as well.
With all that being said, let's get started.


Art by: アガハリ

Who the heck is she?
Mareeta is arguably the most prominent female character in Thracia 776 besides Nanna - I say arguably because there are others with their own stories and character arcs, but we'll get to that - as well as one of the more popular characters, both for her personality and more importantly for being such a goddamn nuke that even the penultimate boss's pseudo-invulnerability can't stop her. I mean, once she's trained. Anyway, she was kidnapped by slavers as a child but most unfortunately for the slavers, they happened to try the same thing on the Swordmaster Eyvel, who promptly murdered the lot of them. Since Mareeta couldn't survive on her own, Eyvel adopted her and taught her her sword skills. And so Mareeta led a happy life as Eyvel's daughter, and grew up alongside Leif, Nanna, and the rest in the village of Fianna (there's a whole lot of backstory here but let's not get distracted).
So, fast-forward to the start of the game. Fianna is attacked by the Empire while Eyvel and her mercenary company, the Fianna Freeblades (which includes Leif and Finn) are out dealing with bandits, resulting in Nanna and Mareeta being taken prisoner by the current governor of Manster, General Raydrik. Anyway, after a whole lot of adventures Leif and Eyvel are both taken prisoner as well, and Raydrik invites Eyvel to come with him to see her daughter. In a cruel twist that will surprise absolutely nobody, Raydrik puts Eyvel in an arena with Nanna and, when she has effortlessly killed the fighters that Raydrik sends after her, he sends out Mareeta - revealing that he gave her a cursed sword that drives the wielder insane. Not the most subtle villain in the franchise. Even the damn Cult of Evil priest next to him thinks that the whole thing is a waste of time. Anyway, while this is going on, Leif escapes and crashes the arena, a whole lot of chaos ensues, and while they're making their escape Eyvel is turned to stone and Mareeta is abducted by a strange man with absurd bases named Galzus. After the escape, Galzus is seen giving the unconscious Mareeta to Saias, telling him to get her out of there. Raydrik notices this and puts two and two together - Mareeta had the Brand of Od on her back, and Galzus is in fact the ex-Prince of Rivough, a member of the Isaachian Royal Family, and also has the Brand in the same place. They're family.
Saias and Mareeta travel together for a time, until he gets her to a place where she can rendezvous with Leif's forces while he returns to the Empire. As a final gift, he removes the curse from the sword and gives it to her, with some wise words on swords and not to blame herself for what happened. So long story short, Mareeta meets up with Leif's army, she wrecks face, she learns Astra from listening to a guy pretending to know Astra (again, long story), meets and reconciles with Galzus, saves Eyvel and ends up living with her again while Leif and Nanna move on to FE4 chapter 8. So what can we say about Mareeta? She begins the game as a fairly straightforward tomboy to contrast with Nanna's classical princess, then we begin to see cracks forming as she blames herself for attacking her mother and getting her turned to stone. She's a whole bundle of guilt and insecurities that only gets better through Saias' intervention. The scene where Eyvel and Mareeta reunite after Eyvel is cured is extremely touching, and Mareeta herself is an exceptionally fun character to use. Oh, and she also hardcore ships Leif/Nanna so it's safe to say she has excellent taste.

Why these skills and stats?
Let's just get this out of the way: Thracia 776's Mareeta is a glass cannon - with an emphasis on the "cannon". Her StSkl/Spd/Lck growths are fantastic. By the end of the game, she will have Astra, Luna, and Adept - and each individual strike from Astra can trigger /anothe Luna or Adept. Oh, and every follow-up attack she makes has her critical rate multiplied by 5 (thanks to a hidden stat in FE5 called the Pursuit Critical Coefficient, or PCC), because screw you. Oh, and she also gets a personal Brave weapon with 20 crit (and since 20*5 = 100... yeah), because why not. So once she's fully trained there's not a heck of a lot that can actually stop her. The corollary to this is, of course, that she's not exactly durable.
So given her relative importance in FE5, I imagine she would be a premium banner unit, which at this point means a complete skill load-out and a stacked stat spread. 36/39 is comparable to Karla (35/40) with her defensive stats just skewed more towards the physical (though not by much). So while I do hate myself ever so slightly for splurging on stats, she is still pretty much in line with existing red swords.
EDIT: I wrote this up before Keaton came out with pretty much the same basic skill load-out and design philosophy - except my Mareeta might actually be a little bit less broken than Keaton is.

Weapon: Mareeta's Sword (Mt 12. Spd -3. Slows Special trigger (cooldown count +1). Attack twice when initiating combat. Inflicts special cooldown count -1 on foe per attack) - Hooray, word salad. I wanted to get the essence of Mareeta's Sword from FE5 without making it too broken. So, we have the double on initiation and the blocking specials from the original. It also has 1 more Mt than Amiti in return for 1 more Spd dropped, which also nerfs Regnal Astra's damage output a little bit. Slowing the Special trigger is kind of debatable, but I thought that preventing her from being able to automatically trigger Regnal Astra on initiation after a Special Spiral was both important for balance and lore-friendly in reference to her PCC of 5.
Assist: Rally Up Spd+ - I don't like 400 SP assists as a rule, but now that they're here, we could definitely use more of them so that more people can have access to them for their arena cores. Mareeta's primary attribute is her Spd, so that seemed like the natural fit as well as being a skill that doesn't exist in-game yet.
Special: Regnal Astra - I see this as the exclusive preserve of the Isaachian royalty and Mareeta certainly deserves it as much as Ayra. Not much to say other than, it's a good skill.
A: Darting Blow 4 (Grants Spd +9 during combat if unit initiates the attack) - Yeah, yeah, boo hiss tier four skills chiz chiz burn the witch. Still, this is supposed to be modelled after what IS might put in the game as much as it is a wish list so be grateful I'm not giving her a personal A skill. Anyway, this combos nicely with Mareeta's Sword and Regnal Astra, and since it's PP only it fits with Mareeta's glass cannon mould. It's +10 because of how IS seems to be weighting stat boosts now (Attack < Speed < Def/Res) in forging and in Tier 4 skills.
EDIT: Oh hi Legendary Alm sure ok just make Darting Blow 4 a thing now. So it's now Spd +9 rather than the +10 I guessed it would be.
B: Special Spiral 3 - Muhahahaha. I wanted some way to boost special activation because special activation all day every day is kind of Mareeta's thing. However, Mia already has Flashing Blade and Karla already has Wrath. Special Spiral is pretty neat because it allows for constant special charging - I am of the opinion that Mareeta, as a melee infantry, would be sufficiently hampered by range that her offensive threat would not be opprobrious (and anyway there's always Reinhardt).
C: Savage Blow 3 - Everything dies. This is more Mareeta's personality than building a cohesive kit. She's vicious but cares deeply. But not like Camilla. Never like Camilla.


Art by: アガハリ

Who the heck is she?
Sara is a cute little girl who emerges from a monastery owned by the local Jugdral Cult of Evil, the Loptous Church. Alarm bells will usually start ringing for players of Thracia 776 when they see the evil genocidal cultists treating her with something akin to respect, and doubly so when they see her skill load-out. Anyway, depending on what route you take you end up recruiting her one way or the other, and she makes some remarks along the lines of that she feels drawn to Leif and needs to follow him. We don't hear much more from her until just before the finale, when Leif has found the staff that will cure the previously mentioned Eyvel's petrification, but knows that only select members of the Church of Loptous even know how to use the staff.
Drum roll please. Sara pops up saying she can use the staff, because it's restricted by bloodline (just like everything else in Jugdral. I bet even their cutlery is bound to their bloodline) and hey, she's Manfroy's granddaughter. You know, that Manfroy. The Archbishop of Loptous. The guy who manipulated two people into incest just to create a vessel for his god. The guy unironically running "Child Hunts". Good thing she hates his guts, because he murdered both her parents. Because the only reasonable course of action when your daughter runs off with a man you don't approve of is to murder both of them and lock your granddaughter up in a monastery run by your evil cult. Manfroy, here, updating his CV for the "most horrifyingly evil bastard in all of Fire Emblem" position.
Anyway, Sara is a quiet, waif-type girl whom you suspect knows more than she lets on, really wants to stick it to Manfroy if she can, and according to a non-negligible quantity of fanart really wants to get it on with Leif. After all, he's her heroic ticket out of her current life. But she doesn't really express any such feelings in the actual game so what do I know. One particularly disturbing moment comes in the final chapter, however: here, Leif faces six Deadlords as well as the leader of the Loptous Church in Thracia. Ordinarily, they are generic; however, they represent six individuals who, if dead, represent Leif's failings: failure to save Eyvel and Dagdar, failure to spare Lifis and Galzus, and failure to confront Raydrik (you always get this one, by the way. Leif has to overcome this as part of the plot). But the final Deadlord is made from Sara's corpse. Even if you didn't recruit her. Meaning if you never found her, she almost certainly tried to escape, was found and murdered, and then her corpse used by her grandfather to create an undead warrior. Because Thracia 776.

Why these skills and stats?
Sara is, rather like Mareeta, a character who has every reason to be absurdly good when fully trained. She has ridiculous (80%) Mag/Skl/Spd growths. She has Paragon to double EXP gains, she always gets a critical on a counterattack (Wrath) and she has Miracle, for whatever that's worth. She gets Adept on promotion. She can use all types of magic except Dark, including both Tomes and Staves while unpromoted. She has a 25% chance to move again every time she ends her turn (5 movement stars). She's as durable as a paper bag but she is always useful thanks to Staves being the best weapon type in Thracia, and she has a B rank at base (automatic A on promotion). On the downside, she has an overall defence of... 14. As in 14 HP, 0 Def. She is not tanky (until you stack all the scrolls on her and abuse Paragon and Nosferatu to make her unkillable but let's not go there). So, anyway, she's a Staff unit (because her personal weapon is a Staff) and I gave her pretty minmaxed stats.
Now, something I should have probably mentioned earlier is that Magic and Resistance are the same stat in Thracia (think G1 Pokemon) so Sara actually has really high Resistance. I've tried to keep the Mag and Res stats similar for the mage Thracia characters, while also remaining true to their other defining traits. So, Sara has 38/36 offensive stats and 34 Res, while also having one of the lowest physical defensive capabilities possible with 31 HP / 12 Def - for comparison, she's stronger than Genny (38 vs 35) and faster than Loki (36 vs 35) but much frailer than both. Like Mareeta, she's a popular Thracia character with storyline significance and considerable world-building implications, so she's the second "premium" banner unit.

Weapon: Kia (Mt 14. After combat, neutralises penalties (from skills like Panic, Threaten, etc.) and negative status effects (preventing counterattacks, restricting movement, etc.) that last through the next action on unit and allies within 2 spaces. When healing allies with a staff, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +3 and the following status to target for 1 turn: "Neutralises status effects and disables skills that prevent counterattacks during combat".) - The aforementioned staff that cures petrification is the Kia Staff, Sara's personal weapon. In-game, if you didn't get the staff and you got Leif petrified, well, sucks to be you, better restart the chapter and just throw people at Berdo until he runs out of Stone. Mercifully, petrification doesn't exist in Heroes, unless you count the movement-dropping abilities. I also didn't want to make yet another Razzle-Dazzle unit with a slightly different effect. So I thought, why not keep her as a unit that exists to counter bullshit? So, she doesn't have any Dazzling effect and can't use Wrathful Vantage with her personal staff, but she does prevent after-combat penalties from nuking you, and as I'm disappointed that heal-modulating effects are so rare currently (I think Live to Serve is the only one?) she also greatly buffs anyone she heals. Which also works in tandem with:
Assist: Reanimate (Restores 30 HP. Enables target to take another action. Cannot be used on units with Sing, Dance, or Reanimate.) - Her unique support skill. Healing Dance? Healing Dance. OK, so I was going to have her refresh herself as a reference to her 5 Movement Stars, but this effect is arguably more useful in Heroes. it also means that she can buff targets who aren't injured but have finished their turn, expanding the usefulness of the weapon effect. Sure, the fact that she can Dance is kind of antithetical to the whole "counter the cancer" spiel I was giving above, but hey, gotta keep those wallets open somehow.
Special: Miracle - One of her Thracia 776 skills. Included for lore purposes.
A: Atk/Res Solo 3 - Here's the first of the Atk/Res type abilities. Sara is defined by her otherness, and her distance from just about everybody else in the army (and her family), so this ability fits her more than it does a lot of others.
B: Wrathful Staff 3 - Again, one of Sara's personal skills in Thracia 776 is Wrath. She's hiding a whole lot of anger under that calm exterior. Wrathful Staff is too good a fit - and a skill - to not put on there.
C: Staff Valor 3 - And finally, another lore-relevant skill. Sara had Paragon in Thracia 776, so giving her one of the growth-boosting skills in Heroes seemed obvious. I chose Staff Valor over Staff EXP because let's face it, grinding to level 40 is a formality at this stage.


Art by: アガハリ

Who the heck is she?
Linoan is the Duchess of Tahra, a location that is well-remembered and often dreaded by anyone who has played FE5. To summarise, Tahra is a city ostensibly located within the lands of Alster (one of the four Kingdoms of Northern Thracia) but seems in practice to be self-governing. Prior to the events of FE5, when Leonster is conquered by the Empire, Finn, Nanna, and Leif seek asylum in various other kingdoms, and Leif spent a part of his childhood with Linoan and Sathi. Unfortunately this is a rather poor decision politically, as the Empire trundles into town, forcing Leif to flee again, the Duke is executed and Tahra annexed. Linoan is held prisoner in her own home and tortured for two years following these events, as the Empire tries to get her to spill where Leif had planned to go next. However, she is rescued by a Dragon Knight named Dean, who is actually an agent sent by her arranged fiance, Prince Arione of Thracia. So a thrilling escape ensues, Dean protects Linoan from assassins and helps her through her trauma and by the time she shows up in FE5 she's very much off her oats for him, bless her. So much so that they have a really powerful support together.
Anyway, at the beginning of FE5, Leif reunites with Sathi, who tells him what he's missed: the citizens of Tahra had a rebellion when the Empire began Child Hunts in the area, threw out the governor and Linoan comes back to lead them. Unfortunately, they're surrounded by Empire forces trying to starve them out, and so Sathi went looking for reinforcements. So after about ten chapters and many adventures Leif makes it to Tahra, breaking the siege, but it's pretty clear they're utterly screwed. They have no men left except Leif's motley crew, they're surrounded by several Imperial armies, and the Schwarze Rosen has decided to get involved. Who are the Schwarze Rosen? Well, Manfroy of all people woke up one morning and decided that what his religious order really needed for authenticity was a freaking Black Ops division. So they're mad, bad, and huge fans of Manfroy's best-selling book "A Handy-Dandy Guide to Religious Genocide". As in, their standard procedure if one person dissents is to burn their entire village at the stake. So, anyway, in one of the most gripping chapters in the series, Leif and co. defend the city against waves and waves of onrushing enemies, until King Travant and Arione show up - Travant wants to take the city now that the Empire and Tahra have both exhausted their forces, but Arione insists that he take the city without bloodshed. So he flies to Linoan, tells her to evacuate, and Thracia takes possession of Tahra, which is kind of bad but a whole lot better than the Schwarze Rosen getting their hands on the citizenry. Linoan accepts his deal, but refuses to put herself under his protection, instead going with Leif. So Leif and Linoan escape, guiding the citizens through the mountains to safety.
Linoan stops being particularly plot-relevant at this point, but we still learn a bit more about her as the game goes on. She is, in fact, a descendant of the crusader Heim - which means that not only is she a member of the House of Belhalla, she also has minor Naga blood and is a distant relative of Julia, Deirdre et al. Her blood being "awakened" results in her story promotion to Sage. So she's a Pretty Big Deal, all things considered. While her character arc is basically over by the time she turns up in the story, she has a lot of fans because of her strong will and determination, and being one of the best units in the game doesn't hurt either. She's also very clearly gaga for Dean, which many players will strongly empathise with once they've spent a few minutes using Dean to wreck face. But anyway, she's heavily connected to Leif, drives the plot of much of the first half of Thracia 776, and is a popular character among Thracia 776 fans in her own right. I just... desperately hope that any Thracia 776 remake gives her the happy ending she deserves. Because... ouch.

Why these skills and stats?
You're probably detecting a pattern here. Yes, the best girls in Thracia 776 are almost all minmaxed to a frankly hilarious extent. So, here we go: ~50% growths in Mag/Skl/Spd/Lck, total bulk of 16 (16 HP, 0 Def) at base, C Rank Staves at base, can use all Magic bar Dark, gets Adept and ridiculous Sage promotion bonuses (and promotes for free, too). She's basically a slightly less min-maxed Sara, but that's like calling the Titanic slightly safer than the Hindenburg. Because of her class, she actually gets EXP surprisingly quickly, and Staves are still the best weapons in the game. She also technically owns the Nosferatu tome you get, but for some reason it isn't a PRF and Sara, Asvel, Homeros, Saias and Ced can all use it too if need be. So her skills and stats are more designed to reflect her status as an awakened carrier of the Naga bloodline, as well as her personality. So, she's slightly faster (37) and bulkier (34/15) but with less Attack (33) and Resistance (32) compared to Sara, but with a personal weapon that also buffs her Speed. While Sara is designed based on the support qualities of the two, Linoan is built more with their raw offensive capacity in mind. Compared to other Blue Tome units, she's slightly faster but less powerful than Ishtar (34/36) and Linde (35/36).

Weapon: Heim's Tome (Mt 14. Spd +3. If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 80%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack.) - For those of you who have never played FE4, Saint Heim was the leader of the Twelve Crusaders, the Bishop who made a blood pact with Naga at the city of Darna, and thus the progenitor of all those with Naga's bloodline, including Deirdre, Seliph, Julia, and indeed Linoan. As all of the above have their own personal weapons, Linoan gets a reference as her weapon. Anyway, the effect is pretty uninspired - it's just a slightly better Desperation - but I was running out of ways to give Linoan a way to make use of her Speed when up against self-respecting physical units who are basically guaranteed to one-shot her (read: anything with 49+ Atk).
Assist: Ardent Sacrifice - It's almost a cliche at this point to give units Ardent Sacrifice who had healing abilities in their original games but not here, but it fits Linoan's personality and her skillset well enough.
Special: Blazing Light - Her powers revolve around light
A: Atk/Res Bond 3 - She becomes extremely strong when next to Dean, and he gets extremely strong when next to her. This support is one of the biggest things about her in FE5 and there's no way it should go unacknowledged.
B: Naga's Blessing (Grants Atk/Spd+5 during combat for each dragon or flying ally within 2 spaces) - As I said earlier, a B skill for a ranged infantry unit needs to be seriously powerful or seriously cohesive in order to merit use over, say, Desperation or Special Spiral. This skill is riffing off both the lore aspect of Dragons being able to channel power towards one another as well as another nod to Dean and Linoan. If this seems rather better than a similar skill like Cymbeline's refine effect, that's because... well, to be honest, it is. I have no excuse. Perhaps the boost could be lowered, but I'm unsure what the ideal threshold would be. Let me know your thoughts.
C: Atk Opening 3 - Whenever Dean is released, he can benefit from this. Until then, it's one more way to get one of IS's most recent series of "well we made them now what do we do with them" skills. I would put a new one like Res Opening or something but really would anybody actually want Res Opening? No of course it's not because I'm too lazy to make another new skill icon what are you talking about


Art by: アガハリ

Who the heck is she?
Much like Linoan, Miranda is a noblewoman from Northern Thracia; she's the Princess of Alster, one of the four Kingdoms, and technically Linoan's feudal lord (Tahra's political situation is kind of complicated and the situation is rather fluid by the time of FE5, but still). When Leonster was conquered by the Empire, the first place Leif, Nanna and Finn went for asylum was the southwestern Kingdom of Alster, where Miranda's father was King. There, Miranda and Leif spent some time living together, and Miranda quite understandably falls rather hard for him. Though bear in mind they can't be much older than eight or nine at this point, possibly younger. Anyway, long story short, Empire catches up and attacks Alster and Leif does a runner, escaping to Tahra and the story events described above for Linoan. Back in Alster, the King agrees to hand Miranda over as a hostage as part of a peace deal, then to the surprise of nobody he is murdered and the Empire takes over anyway, this time with a sword to Miranda's neck so Alster's armies won't fight back. Like Linoan, Miranda remains a prisoner while her life is used as a bargaining chip to get the Knights of Alster to follow the Empire's commands, and her feelings for Leif turn to bitterness and anger as she blames him for what happened to her. Oh, and then when Tahra begins its rebellion, she gets chained up in a monastery full of insane cultists in the middle of nowhere so she can't do what Linoan did.
Fast forward to FE5, and if you take the B route like the sensible, well-rounded and extremely handsome person that you are, you stumble across the monastery thanks to a blunder by August, in the middle of perhaps the most annoying forest map in the entire series. Well, once you've finally killed all the Dark Mages, stolen the spare Pugi, and worked out where the Warp tiles are, you get to recruit Sara and, if Leif stops by the monastery, Miranda. She doesn't waste any time venting to Leif about the hell she's been through and what happened to her father. Count Dorias, one of Leif's advisors, points out not too gently that her father handed her over rather than fight, and didn't use his armies either to help defend Leonster or Alster itself, and basically screwed everything up. Leif, on the other hand, is genuinely remorseful that he didn't recognise her and didn't come save her when she needed him, and promises that he will help her liberate Alster once Leonster is retaken. She takes him at his word and agrees to come with him. This turns out to be a pretty terrible idea as it transpires a plan concocted by two fifteen-year-olds in an emotional moment doesn't always work out too well. Leif and Miranda are insistent upon beginning the Alster campaign immediately after Leonster is taken, despite both advisors saying it's a terrible idea, and some of their troops being so tired they can barely stand up. Dorias is killed leading the attack and it turns out that hey, Alster's actually way better defended than Leonster was and now they're utterly screwed. That said, Miranda manages to talk to Count Conomore, the Commander of the Knights of Alster, during the battle, which gets Conomore to join her and the Knights to sacrifice themselves to cover Leif's retreat back to Leonster. Anyway, after the time skip, Seliph conquers Alster as in FE4 and Leif joins him, and at the end of FE5 Miranda goes to Leif and not-so-subtly suggests the possibility that they could get married, maybe? Leif asks her to wait until the war is over (and then proposes to someone else in the immediate next scene. No, really) and Miranda, probably realising she has no chance, abdicates the throne of Alster before the war ends to marry an unnamed Knight (yeah, FE5 endings are very unspecific with regard to romance. I'm personally hoping that paired endings will be added in a remake to remedy this).
Of course, if you're a heartless monster with poor personal hygiene and take the A route or forget to recruit her, the Knights of Alster are massacred by Leif's army and, since she no longer has any worth, Miranda is almost certainly quietly murdered and nobody will ever find her body. I hope you're happy.
Anyway, you ever have one of those characters who is pretty much completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and very few people have ever heard of but for whom you would seriously consider breaking your current F2P streak for? Well... Miranda is one of the few FE characters left not in Heroes that I honestly consider one of my favourites. I mean, I'll be the first to admit that she doesn't do much that isn't standard anime tsundere-type fare, and there's no objective reason to favour her over most of the other great characters in FE. But I like her. I like her design, her headband, her cape. I like her straightforward, bullish way of talking, I like how her personality is justified by some fairly horrible personal trauma, I like how she just /is/. I feel like she was designed mainly to be a comparison to other characters - mainly Linoan, who went through much the same stuff but was rescued, led a rebellion, and has a much greater control over her emotions than Miranda, and Nanna, who is the sweeter, gentler girl that also has buried feelings for Leif (although FE4 Nanna is pretty similar to Miranda in personality, come to think of it). Maybe it's just because she's the underdog in just about everything the game throws at her, but I can't help but love her. She's too cute.

Why these skills and stats?
Hold on to your purses. Miranda is... minmaxed as hell (le gasp), 70% Mag/Spd growths and massively lacking in bulk. While her HP growth is ok her bases are not great at all, and she comes pretty late, so not much time for training. She has the best skill in the game (Wrath) but will almost never be able to use it because her defence is so low. She has a high base Fire rank and is realistically the only unit you'll have (except Ced) who will be able to use Meteor, but Fire magic is the worst magic type anyway (ok Dark is worse but nobody uses Dark). She gets a mount when promoted and has the highest base movement in the entire series (11 Mov on promotion. 11 freaking Mov - and there was that one run I had where she had 14 Mov, which was hilarious) but having a mount is pointless at endgame. She's amazing when trained, but you have a whole load of other squishy Mages to train (Sara, Linoan, Asbel, Tina, Olwen, Homeros, probably Salem too) who will generally be more useful. So all in all, she's an archetypal Est and most players won't even bother (although Sara is considered FE5's designated Est, Miranda shares a lot of the traits). Anyway, I gave her stats to reflect her status and tried my best not to show any favouritism. She's a Red Tome cavalry unit with high Speed and Attack (higher than GleipnEirika, but lacking her tome), and a new generic tome. Since she's not a hugely important character objectively speaking, she'll be the first demote.

Weapon: Raudrfalcon+ (Mt 12. If unit's HP = 75%, Special cooldown count-1 at start of turn if Special triggers by attacking. If Special triggers, +10 damage from Special) - I know what you're going to say, that the Wrath effect on a tome is really strong and not something that should be on a generic series, but I wanted to get a reference to her Wrath skill in here and I don't think it would be that oppressive.
EDIT: since I wrote this, Tailtiu has got a new tome with a Wrath base effect and a Darting Blow refine. I think this one's pretty good as a generic alternative; could tune down the Mt if anyone has any objections.
Special: Vengeance - First and foremost for lore purposes (she wants revenge on her father's killers, and the Empire) and also because it combos with the Brazen and Falcon skills.
A: Brazen Atk/Res 3 - If Sara is Solo and Linoan is Bond, Miranda is most definitely Brazen (or Defiant, but let us never speak of those again). Self-explanatory, fits with her personality, fits with her weapon, and is something we could definitely use in the 4* pool.
C: Res Smoke 3 - No need to keep this on Legendary Robin forever. Now that Smoke skills are starting to move into the affordable pool
EDIT: I wrote this before Panne was released, but let's not harp on about that.


Art by: アガハリ

Who the heck is she?
The first even vaguely ordinary girl here, Tanya is not a noble, nor the granddaughter of a genocidal maniac, but that doesn't mean she isn't without pedigree. Now, those of you who have played a Fire Emblem game before will know that they always start with the protagonists beating up some poor, hapless bandits who only wanted to indulge in a bit of mild raping and pillaging. Well, Thracia 776 doesn't do things the traditional way. You're fighting soldiers and knights from the off, but the obligatory bandits do indeed show up in the first chapter... on YOUR side. Enter Dagdar, chief of the bandits of Mt. Violdrake, and basically one of the most powerful bandit leaders in Thracia. He's helping out Leif and the Fianna Freeblades. Why? Well... Thracia 776 is a dark, dark game, and more than a few of Leif's "allies" are brigands, pirates or other deeply morally suspect individuals who really would not be tolerated by any other game's protagonists (Henry/Karel/Peri notwithstanding). But this is a desperate time in a brutal fantasy world and any ally will do. To be honest though, Dagdar himself isn't a bad sort (at least, from what we see of him in-game) and whatever he was doing before, he now seems to be committed to helping the Fianna Freeblades against the Empire, because they will all benefit from it. But not all of Leif's allies are good people. Anyway, Tanya is Dagdar's daughter and pretty much the only thing you will remember about her character is that she is a massive tsundere - even more so than Miranda - for Orsin of the Fianna Freeblades. Every time the two are on-screen together it descends into insults and screaming.
Anyway, Dagdar, Tanya, and Marty the random bandit tag along with the Freeblades as they go after Lifis' Pirates (and yes, Lifis finds himself recruited to the cause) and then General Raydrik in order to rescue Nanna and Mareeta. Now, when Eyvel and Leif are captured by Raydrik, Dagdar is utterly furious and swears to return with his entire bandit group to take revenge. Yes, he is really going to assault one of the four largest cities on the peninsula with his motley crew of bandits. Unfortunately, he never gets the chance to put his entertaining plan into action, as the rest of his bandits quite reasonably point out that they are starving to death because they haven't been doing any bandit-related deeds lately and their attempts to grow food on the mountain are only barely keeping them alive. In a somewhat chaotic series of events Leif ends up rescuing Dagdar and Tanya from the horde of starving bandits, while Tanya has a slightly sweeter argument with Orsin where she ends up bursting into tears and crying from relief about being reunited with him and not being killed and/or various other things by the aforementioned angry horde of starving bandits.
You may have noticed that it sounds a lot like I'm discussing Dagdar here rather than Tanya. And that's because... well, that's exactly what I'm doing. Tanya's story is basically joined at the hip to Dagdar's and he's a far more interesting and darker character. People tend to use her because she has a 20% Support with Orsin, one of the best units in the game, and the two of them can be near unkillable if trained and put next to one another, and that makes people remember her quite fondly. That and her design is basic, but extremely cute. Something something short-haired archer girls. But yeah, she's a tsundere who has a Mae-Boey relationship with Orsin who really needs to get into Heroes soon, and probably makes lots of babies with him in the ending - but because Thracia 776's endings are so nonspecific you're invited to try to contort whatever mad headcanon you come up with in there instead, if you so please.

Why these skills and stats?
Tanya has high Speed, which is great. But she's also a dainty thing with low Con, which basically neuters her best asset unless you go out of your way to scroll-grind for constitution. So with that in mind, I gave her a lot of Spd (the most of any infantry archer currently) and not much power or bulk - her stats are most comparable to Summer Noire (36 HP / 32 Atk / 36 Spd / 27 Def / 20 Spd for S!Noire vs. 37 HP / 31 Atk / 38 Spd / 25 Def / 23 Res for Tanya). More importantly, Thracia 776 is a game that has a LOT of generic weapons not found in any other games in the series, and I wanted to bring those over into Heroes. To be honest, the Short, Long, and Great weapons are just very cheap versions of Iron, Steel and Silver weapons, so they aren't much fun. So, I decided we'd bring in the Master weapons. Now, the Master weapons are basically generic Brave weapons (which are unique weapons in FE5) and thus tend to be less accurate or heavier than their Brave counterparts. That being said... the Master Lance and Master Axe are also 1-2 range - yes, they are essentially Brave Spears and Tomahawks. I didn't think that was appropriate for Heroes, but I did want to bring in some effect based on the Master class of weapons. So that's what Tanya and the rest will have.

Weapon: Master Bow+ (Mt 9. Prevents follow up attack in combat from unit. Unit attacks twice. (Even if foe initiates combat, unit attacks twice).) - So you'll probably be aware that Sword Reinhardt has his Meisterschwert - this is based on his generic Master Sword that he wields along with Dire Thunder when you fight him. Meisterschwert has 11 Mt and ranged Brave+ weapons have 1 less Mt than melee, so I decided to give the generic melee Master weapons 10 Mt and the ranged Master weapons 9 Mt, which is 1 more than a Brave Bow+. Hopefully a good balance. I was going to do something like "Brave effect on player phase, counterattacks at any range" with a massive stat debuff to compensate, but then the only units really capable of using it are top-tier armours, which I don't really want.
Special: Moonbow - she has a bow
A: Fury 3 - She's an angry girl. Also gives us Fury 3 in the colourless pool, which is a good thing.
B: Axebreaker 3 - A reference to Orsin. Poor, poor Orsin (or lucky bastard, depending on your tastes). Anyway, I'm fairly certain the way I've worded the Master Bow weapon skill means that you can quad against Axe enemies as long as the Breaker is active, so long as you pass the speed check, if I understand correctly.

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