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Workstation virtual machine to a physical PC from Windows 8.1 can change. VMware Workstation 15 pro: VMware Workstation is a facilitated hypervisor that keeps running on x64 adaptations of Windows and Linux working systems (an x86 form of prior discharges was available); it empowers clients to set up virtual machines (VMs) on a solitary physical machine and use them all the while alongside the real machine. Support has been added for the following operating systems as both host and guest. It can be run like virtual machines on a single Windows and Linux computer.

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VMware Workstation 10 is the latest version of the popular virtual machine for Windows and Linux, winning over 50 awards for his extensive support of operating systems, offering great features and high performance. VMware Workstation professional was created for professionals who count on virtual machines with regards to their daily work. VMWare Workstation Pro 15 Crack is an efficient and powerful hypervisor as well virtual machine monitor. Your license keys are available on the My VMware License Key page or available on your licensing confirmation email or product registration card located inside your box.

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Universal License Keys // VV7XU-F6DDQ-485DZ-X4M7T-PF8ZD ZG75H-FZF83-M8DLZ-4ZW5E-NP0W0 AV518-09FD0-48D1P-EMQEX-Z72C6 GG7W0-DAY5Q-0858Q-6GWZ9-W7RT8 CV512-FAW91-085NP. The fusion of both operating systems is for users to run it on MAC operating system. Assess Windows 10 Compatibility with your PC. VMware Workstation Pro 12.5.0+ Serial Keys.

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Fungsinya adalah untuk menjalankan banyak sistem operasi dalam satu perangkat keras dan untuk menjalankan aplikasi yang ditujukan untuk system operasi lainnya. VMware Workstation Pro 15.5 is an impressive application which will allow you to run multiple operating systems on a single computer without affecting the stability of the system. VMware Workstation License Key ready for the latest hardware. To install VMware Workstation open a Terminal and cd to the directory containing the zipped VMware Workstation install file.

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VMware Workstation 12 Pro Version 12.5.9 Release Notes. Install VMware 10 Workstation Cracked + Serial Key Rahul Jose. Obtaining the Workstation Pro Software and License Key The Workstation Pro installation software is in the file that you downloaded and the license key is sent to you in email. VMWare Workstation Pro 15 Crack is a simple yet effective and powerful hypervisor as well machine monitor that is virtual.

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The user interface of VMware Workstation Pro is simple. VMware Workstation Pro Working Crack Key 2020 incompatible with the 64-bit version of Linux and Windows OS. It helps the businessmen to share and check the productivity of their business of all the systems from a single system. Crack Latest version extends wide-scale operating system support, rich user experience, a comprehensive feature set, and higher-level virtualization with high performance. VMWare Workstation Pro Crack is the most wonderful, it uses to make the best application that helps to make your work done.

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The later patch in this thread has supplied has been applied. VMware Workstation Crack permits you to run multiple operating structures immediately on the same Windows or Linux PC. Create real Linux and Windows VMs and the different computer, server, and pill environments, whole with configurable digital networking and. Linux, Windows, and more, without rebooting at the same time on the same PC. In an isolated and. It also takes desktop virtualization to the next level, by giving users an unmatched operating system support, rich user experience and also incredible performance.

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It is a powerful virtualization tool. Install required packages build-essential, linux-kernel-headers and linux-kernel-devel. Official Download From VMware Website. VMware Workstation Pro Crack 15.5.1 Build 15018445 With.

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VMware workstation 10 License key for windows is a best tool that help you to create most useful software for x64 and x86 windows [HOST] helps you. It has been engineered to run multi-tiered and 3D applications simultaneously on a single computer, using fully portable. VMware Workstation 15 Pro Full Version free download. VMware Workstation Pro 15.5.6 + Key [Latest Version].

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With VM Workstation, you can create virtual machines and run multiple virtual computers on your computer at the same time. VMware Workstation license key allows you to connect with ESXi, Workstation servers or vSphere depending on your choice. On October 20, VMware released a security patch addressing six vulnerabilities in VMware ESXi, Workstation, Fusion, and NSX-T. Build 16341506 Crack is a software that can be used around the world wide.

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Download VMware Workstation Pro. VMware Crack is a virtual environment software. VMware Workstation 10 fail to replicate the latest now in various environments such as tablet server and desktop hardware. VMware Player 15 + License Key.

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Vmware Workstation 10 Keygen. VMWare Workstation Pro 2020 Cracked With License Key. Installing and Using Workstation Pro.

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Performance cookies are used to analyze the user experience to improve our website by collecting and reporting information on how you use it. They allow us to know which pages are the most and least popular, see how visitors move around the site, optimize our website and make it easier to navigate. I will be covering version 14, which is the latest release of Workstation at the time of writing. YZ718-4REEQ-08DHQ-JNYQC-ZQRD0 try this for vmware 15. this worksa also thanksss. VMware Workstation 15.5.5 Pro Release Notes https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1031.

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VMware workstation 10 License key for windows is a best tool that help you to create most useful software for x64 and x86 windows versions. VMware Workstation 12 Activation Key 100% Free Working. My problem is I can not get serial, I press the button "Enter License Key" but nothing happens. From the creator of PC virtualization comes the most reliable, secure way to run multiple operating systems at the same time.

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In addition, Now we are discussing the further work of this amazing tool. Key vmware workstation 10 linux. VMware Workstation 15.1 Crack With License Key + Torrent Latest VMware Workstation Full Crack 15.1. VMware Workstation Pro enables technical professionals to develop, test, demonstrate, and deploy software by running multiple x86-based Windows, Linux, and other operating systems simultaneously on the same PC. You can replicate server, desktop.

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VMware Workstation Pro v16.1.0 Build 117198959 Final + Keygen


VMware Workstation Pro transforms the way technical professionals develop, test, demonstrate and deploy software by running multiple x86-based operating systems simultaneously on the same PC. Built on 15 years of virtualization excellence and winner of more than 50 industry awards, VMware Workstation Pro takes desktop virtualization to the next level by giving users an unmatched operating system support, rich user experience and incredible performance.
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  • Sphere Connectivity Use Workstation Pro to connect to vSphere, ESXi or other Workstation Pro servers. Drive remote Linux or Windows VMs (and others), command power operations, or transfer VMs to and from vSphere environments. A common VMware hypervisor enables simple portability.
  • Clones for Rapid Duplication Save time and effort and ensure an exact duplicate when repeatedly creating the same VM setup. Use “Linked Clones” to quickly duplicate a VM while significantly reducing physical disk space. Use “Full Clones” to create fully isolated duplicates that can be shared with others.
  • Helpful Snapshots Create a rollback point to revert to on the fly, which is perfect for testing unknown software or creating customer demos. Multiple snapshots make it easy to test a variety of different scenarios without the need to install multiple operating systems.
  • Powerful Virtual Networking Create complex IPv4 or IPv6 virtual networks for VMs, or integrate with third-party software to design full data center topologies using real-world routing software and tools. New in Workstation is Network Simulation for introducing packet loss, latency and bandwidth restrictions.
  • High-Performance 3D Graphics VMware Workstation Pro supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3, to deliver a fluid and responsive experience when running 3D applications. You can run the most highly demanding 3D apps like AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS with near-native performance in a Windows VM.
  • High Resolution Display Support Workstation Pro is optimized to support high-resolution 4K UHD (3840×2160) displays for desktops and QHD+ (3200×1800) displays used in laptops and x86 tablets. It also supports multiple monitors with different DPI settings, such as a new 4K UHD display along with an existing 1080p HD display.
  • Cross Compatibility Create Linux or Windows VMs that can run across the VMware product portfolio or create restricted VMs for use in Horizon FLEX. We even support the open standard so you can create and play VMs from other vendors.
  • Monster Virtual Machines Create massive VMs with up to 16 vCPUs, 8 TB virtual disks, and 64 GB of memory to run the most demanding desktop and server applications in a virtualized environment. Give graphics-intensive apps an additional boost by allocating up to 2GB of available host video memory to a VM.
  • Restricted Access to Virtual Machines Protect corporate content by restricting access to Workstation VM settings like drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste and connections to USB devices. Virtual machines can be encrypted and password-protected to ensure only authorized users have access.
  • Shared Virtual Machines Quickly share and test applications in a simulated production environment. Run VMware Workstation Pro as a server to share a repository of pre-loaded Linux and Windows VMs in every desired configuration with your teammates, department or organization.
submitted by hiperaym to u/hiperaym

Just got the Asus Rog Strix GL702ZC, my thoughts on it so far

Major Update: As of the newest bios revision 303 available at the end of December, SVM or AMD-V is enabled. A lot of my issues below were resolved. You can now run virtualbox, vagrant, docker, qemu or whatever else you want without any limitations. My other issues still stand though. Well it is a fantastic laptop.
Success Gif
Pictures to accompany post
Also, bios entry button is F2. Be prepared to smash that mfin' like F2 button
Summary: You get a workstation desktop for $1500, with some caveats. Shit is beyond imagination 4.5/5. But let me make one thing clear, it is ideal if you are only a windows users who uses CPU accelerated software or software that supports AMD GPU acceleration. The Ryzen 7 1700 is the reason I'm giving this a 4.5. If it had ANYTHING WORSE oh say an R5 and below or some U series solution, then this laptop is pure bullshit, I'd give it a 1/5 if I could. Terrible purchase, awful design choices, lack of upgradeability, all around bad machine at its price point. Processor = 20/10. Everything else about this laptop = 1/10, primarily its shitty price. Altogether = 9/10. Ayy.
God bless ya Asus, you gave us a desktop replacement laptop in every sense of the word. Well a beta version anyways.
Note: If you are primarily a windows user you can skip to the pros section. If you are a linux user in any way shape or form, read ahead, except for those with intermediate/moderate linux system administration or development experience. If manually compiling drivers from the linux source kernel's staging area and loading them, and messing with Grub2 entries sounds like something you start your day off with, you can ignore. For just mainstream linux users who need it for simple tasks like using GCC, yeah read the following section. It isn't fun. Also, use ethernet or use a USB wifi adapter, because realtek is about to ram your ass, no lube when it comes to device support.
So let me rule out as of the BIOS 300 revision, KVM/HyperV is dead in the water. No AMD-V support to speak of. This is completely in software, Asus's bios does not support it. Hopefully that is fixed. So if you wanted to run Docker or VMware, good fucking luck.
If you wanted to run it in a hard drive.
  1. Secure boot will fuck you. So installing any kernel version that isn't gpg checked by Microsoft will result in a very very bad time. Make sure the signatures are valid for your kernel installs
  2. No out of box wifi support
This is major. The realtek rtl8822be is not currently in any version of the linux kernel outside of the most recent afaik which is the 4.14 kernel version. If you roll your own, or you're a more experience user, you should be fine. If you aren't, this gets fun. CentOS will not be a fun experience, since you need ElRepo, and you need to download it before hand since you won't have internet. You can install it from the staging area of the linux kernel, or use that .bin from one of the rtlwifi folders. Just don't expect you can sudo install the driver. You're going to have to modprobe or manual compile yourself
  1. Dual booting is shitty
Grub2 will be a big bitch. Especially with Windows 10 dual boot and Secure Boot on. You have to know what you are doing. Try finding and securing those GPG keys. Or editing the keys in the bios. Who honestly fucking knows, I'm no expert in this shit.
Ubuntu 17.10 will NOT install correctly as theres a Grub2 AMD64 signature issue, that crashes the installer every single time. This is on MD5 checked Ubuntu, Lubuntu & Xubuntu, where they MAY boot once after install but after that you'll load into grub's minimal bash env.
CentOS boots fine, tested with the everything ISO. Linux 4.4 doesn't support the wifi adapter.
Linux 4.14 should support it, but after install, wifi can't find any networks.
I'm going to try installing the drivers from the staging area in the linux 4.14 kernel. RTLwifi, I guess I have to enable it in the .config or using make menuconfig setup. Woo. This is more sysadmin bullshit that I wish I didn't have to deal with.
What compelled Asus to use Realtek and their god awful untested no mainlined drivers is unknown to me. Was it cheapest per 100k units or whatever they ordered from? Realtek and Killer can go die in a fire.
Also whichever JoeSchmo who was part of the firmware team for this laptop, sincerely go fuck yourself. Your UEFI interface is fucking terrible. Your firmware is shitty given the hilarious amount of time since this thing has launched that you've had. You haven't enabled something as fucking simple as virtualization. You give literally no options to configure any of the hardware outside of the peripherals, considering this is a "rog" laptop that seems really counter intuitive. Forget the fact that I can't edit any options on A FUCKING DESKTOP CHIPSET. No memory timings, no processor cores, no SMT enable/disable. Fucking nothing. YOUR BOOT MENU OPTIONS ARE FUCKING AWFUL. You make EFI an abysmal experience to use. My first EFI motherboard was much more painless and that was like 6 years ago when it became mainstream. HOW ASUS?? HOW???
Also Realtek, you stupid motherfuckers, did you twits just develop in Windows. Was it all in C/C++ and C#. Because this 6 months mature driver is barely functional. I lost connection to my 2.4ghz network all the time. If my piece of shit Blu Android phone can connect, how can your brand new PCIe cart suck so much ass. And what possesed you not to release into mainline kernel. YOUVE HAD HOW LONG TO DO THIS EXACTLY? Do you people not develop on any Linux machines? If I go there is it all Windows Server, Azure, Hyper-V installs and Win10 enterprise? Fat fucking chance I have yet to see a hardware company that doesn't have a large portion of its software/firmware team working on Linux machines. SO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? If I can find threads from as far back as fucking August from HP's laptop where users can install it through experimental drivers. IF ITS BEEN SITTING IN STAGING FOR 10 CENTURIES IN SOFTWARE YEARS, YOU FUCKWITS SHOULD HURRY IT UP. Hey assholes, maybe if you opened your piece of shit device libraries and developer manuals, I might start with some AMD specific assembly and C. I'm not in anyway a competent or serious firmware engineer, especially not for a modern EFI cutting edge wifi adapter, but god help me this is really making it seem like the only solution is to hop on the mailing lists, debug your shit hardware for weeks on end, make shitty C and machine code, and when it all slapshods together, sending your entire corporation a steaming pile of my own shit, personally hand assembled by yours truly, along with a picture of a low res middle finger since you fucking idiots can't seem to do your damn jobs.
  • 8 Cores, the full Ryzen 7 1700 experience
  • Pretty light
  • $1500 for a nonclevo brand name laptop, well engineered to include for 32GB + 8 cores with full 2 way SMT. Seriously that's a damn good price.
  • As notebookreview/check said, speakers ain't bad yo
  • Biggest Con: Asus really needs to decide what the fuck it is doing with this. Not exactly enterprise or mobile server but these are easily workstation machines, but they are seriously kneecapping workstation repurpose users. No default Virtualization support in firmware/bios for a processor that totally supports it, windows only drivers for a lot of functions, devices that area also primarily windows only, artificial limits on hardware for things like 32gb cap on ram. It has some serious bipolar issues, it cannot decide what the fuck it wants to be. If it wants to compete with intel use an R3 or R5. Using an R7, using realtek's newest devices that aren't even that high performant with weak support, using an incredibly cut down bios with many essential features missing or disabled, limiting total system memory, using an rx580, garish color schemes and design, weird motherboard layout that flip flops between easy upgrade to infuriatingly bad design THESE ALL SEND SUPER MIXED MESSAGES ASUS. What on earth did you actually want to do with this laptop? Because it sure as fuck isn't doing both. This isn't a god damn razer pro, just because you shove in an R7. Pick a side, either go gaming or go workstation, because this shit is not it.
  • Keyboard is kinda ass. No seriously this thing has some shitty membranes I guess. Doesn't feel like scissor switches. I wish they were at least scissor switches. and more backlighting options, like White would be nice. Also maybe a nice low profile switch would be good. Like I'd love full MX but I'd be very happy with ML or Kalih or w/e the new switch of the day is. The key travel on these things are so low, and that mushy feel that is somewhere between the touch keyboard from microsoft, a scoop of mashed potatoes and a sad attempt at tactility during the bottom out. I shit you not I think the microsoft surface keyboard cover for the SP4 onwards is better, and that thing is at least excusable given the form factor. But this...? Hey maybe the are scissor switches, still an atrocious keyboard imo. You get way better these days now that a ton of gaming laptops come with mechanical options. Since this is a portable desktop, just get yourself a low profile external.
  • Not enough keys. Here, take a close look.So many keys (besides the obvious function row) have dual use through using the FN key which can be annoying for things like num lock. I'm used to a Tenkeyless, but this is seriously retarded. Like it's so middle of the road. Is it trying to give me a ton of keys? Is it just going for 104? How about 87? Even the keyboard doesn't know. What the hell were the designers thinking. You switched curlybraces for brackets in lower case? You have a fucking rog key but you make Num Lock share with Home. And Num Lock is an FN + Home button use. WHAT THE FUCK? Replace the stupid shitty rog key with the new lock. And how are insert and delete double placed in the keypad, but you can put page up and page down on the 8 and 2 keys. I know that's more traditional, but what the actual fuck is traditional about this fucking keyboard might I ask? Also why does PgDn have its own key? PgDn is there twice, I mean do we really need PgDn twice, come on guys........BUT NOT NUMLOCK???? This layout was designed by morons. Why the unholy fuckness is the power button doing as a regular button near the keypad. I mean it isn't the worst place I've ever seen, but it's still pretty shit. You should make a power button away from the rest (you know like where that obnoxious ROG logo is), recessed and given a different feel or texture from the rest of the keyboard.
  • Screen is just ok. 1080p :/ but hey freesync. It honestly doesn't get that bright, I have it at full brightness at all times. My SP3 kicks its ass, what the fuck? That's a cheaper and older machine, which is literally all screen, what are you doing Asus?
  • Comes stock with a 1TB HDD and some run of the mill SATA III Sandisk SSD
  • Thing is kind of a pain to open up. Use a flathead like other laptops but definitely not the easiest laptop to enter.
  • Linux support as of December 2017 is fucking appalling.
  • Installing RAM without heatsink removal was way too difficult. Like annoyingly so. The heatpipe is right on top of the second slot. LISTEN HERE YOU FUCKS WHO DECIDED THAT WAS THE WAY TO GO? The thermal engineer? The team who decided general placement? The High Speed Digital guy who said "yeup can't have the RAM any further away from the CPU, too many reflections and transmission line issue". THE HEAT PIPES ARE OVER THE RAM, less than an inch of clearance. Don't get me started on how impossible it is to access. Usually with RAM you need to angle it at between 45 to 90 for SODIMM installs. I had to pray and just JAM it in as best as possible without hurting any of the gold contacts. Otherwise you'd have to remove 12+ sets of screws to take apart the entire heatsink, 2 fans and contacts to the CPu and GPU. Seriously, you have to take the entire thing apart to add more ram. Let that sink in. Easily a multihour job. Check the Manual, it only talks about installing M.2 and SATA drives. Most laptops I've seen have sections just dedicated for RAM upgrading. This thing is a GAMING laptop with a desktop processor and B350 chipset, not some mainstream laptop where no one will upgrade the internals. It isn't that far fetched to think they should include it.
  • To give you an example of how retarded the ram install location is, an HP from 2014, a media PC that cost $800 with a 17" screen. It had a compartment just for the RAM. JUST FOR RAM. 2 screws, boom. The manual even talked about it. A media pc, with a dual core i3 and 4gb of ram. This 2017 full desktop replacement $1500 PC didn't include something that I feel is so fundamental. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.
  • Removal of the battery cable constantly sparks when you reattach which is always panic inducing
  • RX 580. FFS, why not one of the new Vega's or a 1060. Or hell even a 1050 idgaf. I know the rx 580 can trade blow for blow for the 1060, but 1060 is fairly power efficient afaik and I think laptop manufacturers probably have much more experience developing a motherboard with the 1060 vs the 580.
  • Trackpad is aight. But just barely. I think my old ass chromebook from Samsung's trackpad was about as good.
  • Notebook Fan Controller (software) doesn't currently support this laptop. And the stock one that comes with Rog Gaming center is.......................
  • Seriously this keyboard is trash
  • No Thunderbolt 3. Asus this is 2017. Come on bruh.
  • Can't easily buy a Asus 330W PSU. I believe it's the same model as the Dell 330W PSU, just with the ASUS laptop connector. This one
  • Why doesn't this fucking goliath of a PSU have a fan on it? Did they make some ultra efficient PSU? Is this thing some 80+ Platinum that it doesn't waste any heat? Seriously for this beast of a thing a Fan should probably be mandatory on the PSU for long life.
  • Shitty red backlighting. Thing isn't really that bright either very middle of the road.
  • 16GB Single Channel. SINGLE CHANNEL???? In this day and age come on ASUS. Couldn't they just stick with 8gb x 2 if they were going with a 16gb? Dual/Tri/Quad channel controllers are the norm these days, and the 1700 can address a ton of memory so why this weird limitation. If it can do up to 64GB, let it do 64gb. Dual Channel ASUS, 4 slots. Easy. Wut.
  • 2 SODIMMS? why not 4???? Again see above.
  • This beast has so much space you'd think theyd include like another HDD place, or a second NVME slot or something but no
  • Damn middle screws are weirdly larger than the rest and harder to take out of the case. Can easily confuse with the other screws and have fun playing guess which screw goes in which hole.
  • Wish they had a better keyboard placement. Made it one of those without the trackpad or the trackpad to the side.
  • No virtualization support yet. I can't enable AMD-V or smv or what have you in BIOS since as of BIOS version 300 it isn't accessible. This is a seriously big con :(. I have two linux virtual boxes plus I use Vagrant and Docker so this blows hard ass for right now. Like I develop on both windows and linux, this is shit right now. I'm hoping a later bios version opens it up. I don't know if theres away to enable it in EFI but I feel like its a firmware feature locked in the BIOS ROM chip. I've contacted asus support but no dice yet. This seriously sucks ass.
  • Can't go on American Megatrends site to get the MB ID software, doesn't seem to work.
  • Since Ryzen Master won't open anymore I can't get it to OC to 4GHZ. Stuck at stock 1700 levels
  • The BIOS is cut down as hell. Like the UEFI interface is shitty enough but I've seen way older laptops with a traditional almost monochrome GUIs with more features, yeesh.
  • Ryzen Master isn't working. Keeps asking for 1.0.0 drivers, which there doesn't seem to be a solution for.
  • I hate ROG Branding. The lights, the symbols the whole thing :|.
  • I wish they went for Intel NICs and the Intel 7620 wifi cart
  • The Realtek card is kind of a bag of ass. 2.4ghz band works fine, but the 5ghz band lord help you it dies. Updated with the latest firmware from Realtek's site
  • Haven't tried the gigabit nic yet but it probably sucks too
Now you might be thinking I hate this laptop. You'd be wrong. For as many complaints I have with it. I love this thing.
For once I didn't have to think of springing $2000 for a starting notebook from Sager to get the i7 8700k or $1500 for a i7 7700 (non unlocked). Much better shit for a way lower price.
It's a desktop to go guys. Not some miniITX crammed with a handle type of shit. My main desktop is a mATX in a tiny ass case, I would know. It's still not very portable. I don't even have any SATA drives on that thing and I still wouldn't call it easy to handle.
Nope a full desktop.
I paid about 2k for mine but that's because I got a 1TB 850 EVO and a 16GB DDR4 SODIMM with it. And a laptop bag.
I can't get ryzen master to work anymore after the fall update :/ I need to figure out why it won't work. GPUTWEAKIT works fine and I've downclocked my RX580 to -50% power target, and I might lower it from there manually.
Ryzen Master did work before I finished updating everything which makes me sad, I have enough power and thermal headroom to OC the 1700 to a 1700X stock level.
The asus gaming center software has a fan control but holy shit is it ass. Can't figure out when it spins up or down. Only slider controls. UGH. Also can't access AMD WATTMAN or that other shit. Just installed the latest Chipset and GPU drivers but don't seem to be able to access a lot of the features.
Besides those caveats, this thing is computationally more powerful than my primary desktop. For my work it is so fucking amazing. The pro's WAY outweigh the cons.
FULL DESKTOP. No Clevo. Just good ol brand name Asus, with their custom designs. And I love ASUS so I'm happy with it.
I don't know what embedded system controller it uses for the management engine, and I also didn't peek at any noteworthy ICs in it. Particularly the DC-DC converter used to Voltage Regulation on the GPU, Memory and CPU. So while I hope ASUS overspecced, I can't quite say. I hope increasing the OC and voltage respectively doesn't spike energy load on the converter and catch the damn thing on fire. But since I can't use Ryzen Master I guess we will never know.
This thing is probably an overpriced and underperformance gaming desktop. Go with fucking anything else for this price. Just stick to intel + nvidia if you're doing pure gaming.
But for any multicore work that is non GPU accelerated this thing absolutely kills it. Can't be overstated it's so liberating to have a truly portable desktop.
A "similar" clevo build from Sager Notebook is $2488 with an i7 8700 (the 65w one to match our Ryzen 7 1700) and while you get maybe a smidge more IPC you lose out on two physical cores and 2 virtual threads. That's a lot. For $1000 more. HA get real. But you do get a full GTX 1060 so there is that. If you're doing something that takes advantage of GPU acceleration yeah that laptop would make much more sense. I have 32gb DDR4, 1TB ssd, 256gb SSD, a desktop class midtier GPU, and an 8 core CPU. Now try that on Sager notebook, over 3k easy.
Otherwise stick to this. I don't think a whole heck of a lot of applications are GPU accelerated in my limited knowledge compared to how many have multicore support.
Seriously I can run a linux VM with KVM support through VBOX and assign it 8 threads, and take no performance impact. I can literally run 2 desktops at once, each with 4 core 8 thread 16gb of ram each. This is ridiculous. Thing weights 7 some odd pounds but gives you two laptops at the minimum in one. Holy hell. While I wait for kernel compile I can go back to designing in windows. When that's backed up, back to linux. When I'm running a sim I can just shut everything down and schedule all priority to that application. Well I mean this is ideal, since VM still doesn't work.
ON THE GO. Anywhere with a plugpoint. That could be literally anywhere, Planes, airports, starbucks who cares. You don't need your companies desktop (outside of their software licenses) to do serious work anymore. Like just think about how awesome that is! Blows my friggin mind.
What I think Asus should have done?
  • Better laptop motherboard, increase to 18.4" if necessary, but give more space for easy upgrades
  • 2 NVME and 2 Sata drive bays
  • 4 SODIMM slots. Default dual channel with up to 64GB support.
  • Blu ray drive
  • Get rid of the RX580 and take some cheapo GPU OR a Firepro/Quadro card.
  • Increase all thermal priority to the processor
  • Intel networking equipment (Nic and WAP)
  • Include an unlocked 1800X or 1700X
  • Come with either an NVME drive or dual SSDs
  • Put a fan on the PSU
  • Increase resolution to either 1440p, 1600p or 2160p
  • More keys
  • Better keyboard
  • Just get rid of the stupid trackpad
  • Make the keyboard a full travel keyboard like that MSI one with cherry MX keys and the 87 keyboard layout that sits at the very front, not in the middle of the laptop.
  • Decouple the power button from the keyboard cable.
  • VGA would be nice, or full width DP. If you go mDP just go TBOLT.
  • Remove ROG. This is a workstation laptop masquerading as a gaming notebook. This should go against Thinkpads and ZBooks. Not billion LED gaming machines ffs.
  • Put in 2 TB3 ports.
  • Fan control software
Obviously no one really gives a shit about these recommendations, but hey I thought I'd voice my concerns.
So I needed a new laptop. Well not really but I wanted one. I've had an i5 SP3 since release and a desktop with an i7 6800k, GTX 1080 and twin Intel and Samsung NVME drives.
So I didn't exactly have a reason to get a new laptop.
But I did.
And I got the now famous 8 core machine.
So far it's been pretty good. All in all I'd give it a 4.5/5.
How I have it set up:
  • Ryzen 7 1700 @ base clock
  • RX 580 @ -50% power target, otherwise stock
  • 1TB Samsung EVO 850 with Windows 10 Home 64bit with the fall creators update
  • 256gb base Sandisk OEM SSD with Xubuntu 17.10 (not working)
  • 32GB Ram (Samsung OEM + Micron/Crucial @ 2400mhz)
  • Whatever panel Notebookcheck said running @ 1080p
  • USB2 built in webcam (disabled in bios)
  • Realteck NIC (OEM)
  • Realtek Wifi/BT combo PCIe cart rtl8822be (OEM). I believe that this is soldered in, since on the on the Realtek site it just says what chip package it comes in. I wish it was an mPCIe or mSata or something where I can plop in a nice Intel NIC and an Intel wifi cart. :(. Still not Qualcomm/Killer, what a bunch of crap that is so I guess that's a plus.
  • Stock charger (19.5V, 16.9A)
I've additionally got:
  • USB - C (3.1) Hub
  • USB3 SD/Microsd card reader
  • Dell u2311h 1080p monitor through mDP -> DP
I use it with:
  • Leopold FC660C Tenkeyless
  • Realforce 23U Keypad
  • Logitech MX Master Gen 1
  • Elgato Stream Deck
Software usage:
  • LTSpice
  • Kicad
  • SpiceOPUS
  • QUCSStudio
  • NGSpice
  • Fritizing
  • Quartus II Lite
  • Vivado Lite
  • ModelSim PE Student Edition
  • OBS Studio
  • Spyder 3
  • Davinci Resolv
  • WXMaxima
  • SystemC + TLM development
  • Icarus Verilog
  • Verilator
  • RStudio
  • Scala IDE
  • Code Composer Studio
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