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[Redump] Standing at the edge of the end in Sony Playstation 1 PAL

[This was originally posted in Emulation Reddit]
I still remember when i was nasty idiot looking for isos in Redump.org two years ago, complaining where the hell could a find them. My best friends says im still a nasty idiot, but at least i stopped complaining about Redump. Who would have said after these two years, that i would be writing this.
I really never expected to see myself looking for this. When i started in Redump my only intention was to help them get the spanish stuff missing. I always thought "why the hell should I care about those stupid Scandinavian release...?" and here I am a year and a half later, opening posts in those countries calling them to check if they have a weird Lego Island 2 release...
Hello everyone, Diego from VideoGame Preservation Collective (VGPC) here. As always, "TL,DR":
  • In the last month, we finally managed to bring the Sony Playstation PAL Game Retail Fullset to the edge of its end in Redump.org
  • There are still two Lego Island 2 releases we can't find that could come from Norway and Finland. A deep research was done but still no proof of existence.
  • We still believe there could be unknown releases from countries like Portugal, Israel, Greece, Scandinavian region... But we pushed the known Serial ID sources as far as we could. Whatever comes next, is uncharted territory.
  • Work is still needed trying to verify/find new revisions from Undumped Serial Number variants (discs with/without # symbol in the SLES writen in the disc).
  • Some demos remain to be found, some of them are really rare. Other undumped stuff include some Unlicensed discs, the internal Sony applications and the Audio CD from Castlevania SOTN Limited Edition (Pal version).
  • This article wants to remark all those users that have made this goal possible, and in the same way, make a reminder to the users: The database will always need people to verify its content and fix any possible error they can find.
  • Finally, serialstation.com is a great database created by our partner Landcross, a key tool to finally provide the community some serious Master Index Lists for Serial IDs. I want to encourage everyone to visit it and give support/input/feedback as this work requires massive amount of work and time.
  • In case you want to help or dont know where to start, please, mind joining the Video Gaming Preservation Collective discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/AHTfxQV . My partners will be happy to give you a hand and guide you. (Note: in this Discord, rom sharing is totally forbbiden, this is a place to work actively for gaming preservation, and we take this serious). If not, you can always write here)
When it comes to videogaming preservation, no matter what the platform is, at the end of the day, there's just no way to delimit the end. We're seeing always how new betas, prototypes, hidden revisions... Appear suddenly and get documented by the community (or hoarded).
If there's a game changer when it comes to delimit what real retail items could be missing, that would be seeing internal Master Lists from Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega or Sony, Sega getting leaked and showing us what and where we should take a look, to discover what nearly nobody unknowledge before... And that's a miracle that has happened once with "big N", but i doubt it will happen again.
Same applies to Sony Playstation 1: No matter what we do, we'll never be able to confirm if we managed to complete and document the whole Game Retail Fullset... But man, how close we are just now... Im just sure of it.
Yes: The same as the universe has zones that we can't know they exist until we finally see them with our own eye, the Sony Playstation PAL region has games that we just don't know they exist yet. But the visible part, the part we knew it existed... Well, we are finally at the edge of it.
Only two months ago, we were announcing that Redump managed to dat more than 10K discs from PSX... From those disc, some game retail versions were still missing. Now, nearly all of them, were finally solved.
Thanks to the massive support of the community all these years, the original sources from places like SonyIndex database and PSXDatacenter and every single whisper around the internet, the original members from Redump and the ones to come did their best to delimit and mark every single disc they knew about, giving birth to the Wiki and their missing lists. Nearly one year ago, this was the situation:
This is today:
In the last month, join efforts and luck contributed to solve some of the harder bosses we've had to deal while ending the list, while a couple of surprises appeared from the wild.
It all started when our dear member RibShark jumped on this, and got it:
I tried to research for this disc for months. The famous Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro original revision, whose final level had place in the top of the World Trade Center towers, and had to be canned after the 11-S attack. We already got the USA version thanks to GameRaveTV, and that one was the important for me, since PAL goes on 50hz. But still, it was some kind of thorn for me, as i really wanted to find this in order to erase it from the list...
As RibShark added it, I thought... "Maybe is time to push this as far as i can..." And it seems some up there heard me, because i feel like planets aligned in one line. What interesting things happened last month?

  • Jackie Chan Stuntmaster - The day Sony screwed up his own protection.
Jackie Chan Stuntmaster was released in PAL regions with Libcrypt protection. This famous anticopy prevented this game for being played properly as some levels got blocked if the console didn't detect the valid Libcrypt sectors. These Libcrypt sectors are key in order to make the game work, or surprises will pop up. Those surprises were different for each game: it was all to the game developer imagination to prevent the user from "enjoying" the game copy (most famous case could be Spyro 3...).
Our partner KrHacken has been researching this protection for years. But, one stranger case he found out made him go a bit mad, as the patch he developed for this game, wasn't working for a random user... A random user that was from my spanish forum luckily, and was able to help us.
This man, ElPatas, had a Jackie Chan Stuntmaster disc with something weird... After analysing this disc, we confirmed that something wrong happened in the disc factory with this shipment, as the game indicated after dumping... No Libcrypt sectors were found in the .Sub file generated. And worse, the game still asks for them... If you play the game till Level 3 and complete it, the "Loading screen" for Level 4 will get stuck forever.
This is the only record we've found out about this:
Oh dear. Have you ever heard that a huge company like Sony Computer Entertainment has been shipping out non-working games? Did you ever hear that a problem like this originates from a wrong installed copy-protection? No, you haven’t heard it before?
The European store version of Jackie Chan Stuntmaster has been delivered without the Libcrypt key disabling the copy protection while playing, so you can enjoy the original Sony version till level 3 only.
Bad luck for Sony? Bad luck for the customers? No, because you can apply a patch to a backup one and play the entire levels without problems.
No idea if Sony called about this in order to return the game and send a new copy. If the didn't do that with the infamous Digimon World release (that only the Scene had the balls to fix across ALL regions)... I don't think this happened with Jackie Chan, but still, we named this version as "Recalled", to distinguish it from the original correct version.
So yeah, thanks to KrHacken and ElPatas, we managed to add a broken disc to Redump. xd Next.

  • Kick Off World, why exclusive Serial ID for Australia?
One of the most dumbest things that can happen to us when identifying unknown releases, it to find games having a different Serial ID in the sidecover, while having the original Serial ID PAL disc inside. This has happened a few times and made us lose time and money only to obtain something we already had before. But hey, if you accept this job, this is trial and error lot of times.
We found out that in Australia, one of those countries whose retrogaming community is really niche (difficulting us so much finding or documenting new or known releases), had a version of this game (SLES-01039) having different Serial ID from PAL Release (SLES-01061). The only known version we saw in ebay was selling for 40$ + shipment... Too much for a really random game.
That oportunity went by and in time, this was pending to be solved. I decided to make my usual "ask "X" country in Reddit for help" move and asked Australia for this... And no luck. I asked all the retrogaming shops from Australia around. No luck. But finally, i was told to ask in an FB community for Retrogaming Australia for PSX Collectors... And bingo.
Thanks so much to Luke Nugget, great PSX aussie collector, who is going after the PAL Fullset. He confirmed us that Kick Off World released in Australia with serial number "SLES-01039" on case spine and manual... But the disc was the same "SLES-01061" from normal PAL release.
In fact, I guess this could somehow be expected. The game didn't have any voice commentaries, so exclusive australian voices were not a possibility. And, soccer on the period release wasn't the most celebrated sport... And having exclusive aussie leagues license... It was just another random soccer game.
At least we saved our money. Next.

  • Striker 96 Rev.1 - MOTHERF*... A revision i just couldn't find
Gaming preservation has their own black sheeps sometimes. This was one of the biggest we've ever faced. And it was solved by a miracle last night.
Nearly everyone here knows TruRip, the private/closed source version of Redump to explain what it is somehow (I'm not trying to ignite again anything or make some hard facts for free, but, i guess there's no other way to explain it). TruRip managed to make a lot of discoveries that has helped us spotting some unknown game revisions and unknown serials.
However, for years, there was one driving us crazy, especially me, since the only info we knew was that the dumper was from Spain, so some mates expected this revision could be found here.
Striker 96 is just another random soccer game. There's nothing special to say about it. Nothing. But TruRip received a dump from a disc that contained updated files AKA a revision. The main problem with TruRip is that they didn't keep any single detail about this release (or at least, they didn't want to share it), we only had the dump avaliable. I recently contacted Ripper, main TruRip leader, in order to ask politely if he knew something about this, but he had no records about this.
Our mean fear with this release was that this was one of the first releases ever made for PSX, as SLES is "00023". I'm not sure which was the first time that Sony started to identify revisions by adding the "#" symbol at the end of the Serial ID SLES writen in the disc... But, as this release was one of the firsts to arrive to the market... Was this revision already using that system?
The only way we knew for sure to distinguish one revision from the original one was the internal files:
- Internal "SYSTEM.CNF" file date from ORIGINAL "REV. 0" release: "1995-09-29" [https://ibb.co/6t3xpKn]
- Internal "SYSTEM.CNF" file date from REVISION "REV.1" release: "1995-11-24" [https://ibb.co/nBW5qRy]
Only 2 months took place for the developer to update the game and rerelease it to the market (guess, 3 months from original release were needed to see the revision landing on shops). We tried buying different versions as we noticed three diferent cases:
- One didn't have the black side plastic with the Playstation logo [Check the picture]. It was all front full cristal case, guess this was the same for the original PSX releases.
- One with the black side plastic but no Playstation logo. [Guess these could just be generic cases]
- One with the black side plastic with Playstation logo.
And no luck. As expected, this was just left behind in time until days ago i decided to push this again. The only way was to ask each seller to check the internal file, so I asked:
- The 14/15 sellers on ebay avaliable.
- The 5 sellers in my country selling it.
- FB community for PSX Collectors.
- Reddit PSX.
- PSX Collectors from Spain i already knew
- PSX collectors in my spanish forums
I received at least 20 answers over the last days and im still receiving them. All of them confirmed me they had Rev.0
But, last night, the miracle finally happened. Our great french partner, KailoKyra, proceded to buy one unit taking advantage of an offer from his retrogaming shop. He came to the Discord like Jesus coming from heaven: This he bought didnt match the one in Redump. He found Rev.1 without even noticing it.
So the question is... How to spot this disc from the original one: Hold on on your chair.
- Original disc from PSXDatacenter.
- Revision disc: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4]
YES. THAT F* DOT. The little mark there. That little spot we are trying so hard to analyse if it's just a disc printing effect, our mind cheating us or the only symbol used to mark the difference between one version and another.
No different barcode, mark symbols or colors (mind each scan or camera can produce different colour tone).

  • Global Domination and Necronomicon. The unexpected regional visitors.
In order to make sure we documented everything we found, we made sure to indicate what we didn't find... and we won't probably ever find. Sometimes, fakes or typo Serial IDs have been spotted and we put them in the "Games/Demos that Probably Don't Exist".
Still, on a few cases, we found out we were wrong. That's the case of french Global Domination release, that again, KailoKyra caught and dumped.
The PAL territory... No matter how hard we research, it will always be a really uncharted land. If not, ask Portugal. Our partner Retrogamer added a Necronomicon portuguese release that we never found out about.
This is what happens when these countries that still received support from some publishers releasing games their language, have a retrogaming community completely isolated. You end up wondering if there could be another exclusive regional release pending to be found.
Cases like This Is Football Belgian release or the Israel's Fifa releases (and this) show us how at the end, we won't be able to confirm when the PAL Game Retail Fullset will be finished. But again, we did our best to stand at the edge of it.
Of course, this doesn’t apply only to Game retail games, but Demos and Game Revisions. There’s still lot of work to do dumping versions with/without the # symbol on the disc, or Platinum versions (or games whose Platinum versions were dumped and not the original). All of these are marked in the Wiki.
· Lego Island 2, the Last of PALs.
Well, we finally made it… We arrived to the PAL Fullset borderland. The place where we are putting an end to the part we know about the PAL región.
Lego Island 2 was actually a wonderful game, better in PC rather than the PSX port. This game was released in multiple countries, each one having its own dubbing and text translation. For so long, we’ve been trying to hunt all the missing versions identified by PSXDatacenter in time, till we finally lacked only two releases:
- Finland (SLES-03302)- Norway (SLES-03306)
However, no matter how much we looked for them on these countries (using second hand platforms) we just couldn't find them. In order to change this, i decided to first, ask about this around.
Every single retrogaming community, forum, blog, museum, shop, FB page... and each country's Reddit got a message from me asking about them since middle August.
... Guess what? NOTHING. I mean, NO-THING. Im still waiting for some answers but the situation for the moment is enough bad to believe... "What if the PSXDatacenter was wrong...?" "What if we are missing something here...?" "What if some of these releases got cancelled...?"
I was so desperate that i actually contacted Lego Central Support service in order to ask if they still kept any records about this games and the places it was published. Yeah, it didn't help as they only managed to redirect me to Warner Bros Interactive, whose only answer was "we don't keep any records about this, but if you want to ask for license for a project related to this game, call here". But hey, the Lego guy that attended me, damn, was really nice. He was actually happy that, as we finally in the digital era, it was time to make sure these games got preserved. Lovely Service Support, im buying Lego kits, damn!
Trying to figure out what could be happening, i tried to put in order the pieces... First, we have a rule about these releases: Each PSX version had its counter part on PC too, translated with same language. So if we found out about Norway having a PC release, this was a signal that the PSX should exist.
Then, i made this list:
SLES-03299 - LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (PAL Europe English)
SLES-03300 - LEGO Øen 2: Kim Cool's Hævn (Denmark)
SLES-03301- LEGO Eiland 2: De Wraak van Dondersteen (Netherlands)
SLES-03302 ????
SLES-03303 - L'ile LEGO 2: La Revanche de Cassbrik
SLES-03304 - LEGO Insel 2: Der Steinbrecher kehrt zurück
SLES-03305 LEGO Isola 2: La Rivincita del Briccone (Italy)
SLES-03306 ?????
SLES-03307 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Spain)
SLES-03308 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Sweden)
Seeing this with perspective, there was no doubt that the SLES-03302 came from Scandinavia... But what if... What if the SLES-03306 came from a country near those Serials around... Like Portugal?
Finally... The Multilanguage idea: I saw that Lego Island 2 released in Game Color and Game Boy Advance too... Which language they had...? From Dat-o-Matic:
"LEGO Island 2 - The Brickster's Revenge (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da)"
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
The same day i received a picture from the Norwegian PC version of Lego Island 2. And in the next hour, i spotted a Lego Island 2 PSX copy in a Portugal second hand platform, with portuguese texts in the game's frontcover.
Now that's a bingo! Yeah, you may think im commiting the sin of pride. I actually felt like that but i didn't care. Then God punished me. After opening a post in Reddit Portugal, i found out someone who had a copy of this game.
Yesterday, i went to the bed waiting for the answer. Today, i woke up with this knocking me out so hard that my head could only scream "Im done with this. Forever".
Yes. Thinking that the PSXDatacenter was wrong, and that SLES-03306 would be from Portugal, i get this. A totally new undiscovered serial for years. No, it wasn't exciting, it was a sucker punch. All my theories to the ground. Yes, including the PC one, as we just recently confirmed that Lego Island 2 was released in Israel, but, come one, this getting a release translated in Israel for Playstation... when other Lego games from PS1 had Norway and Finland languages too...? Being Lego a company from Denmark...? Come on...
Anyway, we finally got this one thanks to a great portuguese user that anonymously gave it...
... And now, we are still trying to figure out what the hell those two regional versions are. I think that maybe, at the end of the day, they really come from Norway and Finland. But, as i said, is a retrogaming community too niche.
But anyway, mystery is always exciting, and it will give the chance to other people to find out the truth and participate on this. With that said, if any norwegian or suomi user is around and knows something about this, please, make a call!

So what's left?

First, im probably making a couple of posts on Israel and Greece just for the sake of curiosity, i think these countries have the most obscure releases for Sony Playstation 1.
Secondly, in the Redump Wiki we still have an important list of Undumped Serial Number Variants, so, those discs with/without the # symbol could reveal us new undiscovered revision, we hope you check them out.
Thirdly, Demos.
I wanted to give demos its own space. We've made some wonderful discoveries in time and Im sure that some demos remains hidden, but at this point, is difficult to believe we aren't missing too many... Look at these beauties:
Demo sponsored by Kronenbourg 1664 beer.The first demo on the screen (This is Football) is locked and it's accessible only when you press the right combination of keys on the controller. The correct combination of keys was contained in scratch cards that was given away with the purchase of a beer.Videos are playing randomly on the main screen when you don't press any button on the controller
A demo with some beer DRM. Awesome. xD In case you wonder, yeah, we still don't know if nº01 and nº02 exists. But thanks so much to my friend TonyLizard for adding them.
Another one to talk about is this one, Monster Trucks (SLED-00692). Why? Because the dumper, ragnarok2009, never shared it. And we've spent years looking for it. No luck for the moment, really rare demo. This is the only dump we lack the proper dump data all over our datted discs from PAL region.
If you want to know which are the most rare demos around, take a look at the Wiki, but here's a resume:
  • PCPX-96097 / France / 3D-Kaleidoscope - Baby Universe [Printed in Japan, hence the Japanese serial (pic)]
  • SCED-03926 / Unknown / Disney Interactive/ PlayStation Demo Disc [Serial number is skipped, surrounding serial numbers are Disney demos from UK, Italy, France and Germany]. I searched this one in Spain and im sure is not from here.
  • SCED-04013 /Spain?/ ¡Gratis! Demo Disc! [Confirmed to exist. (pic)] That's what Crimson Ceremony says but no proof of existence. Gratis means Free in spanish, but no idea about where the hell this one comes from. I think the source didn't give the correct name.
  • SLED-00406 / France/ Resident Evil [Confirmed to exist, is a really rare demo]
  • SCED-00609 /France/ Serial Players Only (Untitled) (pic)
  • SCED-04012 / Germany / Free Spin Demo Disc! - Völlig gratis Demo Disc!
And finally, non related to proper games:
  • SLES-00524, VX100 / Europe / Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [4988602060652] [AUDIO CD, from Limited edition (big box). The game disc is not dumped too, but it should be identical to the standard edition (pic)]
  • PEPX-94001 /Europe/ QA Disc [Internal Sony Disc Application]
  • PEPX-94002 /Europe/ Aging Disc [Internal Sony Disc Application]
  • SCD-2700 /Europe/ Test Disc [Internal Sony Disc Application]
I usually don't talk about the Unlicensed discs because is a neverending story. Not too many are missing, and you can find in the Wiki which are missing. Probably, the russian ones would be the most interesting.
  • "Game Guru" discs: 5, 6, 7, 8, X, Gold and The Best
  • Vzlomschik Kodov 9000 Ver.2.9 (Взломщик кодов) (Russia)
  • Vzlomschik Kodov 9000 Ver.3.3 (Взломщик кодов) (Russia)
  • Vzlomschik Kodov 9000 Luchshie Poedinki (Взломщик кодов 9000 Лучшие поединки) (Russia)

End notes and a project to support: Serial Station

Helping this project became in some moment, a way for me to honor not only my favourite console or 10 years of work on Sony Playstation preservation... But especially to all those persons that have been using their time these years not only to dump games and fulfill the database. The coordinated efforts, hunting, researching, discoveries, conflicts, friendship...
Only a few names were given in this post for the last additions to the database, but the truth is that this has been a work that only could be achieved a hundreds of users and lot of them have become closer after the VideoGaming Preservation Collective discord was born.
All my gratitude to every single one of them. All my efforts trying to find every single item from the game retail list (and all the stuff from my country) was a way to finally feel like i paid some kind of debt. Now, i finally feel like I made my part, and it's time for other new users to show us things we never expected to help us keeping the database clean and corrected.
To end the post, a couple of end notes:
First: I would like everyone to remember that this work was build on human work. And, as humans, is not free from errors. We are always encouraging our members to verify all the discs they can, if you see a disc that hasn't been verificated yet, we will always apreciate receiving a new dump for it.
Secondly, and not less important: Long ago, my partner Landcross presented over here his project, SerialStation. SerialStation has been key in the last months to research and observe some Serial ID patterns in Sony platforms and discover new releases.
This project is basically giving us a beautiful tool to create our main Master Index Lists, and he needs help with them, so please, mind checking around and call if you think you have give some input on it.
As this post said, this is not the end, is just the edge of it. But still, Redump was born as a Playstation 1 Database to finally make a difference preserving this platform, and today, I think, we made honor to that purpose and there's no turning back to that.
Remember, in case you are interested in helping, you can always join us in VGPC Discord: https://discord.gg/AHTfxQV (note: in this Discord, rom sharing is totally forbbiden, this is a place to work actively for gaming preservation, and we take this serious). If not, you can always write here)
As always, thanks everyone for your atention and if there's anything you would like to complain, feel free to tell. Lot of the aspects of these reports are built first on my own perception/research/experience and then contrasted with some of my mates, so if you feel something is wrong, ill be happy to fix/change it.
Mind as always that im just a messenger, the real work behind all these projects and the content added can only be credited to every single user that put their contribution into them.
For every single one of them, my honest gratitude!
submitted by diegorbb93 to psx

Countdown to Kickoff 2017: Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Firstly, a huge shoutout to not---a---bot and Jeremy W for their help in providing content. As well as SomeCruzDude for helping me with formatting!

Welcome to the Vancouver Whitecaps FC entry in the Countdown to Kickoff 2017 series!

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Kings of Cascadia
Website: http://www.whitecapsfc.com Location: BC Place, Vancouver, BC. Head Coach/Manager: Carl "Robbo" Robinson (4th Season) Captain: tbd Mascot: Spike, the Belted Kingfisher Kits: Primary // Secondary USL Affiliate: Whitecaps FC 2 Nicknames: "Caps", "White and Blue" Supporters Groups: "Southsiders", "Curva Collective", "Rain City Brigade" First Match (CCL): 1-1 draw @ RBNY, Feb 22 First Match (MLS): VWFC vs. Philadelphia Union, Sunday March 5th @ 6:30 PM PST


Founded in 1974, disbanded in 1984 when NASL died, refounded in 1986 as the Vancouver 86ers and renaming themselves Whitecaps again in 2000, the Whitecaps now enter their 7th season in MLS. They won some trophies in the various old defunct leagues (including the NASL Soccer Bowl in 1979). Since joining MLS they have managed to make the postseason 3 times, appeared in 2 editions of the CONCACAF Champions League, won the 2015 Canadian Championship (their first and only), and won 3 Cascadia Cups (2013, 2014, and 2016).

2016 Review

Vancouver finished eighth in the Western Conference in 2016, with a record of 10-9-15 (W-D-L) and a goal difference of -7. They failed to make the playoffs and lost in the Canadian Championship Final (ugh!), but they won the Cascadia Cup again and qualified for the CCL quarterfinals for the first time in club history. After a 2015 campaign that saw the Whitecaps contending for the Supporter's Shield, expectations for 2016 were high. Instead, what could go wrong, did go wrong (again, ugh!). The league leading defense from the year prior suddenly became incredibly porous. The struggles that plagued DP striker Octavio Rivero in the latter half of 2015 continued, and he was eventually transferred to Colo-Colo. DP midfielder (and team captain) Pedro Morales was unmotivated and the 2014 MLS newcomer of the year was largely a non-factor. J-League star Masato Kudo was signed, struggled to find form, and couldn't crack the starting line-up. After finally getting playing time, he was involved in a freak collision with Chicago Fire GK Matt Lampson, and he was out for several months. Upon his return, he was essentially a non-factor. Kekuta Manneh was sidelined with yet another season ending injury.
Some positives coming from 2016 were the rise of teenage phenom Alphonso Davies, a successful signing in Christian Bolaños, sweeping their group in the CCL, and padding their lead in Cascadia Cups (though an MLS Cup would sure be nice...). Other than that, well... a season in which big Jordan Harvey is your Team MVP basically says it all.

Players In/Out

We've said goodbye to:
  • Fraser Aird | DF/MF | Option Declined/Loan return. Now playing with Falkirk F.C. in the Scottish Championship.
  • Giles Barnes | MF/FW | Despite playing in the opening CCL match, Barnes was then traded to Orlando City SC for Brek Shea.
  • Marco Carducci | GK | Option declined.
  • Kianz Froese | MF | Transferred to Fortuna Düsseldorf for an undisclosed fee.
  • Masato Kudo | FW | Mutual Contract Termination. Now playing with Sanfrecce Hiroshima of the J1 League.
  • Pedro Morales | MF | Option Declined. Now playing with Colo-Colo of the Chilean Primera División.
  • Blas Pérez | FW | Out of contract. Made two appearances with C.D. Árabe Unido, and is now playing with Club Blooming of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano.
  • Jordan Smith | DF | Option Declined/Loan Return. Returned to Deportivo Saprissa of the Costa Rican Primera División.
And we've welcomed in:
  • Kyle Greig | FW | Signed from Whitecaps FC 2.
  • Fredy Montero | FW | Acquired on season loan from Tianjin TEDA F.C. of the CSL.
  • Jake Nerwinski | DF | Superdraft 2017 signee.
  • Yordy Reyna | MF/FW | Purchased from F.C. Red Bull Salzburg, for an undisclosed fee.
  • Spencer Richey | GK | Signed from Whitecaps FC 2.
  • Mauro Rosales | MF | Signed as free agent (formerly with FC Dallas).
  • Brek Shea | MF | Acquired in trade with Orlando City SC in exchange for Giles Barnes.
  • Sheanon Williams | DF | Acquired from Houston Dynamo in exchange for fun money (of the GAM varieta).

Projected Starting 11

This is tough, as injuries and player movement has made this a bit harder to predict. If they stay with Robbo's adored 4-2-3-1, then it could look like this:
 Montero Shea Manneh Techera/Bolanos Laba Teibert/Jacobsen Harvey Waston Parker Williams Ousted 
However, if they move to a two-striker system (something like 4-2-2-1-1, or 4-4-2 for simplicity's sake), it could possibly look this way:
 Montero Greig Manneh Shea Techera/Bolanos Laba Harvey Waston Parker Williams Ousted 
One possible optimal lineup, without injuries, looks like this:
 Montero Manneh Reyna Bolanos Laba Teibert/Jacobsen/Hutchinson* Harvey Waston Parker Williams Ousted *Coming Summer 2017? 

Current roster

No. Pos. Player Nation
1 GK David Ousted Denmark
2 DF Jordan Harvey USA
4 DF Kendall Waston Costa Rica
6 DF David Edgar (Disabled List) Canada
7 MF Christian Bolaños Costa Rica
8 DF/MF Andrew Jacobsen USA
11 MF Nicolás Mezquida Uruguay
12 FW Fredy Montero (DP) Colombia
13 MF Cristian Techera Uruguay
14 DF Cole Seiler USA
15 MF Matías Laba (DP) Argentina
17 DF/MF Marcel de Jong Canada
18 GK Spencer Richey USA
19 FW Erik Hurtado (the best) USA
20 MF Brek Shea USA
22 DF Christian Dean USA
23 MF/FW Kekuta Manneh Gambia
25 DF Sheanon Williams USA
26 DF Tim Parker USA
28 DF Jake Nerwinski USA
29 MF/FW Yordy Reyna (Disabled List) Peru
30 MF Ben McKendry (HGP) Canada
31 MF Russell Teibert (HGP) Canada
32 MF Marco Bustos (HGP) Canada
46 DF Brett Levis (Disabled List) Canada
47 FW Kyle Greig USA
67 MF Alphonso Davies (HGP) Canada
70 GK Paolo Tornaghi Italy
77 MF Mauro Rosales Argentina
Out on loan
No. Pos. Player Nation
3 DF Sam Adekugbe (HGP, on loan to Brighton and Hove Albion) Canada
20 MF Deybi Flores (on loan to CD Motagua) Honduras^
^ - the Caps website indicates that this loan expried in December 2016, but I have not read about his current whereabouts anywhere.

A Few Key Players

David Ousted | GK | Our always-vocal Danish keeper. Had a MLS GotY contending 2015 but took a step back in 2016. We've already witnessed his ability to stop kicks from the spot (@ NY at least) this season, and typically it's as he goes, the Caps go.
Kekuta Manneh | MF/FW | Speedy winger seemingly on the verge of a breakout for the last few years. Spent most of the last season injured. It's no wonder why the USMNT have been licking their chops waiting for his eligibility.
Kendall Waston | DF | Another player that took a step back in 2016, from a 2015 that saw him as a finalist for MLS DotY. His skill in the air is unparalleled by most in MLS, but his discipline and decision-making have been stumbling blocks as of late.
Fredy Montero | FW | Former Seattle Sounder has come to play! A proven goalscorer in MLS, Portugal, and China, the Whitecaps have put a ton of pressure on him to be the answer. Depth at striker is non-existant, so expect the offense to be largely run through him.

Best Case Scenario

This Thursday (March 2), VWFC defeat the RBNY in the second leg of their CONCACAF Champion’s League quarter-final cup-tie. The best case scenario is doing what no MLS team has done before, vanquishing all other CONCACAF foes, including any Mexican clubs in their way, to win the tournament and make their way to the Club World Cup. We’re talking about a best case scenario, and we can dream right? Besides, I don't think "realistic" expectations should ever be brought to CCL.
On the whole, VWFC recapture the stingy defensive form that they showed in 2015, when they conceded only 36 goals. The defensive spine of Ousted, Waston, and Laba all perform up to the ability that they have previously shown, making the team difficult to break down. The right-back position that plagued the club with problems in 2016 is adequately filled by Sheanon Williams, with rookie Jake Nerwinski providing cover and pushing for minutes.
Up front, Fredy Montero bags 15 goals and proves to be the reliable finisher that the club has been missing since a certain someone who shall not be named departed for Mexico. A healthy Kekuta Manneh continues to run at defenders and shows that he can be a reliable offensive catalyst, whether Robbo puts him out on the wing, behind Montero, or, perhaps, even alongside him. Newcomers Brek Shea and Yordy Reyna add additional pace and flair to the attack. Young Alphonso Davies earns minutes amongst a deep winger crop, and shows steady progression as the season goes on, exciting fans with his pace, power, and confidence.
Tactically, Coach Robbo finds a way to deploy his 11 in a way that makes sense given the available personnel (perhaps departing from his beloved 4-2-3-1?), and the team is able to balance defensive structure with attacking flair. Rebounding from last-minute heartbreak via the boot of Will Johnson in last year’s final, the club recapture the Canadian Championship, led by emerging young Canadians like Marco Bustos and Alphonso Davies. Additionally, the club repeat as Cascadia Cup winners, clinching the trophy early on September 27th, on the back of a Fredy Montero brace in Seattle (he doesn’t celebrate, but the travelling supporters sure do!). The team finishes high enough in the Western conference to host a playoff game, and manage to win it this time.
And hey, because the Caps are winning so much in this scenario anyway, how about adding an MLS Cup win to the trophy cabinet, becoming the first Canadian club to do so? Ah... to dream.

Worst Case Scenario

Sacha Kljestan and Bradley Wright-Phillips each convert a penalty this Thursday (March 2) as RBNY knock VWFC out of the CONCACAF Champions League.
The defensive problems of 2016 continue. RB continues to be a weak position as neither Williams nor Nerwinski lock down the spot. Kendall Waston continues to struggle when facing pace and leads the leads in red cards. Neither Christian Dean nor Tim Parker show that they are capable of leading and organizing the backline.
Matias Laba looks lost as part of a two man defensive midfield and is second to Waston in red-cards. The midfield lacks creativity on the whole.
Up front, Fredy Montero struggles as a lone striker in a 4-2-3-1, and shows frustration at the lack of service that he receives. Newcomer Yordy Reyna’s injury sidelines him for the brunt of the season, and Kekuta Manneh joins him on the sidelines mid-season, once again propelling the Caps season down the tank. Alphonso Davies struggles, trying to do too much on the field, and fans question whether some of the hype has gone to his head. Chants of "Freddy Adu" start being heard at away matches, and eventually at home (haha, okay hopefully not that last part. How awful would that be? MLS fans are certainly better than that).
The summer transfer window brings no significant addition in the way of Atiba Hutchinson or a true No. 10, and the Caps flame out in both the Canadian Championship and the Cascadia Cup. They finish at the bottom of the Western Conference. Leadership amongst the players is questioned. Robbo is sacked after a disappointing season, and fans and media suggest that those above him need to be sacked as well (the pathetic #firelenarduzzi rears its ugly head once again).
The team is then relegated to the near defunct NASL, even though PRO/REL doesn't exist in MLS. Commissioner Garber states this is because he "couldn't stand the thought of another year of Shitecraps FC soccer". Instead, FC Edmonton is awarded an MLS franchise.
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