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Lightworks Crack 11.5 Download Torrent. Lightworks aplikasi untuk edit video [HOST] free and Full Crack. Internet connection for online editing. Lightworks 14 Pro Crack Full Keygen [Win + Mac] Latest Free Download Lightworks is the professional tool to make a film. Lightworks 11.1 beta available: Supports AVCHD transcoding. A functioning version of the Mac software was shown as far back as NAB 2020, and at that time, many of us started to get excited. Rank: New member; Posts: 6; Joined: Wed Jan 16, 2020 10: 18 pm; Status: Off-line.

ESEA and the Mountain Dew League Fiasco

Since the creation of Premier in 2014, the top four Main Playoff teams have been moved up to premier league while the bottom four premier teams have been moved down to main. This upcoming season, ESEA increased the total number of premier teams to 24 from 17 in the previous season.
They announced the teams for S23 Premier in North America where a total of six new teams were added so far with two being dropped leaving four reaming slots for last chance qualifier teams.
They added
There has been a reasonable outrage in the esea community over these recent decisions.
ESEA is letting TSM/Denial be DIRECTLY invited to premier. Denial has a completely BRAND new roster too. ESEA has always been extremely strict about not letting any team auto be put in premier and has historically made teams at least play a whole season of open before making any manual division changes. TSM didn't even participate in a ESEA last season. The two ex-pro rosters essentially got special treatment to be automatically put in premier when ESEA has NEVER done that before and been strict about not making moves like this. If ESEA had the interests of their community in mind, they should have played the mountain dew qualifier like every other team on their service.
Last Chance Qualifier
Originally, the last chance qualifier was supposed to allow for two teams to be put into premier, but ESEA decided to update the rules last minute to provide 4 slots to Premier. The 4 last chance qualifier premier spots essentially allow for 4 brand new teams to qualify for premier through a two day best of one format tournament (bo3 in top 16). Teams such as Rival and Lzuruha - the 3rd and 4th placed teams from main - had to work down from the lower leagues for SEASONS to get to where they are just to be over looked a promotion to premier while having the Open/IM winners moved up.
Open/IM to Premier
Past seasons has shown us that there is a huge skill disparity between Open to Main let alone Open to Premier. The two recent 1st place IM teams that have been moved up to premier have gotten destroyed by their competition in premier - Team Quetzal 5-11/8-8 and XZEEE 6-10.
Of the players on Ambition Esports only instinct- has a full season of league experience past IM going 8-8 in S21 of Main.
Rival has proven themselves on numerous occasions placing
  • 1st or 2nd CEVO-Main Season 10 League (Ongoing, awaiting Grand Finals next week)
  • 3rd ESEA-Main Season 2 League
  • 3rd Dreamhack Montreal LAN
  • 2nd Fragadelphia 9 Online Tournament
  • 5th Fragadelphia 8 LAN
  • 3rd Fragadelphia 8 Online Tournament
  • 4th MLG CS:GO Minor Qualifier in May, 2016 (Just missed out losing 16-10 against Team Kaliber in lower bracket after losing 2-1 to Winterfox)
Lzuruha as a team doesn't have many accomplishments as a team compared to Rival since they decided to solely focus on ESEA, but their players are quite experienced. Reds played premier for VAULT s19 and is now on Splyce, Lightworker played for MYTHIC/Reliable in invite and colt and Jleet have played season upon season of main. Their players have also won loca lans like Game Clucks and EGL.
Clearly both of these teams are of top quality in Main and completely outclass both Ambition eSports and SMAZING in almost every way. Not to take away the accomplishment from either Ambition eSports or SMAZING for winning their perspective division, but Rival/Lzuruha would have logically been better candidates to be moved up to premier.
With their recent actions, ESEA has inadvertently shown that they don't care about the community as much as they used to. They make questionable decisions and don't even consider changing them from when huge backlash from community is received. It seems that ESEA has given up their traditional principles on making teams work their way up through the leagues instead of just giving them freebies because they have ex-pro players. They never did it before but now it appears that they've given up and compromised their principles that they used to uphold before they were bought by ESL.
Most likely nothing will be done to change these decisions since they appear to be final, but I just wanted to bring attention to it anyways. I feel that the monopoly that ESEA holds over NA CS will only continue to hurt and discourage mid tier players from continuing to compete knowing that the rules could be changed at anytime essentially destroying months of hard work and dedication.
submitted by treesthrowacc to GlobalOffensive

Shielding protocol (updated)

Hello everyone,
A couple of years ago I made a post about shielding and protection protocol for when you are sleeping as well as when you are awake. Though I believe that the information is good for certain situations, but as a whole I have updated my shielding techniques to incorporate a very different mindset that I believe is much more affective, as well as requires significantly less energy as the prior method.
If you haven’t read it, here is a link https://www.reddit.com/Soulnexus/comments/95uu0w/shielding_tipsprotocol/
In order to understand how this method works, we first have to dive into the concept of polarity as well as duality.
The issue with polarity/dualistic thinking
On this dimensional plane we have a very dualistic way of looking at things and often filter our perceptions into polarities. Good, evil, right, wrong, us, them. Upon awakening, the majority of people fall into the “good or evil” paradigm (myself included).
When you decide to polarize your thoughts and energy like this, you open yourself up to problems because when you fall on one side of the aisle, you are essentially inviting balancing forces to reset you to a more neutral stance energetically.
I myself after much consideration and with conversations with those on the inside, decided to align myself with the light upon awakening. Though at the time it felt great, by evoking my dedication to certain entities (archangel Michael in particular) I began to notice that I encountered a lot of resistance in both real life and the astral plane.
When I would go out to the bars, I would run into black hats on a pretty consistent basis. Though I was only ever approached once or twice by them with malice, I would notice that some of them would definitely notice my presence as if I stood out.
When I slept, I would be attacked on a pretty consistent basis and would a lot of times see demonic/unfriendly entities near me as if taunting “let me catch you slipping”.
About a year into this shielding protocol I woke up one day and said to myself “for all the shielding I do for myself I still have to deal with a good amount of bullshit and not to mention I always feel very drained energetically. It was getting to be chore no matter what way you looked at it. I then found a link that led me closer to my answer, but like a lot of times in life I had to go deeper and things had to get worse before they got better.
Listed above are the two articles that really helped advance this process. I believe that Cameron Days method is the most effective method of shielding when it is necessary.
Asking entities for protection (and why you shouldn’t rely on it)
This is quite honestly where a lot of people make mistakes, including myself. For over a year I prayed every single day to a few select archangels for protection. I most certainly felt their presence and took that as a sign that they were protecting me. Boy was I wrong!
Long story short, a lot of these entities are not who they say they are and their intentions are not always as pure as you believe them to be. Though everyone is entitled to their opinions, and though I do believe there are benevolent entities that are trying to help us, I believe that a ton of these “angels” are in reality on the same side as the “demons” and serve the same system. It works essentially like a good cop/bad cop routine. You get scared by the demons and run to the angels and will do whatever for the protection. However, these entities are essentially doing the exact same thing as the demons and feed on your energy.
And like demons, they require a higher and higher amount of energy over time. No matter what you do or how much patronage you give them, they will always want more. Over time, this drains a significant amount of your energy and ironically makes your shielding weaker and makes yourself an easier target.
Your connection to source energy
There is something that we as humans have that the entities that feed off of us do not. That is the connection to source energy. Source energy is essentially the life force that drives the universe as well as creation. You need this source energy (whether creating it yourself or stealing it) to survive.
True source energy isn’t a wrathful god. In fact, it isn’t a god at all. It is a life force. It doesn’t require you to worship it, fear it, make deals with it, it simply is. When we worship an entity (God, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Moloch, etc.) we are essentially consenting our energy over to the entity. When done in groups, it amplifies the amount of energy that is being harvested (kind of makes you think why they’re so adamant you need to be at church to worship lol).
When you stop praying to these entities, you are no longer giving them permission to take it from you. However I will say when you first stop, they will try to make things happen that will keep you going back to them to keep getting your energy. It will also feel a lot more lonely at first since you don’t have as much of a presence around you.
The issues with the Cameron Day Method
As I said though I believe that when necessary Cameron’s protocol is the best method of shielding that you can apply to yourself. However, the issue is that if you are shielding all the time day and night asleep and awake, you are shielding way too much.
When you shield this much (especially if you are shielding yourself extensively) you run into a few different issues which I will outline below:
  1. You are using too much energy when you shield that frequently: it takes a lot of energy to put up a shield and when you do it 24/7 you essentially are draining your battery. You will feel very tired if you try this (and I was for over a year)
  2. You are painting a giant target on your back when you shield this frequently/heavily: Imagine you are a police officer and you need to go into a bad neighborhood to get something done. When you go in with a single police car, some may take notice but as a whole your chances of going through there relatively unnoticed are high. Now imagine if you go through the same neighborhood with 5 heavy tactical vehicles, 25 officers and a helicopter overhead. You can best believe that everyone and their brother is going to notice your presence. Though sometimes it may be necessary to have that level of protection, you don’t need it all the time.
  3. This level of shielding is not only shielding you from the bad, but also the good: I noticed this the most when trying to connect with people. When you shield this heavily you are hiding a lot of yourself. This means it makes it harder to connect energetically with people. Especially when dating or trying to make friends, it can make things very difficult as well as create significant feelings of loneliness.
  4. By using his system you are essentially polarizing yourself even further and will have the dark and the false light working together against you in tandem: This was what I experienced it the short time I used his system. Let me tell you, it made things so much more exhausting and I was always on edge about what problems I was going to run into since I had everyone working against me.
So what is the answer? How do you effectively protect yourself?
This is where things get interesting and can be counter intuitive to what you would normally think. In order to provide yourself the most amount of protection while expending the least amount of energy possible, you have to make your energetic vibration neutral.
What does this mean?
This means that you need to have a perspective change. When you fall too far on either side (good or evil) your energy is going to invite the opposite force to come balance it out. If you sit in the middle of the polarities, and acknowledge each sides right to exist (can be hard to do), you aren’t giving these energies/entities any reason to target you. By declaring that you are neutral and don’t hold any beefs towards one side or the other, they aren’t going to attack you anywhere near as much mitigating your need for shielding.
So don’t use any shielding at all?
In a traditional sense of the term shielding, yes.
There is a marshall art form known as Aikido, and what aikido focuses on is using your opponent’s energy and movement against them. They try to hit you, you use movements to where you are not struck and they are hurt only as much as the amount of energy they put into hurting you. This means that they are expending energy and their own expended energy is being used against them while you don’t use any. You are essentially showing that you are not a threat and intend no harm unless attacked first.
When shielding, I refer to this an “Energetic Aikido”, and I ask my higher self that we implement this protection method when asleep and when awake unless otherwise necessary. This ensures that your energetic presence isn’t flexing to provoke attack.
When we go back to the example of the cop needing to go through the bad neighborhood, it would be the energetic equivalence of dressing up as a homeless person and walking a shopping cart full of cans down the street. Nobody is going to bat an eye as it doesn’t pose a threat (as opposed to the swat team which will draw everyone’s attention).
Results with this method
Since I have implemented this method I haven’t had anywhere near the amount of attacks when asleep as I did before. I have had a significant amount more energy, and when going out I feel like I rarely see black hats and the few I do see don’t seem to notice or care about my presence. Long story short the amount of resistance I feel on a day to day basis has reduced significantly making me a much more level person.
Should you ever use the initial shielding method?
The only time you should use the extensive shielding method is when you are under psychic attack or other very heavy attacks. These don’t happen very often (if ever) for most people. These attacks are rare even for advanced souls as the amount of energy expended in them is significant, so it is not something I would worry about if you are an average person.
Another tip before sleeping
Before you go to sleep, ask your higher self that you only experience positive fourth density when you sleep and dictate that you do not consent any of your energy while you are asleep (especially in the form of missions) as sometimes people get looped into these missions that take a significant amount of energy especially when done frequently.
submitted by duality222444 to Soulnexus

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