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A Catalogue of Typefaces (Fonts) Used in the Monogatari Series

T‌he following is an attempted catalogue of typefaces used in the Monogatari Series. May contain light spoilers.
T‌his is a (very) incomplete list, and will be irregularly updated whenever new info comes in.


Titles (kanji): DFP 新宋体 (DFP Shinsoutai) by DynaFont
  • Characters are compressed to 75% and skewed by 10°.
Titles (kana): 新ゴ (Shin-go) by Morisawa
  • Characters are compressed to varying percentages and skewed by 20°.
@Rice_Material (Twitter) has also made replicas of the logotypes and released them free-of-charge on Pixiv under what is effectively a CC BY-NC license (requires attribution (via URL) + non-commercial use only).


Japanese physical releases (Kodansha)

Chapter headings: ???
Character inserts: FF Dynamoe
Page numbers and part headings: PMN Caecilia 75 Bold
Author’s name and rear cover quotes: 新ゴ (Shin-go)
Body text: FOT-筑紫明朝 Pro L (FOT-Tsukushi Mincho Pro L) by Fontworks
Rear matter: Kozuka Gothic Pro

English physical releases (Vertical)

Titles, chapter headings, part headings, page numbers: Monaco
Front matter and body text: Adobe Garamond


T‌he elephant in the room: HGP明朝B (HGP Mincho B) by Ricoh.i
  • Probably the most well-known of the Monogatari typefaces, its name showing up prominently in every episode until Final Season.
  • A different weight, HGP Mincho L, is bundled with Windows as MS Mincho. T‌he two are virtually the same.
  • T‌here is actually a way to freely get a different (heavier) weight, HGP Mincho E, in Windows. It is included in this bundle for Microsoft Office. T‌he red button is ‘Download’, and after that, there will be an installer for it. Requires a restart at the end.
  • It is still used in the inserts of Final Season episodes (with a lot of effects), sometimes in different weights.
Other places
  • Roman typeface in inserts (黑齣 etc.): Monotype Corsiva
  • ‘Nisioisin’ in chibi previews: Copperplate Gothic
  • Kaiki’s business card: HG Kyokasho
  • Roman typeface in the staple stable OP (non-credits): ???; seems identical to the one used for happy bite OP but compressed.
  • Names on the blackboard (Owari ep 2): Kozuka Mincho B
  • Seating chart (Owari ep 2): HGP Gothic B
  • ‘You got a mail’ screen in Final Season: Kozuka Mincho H
  • Gaen Izuko’s message in Tsukimonogatari: Kozuka Mincho M
  • Senjougahara’s messages at the end of Sodachi Lost: HGP Mincho B
  • 「直江津高等學校前」 by the traffic light: Hiragino Mincho W6 in all adaptations except Kizumonogatari which uses DFP Chū Maru Gothic.
  • Opening credits: HGP Mincho B
  • Credits: Telop Mincho ProN Dii
  • Inserts (Roman): Century Gothic
  • Inserts (Japanese): HGP Mincho B
  • Metro signage: Futura (line and station codes (N-XX) only), 新ゴ, Frutiger. (Same as Tokyo Metro signage)
OPs and EDs
OP Typeface(s) ED Typeface(s)
staple stable HGP Gothic Biii Kimi no shiranai monogatari HGP Mincho Liv
Kaerimichi ??? " " (HGP Kyokasho for Bake 5 and 12)
ambivalent world HGP Mincho B " "
Renai Circulation ???(v ) " "
Sugar Sweet Nightmare Lucida Sans, HGP Mincho B " " (??? for finale [Bake 15])
Futakotome HGP Mincho B Naisho no hanashi Tsukushi A Round Gothic B
marshmallow Justice Kozuka Gothic " "
Platinum Disco ??? " "
perfect slumbers Telop Mincho ProN B Kieru daydream Telop Mincho ProN B
chocolate insomnia Tsukushi A Round Gothic Ai wo utae Telop Mincho ProN B
happy bite ??? " "
the last day of my adolescence Telop Mincho B shirushi Telop Mincho ProN B
Mousou♥️Express Tsukushi A Round Gothic Sono koe wo oboeteru Telop Mincho ProN B
white lies Impact, HGP Soei Kaku Gothic? " "
fast love / Kogarashi Sentiment ??? snowdrop Telop Mincho ProN B
Orange Mint Kozuka Gothic border Telop Mincho ProN B
--- --- whiz Telop Mincho ProN B
decent black Telop Mincho ProN B Sayonara no yukue Telop Mincho ProN B
mathemagics Yu Kyokasho " "
Yuudachi Houteishiki Telop Mincho ProN D " "
mein schatz HGP Gothic B " "
terminal terminal ???(v ) SHIORI Telop Mincho ProN B
dreamy date drive Telop Mincho ProN D " "
dark cherry mystery Telop Mincho ProN B " " (Telop Mincho ProN H for finale [Owari 20])
07734 HGP Gothic B azure HGP Mincho B
i. A note on weights: individual weights are commonly abbreviated in Japanese as follows:
Abbr. Full
UL Ultra light
EL Extra light
L Light
R Regular
M Medium
D/DB Demibold
SB Semibold
B Bold
E/EB Extrabold
H Heavy
EH Extra heavy
U Ultrabold
Fontworks additionally has ‘LB’ and ‘RB’ fonts for Tsukushi Mincho, optimised for reverse (white on black) printing.
ii. Telop Mincho is a broadcast/screen-friendly version of Tsukushi Mincho, with broader horizontal strokes in kanji. T‌he designs are otherwise identical.
iii. HGP Gothic B is identical to MS Gothic Bold
iv. HGP Mincho L is identical to MS Mincho Regular
v. Unknown round (maru) gothic, but the two seem to share the same typeface (different weights)
Some of the weights (D (Demibold) or B (Bold)) are difficult to discern, and I may be wrong on those.
As implied at the beginning, this is intended to be an archive/masterpost of some sort. If you find something wrong/not mentioned here, leave a comment and I’ll add them in, if I am confident about it. Any questions are also welcome.
Here’s to the typesetters, more often staring at their screens than bashing away at their keyboards.
Free alternatives are listed in my comment below.
submitted by bthf to araragi

Here's the Hardware & Software News Roundup for Content Creators for this week. Please enjoy!

CGDirector Weekly Hardware & Software News Roundup for Content Creators November 14th - November 20th, 2020
This week saw quite a few application updates, a few popular professional applications announcing support for Apple’s new M1-powered Macs, and another disastrous GPU launch. Let’s go over what happened this week, shall we?


This section covers news sourced from various trusted media and business outlets.

Foundry Announces Modo 14.2 – A Major Update

Foundry’s focus on accelerating artist workflows comes to a close with the final major update to Modo for this year. The update brings USD export support, Rig Clay, topology views, MeshFusion Embossing, Ghost/Xray Viewport, and many other improvements to the popular 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering application. Read more.

Adobe Photoshop Now in Beta for Apple M1-Powered Macs

In a showcase of surprising speed and agility, because Apple is involved, Photoshop joins a few other professional applications immediately available for M1-powered Macs that were launched just a week ago. Adobe indicates the application’s Beta status and lists a, well, long, long list of known issues. You can find the beta announcement as well as the list of issues here.

Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve 17.1 Beta 1 for M1-Powered Macs

DaVinci Resolve’s Version 17.1 update now features universal app support for M1-powered Macs. This major release brought over 300 new features and improvements, and Blackmagic Design assures users of their availability on Apple’s latest devices. The release notes state that the combination of Apple’s M1, Metal processing brings a whopping 5x performance uplift compared to previous generation ‘computers.’ Read more.

Chaos Group Releases V-Ray 5 for Rhino

V-Ray 5 for Rhino combines real-time and photoreal rendering for Rhino and Grasshopper. The new features include improvements like V-Ray Vision, Easier Lighting, Post-processing, and more. The update focuses on allowing artists to go beyond just rendering and get photorealistic shots at the push of a button. Read more.

Luxion Announces Release of KeyShot 10

Luxion’s KeyShot received a significant update this week, with the application getting a host of improvements for professionals. The update adds Keyframe Animation, new Smart Export options for output to full-color 3D prints, AWeb interaction, a new Light Manager, RealCloth 2.0, as well as improved Denoise and Firefly Filter for faster creation. You can find more detailed feature update descriptions here.

Maxon Announces Major Updates for Red Giant Trapcode Suite 16 and Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 14

For the first time, Maxon announced two major suite updates at the same time. While Trapcode Suite 16 brings a set of 11 tools of particle simulation and 3D effects for motion graphics, Magic Bullet Suite 14 comes with a set of 7 tools for color correction, finishing, and film looks. The latter allows new color workflows and powerful tools in Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista. Read more.

AMD Radeon’s RX 6000 Series Reference Graphics Cards Launch on November 18th – Out of Stock Instantly

In what’s become an industry trend and meme at this point, AMD’s reference graphics card launch somehow managed to top Nvidia’s disastrous launch of the RTX 3000. Several major hardware outlets reported receiving just ONE top-end card, i.e., the Radeon RX 6800XT. AMD assures its customers that stocks will improve in a few weeks after 25th November when AIBs can also offer their own Radeon products for purchase. Read more.

Educational Content and Helpful Resources for CG Professionals

This new section features tools, training materials, tutorials, and so on for various CG applications.
Will AI Take my Job? (CG Edition): http://www.wrongfingquestion.com/372026/1712740-s01e09-will-ai-take-my-job
Discussing Virtual Production, Issues of Latency, and Targets for Professional Use with Matt Madden (Director of Virtual Production) from Epic Games. He has worked on projects such as The Mandalorian: https://www.fxguide.com/fxpodcasts/325-virtual-production-epic/

Rumor Roundup

This section only covers rumors sourced from relatively unreliable sources. Please treat them as such.

Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti Performance Numbers Leak Out

The first new-gen, sub-$500 graphics is on its way and it does look impressive for creative professionals. An official graph comparing the performance to an RTX 2060 Super and an RTX 2080 Super indicates the price point and performance tier that Nvidia will try to beat. Creation workload performance shown is impressive with the new card comfortably beating the RTX 2080 Super by a comfortable margin in Blender, V-Ray, and Redshift while completely obliterating the RTX 2060 Super. Availability still sus.

Software Updates

This section keeps track of the latest versions of popular Content Creation Software. Lots of big updates this week!
  • Blender: 2.90.1
  • Cinema 4D: 23.110
  • 3ds Max: 2021.2
  • Maya: 2020.3
  • Houdini: 18.5.395
  • Modo: 14.2 *Recent Update\*
  • zBrush: 2021.1.2
  • Keyshot: 10.0.198 *Recent Update\*
  • Redshift: 3.0.33 *Recent Update\*
  • Octane: 2020.1
  • Vray: 5.00.05
  • Arnold:
  • Corona: 6
  • Renderman: 23.5
  • Deadline:
  • Substance Painter: 2020.2.2
  • Substance Designer: 2020.1.3
Video Editing
  • Premiere Pro: November 2020 (14.7) *Recent Update\*
  • Davinci Resolve: 16.2.7
  • Final Cut Pro X: 10.5
Motion Design, Compositing
  • After Effects: October 2020 (17.5)
  • Fusion: 17
  • Nuke: 12.2
Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Editing
  • Photoshop: October 2020 (22.0)
  • Illustrator: October 2020 (25.0)
  • Lightroom: October 2020 (10.0)
  • Indesign: October 2020 (16.0)
  • Solidworks: 2021 SP1 EV *Recent Update\*
  • Revit: 2021.1.1
  • Autocad: 2021
  • Inventor: 2021.2
  • Archicad: 24
  • Sketchup: 2021.0.339 *Recent Update\*
Game Design
  • Unity3D: 2020.1.14 *Recent Update\*
  • Unreal: 4.25
That's about it from our side for this week! If you find these News roundups helpful, let us know. You can also subscribe or find more info on our site CGDirector (link).
Cheers, Alex
submitted by CG_Director to Octane

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