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[Table] IAmA: We are Daughter, ask us anything!

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Date: 2014-04-16
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Have you heard of Keaton Henson? would you ever consider doing an incredible collaboration? Yes! I'm a big fan :) E x.
Do you guys like CHVRCHES? Aside from being exceptionally good at their craft, they are some of the nicest people we've met :) . IH.
Why are you look so gloomy and depressed on video for air studio live sessions? Everything is ok ;) ? Ahaha my mom as always told me (eversince I was a child) I should smile more on stage. Maybe I should listen to her more... R.
Is there a story to the kids on The Wild Youth EP? Yes! It's me (Elena) and my brother when we were mini people! The photo was taken by my grandmother at an adventure playground! There is a series of pictures from that day of us looking SO excited about everything! :) I think the thing I love most about that picture is the way my brother is grabbing hold of my neck! (and the "fun session" stickers!) E x
Hey, I'm a huge fan! You've played some cool venues such as churches and cathedrals, is there anywhere (however ridiculous) you'd like to play but haven't yet? Thanks for all the beautiful music! Hello! I've always really wanted to play in a cave! Or deep in a forest somewhere! That would be cool. But yes, we do love to play in beautiful venues! We played in a cemetery once! That was pretty spoooky! E x
How did it feel when you realized you guys had "made it big"? I still don't think we've "made it big". We're lucky to have been around the world a couple times, but when I see bands such as the National, you realise that these guys are total pros. R(emi)
Hmm, so you said ask anything... 1) What is the weirdest thing anyone of you has done on tours? 2) It's your last performance ever. Which song would you perform, and why? 3) Do you like sloths? 1) We almost drove in a prison once because our GPS took us there when (when it was meant to take us to our hotel). 2) Celebrations by Kool & The Gang, cause we might as well finish with some party. 3) I swear my girlfriend sends me at least 1 Buzzfeed Sloth relation link per day. R.
Hey guys, big fan! I saw you play at Massey Hall last week with The National and you were amazing. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to hear my favourite song (Landfill) though! I just wanted to ask how you got involved in the sessions for your new EP with Joe Duddell? I can't wait to hear it! We got introduced to Joe at Festival n°6 (in North Wales) and did a small session with him. We really liked it and wanted to do something special for our 4AD session so we asked him if he was up for working with us again. R.
Hey there. I have never heard of you before. What should I check out of yours first? Our cover of Hakuna Matata. Take care. IH.
Favourite albums of 2014 so far? The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream. R.
What kind of bass do you guys always have on stage? i love that thing. Who is the guy that always plays live with you guys but is not "in the band"? Im really glad to see that you guys are receiving a lot of attention lately, you definitely deserve it. when we saw you in philly it was incredible. It's an old DanElectro U2(?) Bass that Igor bought off a friend a few years ago. And Luke is the guy on stage playing everything that we couldn't possibly play live as a 3 piece... And he is a lot friendlier than a backing track ;) R.
Hey Daughter, I am a big fan. I love how you guys create sonic atmospheres over pretty simple lines. Your songs really draw a listener in and then keep them with outstanding lyrics. Your stuff really is just beautiful. My question: What is your writing and creative process like? Music or lyrics first? And how do you keep pushing yourselves in different directions to keep from being static in your writing? A bit of both. Listening to lots of different music really helps. Life also just pushes you in different directions and that translates in whatever we are creating I guess. IH.
How did you come to getting to know your sound so well? do you plan on changing it in the future? Our sound is a constant work in progress. Even on tour I constantly tweak my sounds. We've been working on new songs recently and there's a lot of stuff which is quite different from the old stuff. It's very early days, so it's just about being creative and exploring new horizons. I can't vouch for what the album will be like yet but I think it's good to be interested in pushing yourself towards other sounds than your own. Your art and craft will only become stronger in my opinion. IH.
What was the best food you've ever had on tour? Where was it? We were in Tokyo, and we were walking up this street and came across a tiny door... we were wondering what it was so we had a sneaky peek inside and found it was a restaurant, and people waved us in! It felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland! haha We had the most amazing Sashimi! It was just such a random discovery! I love moments like that! E x.
Do you consider yourselves "post-rock"? and who are your favourite other post-rock bands? i hear some sigur ros influence. I think we definitely have "post-rock" influences. I always relate that genre to mostly instrumental bands where lyrics aren't as prominent as in our music though. Regarding the Sigur Ros influence, does my bow playing have anything to do with that ;) . IH.
What gig were you guys most nervous about? The first gig ever? The first gig as a headliner? The first gig at a festival? The first gig oversea? The first gig in another continent? I was pretty nervous for our first headline show. Or any kind of homecoming shows, because all of my musician friends are there and they can play a lot better than I am. R.
Every gig ever in the entire world :) IH.
Hey guys! huge fan, I was just wondering where did the name Daughter come from? Is there any deep meaning to the name? thanks :) Elena infamously said to Lauren Laverne she likes having "g" and "h" next to each other ;) . IH.
Hello Daughter! I am new to this chat thing lol, I just want to say your performance last May at The Troubadour in Los Angeles was heavenly! I got the opportunity to meet all three of you and I am super grateful that I did, you guys signed my poster and I took it with me for my first year of college, big fan here!! Are there any more plans to perform in LA again this year? It's been almost a year, what are you guys up to? Missed you guys at Coachella Hi Steph, thanks for saying such nice things! It was great to meet everyone after the show. There aren't any plans to play in LA soon. Our last show was at the Wiltern in October last year. Maybe you missed that one? Take care. IH.
How many tacos can you eat in one sitting? 5 Duh (Remi)
Jk, I have no idea. depends what drink comes with it...
You were the highlight of Glastonbury for me last year and you all looked a little surprised at the reaction, was there a time or a gig where you thought that you are really connecting with people and the band could go on and do big things? Thanks! We never thought about it in terms of big things but there's always a bit of amazement at witnessing people connect with the things we try to express both musically and lyrically. I can't think of a specific moment because we still really feel surprised about it. I hope we can keep that approach for as long as possible! IH.
What's your favorite song by The National? Seeing you both tonight! I always tear up a bit during "pink rabbits". See you there! IH.
Hey guys, big fan here! I saw you guys at Pukkelpop in Belgium last year. You guys didn't have your own instruments but you still put on an amazing show! I thought that was really awesome! My question is, did you guys find your old instruments back or did you have to acquire new ones? Did they get stolen or were they just misplaced? WE DID! It was so scary walking on stage without any of our gear and not knowing if people were gonna be understanding or stick around. But you guys were amazing and made us feel like we were playing a normal show. R.
Really big fan! Are you guys planning on doing a U.S Tour anytime soon? I would live to see you guys live. We're currently in the US supporting the National. In terms of our tour... I'm not sure.. we'll probably have to write more music first so we don't come and just play the same songs over and over again. R.
Hey Daughter! I'm Laura, and I met you guys last summer when you opened for The National. I wish there was a way to thank you for what your music has done for me. I've been listening to the Air Studios songs a ton since they've been released. How was your experience working with Joe Duddell? Hey Laura! :) Thank you for listening to the Air songs! It was such a great experience! We had worked with Joe before at a festival and we enjoyed it so much we wanted to do it again. We were lucky enough to included more musicians this time, and they are all so talented! It was really exciting to be a part of! E x.
Hello daughter:) i love your music so much. i especially love your sound. drenched with beautiful large hall reverb, just the way i like it. my question is for Igor. what was it like producing the album? was this the first time producing an album, or have you done this before with other musicians? were there any moments where you were "stuck" or did everything go smoothly during the production of If You Leave? also what is your inspiration for your music and atmosphere(the chilling reverb on vocal tracks, guitar tracks, etc), also, what pedals do you use. what is your favorite and most use when on a gig? Hey! That's a lot of questions but I'll go for the production ones. I'm really just an amateur with a passion for music and I've been learning as I go along. We didn't want to go down the traditional route of having a hot producer make a record for us. We wanted to do it, we wanted feel like it really came from us and just us. I guess I was the one with the most experience (and the biggest mouth) to helm that side of things. Things were definitely not smooth but none of us would have wanted it otherwise. I could have probably spent 3 more years working on it but I really appreciate now how it documented that time in our "career". It feels right and we were blown away by the response. Since then I've worked on a track with Kyla La Grange for her new album and production is definitely a side of things I want to explore more in the future. IH.
I feel your music is very cinematographic, what are your favorite movies? "Pan's Labyrinth" is always so wonderful to watch, "Amour" made me cry so much. I saw "Rear Window" the Hitchcock film really recently, I'd never seen it before, I thought it was beautiful. "Let the right one in" (The original) is amazing. "La Haine" was a favourite of mine when I was growing up. Igor showed me "Rust and Bone" last week, which was beautiful... I don't know! I have too many favourites! haha! E x
Who are your idols? Jeff Buckley was a big idol for me growing up! It was the first time I heard music that felt like it melted my brain it was so great! haha E x
Dogs or cats? Cats. Although I love dogs too. IH.
Dogs! all the way! I like the small silly looking guys the best! ...Cats know too much - they freak me out. E x.
Whatever. IH.
Hello! Massive fan. Saw you guys in Norwich back in October. First of all, I just wanted to say thanks for making cool music. You guys are awesome. You're so humble and understated when on stage and always seem to be genuinely thankful to everyone for coming to the show. Have you been writing any new songs whilst on tour? Or will you wait until after the tour has finished to try and come up with new stuff? We wait for the tour to be finished. Speaking for myself, I like to have a bit more space to take the time to experiment and find the right sounds. It can be sometimes a slow process aswell as boring for the others. I do like to mess with my laptop on tour from time to time when inspiration strikes though. IH
Thanks for doing the AMA! I'm always curious of bands perception and experience with SXSW. Did you enjoy doing the festival and did you get a good value/exposure/coverage as a result of doing it? Any favorite part of the festival (other than sleeping after it's over)? SXSW = crazy times. We only played 5 shows in a week which is nothing compared to what some artists and bands do. The weekend got a little too rowdy for us. The streets are packed. The start of the week is much nicer. Most people are there for the music and having a good time. Austin is such a cool city aswell. I couldn't really tell you what exact impact it had but we didn't definitely enjoyed it. Playing at Willie Nelson's Ranch while the sun was setting was definitely a highlight. IH.
Last one, I swear: What would be your biggest song-writing tip(s) on guitar? Tunings/scales/theory/less theory/effects? All of those but none of those. It all depends on what you're trying to achieve. I personally like to play it by ear but use theory to understand what I'm actually doing. And obviously, I like my effects! IH.
Who are some of the more remarkable people you've met touring? All the people behind the scenes who dedicate their lives to making live music happen with little to no interest in making more than what they need to live. IH.
Kurt Vile! :) E x.
We were all stunned by the Air Studio performances. How was that experience, playing with an orchestra in such a beautiful atmosphere? Spine-tingling. IH.
When you played at Lincoln hall last year, you mentioned that you liked the pizza and the pizza. What else did you like about Chicago now that you're back again?? It sounds silly but I like the Union Station. I once took a Megabus from Minneapolis to Chicago and I was really excited to get off the bus and chill there. R.
What reverb pedal does Igor mostly use? Thanks! Eventide Space! I use it on every single song live. IH.
When is your birthday? ON SUNDAY! Jussayin :) R.
June 17th.
15th of January! :) E x.
I saw you live at the Eden Project with sigur ros, and you guys were amazing. What's your favourite sigur ros track? It's hard to choose and as I just said I don't like favourites. But "Gong" is definitely up there! IH.
I like of their songs, but surprisingly i have never been good at remembering the names... I know all the lyrics tho :) R.
How are concert tickets sourced and distributed? What are the different contracts involved with venues, promoters, artists, artist managers, booking agents, sponsors, and other parties that touch tickets? Link to www.amazon.com
How have relationships with former friends and family change after touring so often? Do some people try to get closer to you now that the band is flourishing? Most of my friends have been successful musicians before I was (if you can say that i am..) so on that note I was probably the guys staying closer to them :) R.
Where did you meet each other? I'm curious. I London, we were in College together. R.
Remi, I followed your tumblr when you had it for a while, and I was so sad to see you deleted it! I really enjoyed your photography. Is there any other place you share the photos you take? Oh wow thanks. I'm working on it. It should be ready in a couple weeks hopefully and then I'll share the photos once more. Glad you liked it. R.
What's your perfect Sunday? It's summer time. There is a roast chicken in the oven, it's warm so you decide to eat outside. After that you take a nap while the Tour de France is on tv in the background. Wake up 10 minutes from the end (when the exciting stuff happens). Then later you go to a Dire Strait reunion concert. ahahah Remi.
Hey ! i loved your concert in france a couple of months ago ! So, in your opinion, is there any negative aspects of being famous? :) x. Are we famous? IH.
What's it like touring America? It seems like it'd be the coolest thing to do ever, but I don't know if you're all as stupidly excited by American culture as me.. There's definitely a vibe over here you won't get anywhere else in the world. We're always excited to come back. There is a lot to discover! IH.
Hey gaizzz! how was singapore at laneway? big fan! :) It was incredible. Pretty warm but awesome. The setting in the Botanical Gardens was pretty spectacular. R.
Hi guys! will you ever do a show in Florida? Hopefully, one day! IH.
Favorite tv shows? The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones (I still haven't seen S04 so don't spoil it ) . R.
What artitst(s) inspired you to start your musical career? Also where can I buy some daughter apparel to support my favorite band! Probably my drum teacher, just because he it hadn't been him, I probably would have stopped playing when I was in my teens. But after moving to London I got into Folk/ Alternative a lot more and got obsessed with Laura Marling's music. R.
Could you describe the moment or phase when you noticed that doing music would be a decent way to earn a living? Was there a "lets just try and see" moment? Saw you in Cologne some months ago, still stunned :) I tried and saw by moving to London. That's how I met Elena and then Remi. IH.
What's the song you're most proud of? Human is a fun one to play, unless i haven't warmed up and then it becomes really hard to play... (I really should have made an easier drum part) R.
Igor, I'd love to know what your pedalboard looks like and how you get those amazing walls of sound during live performances. My girlfriend and I saw you guys play in Toronto during the summer and I was absolutely blown away by your huge sound during the climax of each song. Also, who are your biggest influences, musical or not? Delay, reverb and a strong right hand :) . Sometimes you can forget that your playing affects the sound as much as the pedals. I love movies, particularly the cinematography side of it. It helps my inspiration and to visualise sound. IH.
Hey guys, when you go come to Brazil? We love you xx. I would love to! But I would want to have some time off after or before for a couple days. I love Brazilian music so I would want to go explore. R.
What is your favourite drink? Nonalcoholic: Water with a splash of OJ alcoholic: gin & tonic; although I was trying to come up with cocktail ideas the other day and 2/5orange juice 2/5ginger beer and 1/5 gin (or dark rum) was pretty good. R.
Remi, do you remember Jihea? We met her a couple of months ago... She's playing with EG now. Somehow everything leads back to OH.. ;) I know. Small world! She is a good friend I'm glad she's part of the Ellie Goulding crew. I love these guys (Joe, Simon, Chris). Remi.
If each of you didn't have a career in music what job would you of had? Maybe something related to Photography? R.
How did you get the idea to use a double bass bow on a guitaelectric bass? Jonsi & Jimmy Page. I like the double bass bow better than the cello bow though. I feel like it helps the guitar sound a little more like an actual cello. IH
When is your favorite time in one day? Early Afternoon. Duh :) Can't be used for brunch OR nap . R
Tell me something funny that happened on tour. Any languages you wished you mastered? dutch for instance :) English ahah. I spend two weeks in France with my family and I feel like i need to start all over again.. R.
I just think you guys are absolutely brilliant. What a piece of advice would you offer up for a young musician trying to make it? Be truthful, don't do something for the sake of doing it. Trust your instincts and persevere. IH.
Don't try to make it. Enjoy doing what you are doing and with a bit of luck (and a lot of work) you can "make it". Don't be scared to be involved in a few different projects/bands, you never know what can happen. Someone you played with a couple years ago, might have become the biggest musician on the planet and is looking for someone to play with him... and BOOM he remembers all the fun time he had on stage with you... And always be nice to everybody (your crew, venue crews even if they aren't nice to you). R.
Question for Remi, how did you decide to set your kit up the way you do? I think it's awesome when drummers deviate from the traditional set up, though I think it'd take me some getting use to. My teacher from the age of 6til I was 19 was a big jazz drummer. I have always been a big fan of "less is more". He showed me a video of Max Roach doing a solo using just a HiHat and it was amazing. You end up seeing your drums differently when you have less stuff. (a rim can become some sort of cymbal; a floor tom can be a kick...etc) R.
What's your favorite sport? Rugby. R.
Snowboarding. I barely surf anymore and I miss it so much but I need to watch my right wrist as I've fractured in two times already and I want to keep on playing guitar :) . IH.
Which you've played gig is the most memorable to you? Tons. Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver was a pretty great one. People went for it. IH.
Igor, what is your favorite color? plz say its orange haha... jk. Orange. There I said it ! I don't like favourites though. It's always a bit more complicated than that. IH.
Do you guys like cheese? I don't. And I'm part-Swiss, part-French so I guess it makes things even worse... IH x.
What is your favorite Disney movie of ALL time? Lion King or Jungle Book.. can't possibly decide! R.
Hi guys, i'm a fan from Italy, after the 4AD session when the new album will come out? I'm impatient p.s. please reply me this time. Probably not for while. Patience is a virtue my friend! IH.
Who's your favourite Spice Girl? I can't choose. I love them all so much. IH.
Do you like bands like Enter Shikari, Biffy Clyro, Two Door Cinema Club? I love TDCC and Biffy Clyro. I have to say I'm not super familiar with Enter Shikari but I liked what I heard... R.
Who are some small artists you like that people should know about? For me it's Wilsen, Snow Manteled Love and Tigertown. We all love Wilsen. They played some shows with us during one of our US tours! IH.
Hi guys , I love the drums sounds in your album ! Where did you record them ? Thanks . We recorded most of them at 123 Studio in Bethnal Green with Brett Shaw who is an amazing engineer and super experienced at recording drums. Thanks :) IH.
Continue to make great music, i love you, Cheers from Indonesia ♥ Thank you we'll try :) I hope we can make it to Indonesia some day! R.
You signed my shoe at Liverpool Anglican cathedral... just wanted to say that it was quite easily the best live music I have ever seen :) Shoe! Shoe! Shoe! E x.
The first few times I saw you guys, Elena started laughing half way through a song. WHAT WAS SO FUNNY I MUST KNOW ps. my fave was at The Great Escape when Igor played the Xylophone and messed it up. Yup. You can see why I gave that up pretty quickly ;) IH.
Hey there! I don't have a question for you, but I just wanted to say that I love you infinitely. Your music means a lot to me. Thank you for existing. (Btw, Remi, you signed my shoe too, in November last year (in Belgium), thank you for that!) Why do I keep on signing shoes; i need to stop that! :) R.
Igor, I just want to say that I always enjoy watching you play, especially during Home. It seems like that's one of the songs you guys get into the most! Thanks! The build-up definitely gets to me each time. IH.
I've seen you during your performance in Paris last year. If I remember well, it's almost the birthday of Rémi, so Joyeux anniversaire. Merci, and believe it or not but it'll be my birthday this year as well! jussayin.. ;) Rémi.
Please list some of your favourite films! The 5th Element, Star Wars, and any Coen Brothers movies. R.
Don't call me daughter. Saw these guys play in London a few years ago. it was Friday: Pearl Jam, Saturday: Stevie Wonder, Sunday Paul McCartney...best weekend of my life!! R.
I just wanted to say thank you to Elena for literally saving my life with her songs. i love you, you are my biggest inspiration and without you I would've never come this far. Xox dena. please respond it would mean the world. Thank you! So lovely to talk to you, It means so much to me that you enjoy our music, and it's beautiful to think that thoughts I've had and written down when i'm feeling alone can share a meaning with someone else's thoughts and feelings. I hope everything is going well for you! love, E x.
Hi guys, i'm a big fan! I saw you in Milan and I spoke with Elena in the morning even though I don't speak english. I just wanted to know whether you'll be coming back to Milan soon Elena miss your hugs Hey! I'm not sure when we will be back! Hopefully it won't be too long a wait! My mother is Italian and my family are actually from a village quite near to Milan! So I went there a lot as a kid! :) E x
It was fun to do this. You guys just have such a nice relationship with your fans! I can't thank you guys enough for even considering responding to me. Thank you! Thanks for being so supportive. Without you guys we wouldn't be where we are now. R
Favourite superhero. Go! Question.. are you letting me include any of the xmen characters? R.
Yes Wolverine. I wouldn't pick any characters that can fly, I'm scared of heights so my superpower would be pretty pointless... R.
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21 [R4R] Harrisburg, PA - (transsexual) Woman looking for friends or lovers or whatever. I'm pretty much homoflexible/bicurious. Feel free to chat me up if you're interested even if far away.

I'm cute. I'm INFP on the MBTI. I would be hooked on one of the new Pokemon games right now, but I don't have a 3ds. I would literally prostitute myself for a 3ds for playing Pokemon :D. I'm not going to school right now, but I kind of have a paper due at 2:30pm tomorrow, which I'll hopefully get done in time. That's complicated. I'm working at Taco Bell lately, saving up to go back to school, perhaps on the west coast.
I'm mostly vegan (freegan to be precise), doing so for both reasons of animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Atheist of course. I'm into feminism, and of course trans feminism. I'm interested in ethics, such as the ethics of what college major would go the furthest in helping me do good for the world. What would be the most ethical and efficient life goals for me to set? I read The Ethical Slut a couple years ago and hope that one day I can be a successful ethical slut myself, getting lots of joy and meaning out of polyamorous relationships.
I'm into anime. I follow this blog and typically check out many of the threads in /anime of the currently airing stuff. If you're into anime, we could talk about older stuff (though I really don't have much experience with the older older stuff like from before the oughts) or current stuff- I'm watching Kill la Kill, The Legend of Korra (half of this season was animated in Japan by Studio Pierrot, so arguably anime...), Galilei Donna, Samurai Flamenco, Magi, Gingitsune, Naruto, and maybe Log Horizon. I also play PC games sometimes, such as Mirror's Edge, Skyrim, Borderlands, Knights of the Old Republic, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, etc.
I don't drive a car, but I can get around the area by bike and CAT bus and I would certainly take a Megabus out further for the right person.
~~~~ ~[F4R][T4R][F4F][T4F][F4MF][T4MF][F4T][T4T]~ ~~~~~lol, as if that would do me any good. Who knows :D
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