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Management involves far more than just telling others what to do. Before any of you decide that you think you can do your boss's job, let's take a look into more of. The 7 Habits of Successful Project Managers. Everything you need to know about managing and 25 habits that successful managers have. Jerry Isenhour of CVC Success Group provides 12 keys to building This allows me a view of successful (as well as some troubled) companies that very This is a common issue with almost all business management teams. To stay informed and take advantage of all of the unique resources RFID Journal offers. If we want to understand the functions of Human Resources, we need to understand what Human Resource Management (HRM) is.

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Hack management - 8 Key Competencies of Successful Managers

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[OC] Backstories on Players who missed out on the Balon D’or

So I’ve decided to make this post about people who missed out on winning the Balon Dor (meaning they were in the Top 3) and give u guys some info about them. There are a few rules tho. (Credit Wikipedia)
1) They must have never won the Balon Dor before or after that. E.g. if Beckenbauer finished 2nd one year and goes on to eventually win it later, it does not count.
2) They have to have been in the Top 3. Sorry but I’m not digging any further.
3) I miss out years when it’s not applicable
Alright so here it is:
1957: Billy Wright
An English centre back who is famous for captaining England a record 90 times and becoming the first international footballer to reach 100 caps. He spent his entire career at Wolves and is widely considered to be their greatest ever player.
Lmao I genuinely have no idea. I’m so confused. After a bit of research I found out that in 1956-1957 season, Wolves finished 6th. There was no International Tournament that year as well. I did find out that Wolves won the title in 1958 tho so maybe they considered the first half of that season, I really don’t know. It must’ve just been an absolutely incredible individual season then. It’s even worse because he was a defender so there aren’t any stats I can just look at or anything. Im just stumped sorry guys. If anyone else has any info lemme know.
1958: Helmut Rahn
He was a German footballer who played as a forward and is famous in Germany for scoring the winning goal in the 1954 World Cup Final won over an imperious Hungary side, in a match commonly known as the Miracle of Bern.
Couldn’t find much domestically, he played for some team called Rot-Weiss Essen who are now in the 4th tier of German football (although they were an excellent side at the time of course). Internationally, he was part of the German side that reached the semifinals of the 1958 WC. With a goal against Yugoslavia, he became the first player to score at least 4 goals in 2 different World Cups and the 3rd highest scorer in WC history at the time.
1959: John Charles
John Charles was a Welsh International Footballer who is widely considered to be the most well-rounded British players of all time. He was equally adept at playing both centre back and centre forward and had legendary careers at both Leeds and Juventus, this becoming one of Britain’s finest exports. He was voted in 1997 as Juventus’ greatest ever foreign player
Again, did a bit of digging but I couldn’t find much. Juventus won the 1958-59 Coppa Italia but finished 4th in the league. They did win Serie A the following season so maybe they factored in the first half of that season. All in all, it must’ve just been an incredible individual season i guess. If u guys know anything else tell me in the comments
1960: Uwe Seeler
Seeler was a prolific German striker and is now considered one of the greatest German players of all time. He scored 404 goals in 476 caps for Hamburg SV and 72 times for Germany, finishing 2nd an 3rd respectively in the 1966 and 1970 WC.
He won the German League title with Hamburg in 1960 and was voted German Footballer of the Year. His club reached the semi finals of the European Cup in 1961 so again, maybe a bit of the first half was taken into account. Hey, at least this one makes sense on paper ig.
1961: Johnny Haynes
An English International Footballer who is widely referred to as the greatest ever player in Fulham’s history. Nicknamed “the Maestro”, Haynes played for Fulham for more than 20 years despite the only glimpse of a trophy being in the form of an FA cup semi final.
Yh irdk. Like seriously wtf. Fulham finished 17th in the league and there was no International tournament. Imagine the outrage if a player with those achievements finished 3rd in the Balon Dor today. Like there’s nothing so let’s just assume he played out of his skin that season.
1962: Karl-Heinz Schnellinger
KHS was a versatile German defender who was capable of being deployed anywhere across the back line. He made over 200 appearances for AC Milan and was nicknamed “Volkswagen” for the consistency in his performances.
Christ finally some straws to clutch at lmao. KHS won the German Championship with Köln and was voted German Footballer of the Year. He also performed well in the 1962 WC and was elected in the WC dream team for the tournament.
1963: Jimmy Greaves
Jimmy Greaves was a prolific English striker who is widely regarded as one of the most clinical of his time. He is Tottenham’s and English Football’s top scorers of all time with 266 and 357 goals respectively. He won the English Golden Boot 6 times and scored more hat tricks than any other English striker. He scored 44 goals in 57 caps for England.
Thankfully, there is considerably more information for the season than for the other players before this. In the 1962 season, Greaves scored a brace in the Community Shield 5-1 victory over Ipswich Town. He scored 3 hat tricks against Man Utd, Ipswich and Liverpool and 4 goals in a 9-2 thumping over Notts Forest. He won the Golden Boot as Spurs finished 2nd in the League 6 points behind Everton. In the European Cup Winners’ cup, Spurs reached the final against Atlético Madrid where Greaves was sent off but in the replay, he made an assist and scored in a 5-1 victory, this win made Spurs the first English team to win a European trophy.
1964: Amancio
Amancio was a winger who starred for both Deportivo Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team. He was nicknamed “El Brujo” which means the magician.
His Real Madrid side reached the final of the European Cup but ended up losing to Inter Milan 3-1. He was a key player in the Spanish National Team’s triumph in the 1964 European Championship which was the country’s first ever international football trophy. Spain would not win another tournament until 2008.
1965: Giacinto Facchetti
Facchetti was a legendary Italian full back who spent his entire career with the Nerrazurri. He played under the legendary Manager Helenio Herrera and was part of the most successful Inter Milan side of all time. He was one of the first attacking full backs and is the most prolific defender in the history of Serie A.
Facchetti narrowly missed out on becoming the first defender recipient of the Balon Dor. In 1965, Inter Milan narrowly missed out on a treble. They won the European Cup in a 1-0 victory over Benfica and won helped Inter To a 9th Italian top flight title. Inter Milan lost to Juventus in the 1965 Coppa Italia final.
1967: Jimmy Johnstone
Johnstone was a Scottish footballer who made over 300 appearances for Celtic. He was a winger nicknamed “Jinky” and was voted the greatest player in the clubs’ history by the fans in 2002.
Jimmy Johnstone was part of the legendary Celtic side, the Lisbon Lions. They became the first, and only, Scottish side to win the European Cup after a 2-1 win over an imperious Inter Milan side. As well as the Champions League, they won the first European Quintuple after triumphs in the Scottish League, Scottish Cup, Scottish League cup, the Glasgow Cup and the European Cup. They also scored 196 goals that season which is a world record.
1968: Dragan Džajić
Dzajic is a Serbian Footballer who is widely considered to be one of the greatest players to come from that country. He was a left winger who was known for his awesome dribbling, crossing and passing ability.
Domestically, his Red Star Belgrade team triumphed in the league once more. He played exceptionally well in the 1968 European Championships where he scored an iconic lob over Gordon Banks sending Yugoslavia to the 1968 Euro finals. Unfortunately (well not for Italians ig), they lost in the final to Italy. He scored in the initial game, but lost out 2-0 in the replay.
1969: Luigi Riva
Riva was an Italian striker who was prolific for Cagliari and the Italian National side. He is widely considered one of the best players and strikers of all time/his generation.
Riva guided Cagliari to second place in the League and they also lost the Coppa Italia final. He was the top scorer though, scoring 20 goals in 29 appearances.
1971: Sandro Mazzola
Sandro Mazzola was another Italian attacking midfielder who is regularly regarded as one of the Greatest Italian footballers in history. He also played his entire career in Inter Milan
Mazzola starred as they won the title in 1971. He also produced great performances in Europe despite them not winning the tournament.
1972: Günter Netzer
Netzer was a highly successful German midfielder who starred for Gladbach from 1963-1973. He was a technical gifted attacking midfielder who was fantastic at passing and has phenomenal vision.
In the 1972 season, Netzer became the German Footballer of the Year for the first time. As well as this, he played a vital role in Germany triumph in Euro 72.
1973: Dino Zoff
Dino Zoff is one of the greatest Goalkeepers of all time. He is famous for being the oldest ever WC winner after he triumphed with Italy in 1982 and won the award for the best keeper in the tournament. He also made 300+ appearances for Juventus and close to 150 for Napoli.
In 73, Juve narrowly missed out on a treble which likely costed Zoff a Balon D’or. The Old Lady managed to win the Serie A title however, they lost in the European Cup final to an incredible Ajax side and lost the Coppa Italia to AC Milan. They also lost the Intercontinental Cup.
1974: Kazimierz Deyna
Deyna was a legendary Polish offensive midfielde playmaker who was known for his exceptional vision and passing.
I couldn’t get much information domestically but he was played very well in the 1974 World Cup, guiding Poland to their highest ever finish (3rd place. After his great performances, he became one of the most sought after players in the world and a host of big clubs wanted him.
1976: Rob Rensenbrink
Rensenbrink was a top Dutch midfielder who played as a left winger. He was a legend in Belgium as part of a great Anderlecht team and is the top scorer in the Cup Winners’ Cup with 25 goals.
His team finished 2nd in the league that season behind Club Bruges but it was his European performances that made people hold him in high regard. He led Anderlecht to a Cup Winner’s Cup with sensational performance in the final against West Ham. He scored 2 goals (one penalty) and made an assist in a 4-2 victory.
1978: Hans Krankl
Krankl was a prolific Austrian striker and is widely considered to be one of the greatest players from Austria.
Dunno too much given that he played in an Austrian League in the 70s bruh but he won the European Golden Shoe which is a great achievement.
1979: Ruud Krol
Krol was a former Dutch Professional footballer who made 83 caps for the National Team. He was a great sweeper and a generally versatile player who could play anywhere in defence and also in midfield. He was both-footed, tactically astute and a good progressive passer.
Yh literally nothing. Not gonna waffle.
1980: Bernd Schuster
Schuster was a German midfielder who is famous for playing for both Real Madrid and Barcelona. He played in 3 different decades and was nicknamed the Blond Angel.
It appears that the main reason he was up there was because of his performance in Germany’s victorious Euro 1980 side where he appeared in the majority of his teams matches. He moved to Barcelona after the tournament.
1981: Paul Breitner
Breitner was a German left back (he could also play midfield) who is considered to be one of the best players of his generation. He was voted into Fifa WC all time team and Peles top 125 list of living footballers.
He won the German League title with Bayern Munich, forming a legendary midfield partnership with Rummenigge nicknamed Brietnigge. Other than that didn’t get much else.
1982: Alain Giresse
Giresse was a French Footballer who was a good playmaker and was agile and fast due to his short stature. He made more than 500 appearances for Bordeaux.
Lmao there’s nothing to do with his playing career on His personal Wiki page but it does say that he was part of the French side that finished 4th in the 1982 WC. After a bit of extra digging, I found out that they finished 4th in Ligue 1. Oh and he also won French Footballer of the Year.
1983: Kenny Dalglish
Sir Kenny Dalglish is both a Celtic and Liverpool legend after making a combined 800 appearances for the two club. He is the joint top scorer for Scotland as well as the record appearance maker for the nation. He is widely considered to be the greatest Liverpool player in history and one of the best British strikers of all time.
Dalglish reaches a career milestone by scoring 100 goals for Liverpool in that season. He won the English PFA POTY award and scored 18 goals as Liverpool retained the English Top Flight title.
1984: Jean Tigana
Tigana was a former French International Footballer who made 50 appearances for the French National Team and more than 250 appearances for Bordeaux. He was one of the best midfielders in the world during the 1980s.
He was one of the French players who triumphed in the 1984 European Championship, winning France their first ever International tournament. He also guided Bordeaux to their first league title since 1950 after popping Monaco to the tile due to a superior head-to-head record.
1985: Preben Elkjær
Elkjær was a former Danish striker who is a Hellas Verona legend and was a top forward throughout the 1980s.
Elkjær became famous after guiding Hellas Verona to the only major trophy in their history, the 1985 Serie A title.
1986: Gary Lineker
Linker was an English Professional footballer who scored 48 goals for the national team in 80 appearances. Domestically, he started for Leicester, Everton and Tottenham and Barcelona
He scored 30 goals in the league for Everton that season and helped lead the club to a third consecutive FA cup final were, despite scoring, his team lost 3-1. He also scored 3 hat tricks that season. In the World Cup, he played 5 games scoring 6 goals and becoming the first English player to win the WC golden boot.
1987: Paulo Futre
Futre was a Portuguese Winger who most notably played for Sporting Lisbon, Porto and Atlético Madrid.
In 1987, Futre won the European Cup with Porto, putting in a MOTM performance in the final against Bayern Munich. He also won the Portuguese League. Not too much information about him.
1988: Frank Rijkaard
Rijkaard was a Dutch defensive midfielder who was part of the famous Dutch trio in AC milan during the late 80s and early 90s. H also made 200+ appearances for Ajax and 73 for the National Team.
Rijkaard had a row with Johan Cruyff and stormed off, vowing to never play for him again. He was signed by Sporting Lisbon but signed too late to be eligible in any competition and was then loaned to Real Zaragoza before eventually being signed for Milan in the summer of 1988. He was part of the Dutch side that stunned the world at the 1988 Euros playing exciting football and securing a 2-0 victory in the final against the Soviet Union.
1989: Franco Baresi
Baresi was an absolutely phenomenal defender and is regarded by many people to be the best of all time. He played in central defence or as a sweeper for most of his career and captained AC Milan for 15 seasons. He spent his entire 20-year at AC making 532 appearances for the club. In 1999, he was voted Milan’s player of the Century.
In 1989 Milan had an amazing season with Arrigo Sacchi. They kickstarted the season by winning the Supercoppa Italia in a 3-1 victory over Sampdoria. He also won Serie A footballer of the year as well as guiding his team to a victory over Steau Bucharest in the 1989 European Cup Final (Baresi was suspended for the final though).
1990: Toto Schillaci
Schillaci was an Italian footballer who played for the likes of Messina, Juventus and Inter Milan as a striker
Domestically, Schillaci scored 15 goals league goals and 21 in all competitions as he helped Juventus win both the UEFA Cup and the Coppa Italia in 1990. In the WC that summer, he stunned the world as he claimed both the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball in the tournament, the latter being ahead of Matthaus and Maradona. Italy finished 3rd in that tournament.
1991: Darko Pančev
Pancev was a Yugoslavian footballer who made over 100 appearances for Red Star Belgrade. He played as a striker. He had an amazing GpG ratio and was regarded as one of the best strikers at the time.
In 1991, he won the European Golden Shoe as Red Star Belgrade won the Champions League in the final against Marseille, scoring the winning penalty in the shootout. This remains the biggest achievement in the Serbian club’s history.
1992: Dennis Bergkamp
Dennis Bergkamp was a Dutch Second striker who is known as one of the 3 best players to ever play for Arsenal. He was nicknamed the “Non Flying Dutchman” by Arsenal Fans and is known as one of the greatest Dutch players of all time and one of the greatest of his generation. His goal against Newcastle was voted the best PL goal of all time.
In 1992, he helped Ajax become victorious in the 1992 UEFA Cup Final after a win over Torino. He also won the KNVB cup with Ajax that season and was voted as Dutch Footballer of the Year as well as winning the Golden Boot. He was also exceptional in the 92 Euros were he scored 3 goals as Netherlands lost in the semis against Denmark.
1993: Eric Cantona
Cantona was a Manchester United Legend who won 4 titles in 5 years with the club. He played a key role in the revival of Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson and achieved iconic status at the club. He is affectionately named as King Eric by the United supporters.
That season, Cantona’s form helped swing the league title in Uniteds favour. Before his arrival, they were struggling behind the likes of Blackburn and Villa but after he came, they only lost two games and helped United become Champions of England for the first time in 26 years. He became the first player to win two consecutive titles with two different English clubs.
1994: Paolo Maldini
Maldini was a legendary one-club Italian defender who played his entire career for AC Milan. He made 647 appearances (3rd most in Serie A) for the club in a remarkable 27-year spell. Maldini is commonly known as one of the best defenders and players of all time. He was normally deployed at left back or centre back.
Maldini helped AC to the 1994 Serie A title with the best defence in Italy, only conceding 15 goals. They also triumphed in the European Cup Final 4-0 against Barcelona against an arrogant Barca side. This achievement was made even more remarkable because key players like Jean-Pierre Papin, Marco Van Basten, Baresi and Costacurta could not play for various reasons. He also helped to guide Italy to the 1994 WC final and played very well in the final defeat to Brazil.
1995: Jürgen Klinsmann
Klinsmann was a German striker who played for several important European clubs like Inter, Spurs, Bayern etc. He was part of Germany’s 90 WC winning squad
In the 1994-1995 season, Klinsmann joined Tottenham Hotspur. He won over his critics after scoring 21 goals in 30 appearances with the club and also scored the winner in the FA Cup semi final. He won the FWA POTY that season
1996: Alan Shearer
Shearer was a remarkable English goalscorer who starred for Southampton, Newcastle and Blackburn. He scored a record 260 PL goals and won the premier league (his only trophy) with Blackburn Rovers. He is the record scorer for Newcastle as well.
In the 1995-96 season, Shearer scored 31 goals in 35 games but Blackburn slipped to 7th place in The league. He reached the 100 goal milestone for the club during the season. Internationally, Shearer was the top scorer at Euro 96 despite going 12 games without scoring before the tournament, guiding the National Team to the semis were they narrowly lost to Germany on penalties.
1997: Predrag Mijatović
Mijatović was a Yugoslavian professional footballer who played as a striker. He most notably played for Valencia and Real Madrid.
He won the La Liga title and the Supercopa in 97 with RM. Not got much else other than that so any Real Madrid fans are welcome to help.
1998: Davor Šuker
Šuker was a Croatian Striker who played for clubs like Arsenal, Real Madrid , Sevilla and West Ham. He is now the president of Croatian Football Federation and is known as the greatest Croatian striker of all time.
Domestically, he was part of the RM side that won the Champions League in 1998, their first title for 32 years. He excellent in the 98 WC where he scored 6 goals in 7 games in Croatia’s inaugural WC campaign- guiding the nation to an amazing 3rd place finish. He won the golden boot of the tournament and the Silver Ball.
1999: David Beckham
Beckham was an English footballer who played starring roles for the English National Team, Manchester United and Real Madrid. He was a gifted midfielder who could play both central and wide midfield positions and was know for his excellent vision, crossing, deadball and passing ability
In the year 1999, Beckham and Manchester United secured a historic English treble of the Champions League, Premier League and Fa Cup with the English midfielder playing an important role in all 3 triumphs. On the final day of the Pl season, he scored the equaliser against Tottenham in a must-win game and they went on to win the game and secure the title. In the UCl 1999 final vs Bayern Munich, his team were 1-0 down in stoppage time, but his to excellent corners were vital assists for the late winning goals from Sheringham and Solksjaer respectively giving the team a 2-1 victory. It was a great personal season for Beckham after the heavy criticism he received from the public and the press after his red card in the 98 WC final.
2001: Raúl
Raúl was a Spanish striker who made more than 500 appearances for Real Madrid and scored over 200 goals for Los Blancos. He is commonly known as one of RM’s greatest ever players and one of Spain’s greatest strikers. He is the third top scorer in UCl history
Raúl won the 2001 la Liga title with Real Madrid scoring 24 league goals. He scored 32 goals in all comps and the team also reached the Semis of the UCl as well as finishing runners up in the Super Cup and Intercontinental Cup.
2002: Roberto Carlos
Carlos was an attacking Brazilian Fullback who also specialised at set pieces. He played the majority of his career at Real Madrid winning 3 UCL titles and dominating the left back position. At his peak, he was considered to be top 2 Left backs in the world alongside Paolo Maldini. He made 370 appearances for Real Madrid
In 2002, he helped Real Madrid win the 2002 UCL final, assisting Zinedine Zidanes spectacular winning goal in the final. He was voted UEFA Club Defender of the Year and included in the UEFA Team of the Year. On the international stage, he was a part of the Brazil team that beat Germany in the 02 WC final granting the nation a record 5th title. He made the World Cup All-Star team that tournament as well
2003: Thierry Henry
Henry was a French striker who was most famous whilst playing for Arsenal, Barcelona and the French National Team. Arguably the greatest Premier League Player of all time, Henry won 2 PL titles and one WC. He made the PFA TOTY six consecutive times, won the PFA POTY twice and FWA FOTY three times
In 2003, Henry scored 32 goals in all competitions and produced 23 assists. He also helped Arsenal to win a 2nd consecutive FA cup (MOTM in the final) but lost out on a league medal and the golden boot to Ruud Van Nistelrooy. However his return of 24 goals and 20 assists in the PL were enough for him to win both the PfA and FWA awards. Henry set an assist record this season (equalled by KDB in 19/20) and became the first player in top 5 European top flight history to get 20+ goals and assists.
2004: Deco
Deco was a gifted Portuguese Attacking midfielder who was an important player for both Porto and Barcelona, making over 100 appearances for both of those clubs.
In 2004, Deco helped Porto to win the League and the Champions League- the latter after a 3-0 win over Monaco in the final. In the deciding match of the UCL, he scored the second goal of the match and won MOTM. He was voted UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, UEFA Club midfielder of the year, and made the most assists in the competition. He was also part of the Portugal NT that reached the 2004 Euros final, losing out to underdogs Greece 1-0. His form earned him a move to Barca where he also impressed.
2005: Frank Lampard
Lampard was an English box-to-box midfielder who made over 400 appearances for Chelsea. He was a prolific scorer from midfield, becoming Chelsea’s record goalscorer and also made about 100 appearances for England as well. He won 3 PLs, 1 UCl, 4 FA Cup, 1 UEL and 2 League Cups. He is the 5th highest goalscorer in PL history and the 4th highest assist maker.
In 2004-05, Lampard scored 19 goals in all competitions and lead the league in terms of assist with a total of 16. He scored a brace in the title-deciding 2-0 victory over Bolton Wanderers giving Chelsea their first PL in 50 years. Chelsea also won the League Cup with Lampard scoring in the semi final win over Man Utd. He was named Barclays Player of the Season and FWA footballer of the Year.
In the UCl, Lampard scored in the famous 4-2 victory over Barcelona in the last 16 and scored 3 goals across two legs against Bayern Munich in the QF victory. They lost in the semis to Liverpool.
2006: Gianluigi Buffon
Buffon is an Italian goalkeeper who has made over 500 appearances for Juventus and is widely considered to be one of the best GKs of all time. He holds the record of the most consecutive matches without conceding (12) and the record for most clean sheets with Italy, Juventus and in Série A. He is one of few players to make over 1000 official career appearances.
Buffon helped Juventus to a second consecutive Scudetto after injury had forced him to be unable to play regularly until January. Buffon was voted IFFHS world goalkeeper of the year and Série A GK of the Year. He also made the UEFA TOTY and the FifProXI. Buffon also excelled at the 2006 WC- a tournament that Italy won. He set a record of conceding only 2 goals in 7 matches and kept 5 clean sheets with the only goals he conceded not being in open play. He won the Yashin Award for best GK at a WC and was selected into the WC TOTT.
2008: Fernando Torres
Torres was a Spanish striker who is a legend of both Atlético Madrid Liverpool as well as for the Spanish NT as well. He was known for his explosive pace and clinical finishing.
In his debut season for Liverpool, Torres scores 24 league goals and broke numerous records at Liverpool. He became the first Liverpool player to score in 8 consecutive league games at Anfield, equaling the great Roger Hunt’s record. He set a new record for most goals by a foreign player in the premier League, beating Ruud Van Nistelrooy. He scored 29 goals in all comps, eclipsing Owen’s greatest ever tally. He also became the first Liverpool player since 1996 to score 20+ League goals in a season.
He was nominated for PFA POTY, PFA Young POTY, FWA Footballer of the year and also was put into the PFA TOTY. Torres was also named MOTM in the 2008 Euros Final against Germany when he scored the only goals of the game to give Spain their first trophy for 44 years.
2009: Xavi
Xavi is a Spanish midfielder who was part of the incredible midfield trio of Iniesta Busquets and himself. He was the embodiment of the tiki-taka playstyle and is known as one of the greatest midfielders of all time. He played predominantly for Barcelona- making over 500 appearances for the club
Xavi was a main part of Barcelona’s treble winning team of 2008-2009. He scored the 4th goal in a 4-1 win over Atlético Bilbao in the CDR and he assisted 4 goals in a 6-2 El Classico victory. As well as this, Xavi produced a MOTM performance in the UCl final, assisting the 2nd of Barcelona’s 2 goals. He made 20 assists in La Liga (the most) and 7 assists in the UCL (the most) and has a total of 29 in all comps. Xavi won UEFA’s best Midfielder Award that Season.
2010: Andres Iniesta
Iniesta is another Spanish midfielder who played most of his career for Barcelona. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest players of his generation and the greatest ever Spanish player.
Iniesta helped Barcelona to a second consecutive La Liga title with a record 99 points. His season was largely disrupted by injuries throughout and his club season ended in April after a calf injury. He was deeply effected by the loss of a personal friend (Dani Jarque) that season and had to go seek mental help. At the WC, the Spanish team were victorious after a 1-0 win over Netherlands in which Iniesta scored the winning goal AET. This was Spain’s first ever WC victory. He was nominated for the Golden Ball for his excellent performances throughout, including a MOTM display and goal against Chile in the Group stage.
2013: Frank Ribéry
Ribéry is a left winger who’s most notable trademarks are his pace, trickery, skill, flair and dribbling down the wing. He played with Bayern Munich for 12 years making more than 200 appearances for the club.
Ribéry was influential in Bayern Munich’s treble winning campaign in the 2012/13 season. He provided the assist for Robbens goal in the final and finished the Bundesliga as the top assister with 15 in total.
2014: Manuel Neuer
Neuer is a German goalkeeper who has made 250 appearances for Bayern Munich, winning the Champions League twice. He has also represent Germany internationally 92 times. Neuer is often described as a keeper-sweeper because of his ability to rush off his line and anticipate the movement of opponents.
Neuer started off the season saving a penalty against Chelsea in the UEFA Super cup. He helped Bayern reach the UCL semi finals and also win the Bundesliga and DFB Pokal. At the WC, Neuer was in imperious form as Germany won a 4th World Cup. He kept 3 clean sheets in the tournament and was dominant in his box in the final. He won the award for beat GK at the tournament and completed 244 passes that tournament, more than Messi and muller.
2015: Neymar
Neymar is a world class wingeattacking midfielder who has played for Santos, PSG and Barcelona. He has made 101 caps for the Brazilian NT and scored 61 goals.
In the 2014-15 Campaign, Barcelona completed the treble. Neymar was part of an electric front 3 known as MSN. Neymar scored in the quarters and semi finals of the Copa Del Rey. In the UCL, he scored against PSG in the quarters twice and 3 times across two leges against Bayern Munich. Neymar scores another important league goal in a 2-0 league win vs Real Sociedad which sent Barca 4 points clear with 2 games to go. Neymar then scored in the CDR final in a victory over Bilbao and the deciding goal in the 2015 UCL final 3-1 victory over Juventus. Barca became the first team to win two trebles and Neymar became the 8th player to win the Copa Libertadores and the UCL and the first to score in final victories in both. He scored 39 goals in all comps and was top scorer in the UCL. MSN scored 122 goals that season.
2016: Antoine Griezmann
Griezmann is a French footballer who has played for both Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. He can play as both a second striker and an out-and-our striker and made 180 appearances for Atlético Madrid, scoring 94 goals.
Griezmann helped Atlético and France to the UEFA Champions League and Euro 2016 Finals respectively. He scored the winning goal in the semi-final to send Atlético through against Bayern Munich. He missed a penalty in the UCl final against RM in normal time as Atlético lost another final on penalties to Real Madrid (he scored in the shootout tho). He was also voted La Liga Best Player of the Season. At the Euros, he lit up the tournament. He scored 6 goals and made 2 assists in 7 games for France, won the Golden Boot, best player of the tournament and was voted into TOTT. Griezmann scored in the R16, QF and SF but couldn’t prevent a 1-0 loss to Portugal in the final.
2019: Virgil Van Dijk
VVD is a centre back who plays for Liverpol and helped the club win their first title in 30 years. He is the captain of the Dutch National Team and is regarded by many as the best defender in the world. He also captained Netherlands NT to an inaugural Nations League Final after a 3-1 semi-final victory AET over England. They lost 1-0 to Portugal
Van Dijk helped Liverpool to a 2nd place finish in the Prem with a total of 97 points, a tally that would win the title in all but 3 English Top Flight Seasons. In August, November and December he won POTM. He scored in the R16 UCL match Against Bayern Munich in a 3-1 victory. He won PFA POTY and was also voted into the TOTY. He was MOTM in Liverpool’s 2-0 victory in the Champions League Final over Tottenham.
Well that’s it. Hope u enjoyed it. Make sure you point out any mistakes I made etc and I’ll be sure to change them
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I ordered a 30.000€ engagement ring just to find out that she cheated on me.

Dear reddit community, I am new to reddit and I am looking for a place to share my relationship stories and feelings. I am currently struggling with depression and nobody in my close circle really knows about it. I am a quite known personality in my home town of Berlin Germany. That is why I can’t talk about these stories without it hurting my business or the women in these stories. This is why I want to share these stories here in order to find help and peace. I have 2 stories that I was never able to talk about freely, so I am very sorry if it is too long. I am new to reddit, so I hope I don’t violate any rules and sorry for my english.
Today I would like to share 1 story that is occupying my mind and heart since october of last year (2019). From my age 17 to 19 I was in a very abusive and highly toxic relationship. A relationship that nearly drove me to suicide. It was one of the worst experiences in my life and it still haunts me today, being a curse that I couldn’t get rid off. A story that shaped me immensely and a story that made me the man I am today. Although it almost killed me, it is not the story I want to talk about.
Because of what happened in that story, I became very focused and extremely determined. The „curse“ that almost drove me to suicide became my biggest life motivation. At the age of 19 I knew that I have to become financially successful, I knew that I have to become a millionaire by the age of 24, so that no woman will ever have to go through the „curse“ because of me. I build the determination to break „curse“, not knowing that this determination will bring another curse with it..
When I was about 20 years old I met this one girl. When we met for the first time, I thought that she was very cute, extremely adorable. I at that point was not really interested in a relationship because I was focused on my goal and my business was slowly starting to kick off. So after not having contact for a while, we started texting each other again and she even joined my business. We started being close friends and I kinda developed feelings for her. I really tried to fight it but it was no use. The more I spend time with her and the more we texted the stronger were my feelings for her. Then suddenly out of nowhere she found a guy. I felt angry but it wasn’t that bad. I just thought to myself that it wasn’t supposed to be. Fast forward a few weeks and she calls me out of nowhere, she was crying and asking me wether I could pick her up. I was at the gym with a mutual friend and I kinda knew that it was because of her guy. So I told my gym buddy that I have to take care of her and cheer her up. I picked her up, we drove around and she told me that her guy left her for his ex. I felt awful and had pity for her. I drove her home that night and I didn’t want to leave her alone. So I stayed and watched one of my favorite movies „her“ with her. As we were watching the movie we laid close to each other. We ended up having sex that night. At that time I did have feelings for her but it wasn’t love yet. She was really in love already and for me it wasn’t that much. Considering the fact that she just got dumped it was kinda weird. Nonetheless I asked myself that If I was ready to give her my naked body, why shouldn’t I give her my naked soul? So exactly 2 months after our sexual incident I asked her to be my girlfriend. On 24.12.2016 we became a couple. She was my second girlfriend at that time and in my head I already thought to myself, I hope that she will be the one. I am a very traditional person and although it sounds cheesy, I wanted to have sex with as few women as possible. My ideal was to love one person and that person should be my last. After the first one didn’t work out I kinda really wanted the second one to work. So I fell in love again. Although I carried a „curse“ with me, I thought that I could break it with this woman by my side and my future financial success! We had a complicated but still very loving relationship. Although I went through hell in my first relationship, I was never jealous. I always respected her privacy. Even though I had terrible experience in the past, I didn’t want those experiences to hurt our relationship. I always trusted her and never read her texts or had any trust issues. She could meet anyone, anytime and I didn’t really care. There where times when she even went to the movies alone with a guy friend, but I respected that and you know I just trusted her. She on the other hand was totally jealous. I don’t know why but I always seem to catch the jealous ones. She hated it when I was talking to girls, even co workers. Once I even catched her going through my phone. She was always scared that I would cheat on her or that I would leave her because of someone prettier. To her defense her ex cheated on her too. She had all those insecurities always thinking that every girl is prettier and that every girl is trying to take me away. Although It was incredibly annoying, I still stuck around and loved her with all her edges. We fought quite a lot and got into stupid arguments, mostly because of her mood swings or me being annoyed of her trust issues. I could never in my life disrespect a woman and cheat on her. I already knew how being cheaten on felt so I couldn’t imagine hurting someone that way. Just thinking of that pain is unbearable. We broke up a couple of times but got back immediately. (red flag I know) In the beginning it felt like I loved not as much as she loved me. The longer we we’re together though, the stronger became my love for her. In 2018 we decided to move together and we bought furniture together and I remember buying and building our bed thinking that this is only ours. Moving forward to 2019 the most important year of my life. It was the year where I could finally achieve my goal and get my final promotion and finally earn my first million. I had the blueprint laid out for me. By the end of the year I prognosed record sales and after the promotion I could finally build a family with her. So here I was ready to get my goal and finally break the „curse“. After 4 1/2 years of hard work I could finally see the finishing line. I planned on proposing right in the beginning of 2020 when everything was done. I called my grandpa and asked him for permission to marry her. I went to my local jeweler and ordered a 30.000€ engagement ring. The plan was to reenact our first date and going the same route that we walked when we met for the first time, ending up at her favorite place Museums Insel in Berlin, where I would finally ask her. Everything seemed too good to be true. Then came October and my whole world came crashing down.
Business didn’t work out as planned. A lot of things went the wrong way and I was extremely under pressure. Sales where plummeting, customers backing out of deals. It was like everything and everyone was against me. My dad, my mom and my grandpa got very ill and all 3 of them had to go to the hospital. I found out that 3 of my managers started doing coke. (I am EXTREMELY anti drugs) One of them borrowed 10.000€ from me and vanished. Another one of them blamed me for his bad sales and addiction. Drama everywhere and this year should have been the best of my life. I tried motivating myself all the time and the one pillar that always held me was the woman I wanted to marry. Up until that pillar also started to tumble.
While shit hit the fan, I always talked to her but somehow I felt like she wasn’t listening anymore. She seemed to change after she started working at that fancy nail saloon. Back then her mom was against it but naive me encouraged her to still do it. Her dream was to open her own studio one day and I was always supportive unlike her parents. Then I felt like she didn’t care about me anymore. It felt like she wasn’t in love anymore. It was so surreal because my love for her was finding new unfelt heights. I pictured us finally getting married and having kids. Finally spending more time with her after sometimes neglecting her and sacrificing all my time so that I could offer her the life she deserves. You know, I really did all this for love and I just wanted to give her the world. At that time I started texting her more often and asked her on dates but I noticed that something was off. She came late for our date at the movies because she spend time with her colleagues. Then she started coming home more late than usual. Everything seemed off but I didn’t think that much. Ironically exactly 3 years after we slept with each other for the first time we got into an argument. It got to a point where she was asking wether we should take a break. Proud as I was I told her that I don’t do breaks, we either work on our relationship our break up. She started crying and honestly I cried too. I hid my tears and turned my back laying next to her. It was such a sad moment my heart hurts just thinking back. The next day she goes to work and I went on a business trip with the CEO‘s of my company. While sitting in the board meeting I couldn’t focus because my thoughts were with her. I asked myself what would happen when we meet again? A couple days later I texted her and asked if I could pick her up from work and talk. She accepted and I picked her up. We were driving home and it was a very uncomfortable situation and I felt like there was a lump in my throat. I stuttered the question wether she decided on our relationship and she replied ice cold that she wanted to end our relationship. At that moment my heart skipped a beat and I didn’t know what to say. The lump in my throat felt like it grew bigger and I felt terrible. I couldn’t bring out a word. I was shocked by her coldness. I drove her home, picked up her parents (they came to visit) and drove her family to a restaurant. I dropped them and drove home to our flat. I took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down my feelings. Apologizing for the mistakes I have made and thanking her for everything that she did. Every letter I wrote hurt so bad. Even though almost 3 years of relationship were now gone, I respected her decision and blamed myself for not giving her enough love. I left her the letter and left our flat. About 2-3 days after our break up, I went back to out flat. All my stuff and clothes where still there so I went home to change my clothes. Unsuspecting would this day be the start of another curse that will haunt me like the first.
So I was walking up the stairs to our flat and as I was about to put the keys inside our door, I would hear voices out of our flat. When I turned the keys, the door was locked from inside. Suspicion came chilling down my spine, as I heard a male voice. I rang the door bell and my ex was opening the door. Not even looking me in the eyes saying: „oh.. its you..“ I entered our flat and walked inside the living room, as I walked in I see a man with a familiar face sitting at our dinner table. At that moment I couldn’t remember where I have seen that face, but I knew him from somewhere. Anger started slowly coming up, but I stayed calm because she then told me that he is a colleague. Stupid me said to myself that he was probably just a friend and was cheering her up. So I grabbed my suit and took a quick shower. While I was showering I noticed a little details. Why the hell was there a brand new toothbrush. My anger got worse and I started picturing things in my head. I finished the shower and asked her to come outside of the flat so that we could talk in person. she followed me outside and closed the door behind her. I asked her what I did wrong and what the reason was for her breaking up with me. She then told me that our relationship became boring and she just felt like there was no kick to it anymore. She even wrote me a letter too. I then asked her who that guy was and wether he’s her new boyfriend. She didn’t look me in the eyes and just shaked her head slightly and said that he is just a colleague and that he is going through the same as her and she doesn’t know yet what he is. I asked her wether she had feelings for him but she denied it annoyingly. I was speechless and asked her what I could improve. She then told me that she also wrote me a letter. I left and as I read the letter in my car, I was getting the impression that she was hiding something. I went to work with total frustration and asking myself why the hell was there a toothbrush? So I decided to go back after work. I called my gym buddy and another friend to come with me just in case they guy was still there. So I went up stairs to our flat and told my friends to wait outside and check wether they would see him.
My heart was beating so fast as I opened our apartment door. I went inside and I saw her sitting there alone, eating something from a bowl and watching tv by herself. I told her that I came to talk and that I couldn’t wrap my mind around what happened. I asked her who that guy was from this morning and she just repeated that he was just a friend, just a colleague. I asked her calmly what he was doing in our flat. Then she answered with an careless smile on her face that she wanted to smoke weed with him. At that moment my anger became even stronger and I was boiling up inside. I hate any form of drugs and hearing that my ex was smoking weed made me extremely aggressive. I calmed myself down and proceeded to asking her why there was a toothbrush in our bathroom. She then shockingly admitted with a slight look of guilt that he slept at our place. My body was getting really warm and my anger kept boiling up. I then asked her where he slept? She stuttered and said, he wanted to sleep in our guest room. As my rage intensified I told her in a firm tone, that I didn’t ask where he wanted to sleep but where he did sleep? She then admitted that he slept with her in our bedroom, on our bed.
This was the moment when a rage unfolded that I have never witnessed in my life. I started screaming at her and took a stool and threw it against a wall. I started shouting and insulting her. Something that I have never did in my life. I called her horrible things and lost control over myself. She started crying and apologizing but I saw fear in her eyes. A fear that turned out to be the fear of losing her reputation. Something that I realized later on. So I screamed and shouted. I asked her wether something happened between them and she said that they were „just cuddling“. As my anger was reaching new levels I asked her why she did that and she responded that she missed me. I was like why the hell didn’t she call me if she really missed me? I at that point just wanted to kill that filthy son of a b*tch. I asked her who he was and wanted his contacts. She didn’t tell me so I left and called one of her colleagues. That friend of her didn’t want to tell me either. So I went back to our place after a while with a couple of friends and we took all my stuff with me. While packing my stuff I was insulting her and I told her about my engagement plans and how silly I was to order an 30k engagement ring. I just tried to hurt her. Something I have never actively or knowingly done in my life. She was crying and I was losing my sanity. After going back and forth and collecting all my stuff I moved back to my parents place. I took my time and rethought the whole situation for a week. Life couldn’t get worse I thought at that moment but I was very wrong. After one week I met with my ex again and I wanted to have a calm conversation.
She agreed to talk and we met at our place. I asked her to be honest with me and she admitted that she has had feelings for him for over one month. Hearing her admitting that she fell in love with another man while I was planning our engagement at the same time, was painful. My heart hurt so much and I couldn’t keep my tears, to myself. I was so disappointed because she swore that she had no feelings and that he was just a friend. I told her about my first „curse“ for the first time and she started crying. I asked her wether she is still in contact with him and she promised that she broke up the contact. Then all of the sudden she expected me to tell her wether she could still have a chance?
I was shocked and told her that I wanted to but I couldn’t out of self respect. I wished her all the best and left destroyed. I didn’t understand why she would ask that at that moment but now I know that she just wanted to see who she could date from now on and wether she is „free“. Another week passed and my depression got stronger. I couldn’t stop stalking her on instagram and she was posting so many things that were hints about how she misses and still loves me. I hate to admit it but I still loved her and it raised my hopes that we could still work. I even talked to a friend and thought of giving her another chance. It was ridiculous I know. Then out of a sudden I got a text from an old friend. Someone I haven’t met for a long time and he told me that he had something that he wanted to talk with me about personally. We met at a restaurant and he told me that a female friend of him got cheated on. A girl that I knew through mutual friends. I told him that I feel sorry for her but I didn’t understand what it had to do with me. When I thought that the worse was already over everything got even worse and darkness came over me.
He told me that his friends boyfriend cheated on her with my ex. As I am writing this my heart starts pounding furiously and I still get so angry for trusting her. I met up with the girl and she had his instagram login details. She logged in and showed me all the nasty text messages that they send each other for the past week. It felt like a I was floating in dark emptiness. She was posting all those little hints, just having pictures of us on her instagram. Telling all her friends how she still loves me and how she doesn’t deserve me anymore. She told me that she stopped having contact with that disgusting piece of shit. She swore that nothing has happened between them that night and all they did was „cuddling“. Now I found our that all of the above was a lie.
At that moment I wanted to end myself.
How could someone break up with you and then just 2 days after dishonor your bedroom? I could have lived with the truth. She could have told me that she fell in love with someone else and I would have understood but she lied. She even told friends that she just wanted a break for a week to smoke weed. So my love was less worth than weed. The worst thing though, the thing that fucked me up the most, is that she made out with another man. In the most holy and sacred place of a home. I bought that damn bed. I build it with my two hands for her and me and she decided to disrespect my love by fucking someone else in our bedroom on our bed. This curse is now haunting me and it is making my new relationship very hard. I have big trust issues and I could never know wether something happened before the break up. Cheating doesn’t begin with sex. Cheating begins the moment you start texting inappropriate things and start lying. She never cared about my well being or my love. All she cared for was her reputation and me being the way I am, can’t talk about this openly because I don’t want her to get hurt. It is so frustrating to hear from others how she says that she didn’t cheat and that she technically broke up with me. The point is that she played me and lied to me. I can’t hate her and I still have feelings for her. After that incident I tried ramming my car into a light pole but my car’s assistant stopped before I could ram the pole thankfully. This story goes on but I am scared it might get to long. My new girlfriend helped me a lot and without her, close friends and family I would be dead by now. It is just that the depression is still there and I still get nightmares of my ex. I feel so bad for my girlfriend because she doesn’t deserve a mess like me. I just wanted to finally share this story and ask for advice on how I could finally cope with all of this. There are times when I am alone where the depression hits hard and then there are times that are better. Sorry for this long story. I want to thank every reader for his or her time.
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