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[WT!] Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - A Legendary Cyberpunk Classic

MAL, AniList
Type: TV (two seasons, 26 episodes each) and one film (Solid State Society)
Aired: October 1, 2002 - October 1, 2003 (S1), January 1, 2004 – January 8, 2005 (2nd GIG)
Streaming (English dub only): Amazon Instant Video, YouTube TV, AdultSwim.com (this one's free!)
“So, what I thought I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes…”

Introduction and Background

Ghost in the Shell is certainly a well-known name, and the series has had a long and varied history since its 1989 debut with a manga created and published by Masamune Shirow.
Numerous adaptations, beginning with the 1995 film directed by Mamoru Oshii, have offered their own takes on a near-future world where the distinction between man and machine has begun to blur, but it is 2002’s Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex that has remained the series’ most critically acclaimed and arguably most iconic incarnation. A soft reboot that brought the series into the world of television anime for the first time, SAC combined the quiet philosophical undertones of the 1995 film with a faster pace and added more narrative and thematic complexity that tackled themes of self-identity and autonomy in a technology-driven world.
But does the series still hold up nearly two decades after its debut, and is it still recommendable to newcomers today?

Overview and Structure

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is set in 2030, in the fictional city of Niihama, Japan, where advancements in prosthetics and cybernetics have enabled people to augment their bodies with technology and freely transfer their minds between flesh and machine. This has allowed many aspects of life to become digitally interconnected. However, society still struggles with class division, political conflict, the aftermath of several world wars, and especially new forms of cybercrime created by the ongoing evolution of technology. As a result, the Japanese government tasks Public Security Section 9, an independent police force comprised of an elite team of soldiers, hackers, and other individuals, with addressing these sensitive issues.
One of the best aspects of SAC’s world is that it is presented in a very plausible manner, with realistic depictions of futuristic technology that avoid MacGuffin-like qualities. The series is also notable for its accurate representation of social classes, with rich and corrupt corporate heads and politicians, average middle-class workers, and homeless refugees all playing a part in the larger narrative. This approach creates a world not so different from our own in the present that stands on the line between traditional society and the distant future. Parallels can easily be drawn between the series and reality, notably including political aspects such as cover-ups of government corruption and debate over the role of police forces in society. These serve as thoughtfully constructed reminders that it takes more than just scientific advancements to address and solve multifaceted problems.
The narrative in SAC is divided into two major arcs. In the first season, which takes thematic influence from J.D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye, Section 9 investigates an elusive figure known as the Laughing Man, responsible for acts of corporate terrorism and radicalization across the city. In the second season, subtitled 2nd GIG, they confront political and social unrest related to a refugee crisis and a domestic terrorist group called the Individual Eleven.
Episodes in the series fall into two categories, with about half being “Stand Alone” episodes that focus on isolated cases that Section 9 tackles across Japan, and the others being “Complex” episodes that tie into the ongoing story arc in each season - hence the title of the series. The second season, 2nd GIG, is split similarly, but uses “Individual” and “Dual” as titles instead.


Even those who have never seen any of Ghost in the Shell may be familiar with its protagonist, Motoko Kusanagi. Known simply as “the Major,” Kusanagi is a full-body cyborg and skilled hacker who serves as the leader of Section 9’s strike team, working both alone and with the force to solve difficult cases and take down criminals. In a departure from her solemn, contemplative nature in the 1995 film, SAC reworked her character, re-establishing her iconic design and giving her a much more strong-willed, no-nonsense personality. Although the Major’s backstory is left ambiguous for much of the series, and she can often seem aloof or distant, it is very clear that she shares mutual respect and trust with the other Section 9 members, who look up to and count on her in times of need. All of these aspects have contributed to her high popularity and positive reception since her debut.
Aside from the Major, there are multiple other important characters who are introduced and developed throughout the series. Examples include:
  • Batou is second-in-command at Section 9 behind the Major. A former soldier, he is well-known for his outgoing personality and hot temper and serves as a voice of reason for the Major, who confides in him throughout the series.
  • Daisuke Aramaki is the wizened Chief of Section 9. Although occasionally derided by his subordinates as “the old ape,” Aramaki frequently demonstrates strong leadership, putting his own position at risk to act as a bridge between the Major, Section 9, and the Japanese government, among others.
  • Togusa, a young policeman recruited into Section 9, is one of the few remaining people with no cyberization, and is seen as a Luddite of sorts for his rejection of prosthetics. His views on the use of technology, as well as his duty to his family, play a large role in his work with Section 9.
  • The Tachikoma are intelligent mobile tanks used in combat by Section 9. While normally piloted by trained personnel, they begin to take on more self-aware qualities as the series progresses, and several episodes revolve around the causes and effects of these developments.
  • Hideo Kuze is a former member of the Individual Eleven terrorist group who becomes the catalyst for the events of 2nd GIG after becoming the leader of a group of refugees who had been granted asylum in Japan and are now under threat of eviction.
  • Yoko Kayabuki is elected as Japan’s first female Prime Minister at the beginning of 2nd GIG. Despite initially being positioned as a political figurehead, she takes extensive measures to work with Section 9 and prove her worth as a capable leader.

Visuals, Music, and Sound

SAC was produced and animated by Production I.G., a proliferous studio which was previously responsible for the 1995 film. In a departure from the film’s rainy, Hong Kong-inspired visuals, SAC uses a variety of color palettes to depict a larger, more diverse city.
The series is also notable for its use of CGI to render vehicles, aircraft, and machinery, which was a relatively uncommon choice at the time. This image illustrates the process by which 3D models were first rendered in wireframe, filled in with untextured materials, and finally colored over using a shader that mimics the hand-drawn art used in the rest of the series. This results in a more uniform image that doesn’t appear as dated today as certain earlier attempts at using CGI in anime.
SAC’s music was composed by Yoko Kanno, who is also known for her work on series such as Cowboy Bebop and Wolf’s Rain. While some of Kanno’s score reflects the solemn, mysterious aesthetics of Kenji Kawai’s compositions for the 1995 film, much of it is entirely new, incorporating a diverse array of genres such as grunge, jazz, electronic, and more. In a 2006 interview, Kanno explained that she wanted to incorporate themes of “being human” and illustrating a “tangible” world into her music. Furthermore, Kanno provided input to the staff on how her music should be used, including the suggestion of using the theme “run rabbit junk” in a scene in the first episode of the series where Kusanagi infiltrates a restaurant. This track would become the theme for many of Section 9’s operations in later episodes.
The series’ two opening themes, "inner universe" for the first season, and “Rise” for 2nd GIG, were performed by the late Origa, and feature vocals in Latin, Russian, and English. The visuals in the first opening are almost entirely computer-generated, a rare move in 2002.
Finally, in the voice acting department, the iconic Japanese audio features long-time voice actors Atsuko Tanaka and Akio Ootsuka as the Major and Batou (respectively), and the English dub features an acclaimed performance by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as the Major. Both sub and dub are excellent for this show, so viewers can feel free to watch in their preferred language.

Conclusion: Should I Watch It?

If you liked the setting and themes in Psycho-Pass, or the cat-and-mouse chases in Death Note, you’ll be right at home with SAC. Furthermore, if you’ve grown tired of teenage protagonists, high school settings, excessively moe character designs, and other modern anime tropes, the series will be a refreshing and engaging change of pace. However, those who are turned off by complex narratives, political discourse, or long sections of dialogue may not particularly enjoy it.
Nonetheless, in a world where technology continues to evolve every day, and concerns about cybercrime are gaining more and more traction, Stand Alone Complex’s narrative and thematic topics are more relevant than ever. Its combination of philosophy, action, well-developed settings and characters, and excellent music have solidified its status as the pinnacle of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, as well as an iconic example of the cyberpunk genre, and it comes highly recommended to viewers looking for one of the most thoughtful and intelligent anime that the medium has to offer.
submitted by -MarisaTheCube- to anime

This Week At Bungie 9/24/2020

Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/49596
This week at Bungie, the weather is changing…
You feel that? The slight chill in the air? It’s time to prepare for a colder climate, Guardians. Europa has no sympathy unprepared guests. You might want to come with a weapon or two, because frigid storms aren’t the only danger to be found here. Don’t be afraid, though. An old friend will be waiting for your arrival.
Video Link
The weather may be brutal, but that won’t stop you from exploring this frontier. Take a look at the map of Europa, and be sure to check out our most recent weather forecast.

Europa Report: 100% Chance of Snow

Image Linkimgur
You now have less than seven weeks to get ready. Don’t get caught out in the cold without a plan. November 10 is coming quick, and we’re eager to see how long you survive.

It’s a Pass… for Games!

Earlier this week, Forsaken and Shadowkeep became available on Xbox Game Pass. With Beyond Light on the way, there’s no better time to gear up and get acquainted with what’s going on in the world of Destiny.
Image Linkimgur
A few housekeeping notes for Guardians who are being freshly rez’d in the Cosmodrome:
  • You’ll need to download Destiny 2, Forsaken, and Shadowkeep to access this content.
    • Without Destiny 2, you can’t launch the game.
  • For new Guardians joining our ranks through Xbox Game Pass, we have a Help Article specifically for you.
    • Our help forums are also available at any time if you hit a snag on your way to the Tower.
  • If you encounter any issues accessing game content or Xbox related services, please refer to Xbox Support.
Eyes up, Guardians. Welcome to the community.

Ye Olde Banner of Iron

A few weeks back, we announced the extension of Season of Arrivals, noting that we’d be adding a few fun things between September 22 and the new November 10 launch date of Beyond Light. First, we featured some Double Ordeal loot on Lake of Shadows. This week, Drifter has been upping the ante with Triple Infamy. Next week, Lord Saladin returns with Triple Valor, themed weapons and armor, and his Pinnacle Power bounty rewards.
Don’t go in thinking it will be easy to snag some loot, though. Control is the name of the game, and Power is enabled. If you haven’t risen through the Pinnacle band yet, you may find yourself facing a raid boss or two on the other team.
Image Linkimgur
Iron Banner
Starts: 9/29/2020 10:00 AM PT
Ends: 10/6/2020 10:00 AM PT
There will be a few more weeks with increased rewards for Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit, so stay tuned for announcements!

Talking Tech – Preparing for Beyond Light

With Beyond Light on fast approach, it’s time to shift our TWAB gears a little. Today, we’ll be talking through some of the back-end changes that will be coming to Destiny 2 on November 10. To guide us through this process, we’re passing the mic to Destiny Engineering Director David Aldridge.
DAldridge: When Destiny 2 launched three years ago, we had no idea that in 2020 we’d announce a new trilogy of expansions (among other 2020 surprises we didn’t anticipate). At the time, we thought Destiny 2’s arc would look a lot more like Destiny 1 – a couple of expansions, and then a sequel.

We learned many lessons from the transition to Destiny 2, and from shipping Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, the Year-2 Seasons, and Shadowkeep. When we evaluated those lessons, we decided not to pursue a Destiny 3, but instead to reinvest everything in Destiny 2 and make it all that it can be (check out our longer writeup on this choice here). To support that strategy, we’ve made several tech investments to help us sustainably evolve the game for years to come, and some of those investments are arriving in Beyond Light.
Many of these changes are under the hood and won’t affect your experience (except insofar as they help us deliver you more and better Destiny in the future), but some may result in neat improvements, curious behavior differences, or bugs. This means that, on November 10, some places and things will feel a little like Sliders (only 90s kids will get this), so we’d like to give you a rundown of some of the changes and possible side effects.
We shifted our mission scripting model to run on the Physics Host instead of the Mission Host (more details on this split here, in the interview with Matt Segur). In the long run this change will give designers options to create more novel mission mechanics by giving the mission scripting environment full access to the game state, instead of the much more limited access the Mission Host had. For example, the Physics Host knows exactly where enemy combatants are and what actions they recently performed – while the Mission Host only knew how many combatants were alive in a squad and what that squad was generally trying to accomplish. In Beyond Light we’re only launching the foundations of this system, and we look forward to evolving and leveraging it in the future.
  • What you might notice:
    • The new scripting environment changed many behaviors in complex ways, and you may see interesting behavior changes or bugs in pre-Beyond-Light missions (and public events, and similar) that were originally built and tested on the previous system. We’ve tested these missions heavily and stamped out many bugs, but some will undoubtedly slip through. We’ll be monitoring and fixing remaining bugs over time. In some cases, these issues were more severe – for example, they caused the Prophecy dungeon to be unavailable temporarily. We’re all excited for its triumphant return, slated for the end of this year!
    • One other cool new feature in this area is face-to-face joins in social spaces, so you can now fireteam up with Tower friends without a long Tower reload!
We revamped our content building and patching pipeline for speed and install size. With the tremendous size of Destiny, our complete shippable content builds were frequently taking north of 24 hours. We made investments to bring that down to sub-12 hours, which resulted in a bunch of changes to our content and patching formats. We also took on work to allow us to cull content that we’ve upgraded or replaced – our previous patching system had limited capabilities here (due to trying to minimize patch sizes and other constraints), and the current Destiny 2 install has a significant amount of accreted ‘dead’ content (e.g. assets in the base install that were replaced in later patches).
  • What you might notice:
    • Due to all these changes, Beyond Light will be a full re-download on all platforms – we know this will be painful for those with slower or metered internet connections, and we’re sorry about that. To help mitigate this, we’re planning to enable Beyond Light preloads sometime in the evening of November 9, Pacific Time, which should give everyone at least 10 hours to download before the gates open.
    • Destiny 2's install size shrinks by 30-40%: Due to a combination of culling unused or replaced content, install size optimizations, and moving some content to the Destiny Content Vault, Destiny 2’s install size will shrink to between 59 and 71GB (depending on platform), a reduction of 30 to 40%. These improvements should also help us control install size better in the coming years.
    • We hope to use these much faster builds to accomplish two things:
      • Help us ship mission-critical fixes faster when game-breaking bugs arise.
      • Reduce our overall ship pipeline depth, enabling us to work on Destiny releases closer to their ship dates, so we can react to fresher information about what’s happening in the live game. For example, historically each of our Seasons has had to get deep into production before the preceding season launched, preventing us from reacting to learnings from that preceding season. These tech improvements should give us 1-2 more weeks of flexibility on a Seasonal scale, helping us pivot more quickly in some cases.
We rebuilt our character face system. We know that how your Guardians look is important to you, and we’ve long wanted to add more player customization to Destiny. Our original system for player faces had some combinatoric content authoring problems – for example, every decal had to be authored completely custom for each player face permutation. This prevented us from extending this area of the game with more content and features. We’ve upgraded to a significantly more capable system (with e.g. runtime decal projection), which we hope to leverage for more player customization options in the future. As part of this process we reviewed the existing player models with our Diversity Committee and Employee Resource Groups in the studio to make small tweaks to existing player heads. We’re also building a list of Guardian face shapes we should bring to the game in the future in order to increase Guardian diversity in Destiny, with the long-term goal of enabling everyone to imagine themselves as their Guardian.
  • What you might notice:
    • Your Guardian’s face may look a bit different.
We relit portions of EDZ and Nessus. During the early stages of Beyond Light production the Lighting and Skies teams had a desire to provide a visual refresh to the two remaining D2 Year 1 destinations, EDZ and Nessus, as they enter their fourth year in rotation. To that end, the teams performed relights and global lighting updates to a number of locations on both destinations.
  • What you might notice:
    • Different lighting on existing destinations! The changes are intentional and are meant to bring the visual quality of these spaces up to our current lighting standards, while providing a fresh coat of paint for some of our Year 1 locations. We hope you enjoy these updates to some familiar locations when you explore EDZ and Nessus this November.
We’re excited to leverage these improvements to redouble our efforts on Destiny 2, and we aim to make Destiny 2 still feel like your home away from home.

-David Aldridge
P.S. Congratulations on making it to the end of this long and nerdy love letter. If your passion for all things Destiny Tech is not yet spent, you may enjoy the Reddit AMA that Destiny Engineering Manager Chris Kosanovich and I did a couple months ago!

Did You Say… More Emblems???

Beyond Light isn’t just bringing Europa to the fold. It’s also bringing many, many pieces of loot. This year, we’re refreshing a few Community emblems for you to hunt. Whether it be Fashion, Art, Movie of the Week, or the Bungie Bounty, we have some new swag to hopefully catch your eye. I’m personally giddy that we have seven total Community Emblems to show off. There’s just something about that number that we love so much…
Fashion Show
Image Linkimgur
Featured Artist
Image Linkimgur
Movie of the Week
Image Linkimgur
Bungie Bounty
Image Linkimgur
Shadowkeep variants for each emblem will be available through November 10. There will be a few final chances to earn them before the new hotness becomes available. Stay tuned!
We’d also like to take a moment to celebrate our Community Volunteers. If you’ve ever visited the help forum, you may have noticed some members answering questions and linking players to general help articles and Bungie-authored troubleshooting methods. These are the Mentors, the “white gloves” of our community, dedicated to lending a helping hand to any player trying to get back into the game.
Our Moderators, however, are referred to as Ninjas. They work in the shadows, removing bad actors from our forums whenever the Code of Conduct is broken. You may see one every so often in the forums replying to threads, but their work is behind the scenes.
As of late, we’ve also been receiving some help from community moderators during Bungie livestreams. Whether they be Bungie Bounties, charity initiatives, or whatever reason we decide to broadcast, these individuals are helping to keep chat a bit cleaner. Join us in welcoming Shields to the fold of our community moderation teams.
Each volunteer group will be receiving a new emblem this year. While it might seem like a minor gesture, we hope that you join us in giving them thanks whenever you see these emblems in the wild.
Image Linkimgur
Image Linkimgur
Image Linkimgur
If you’re wondering “How do I become a volunteer?”, our members are all community sourced. If we see you helping out in the forums frequently or just having a good time in chat while upholding our Code, we may reach out to see if you’d like to join up! That said, don’t do it for the emblem. Do it out of the kindness of your heart and for the betterment of our community. The emblem is just a little treat.

Support Specialists

Image Linkimgur
This week was a fun one. A new Hotfix arrived at our door, and Xbox Game Pass kicked off in spectacular fashion. Destiny Player Support is here with vital information on what issues have been found, and what troubleshooting methods are available.
This is their report.
Earlier this week, Destiny 2: Forsaken and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep became available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to download and play through Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass members will continue to be able to access these Destiny 2 expansions if their Game Pass membership is maintained. For more information, please visit our Destiny 2 on Xbox Game Pass guide.
Below is a list of issues that have been resolved with Hotfix on September 22:
  • The Refurbished Black Armory shader now drops 100% of the time when dismantling Black Armory Refurbished weapons acquired from completing Forge Ignition activities.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when too many arrows were shot into a Titan’s Barricade.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Enough Words, More Movies

Image Linkimgur
Woof, this TWAB’s getting long. My fingers are getting tired from the typing. Let’s take a break, shall we? The movies we have on tap from the Community Creations page this week are pretty entertaining; definitely hope to get a little giggle in there while marveling at the skill required to craft such fun videos.
Movie of the Week: Hmmmmm….
Video Link
Honorable Mention: Hunters have the best Fashion
Video Link
Wait, do you see your video listed here‽ Awesome! Let’s check off a few things before we get you your emblem. Is your Bungie.net profile linked in the description of the video? Good. Did you credit any fellow creators who appeared in your video? Sweet! We’ll get your emblem to you within a few business days.
Did you make it this far? Always fun to have a meaty TWAB. I’ll spare you a long outro, but I do want to say this: Thanks for stopping by. We always appreciate those who tune in for the weekly conversation, whether we have a lot of new info, or just a simple check-in to see how everyone’s doing between content drops.
Festival of the Lost is on the way. It’s almost time to get Spooky. Stay tuned for tricks and treats, because they’ll be coming soon…
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