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Trip Report: Trinity Flip

Background: 31M, +15 years of experience with all kind of molecules. Experimented psychonaut.
Set and setting: I am at my best friend’s farm house, he is my psychonaut brother for more then 10 years, we had a LOT of experiences together. We had planned this trip about two weeks ago as an event to celebrate our birthdays, which are close to one another. My wife was ok with me doing this experimentation and offered to drive me to my friend house and to take care of our daughter for the rest of the day and the day after. His girlfriend was not home for the day and the next one. As soon as I arrived, I felt very good because I knew that all my responsibilities were behind me and soon something wonderful was going to happen. We were looking for a solid bender and wanted to do something special, so we decided to test the combination of a lysergamide, a phenethylamine and a tryptamine and to flip it with an entactogen amphetamine. We didn’t find any report or name for this combination, so we decided to call it the Trinity flip. We had no tolerance with these molecules has the last trip was more then 2 weeks earlier. An intention of peace of mind and infinite love was set for this trip.
T0: 100 ug 1P-LSD + 10 mg 2c-i
T2: 120 mg MDA + 17 mg 4-HO-MET
T?: Cannabis
T?: Nitrous Oxide
T?: Alcohol (beer)
The Trip :
T-1: It’s Sunday but I don’t have to work the next day. I arrive at my friend organic farm at 3:30 PM. He still has some work to do into the fields before we can trip, so I offer my help. This is a beautiful summer day and I feel great.
T0: One hour late, at 4:30 PM, we were almost done but we decided to take a break to ingest 100ug of 1P-LSD with 10 mg of 2c-i and smoke some cannabis before going back to harvest the delicious strawberry.
T0.75: We go back into the house. First signs of alert, I can feel that this evening is going to be intense. We set up the living room with lots of LED lights and projectors for a trippy ambiance. We start to listen to a psydub album (Kalya Scintilla – Open Ancient Eyes) as we open a beer and smoke some more cannabis. The musical vibrations are hitting us stronger and stronger with a very shamanic vibe. Few hits of nitrous makes everything even more intense. Not too much bodyload at this point, but the come up seems harsher for my friend. I get up to grab another beer, walking feels very groovy, this is going to be a strong trip. For the duration of the album, we are mostly listening to the music, laughing from time to time and looking at the visuals, which are getting stronger and stronger. I can not stop smiling and I feel at peace with everything.
T2: The album is coming to an end. This album journey really set a ceremonial vibe to the evening. It is time to take the next dose. We are already feeling very high at this point, but we decide to take it anyway as this was the plan. We ingested 120 mg of MDA and 17 mg of 4-HO-MET. We go grab another beer and sit back into the couch to listen to the next album in list (Desert Dwellers - Nomadic Ecstatic: The Wandering Remixes vol 2). I start to tell my friend how meditation as helped me in my life in the last months, I tell him about the value of self-love and how kindness toward our self is important so we can be at peace in our mind and be full of love. My words seem to hit a sensitive part of my friend as I see tears flowing from his eyes. I feel like a shaman guiding a healing ceremony for my best friend. There is not much talking, this mostly me saying insight from time to time, returning to silence to give us time to integrate everything. I am just here and now, nothing else. I think a lot about my wife, my daughter and the people that I love, I feel that I’m at a very good place in my life. The album finishes and we decide to switch to a more downtempo vibe, so we put on some reggae dub music. This is a very intimate moment and we talk openly about our self. Everything is colorfully flowing. I am one with life.
T3.5: The sun is setting, and it is time to go outside to close the chicken coop. It is so beautiful outside. There are fractals everywhere I look. We stay outside for a little to look at the breathtaking sunset. Life is so beautiful.
T4: We are back inside. This is truly a life changing experience; I feel like something was unlock inside me. We are appeased, the trip is still going strong, but we are getting more used to it. We continue the night with talking, listening to music, drinking few beers and taking a few more whippets.
T6: It’s been more than six hours since the initial dose, the trip is not supposed to be over, but we kinda feel like baseline compare to earlier. There is still a lot of visuals but it’s a lot less intense and moving.
T8: We are slowly coming down. I feel exhausted and very thirsty even if I drank a lot of water during the evening. We eat a bit and watch some episodes of Rick and Morty. We smoke a lot of cannabis to facilitate sleeping.
T10: At this point I am ready to sleep, it’s 2:30 AM. My friend goes into his room and I decide to sleep on the couch. I have a light headache, but it goes away after drinking a lot of water and massaging my neck.
T15: I wake up and I feel refreshed. There is a nice afterglow. I clean up the place while my friend is still sleeping.
T16: I am outside, sitting on the porch under the sun. I feel at peace. I meditate on and off for an hour and a half. I look at the cars coming and going away on the distant road, as I do the same with my thoughts. Meditation is very easy and natural.
T18: My wife is arriving to get me; I am very happy to see her. Sadly, my daughter is not with my wife, she is at the daycare for the day. I leave a message to thank my friend and tell him that I love him. He is still sleeping. At home, I vaporize some cannabis before taking a hot shower and a long nap. I feel exhaust for the rest of the day, but I feel great and peaceful. Some deep changes happened within me that night.
In conclusion: This trip really felt like a shamanic healing ceremony at one point. It was powerful but beautiful. I don’t think it is necessary to mix all these molecules to reach this kind of state. I had similar experience with a classic candy flip. I don’t regret doing it at all, but I don’t think I’ll do it again. An insightful message was received this night, I must not forget it now and apply it to my daily life. Peace, love and kindness.
TL/DR: This was an intense but beautiful trip. Life is all about love.
submitted by Cubensiss to Psychonaut

Interview with Band-Maid on Barks on 2016-05-18: Band-Maid deliver the full-course meal of “hard rock × moe”

Photo, Article
This is an interview in their early days on Barks. For the details of how they started, it would be better to read the following longer interviews:

[Interview] Band-Maid deliver the full-course meal of “hard rock × moe”
Interviewer: Hiroko Yamamoto
Band-Maid, a five-piece all-girl rock band who first gained popularity among overseas music fans, are releasing their major-label debut mini-album Brand New MAID on May 18. Miku Kobato, who actually used to work at a maid café in Akihabara, wanted to form a band with moe of the contrast [“gap”] between cuteness and coolness. That’s the starting point of Band-Maid. You will be surprised if you actually hear their masculine play and hard rock sound with moe-style visuals. We had a long interview with them, who already performed in the US and booked in the UK and are going forward across the world.
— You Band-Maid are active worldwide, like in events in Seattle, the US and in London, the UK, but since this is your first appearance on Barks, would you please explain how you were formed first? Miku-san, you played a central role in the formation, didn’t you?
Miku (Miku Kobato): I used to work at maid cafés in Akihabara for about 3 years [note: she also counts a maid café in Kumamoto], and I originally liked bands and liked singing, so I thought it might be interesting to form a band that is both “cute” and “cool” then.
— So you were developing the idea of a band while working in a maid café. Did you already decide the other members then?
Miku: Not yet at that time, actually. After I quit working as a maid, I got to want more strongly to form a band with a contrast of visuals. So, I came up with the name “Band-Maid” combining “band” and “maid”, and began to search other members. First, I found Kanamincho (Kanami), the guitarist, who had uploaded guitar cover videos on the Internet, and contacted her.
Kanami (Kanami Tōno): I was contacted through the Internet. The band’s concept and the music she wanted to play were also written there… I had played the guitar in a maid outfit in an annual school festival when I was in high school, so I was like “The song [note: probably Be OK] is also cool. This must be fun”.
— So you decided to do it with Miku-san.
Kanami: Yes. I was asked like “We don’t have a drummer or a bassist yet. Do you know anyone?” I was a singer-songwriter at that time, and I contacted Ā-chan (Akane), who had drummed for me once [note: perhaps for Move On 12 in 2012].
Akane: I used to go to a music school [note: Tokyo School of Music Shibuya], and I contacted Misa, the bassist, from the same school, who was working as a supporting musician with me [note: as in a back band of Becky♪♯ in 2012].
Kanami: But you didn’t like the idea of wearing maid outfits, right?
Akane: Right. Both of us hadn’t worn cute clothes before, so we were like “The song is cool but the maid outfit is…” (laughter).
Misa: I thought about it all through the night (laughter).
Akane: However, there was absolutely no other band who plays this hard music in maid outfits, and I was sure it would be fun, so I replied the next day.
Miku: The three joined smoothly like hop, step and jump as soon as Kanamincho decided to join. I was lucky. So, we started as a four-piece band, but when we actually played together in the studio, we found my voice was a little light and thought we need more heaviness if we play cool songs. We thought twin vocals might be good, and when we heard Sai-chan (Saiki) sing, who sang solo in the same production [note: Platinum Production], we found her voice powerful, and we were like “she will suit Band-Maid songs!”
— You found the right person.
Miku: But I thought she would hate maid outfits, so I invited her like “We are a band who plays cool songs in a little cute clothes” without explaining much (laughter).
Saiki (Saiki Atsumi): That was so. I thought the music was cool, but when I actually went to costume fitting, I found a maid outfit hung on the wall, and I was like “There’s an Alice band!” (laughter).
Miku: Now she wears cool clothes, but she wore an apron too before.
Saiki: Like “An apron? I was tricked!” (laughter)
Miku: That was after she decided to join us, so I thought “Victory is mine!” (laughter)
Saiki: All’s well that ends well. And we thought we would have thick and heavy sound if we had two guitarists, so Kobato decided to play the guitar and sing.
Miku: I hadn’t played the guitar before that, so I began practicing. Kanamincho is my teacher.
Kanami: She’s working hard at it.
Photo: Brand New MAID Type-A
— The five of you finally gathered in summer 2013. All of you seem to have different characters. Would you please introduce each other to us?
Miku: Kanamincho, the guitarist, is a dreamy and a little strange girl just as she looks.
Saiki: She’s naturally funny, but when she holds a guitar in her hands, her face totally changes. As if she was possessed by something. Her guitar solos are super cool. Her contrast is great.
— Your way of talking is also so gentle I can’t believe you are the same person as the one who plays the aggressive guitar.
Kanami: That’s very kind of you to say.
Saiki: She’s well-brought-up.
Akane: She’s a lady.
Kanami: My hobbies are reading and the classical piano, such as reading books in a café in Daikanyama.
Miku: She grinds beans first when she drinks coffee.
— How about Saiki-san?
Miku: She’s the queen.
— I really understand.
Saiki: Ha ha ha. I’m often said I’m the queen type.
Miku: She’s kind of dominant. She’s the exact opposite of me, both in looks and in characters. Moreover, she’s cold to me. She often punches me when I fumble my words or fail in something (laughter).
Saiki: She’s a dojikko [note: a comically clumsy girl].
Miku: But she’s kind to Kanamincho. And Kanamincho likes Sai-chan.
Kanami: I’d really like you to see her on stage. Her singing voice and performance are so cool. Her voice reflects her inner strength♡
Miku: She’s looking at Sai-chan while playing a guitar solo.
Saiki: I feel her gaze (laughter).
— How about Miku-san, who created Band-Maid?
Saiki: Kobato has a habit of saying “kuruppo”. She’s the crazy type (laughter).
Miku: (laughter) I don’t mean to be so.
Misa: She’s eccentric, right?
Akane: At the same time she’s such a strategist to have formed Band-Maid.
Saiki: She’s certainly the best among us at idea generation. She’s the only person who has worked as a maid, so when we think about MC and our band concept, we ask her like “What is a maid café like?” She does MC basically alone.
Miku: Right. We Band-Maid call concerts “servings” [note: okyūji] and fans “masters and princesses” [note: goshujinsama, ojōsama]. We greet “Welcome back home” [note: okaerinasaimase] when they come to our servings, and “Have a nice trip” [note: itterasshaimase] when they go out.
Saiki: We’re the opposite of the other bands.
Miku: But my inside is a middle-aged man.
Akane: Yes, she’s so. Her hobby is horse racing (laughter). She sometimes predicts horse races in waiting time.
Saiki: She also likes drinking.
Miku: I like shochu and saké. [Note: both are seen as older men’s drinks, as younger Japanese people prefer cocktails, beer, and wine.]
— Miku-san and Kanami-san have a big contrast each.
Kanami: We might be so in a different sense.
Saiki: Right. Kobato has a contrast with her inside, and Kanami completely changes when she holds a guitar. Don’t treat them in the same way (laughter).
— You are kind to Kanami-san.
Miku: (sob) Why so?
— How about Akane-san?
Saiki: She’s cheerful and silly (laughter).
Kanami: However, she’s our leader at least (laughter). [Note: they don’t have a leader now.]
Miku: She’s said to be a wild and silly leader.
Akane: I can do nothing but the drums.
— You devote yourself to the drums.
Akane: Please describe me so (laughter).
Miku: She’s also a big eater. Her record of wanko soba was…
Akane: 120 bowls (laughter). I can eat 30 dishes [note: 60 pieces] of sushi at a conveyor belt sushi.
Miku: She often breaks her costume with her full stomach.
Akane: I’ve broken zippers three times or so and fixed them with my own money. I tend to eat all the remaining foods of the other members (laughter).
Miku: She plays the powerful drums thanks to that.
Saiki: She would be super fat if she didn’t play the drums (laughter).
— Lastly, how about Misa-san, who has a cool atmosphere?
Saiki: She’s cool as you say.
Miku: She’s an Asian beauty. [Note: Japanese people usually refer to cool-looking Japanese models like Sayoko Yamaguchi and Ai Tominaga by “Asian beauty”.] She loves drinking.
Misa: Yes, I’m a drinker.
Miku: Her stage drink is whiskey.
— Really? Does she speak more when she drinks?
Miku: No, she doesn’t change much.
Saiki: She laughs a little when she drinks (laughter).
Kanami: But she looks lively then.
Misa: I feel good then.
— So does she have no problem on her life if she can drink and play the bass?
Miku: She’s really like that.
Saiki: She’s the most exactly what she looks among us five.
Photo 2
— I’ve heard you Band-Maid gained popularity on Facebook first. Did you expect that to happen?
Miku: We had never imagined that. Thankfully Jrock Radio uploaded the MV of our song named Thrill on their Facebook page, but none of us knew that.
Saiki: The number of Twitter followers increased with a bang, and they were full of English account names.
Miku: Initially we thought our accounts had been hacked (laughter).
Kanami: However, the YouTube view count was also increasing. We researched why and found they had shown our MV.
Akane: Like 2 million views in 2 weeks. I was extremely surprised.
Miku: We were really glad because we formed Band-Maid aiming for world domination. We got to be known overseas because of that.
Saiki: We were like “We’re so lucky!”
— So that’s why you performed at Sakura-Con, a Japanese culture festival in Seattle, and you are to perform at MCM Comic Con, a modern pop culture event from May 27 to 29 in London.
Saiki: Yes. Seattle was the biggest event ever among our servings. Around 3000 people came to see us.
Miku: We didn’t know the venue was that big. We thought we were going to perform in a small temporary stage. The audience’s cheers were so awesome I felt so good.
Saiki: The way of excitement is different than in Japan, right?
Miku: Right. We Band-Maid do a segment called “omajinai” during our serving, where I do call and response like “When I say ‘Moe Moe’ please say it in the same way!” and get them excited. Everyone shouted “Moe Moe!” for us without hesitation, while in Japan some feel embarrased probably. That serving made us grow a lot.
Akane: I was so moved. I’ll never forget it in my life.
— Now, please introduce us your major-label debut mini-album Brand New MAID. It’s full of hard, melodious and intense songs.
Saiki: It’s our third mini-album [note: after Maid in Japan and New Beginning, both from the indie label Gump Records] full of good points of songs we played live in the last three years since our formation. Just before making the album, we were talking like “Let’s be ambitious!”
Miku: We wanted to make an album worth listening to with more evolved songs and a stronger Band-Maid feel. We’ve made an album packed with what we are now.
Misa: The timing was also good in that we can transmit it to the world, so I hope we can take a step forward with it.
Miku: The last track Alone is the lead song, and it’s the culmination of our three years in a sense.
Saiki: We wrote the music and the lyrics by ourselves. We’ve been finally approved.
Miku: We had written songs also before, but they were all rejected.
— Then, please tell us about the production of Alone.
Miku: First, me and Sai-chan told Kanamincho what kind of song would be nice. That was the starting point.
Saiki: That was just a rough image. Like, “We want this kind of phrase.”
Kanami: They said they wanted a lonely melody, so I made a track on my PC. As for the composition, they gave me various opinions like “We want to slow down the A-melody”, and I was like “Then, how about this?” I roughly programmed the drums and the bass and let the two arrange for their own habitual movements.
Miku: I wrote the lyrics with Sai-chan. We Band-Maid have had many lyrics with an image of a strong woman until now, but as for Alone, Sai-chan wanted to express also a woman’s weakness, and I wrote such lyrics. When Sai-chan said “This part is not right”, I rewrote it and showed it to the other members again and again.
— So, is it the first Band-Maid song about loneliness and weakness of a girl in love?
Miku: Yes. It’s about weakness and also about getting suspicious. Also, in this song, we emphasize our twin vocals more than usual and I sing the octave above.
— Is it the lead song and a new frontier at the same time?
Saiki: Exactly.
Photo: Brand New MAID Type-B
— Which is the orthodox Band-Maid song?
Miku: Track 3 ORDER is the song made to succeed Thrill.
Kanami: It’s a song with the established direction of Band-Maid.
Misa: Its subdivision and bass line are upgraded from Thrill.
— You sing your own mind in the line “I don’t need such preaching as if you’re high up” in ORDER, and I think it might be directly linked to your visuals.
Saiki: I noticed it because you said so.
Miku: I heard it for the first time, but it’s certainly so Band-Maid, including twin vocals.
— In Track 4 Brand-New Road, you incorporated a jazzy arrangement.
Akane: That’s a breaking ball [note: not a “fastball”]. We usually play intense and fast rock, but we also tried the groovy song with shuffle beat. In the recording, we had a hard time putting out the groove by matching our timing.
Misa: We instrumentalists worked out the details, and each of us fought against the metronome in personal training.
— You are all really good at playing instruments. You play solos very tightly. Is it OK to listen to this album as an introduction to Band-Maid?
Miku: Yes. It has an image of a full-course meal served by maids. There is an appetizer, a main dish, a dessert and a cup of coffee.
Kanami: The reason why we made Alone last track is that the preceding track Before Yesterday has a slower tempo like a cup of coffee after the meal and we wanted to put the lead song that gives you appetite again.
Photo 3
— I see. I’d like to ask the last question. You Band-Maid aim for world domination, and when you achieve your goal, what do you want to do?
Kanami: I want to go to do a serving whenever and in whichever country I want. Like “How about going to Canada on that day?” (laughter)
Saiki: I want to make the world kneel before me.
Miku: I want to make “kuruppo” a universal language. I also want to be a famous racehorse owner (laughter).
Saiki: How about running a racecourse?
Miku: Kuruppo Racecourse (laughter). But I’d rather want to make a shop named Band-Maid before that.
Akane: I want to have more friends. I want to have musical friends all over the world, like “Today I’ll go to the States to do a session with ***.”
— You can also eat foods all over the world.
Akane: Yeah, I want to eat.
Saiki: You’ll spread ramen to the world, right?
Akane: Right. After making friends, I’ll run a ramen shop (laughter).
Misa: I want to study alcoholic drinks more and I want to collect them from all over the world.
Akane: If so, how about opening a bar?
Miku: All right! There will be a ramen shop and a bar in my racecourse (laughter).
Saiki: Why don’t you make also a music venue in it?
Miku: Yes! My dream has become bigger!
submitted by t-shinji to BandMaid

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