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Survival Analysis in R - Emily Zabor

The sequel to 13 Days in Hell with more weapons and explosives. All secrets I found so far in Ward 13. [SPOILERS. After Kyle completed basic and served two years as an MP in Iraq, he knew he wanted to do something more in-depth for his country and so, he was shipped to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to train to become his life-long dream; an Army Green Beret. Clearly the focus on gameplay. In the initial part of the game, the player's character Lester is unarmed. Category Film & Animation; Show more Show less.

Serial code survival Stories - Short Survival Stories

Updated: 13 days ago: Published: 19 days ago: Status: Released: Platforms: Windows: Rating (8) Author: MELONKOI: Genre: Survival: Tags: Horror, Shoot 'Em Up: Purchase. After the series cancellation in 1999, the character was transferred to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, having appeared within the original Law & Order in cross-over episodes. After installation, you try to boot up the game and it errors out in the Amazon Lumberyard screen. Black Desert Online – 7 October 2020 Patch Notes. Luckily, 13 was able to cut its lines and get away before 15 reached the water. Check out our latest Bubblebox hits here!

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13 days after survival hacked able character. Respectively, within 15 to 23 days after tumor cell injection. Take Away Radiation Damage Using Radaway. I would need 2 deer a day to stay full. When the beacon is purchased, the hex code should be registered with the relevant national (or international) authority. Badass Survival is infinite zombie survival game with a lot of weapons and knives!

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Many factors key to Giffords' survival, docs say

Days to Die is a gripping post-apocalyptic first-person survival game, pitting you against zombies, hunger, and human fallibility. Continuing to live your life as you have been doing gives you less time to fret about your ex and more time to. On June 20, the game's name was changed to Infestation: Survivor Stories due to trademark problems. CJS CD Keys - Cheapest Steam Keys, Origin Keys, Xbox Live. The player must help Oliver escape this world safely, while. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, LEFT-CLICK to shoot and R KEY to reload.

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After spending a half-hour or so walking quietly around the bus, Billie finally climbs inside. Lubridate - Convert character to Date in R - Stack Overflow webpage. Play 13 Days After. The surge originated from. Use Last Day on Earth Survival Hack. Survival were tested with a log-rank test.

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It might be time for some spring cleaning. Now our focus characters find themselves caught in web after web, stuck floating down the gutter, as it were. FREE! - Character Analysis Template. Spooked by a deluge of visitors, the tiny Oregon community shooed people from its expansive beaches and shut down hundreds of hotels and vacation rentals overnight. Other variants such as the faster types of zombie inspired by the film 28 Days Zombie games became more prevalent after the release of the. Simply, most of my dates get coerced correctly, except for a few instances.

7 Mystery Crime Riddles Only a True Detective Can Solve

Some of the animals were so weakened they were left yoked to the wagons and abandoned. To continue using the product after 30 days a license must be purchased. FateZ Unturned Zombie Survival Mod Apk 0.160. It allows you to control whether players will have access to the Creative Menu in game. This effect lasts 2 days after which point it goes away UNLESS the player character eats more bad/rotten/or infested food between when they were first food poisoned and when the 2 days would be up. At which point they make the Constitution saving throws again with disadvantage. At that moment he spots a big beautiful wolf, which then walks up the hill and away from Brian, followed by three others.

Day-by-day breakdown of coronavirus symptoms

Common signs and symptoms include fever, increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, and confusion. Create a character, get out there, and start exploring. Years after surviving the events in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield has been fighting the scourge of bio-organic weapons all over the world. Play 13 Days After/5(4). Wherever you look there is chaos. Another World is a platform game, featuring a control scheme where the player uses either the keyboard, joystick or gamepad to make the protagonist run, jump, attack and perform other, situation-specific actions, such as rocking a cage back and forth.

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Steam Community: : Black Survival. Cheat Mode is an option found in the game settings on the Continue Game or Start New Game screen and is located under the Misc tab.

Survival Lessons We Can Glean From ... - My Patriot Supply

Her memory is almost post-human. Tries to set fires wherever she can, while constantly talking to a voice in her head. WoW Classic Account for Sale. So after years of modeling and commercial roles I finally landed a supporting character roll in a featured film. Software crack download hop over to this web-site. On 1 October 2020, Techland announced that there will be over 50 hours of gameplay in the full version of the game including all.

A truly comprehensive Dclone guide - Mechanics/Numbers/Strategies

Guide is written and updated for Season #1 Awakening
Dclone is meant to be one of the hardest PD2 experiences you are going to face. Dclone encounter got a massive rework and is now much harder and more dangerous than you remember it back in the old days on bnet. It is not an encounter for the faint of heart, don't expect to succeed on your first try. The fight is very mechanical and requires some skill. The most general advice would be: stay calm, stay focused and pay attention to what is happening on your screen.
Editors commentary: currently you can trivialize the fight by abusing some of its mechanics. Diablo 2 is a 20-year-old game with technical limitations, so the developers of PD2 have to consider that or build workarounds to prevent this from happening I will cover some of those in this guide, but don't expect them to last as they will get fixed over time or parts of the fight will get redesigned completely. The focus of this guide won't be "exploit" the fight but more about how mechanics work and about general recommendations about how to tackle the encounter how it is meant to be.

A comprehensive guide?

The focus of this guide is not your typical one which mostly would just focus around a specific build which can do the encounter - it aims at explaining fight mechanics, providing damage numbers for Dclones skills and discussing general strategies and preparations you can make to tackle it I have provided some fully decked out testing characters for you in this guide - you find the download links in the recommended build section of this guide - have fun! so that people have the possibility to experience and practice the fight in single player mode. The general goal of this effort will make a large amount of players being able to give feedback and search for bugs more easily in future patches to improve the experience for everyone. Test character savegames will be posted in this section:

How to spawn Dclone?

To spawn Dclone in your game you have to activate a special map called "Vision of Terror" which will teleport you directly into the encounter. The encounter happens in a special zone created by the developers, not in the open world like on bnet. This special map can not drop but must be generated through a special cube recipe containing 3 rare ingredients which drop from difficult encounters in the world of Sanctuary:
  • Prime Evil Soul: drops from act 4 Diablo and act 5 Baal in Hell difficulty (chance is about 1:100)
  • Pure Demonic Essence: drops from map bosses (chance is about 1:100, tier of the map is irrelevant)
  • Black Soulstone: drops from Pandemonium event Ubers (chance is about 1:3 for every boss)
Once you have all 3 ingredients cube them together to receive the Vision of Terror map - all ingredients and the map itself are tradable.

General information about the fight:

When you activate the map you will get immediately teleported, no portal opens and you can't leave. All temporally buffs (like Battle Orders, Fade etc.) will get removed from you to make prebuffing impossible. You will be teleported into a safe spot where you can make some last preparations. When you are ready go up the stairs and enter a destroyed Pandemonium Fortress area with its smoldering leftovers of buildings - a narrow ridge behind it will lead to the Dclone arena with the boss. The arena is square shaped with 5 solid narrow pillars arranged in a pentagon shape with Dclone standing in the center. Fallen Souls are tied to the inside of each pillar which scream and will support Dclone in the effort to kill you. Overall the fight is very hectic with a lot happening on the screen at once which first will feel overwhelming for the player, but don't worry - I got you covered. The damage typs you will encounter consist of fire, lightning, physical and magic damage.

Dclone mechanics/numbers:

Dclone stands in the middle of the arena and will barely move at all. You won't be able to lure him out or position him in a corner so give up on that. Currently, he does not regen at all (might be an oversight or intended) so you don't need to look out for a source of prevent monster heal or open wounds on your gear. Overall the encounter focuses on heavy fire, lightning, cold and physical damage which means poison resists are not needed. At the time writing this guide you can leave the arena through the narrow ridge where you came from any time, Dclone won't follow you and loses aggro - you can use that to take a pause, restack on rejuvs in your belt, refresh buffs etc. but there is a catch: when you come back in he will always perform a very deadly attack sequence which you have to dodge or you will likely be killed almost instantly. The Fallen Souls which are tied to each pillar will also intervene in the fight constantly casting spells in an attempt to hindezone the player or straight out killing him. Fallen Souls are immune to all damage and can't be killed (PD2 devs were very smart in removing the undead tag from them to prevent them being killed with the help of Sanctuary aura, which would ignore their physical immunity and would make them killable)
Dclone Stats:
Attribute Numbers
Monster Level ~160
Hitpoints ~1.2 million
Defense ~2500
Resists 95% all
%DR 50%
%MR 50%
Chance to Block 50%
Drain Effectiveness 0%
Curse Duration Reduction 75%
PD2 Dclone got around triple the HP than vanilla Dclone from my testings and got added some elemental absorb on top of his 95% @res so that elemental skills won't do much damage at all unless you stack -x% to enemy resistance modifiers or reduce his resistances through other means. Since his monster level is very high AR stacking won't be that effective either so it is generally difficult to hit him with attacks at all, block prevents 50% successful hits on top of that for every attack type which requires a hit check. He is not curse immune, but even high level curses will expire very fast (after around 3-4 seconds) and need to be constantly refreshed if you want to use them which makes the use of curse charges and proc weapons more difficult. As already mentioned in the previous section: Fallen Souls are immune to everything, you can't damage them and their immunities can't be broken. All curses and auras like Conviction work against Dclone without penalty, he applies the normal chill effectiveness reduction all super unique monsters share in Hell difficulty.


All following numbers are raw damage numbers against a character with 0% resist and 0% DR.
Dclone skills:
Dclone has no specific skill rotation, all skills can be cast freely, can be chained and have no cooldown. Dclones AI can be barely manipulated by the player (exception: the abuse of threat level from minions spawning and despawning will shift Dclones attention, prevent him from doing certain skills in rotation and might extend his search for target animation significantly before performing his next attack):
Skill Name Damage Numbers Description
Fire Nova 1000-1200 fire damage Diablo casts a nova of flames which extend in a circle to the outer side of the arena.
Lightning Hose 1000-1200 physical/lightning damage (50%/50% split) Diablo fires his infamous laser, a frame based attack which applies damage every frame depending on the skills bitrate, very deadly. While performing this skill Diablo can rotate freely 360°
Firestrom 80 physical damage + 360 fire damage per firestorm missile a frame based attack which applies damage every other frame depending on the skills bitrate, can stack up to 9 missiles that hit you all at once if you are not near him and up to 27 missiles if you stand on top of him, and he shotguns you; on average you will get hit by about 5 missiles at once due to your character model size.
Cold Touch 200-300 physical damage + 80-120 magic damage Diablo rises his right blue shimmering claw and slaps you in melee range. It considered an attack and can crit, chills you for 8sec and freezes all minions solid for the same duration; CNBF will prevent the chilling effect from happening completely.
Projectile Nova 13.000-14.000 cold damage Diablo casts a nova repeating 4-6 times depending on his remaining HP pool. Projectiles explode on impact dealing the same damage again as unblockable explosion damage, projectile can shotgun, explosions can overlap. Explosion radius is about 2 yards.
Trapped Soul skills:
Skill Name Damage Numbers Description
Bone Spirit 800-1000 physical damage on impact; burning ground 300 physical damage + 1200 fire damage every other frame Trapped Souls cast slow heat seeking Bone Spirits which deal physical damage on impact when they explode and then produce a burning ground effect which lasts for around 20sec dealing damage depending on the skills bitrate; explosions and ground effects can overlap and stack. Bone Spirits are spawned every 10 seconds. They also apply a -50% fire resist debuff when the explosion hits you for a short amount of time
Meteor 1000 physical damage and 15.000 fire damage on impact Trapped Souls cast random Meteor spells every second with ~5 seconds delay until impact.
Melee attack 105 physical damage per hit Trapped Souls will auto attack you when you go near them, is an attack that can't crit.


The fight consists of 5 phases or stages you have to go through seamlessly - there are no immunity phases, Dclone can be damaged all the time. The stages are coupled with Dclones remaining health - the lower his health gets the more Fallen Souls awaken and perform attacks (those can't be disabled): * 100%-80%: 1 Bone Spirit at a time * 80%-60%: 2 Bone Spirits at a time * 60%-40%: 3 Bone Spirits at a time * 40%-20%: 4 Bone Spirits at a time * 20%-0%: no Bone Spirits spawn anymore (might be a bug/intended, idk)
On top of Dclone performs his special Projectile Nova attack at specific HP thresholds: * 75%: performs devastating Projectile Nova, repeating up to 4 times * 50%: performs devastating Projectile Nova, repeating up to 5 times * 25%: performs devastating Projectile Nova, repeating up to 6 times
Every time you leave the arena and re-enter it, Diablo will automatically perform his projectile nova skill as his first priority, depending on stage, before going back to his classic skill set. Fallen Souls mechanic don't stop happening during this stage and go on as normal.


As you can already tell from reading the previous sections this is going to be a hard fight which will require some practice and good preparation - here are some general recommendations first:
  • You will only face fire/physical/lightning/cold/magic damage, so poison resists can be ignored
  • Try to overcap your fire resistances by 50% so that you can ignore the Bone Spirit debuff
  • Dclone does not regen at all currently so no source of prevent monster heal or open wounds is needed
  • The fight is highly designed around kiting/dodging mechanics so focus on good mobility
  • You will need to stack max res, %DR and absorb to stand a chance
  • Fill your belt, your whole inventory and cube with full rejuv potions so you can restack them during the fight
I highly recommend stacking 95% fire resist and at least 90% lightning resist if you are not cheesing the fight to succeed, paired with some form of absorb for both elements and a Ravenfrost for Cold absorb if you can't dodge the projectile nova in time. Attack characters will want to stack as much crushing blow as they can to chip away his health pool, otherwise it will take too long and your pots run out before you likely can remotely kill him.


Once you enter the arena for the first time Dclone will always start doing the same attack - casting a firestorm in the direction of the narrow ridge where you are coming from. Quickly try to outrun it before it gets to you and hide behind one of the 2 pillars, either to your left or right (you need a minimum of 40% FRW to outrun it, otherwise it will hit you) Firestorm will hit you even if you stand behind one of the pillars as missiles stack up so don't stand in one place and circle around the arena - all other skills like laser, and novas can be dodged standing behind a pillar. While doing that you have to dodge Meteors. Bone Spirits are heat seeking missiles which will follow you around until the hit a solid entity or expire after 20 seconds. On impact or expiration the explosion deals physical damage and leaves burning ground behind for 20 seconds. You can tap the bone spirits and quickly turn around to not take explosion damage from them to position the ground fires the way you want so that they don't hinder you/zone you damaging Dclone. You can also lead them into one of the pillars to explode them safely - they spawn every 10 seconds per active Fallen Soul (more of them get active as the fight goes on correlating with DClones remaining HP)
At certain thresholds (75%/50%25%) Dclone will perform a devastating projectile nova skill with explosive bolts. Hide behind a pillar and don't try to tank them since they can shotgun and one shot you - don't stand too close to the pillar and not to far on the edge of the map behind the pillar since explosions might still be able to hit you after their impact. Just circle around the arena, dodge mechanics and utilize every window of opportunity to damage Dclone in between.
If you need a break or refill pots and won't want to do that while dodging mechanics at the same time - leave the arena at your own risk and go back to burning Pandemonium Fortress to do it safely and to rest your fingers. If you re-enter the arena afterwards - hide quickly behind a pillar since Dclone will perform a guaranteed projectile nova attack on your return.
Otherwise,; Just keep calm and practice the fight - you will get better at it over time, don't expect it to go well for you on the first time, unless you are an experienced Median XL player who does endgame content on regular basis.

Recommended builds for solo Dclone attempts:

  • Desecrate/Poison Necro: Necro has an easy time just running in circles around the outer side of the arena/hiding behind pillars, dodging mechanics and casting desecrate on top of Diablo every few seconds. The ability to stack a lot of poison pierce makes him a natural good choice as a boss killer, you can even distract Dclone with golems if needed. Here is a DOWNLOAD for the SP test character if you want to test the fight yourself.
  • Summoner Druid: Druid summons can be spawned without the need of corpses - just hide behind a pillar and spam summons on Dclone (bring mana pots) until he is dead - this is possible thanks to boss damage penalty against minions and minions threat levels which mess with Dclones AI. Here is a DOWNLOAD for the SP test character if you want to test the fight yourself.
  • Hydra Sorc: Just teleport around to dodge mechanics and hide behind pillars, spam Lesser Hydra on top of Dclone every 10 seconds to refresh them. Hydras even stay active off screen so you can truly cheese him if you want by just teleporting in the arena, casting hydras and teleporting out quickly, wait 10sec and repeat until he is dead - this is possible because Dclone can't regen. Here is a DOWNLOAD for the SP test character if you want to test the fight yourself.
Those are for sure not the only builds that can do the encounter but by far one of the easiest to learn and execute properly with minimal risk.
Known issues with the fight:
  • object limit can be exceeded on screen which leads to attacks/skills becoming invisible (but still doing damage!)
  • burning ground and lightning hose can desynch

Special Section: Killing Dclone as a true melee character?

This must be one of the hardest challenges ever encountered in a D2 mod in my opinion (reminded me of some encounters in Median XL) - you really have to step up your gameplay and play like a god if you want to do it the intended way without any cheesing involved. What is considered true melee:
  • using an attack skill that can miss (so no Smite, no Charged Strike which produces bolts that can't miss etc.)
  • skill must only do damage in true melee range (so no Lightning Strike, Poison Dagger etc.)
  • not using any form of teleport, just running/walking
Is this even possible? Yes, I can tell you it is possible but very hard - I did it on a Frenzy barbarian. Here is a DOWNLOAD for the SP test character if you want to test the fight yourself. The most important things to watch out for: Dclone has very high monster level and high defense so you won't be able to hit him often without gearing for it. I recommend using Soul Drainers for shredding his defense down to zero which will lead to a 72% chance to hit him on a level 90 character regardless of AR before block comes into play. Other than that: stack %FRW, stack 95% fire and lightning resist paired with high %DR so that you can pot through some of his attacks to extend the time you can deal damage to him, also stack crushing blow. You can't leech at all the normal way too, keep that in mind.


How did you gather all this data?
All data, damage values and everything you see here comes from field studies performed ingame - I am not able to read compiled/encrypted data and haven't tried to data mine it, so I don't know if that is possible. I am not sure on some specific things like Dclone level or him having absorb but my tests speak for it being somewhere in that range. Not all values might be 100% accurate but they should give you a pretty good idea what to expect. I am fairly confident in my testing - if something seems wrong to you feel free to point it out so I can take a second look. Characters to test were created on single player using UdieToo and separate Hex Editor to fix items/values to make things work. Damage numbers were evaluated with the clever use of modified absorb, resist and integer damage reduction items and are pretty accurate due to that.
Have you done Dclone on ladder?
Yes I have and I failed my first 2 attempts miserably and succeeded on the third (Summoner Druid cheese, not worth of talking about) - after that I thought I do the heavy lifting and began put the required work in to research and gather data for the community on SP, so I can provide a real guide.
Those damage numbers are insane! How can you even survive that?
By stacking max resist and flat absorb - for example: Lightning Hose will only deal around 200 physical damage per frame with 50% DR and 95 lighting resist paired with some flat lightning absorb per frame - still deadly but it won't insanely kill you anymore. Some skills like Fire Nova can even be completely neutered if you want to gear around it.
Are any of those attacks blockable?
Only Dclones cold touch ability and the Fallen Souls melee attacks are blockable with a shield. Assassins weapon block ability is able to block every secondary missile based attack/spell in this encounter - frame based attacks can also be blocked to some degree since they are all based on missiles.
What is all that bitrate and frame stuff you are talking about?
Skills in Diablo 2 which deal damage over a period of time are calculated somewhat complicatedly. 1 second in Diablo 2 has 25 frames and consists of 256 bits - each damage over time skill has a specific bit rate which is used in the process to calculate the damage the skill really does. The actual formula looks like this: bit rate x number of missiles x 25/256 (for 1 second). If you are interested in D2 mechanics I recommend checking various D2 wikis and old forums and read up on it.
Why not just stack integer DMDR to mitigate damage?
All high damage abilities are frame based and depend on skill bitrate to deal damage - those skills share a 1/25 or a 2/25 penalty against any source of integer PDMDR which renders the stat almost useless against high damage skills and are applied before resists. All skills in this Dclone fight deal absurd amounts of frame based damage - example: you would need around 900 PDR to negate fire storm missile damage which is not possible to achieve in the regular game.
Is this fight designed around melee at all?
Not as I am aware of, there are no mechanics that punish melee less than ranged - ranged characters are far superior in this fight. I personally would not attempt doing this fight as melee on ladder, just too punishing and needs a lot of practice to succeed consistently. Hope there will be bosses in the future which punish ranged characters and gave melee some advantage.
"This fight is bullshit! Way to hard for the normal casual player"
Well... it is definitely not designed to be doable by everyone with every build - it is meant to be a challenge for the most dedicated players. Once cheesing methods get fixed one by one, only skilled players with good builds will be likely able to do it. Think of other D2 mods like Median XL where not everyone is able to do every endgame boss.
Is the fight dependent on RNG?
Yes there is RNG involved - DClones skill pattern is totally random without cooldowns currently - so you can get lucky, and he won't do lightning hose for the next 12 seconds at all, or he will perform lightning hose 5 times on a row and never stop until he loses line of sight to the player. Stages and fight phases though can be planned by the player when they decide to put him below a certain damage threshold.
Are you planning to make a working editor for SP in the future?
No I am not planning to do that since I don't have the required skills writing such type of software - but there is an item pack out there from another community member which you can download and test characters with in single player.
Okay that will be it for my part - have fun attempting DClone everyone!
submitted by Wuslwiz to ProjectDiablo2

One Piece 500K subscribers Survey Result!

It's time for the result of our latest survey! And it had 7252 participant! So thank you everyone that took time to answer those questions.
You should be able to see the answer if you go there : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KfHOyWHQTyFEEeAYvCZRxBc3_ZGZxJn6ZUztiwMdVjE/edit

Community section :

What country are you from?

Country U.S.A. Germany India Australia Canada U.K. Bazil France Spain Sweden
Percentage 33.1 % 7.4% 5.4% 5% 4.8% 4.4% 3.1% 3.1% 2.1% 1.7%
Is nice to see that we have users from all around the world, even if nearly 50% are from English speaking countries.
Image 1.

How old are you?

The average age of a /OnePiece user is 23.62 years old. We have roughtly 10% of users that are underaged, and 10% that are 30 years old or more.
Image 2.


Gender Male Female Other
Percentage 88.6% 8.9% 2.5%
There is no surprise there.
For the others, we have some Gender Fluids, transgenders, Bigenders, quite a lot of Non-binary, a Loli, a Furry, and nearly a 100 Oden (You wish), as well as some rude people, but I won't put up what they said.

Manga or Anime?

Both Manga Only Anime Only
49.8% 46.2% 4%
No real surprise here either. Considering the subreddit has a lot of spoilers and is focussed around the chapter release, it's obvious there are only a few Anime Only people here. So thank you for Sticking Around, even if it the best place to avoid spoilers.

For approximately how long have you been following One Piece?

1 Year or less 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years or more
8.7% 6.2% 6.8% 6.1% 8.1% 7.1% 6.7% 7.1% 4.6% 38.5%
Nearly 40% of our users have followed the series for 10 years or more. (To give an idea, this mean they followed the series since Before the timeskip, as chapter 597 was released at the end of August 2010).
For the rest, we have roughly the same number of new readers that stays with the series. So it's quite good to bring new blood and not have a decrease of new readers.

Where does One Piece rank on your list of favorite manga?

N°1 Top 3 Top 5 Top 10 Bellow Top 10
70.1% 21.6% 5% 2.6% 0.6%
Well, you are in /OnePiece after all. So it's kinda obvious the manga is either your favorite or in your top 3.
If it isn't your number 1, what series are better than One Piece for you?

Do you own One Piece Merchandise?

No Manga Volumes Figurines Clothes Poster DVD/Blu-ray
44.2% 33.1% 24.5% 18.4% 17.2% 6.3%
Those are some good numbers I would say, 55.8% of users have some merchandise and are probably supporting the series (depending on where you bought those)
For the OTHERS answers given, some good ones are : autograph from dub VA of brook, Alvida pre devilfruit bodypillow, Chopper teddy bear, Sountracks, Custom made and 3D printed Keychain, Databook.

Subreddit Section :

Do you visit OnePiece mostly on mobile or on desktop?

Mobile or Apps Both Desktop
50.6% 29.5% 19.9%

If you are using desktop, are you using the old version of reddit? Or the redesign?

Redesign Old version
63.3% 36.7%
It seems like most users are using Mobile and Apps, as well as the redesign on desktop, so it's probably time to pay more attention to that than to the old version, this way we can get banners/flair for users that are on the new version of reddit.

How often do you make : a submission on OnePiece?/Comment?/read the rules?

Submission :
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Very often (Daily)
67.1% 24.7% 5.6% 1.6% 1%
Comments :
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Very often (Daily)
41.2% 32.7% 17.6% 6.7% 1.8%
Check the rules :
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Very often (Daily)
49.1% 17.1% 13.7% 8% 12%
This really shows that there are a lot of lurkers on the subreddit. Most of you won't ever post or comment on the subreddit. With 8% of users creating submission and 25% commenting.
As for the rules, there isn't any surprise since nearly every post respect the rules. (Only 1/5 of the post needs to be removed), so thank you to all of those that read them.

Content you enjoy the MOST/the LEAST.

Content you enjoy the most :
Theories/Discussion Fanart Polls Cosplay Merchandise Youtube Video Media (Photo and Video)
89.6% 47.9% 19.7% 16.7% 14.4% 14.1% 11.7%
So without surprise, people in this subreddit enjoy the Theories/discussions the most out of every type of post, it's then followed by the Fanarts.
Which is good since like 75% of posts made are Discussion (50% total)/Fanarts (25% total).
Content you enjoy the least:
Youtuber Video Merchandise Cosplay Media Fanart Polls Theories/Discussion
36.7% 35.1% 31% 15.7% 15.3% 6.9% 4.2%
Here there aren't any content that most users enjoy the least, but it still seems like users don't want to see that much Merchandise or Cosplay post. (Youtuber video are very rare)
Also, a quick reminder, Discussion/Theories are mostly found by sorting by New. This is where you will see all of them, as it's hard for them to show up on the front page of the subreddit (but if it shows up on Hot, then it's a very good one).

Do you only use the subreddit for the Spoiler and Chapter Discussion thread?

No Yes
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It's nice to see that roughly 2/3 of the users are here for more than just the Spoilers and Chapter discussion. But there is still a huge part that only use the subreddit for that.

Do you want the spoilers gone from this subreddit?

No Yes
86.7% 13.3%

Rate your overall experience on OnePiece.

Here it's seems that out of 10, the Overall Experience on /OnePiece is 8.35
Image n°3

One Piece related questions :

Who is your favorite Straw Hat?

Luffy Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook Jinbe
34.8% 29.1% 1.3% 6% 10.1% 1.8% 6.5% 2.4% 5.4% 2.6%

Who is your least favorite Straw Hat?

Luffy Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook Jinbe
0.8% 3.3% 10.6% 15% 6.5% 21.3% 4% 19.2% 8.3% 11.1%
As it was expected, Luffy is the Favorite Straw Hat for a lot of peopel, he's also the Straw Hat with the fewest "Least Favorite". After him Zoro is second favorite, followed by Sanji, Robin, Usopp, Brook, with the other Straw Hat having very few votes (and Nami having the Least "Favorite" Straw Hat.)
After that, it seems like Chopper, Usopp, and Franky are the one people like the least out of the Straw Hat.
I know it was a hard question for some of you, but the result are still interesting to know.

Which Strawhat has the saddest backstory?

Robin Brook Sanji Chopper Nami Other
50.9% 25% 9.3% 7.1% 5.8% 1.9%
The Straw Hats with the saddest backstory is Robin! Followed by Brook, then Sanji, Chopper and Nami.

What is your favorite Yonko crew?

Red Hair Whitebeard Big Mom Beast Blackbeard
34.7% 31.1% 14% 10.6% 9.5%
So the favorite Emperor's crew are the Red Hair Pirate! Which is very impressive since we haven't seen much of them. I guess Oda better delivers when it come to see them in action after Wano.

Who is your favorite Admiral?

Garp Aokiji Fujitora Kirazu Akainu Sengoku Green Bull
28.4% 28.2% 20.8% 15.8% 4.7% 1.7% 0.5%
While Garp was only a Vice Admiral, he was put in the poll, and he won it! Whitout him, it's Aokiji that is the favorite, followed by Fujitora.
Image 4

Who is your favorite Supernova (outside the Straw Hat)

Law Kid Bonney Urouge Bege X Drake Hawkins Apoo Killer
63.5% 12.4% 5.5% 4.5% 4.3% 4% 2.8% 1.7% 1.3%
Who else than the character that nearly managed to defeat Luffy in the 5 popularity poll? Law is the Favorite Supernova outside of the Straw Hat!

Which is your favourite canon arc in One Piece?

The Favorite Canon Story arc are (You could vote for more than 1) :
Position Story arc Result
N°1 Enies Lobby 43.3%
N°2 Marineford 39.8%
N°3 Wano 30.2%
N°4 Water 7 23.3%
N°5 Impel Down 19.6%

Which is your least favourite canon arc in One Piece?

The Least Favorite Canon Story arc are (You could vote for more than 1) :
Position Story arc Result
N°1 Long Ring Long Land Arc 37.2%
N°2 Fishmen Island 16.9%
N°3 Syrup Village 15.8%
N°4 Thriller Bark 10.1%
N°5 Punk Hazard 9.7%

Favorite Cover Story?

Position Cover Story Result
N°1 Enel's Great Space Operations 24%
N°2 From the Decks of the World : "The 500.000.000 Man Arc" 11%
N°3 The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet 10.7%
N°4 Ace's Great Blackbeard Search 9.8%
N°5 Straw Hat's Separation Seria 9.6%

Character Design in One Piece :

Do you like the female character designs in One Piece?
Yes No I have no opinion.
63% 19% 18%
Do you like the male character designs in One Piece?
Yes No I have no opinion.
89.6% 0.9% 9.5%
It's true that Oda isn't the best when it comes to Female character design. However it seems like the majority of users don't have a problem with that.

Are fight a determining factor for your enjoyment of the series/arc?

Yes No
52.6% 47.4%
Now this is rather surprising I must say. What do ou thing about this?

What is/are your (absolute) favourite aspect(s) of One Piece?

From the result we have, it seems like the World-Building is the favorite part of One Piece (With 88.6% of voters choosing this).
It's followed by The Adventure (69%), The characterization (54.4%), the Inter-character relationship (49.4%), the Action (36%) and the Art Style (26.2%).
And those result are obvious. Some of the most upvoted chapters of this subreddit are when we have huge world building moment, like 907 (Shanks talks to the Elders), or 957 (ULTIMATE).

Post-Timeskip is?

On Par with Pre-TS Better than Pre-TS Worse than Pre-TS
59.8% 28.2% 12%
This question is one of the most asked. With a lot of vocal voices saying that post TS is worse than Pre-TS.
It's different for sure, but now we know how the community feels about that.

If you could eat a Devil Fruit, what type would you want?

Paramecia Zoan Logia
28.9% 8.6% 62.5%
Most people could choose to eat a Logia, and it seems like becoming a Furry is the lesser choice in this subreddit.

The Final Antagonist of One Piece will be :

With 48.5% it's Blackbeard!
Really? That is surprising for me since it's obvious that Oda will make the SH fight against the World Government after they find the One Piece. And I honestly don't see Blackbeard being the final Antagonist because of that.
So people who voted for this, what was your reasoning for it?

What is One Piece Biggest Flaw?

Some of the biggest flaws mentionned are :
  • The Pacing
  • The Lack of characters' death outside of Flashback
  • The Anime.
Which are all fair flaws to the series.

Random Questions about the Series :

As of Wano, is Jimbei stronger than Zoro?

Yes No Yes but Zoro will be stronger soon
9.8% 60.3 29.9%
I guess people really want Zoro to always be the second strongest no matter what... I expected this result, but I was still disappointed...

Was Zoro as strong as Luffy just after the timeskip?

Yes No
31.5% 68.5%
I... Really? 31.5% said yes?

Will Sanji get laid by the end of the story?

Yes No
49.6% 50.4%
Nearly the perfect split, and it's easy to see why it's very divisive. (Also shows that every vote counts).

Will Usopp be part of the 1 Billion Club by the end of the story?

Yes No
76.4% 23.6%

The Straw Hats will go to Laugh Tales :

Before fighting the WG After Fighting the WG
71.1% 28.9%
It's been hinted at a lot that the SH will go to Laugh Tales before taking on the WG. So for me it feels rather strange to have more than 1/4 voting for them reaching the final island after.

Who will be the one to defeat Kaido? (So give the last hit)

With 66.3% of the votes the one who will give the last hit to Kaido is : Luffy!
Followed by 11.5% with someone else (that isn't Law/Kid/Zoro/Big Mom/Scabbard/Admiral) and 11% by one of the Scabbard.
Zoro received 6.4% of the votes.

Who will be the first SH to realize their dream?

Luffy Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook Jinbe
16.2% 12.5% 3.2% 32.7% 7.8% 1.8% 15% 6.8% 2.8% 1.2%
Most users believe that Usopp will be the first one to realize his dream!
I also think the same as it's the easiest Dream to realize really. I could bet you it will happen in Elbaf.
After that, we have Luffy and Robin, and it make sense since their dreams are linked. Both can be done once they reach Laugh Tales.

How many members will the crew have at the end? (With Luffy)

And most people want 11 members total in the crew! (With 28.6%), 27.5% wants 12 members, wile 19.8% want the crew to be complete right now with Jinbe.

Who do you think wins in a 1v1 : An Emperor or an Admiral?

Yonko Admiral
92.3% 7.7%
If you are active on the subreddit, you know it's one of the question that creates the most discussion/arguments about.
So it's nice to know the overall opinion of the subreddit on this question (Doesn't mean it's always correct mind you).

Is Mihawk emperor's level?

Yes No
57.7% 42.3%
Also a very divisive question on this subreddit.

Is Aokiji emperor's level?

Yes No
38.3% 61.7%

Is Akainu emperor's level?

Yes No
66.2% 33.8%
So they fight for 10 days in a very close battle. With Akainu winning in the end, but after a long and hard fight. And one is Emperor's level while the other isn't?
Really? I find that hard to understand.

If Oden was alive would he be stronger than Mihawk

Yes No
63.7% 36.3%

How strong was Oden at the time of his death?

The strongest Top 3 Top 5 Top 10 Top 20 < Top 20
1.4% 15.4% 32.5% 37.5% 11.9% 1.4%
I like Oden, but sometimes I feel like people are overestimating him.

Who is stronger between Shanks and Mihawk?

Shanks Mihawk
85.6%% 14.4%
This is also one of the question creating the most arguments on this subreddit, after all Mihawk is the World Strongest Swordman. But Shanks is an Emperor and became one after losing his arm.

Is Kaido stronger now that 20 years ago?

Yes, he's stronger Same level Weaker
64.5% 26.3 9.2%

Had Ace survived, would Wano be liberated by now?

Yes No
17.9% 82.1%

Could the Marines take on ALL the Yonko at the same time ?

Yes Yes in Marineford only No 2 at the same time 3 at the same time
2.4% 3.3% 68.6% 23% 2.7%
This question is also linked to how you see the Emperor vs Admiral. So depending on which side you are on, you are more likely to pick Yes or No.

Which character do you want focus on next?

Rank Character %
N°1 Vegapunk 24.7%
N°2 Dragon 18.8%
N°3 Shanks 14.6%
All very good choices, and all of them are character we have known for a long time without really knowing.

Will Blackbeard find the One Piece before Luffy?

Yes No
18.7% 81.3%

How strong is Monkey D. Dragon?

The strongest Top 3 Top 5 Top 10 < Top 10
3% 18.8% 31.8% 37.5% 8.9%
Here, most people seems to think that Luffy's father, Garp's son is part of the strongest characters of the series. Oda better respond to our expectations then.
As for his Bounty : Well, 31.6% think it will be more than 6 Billions and 28.1% think it will be between 5-6 billions.
That remind me, I once made a poll asking people what Sabo's bounty would be (since we knew it was getting revealed in a magazine soon). So maybe I will do the same for Dragon? That could be nice.

Who is currently the strongest Emperor?

Kaido Shanks Blackbeard Big Mom
43.1% 26.4% 26.3% 4.2%
I wonder if the recent chapters made people change their perception on this...

What are the fights you would want to see?

Fight %
Blackbeard vs Shanks 55.5%
Garp vs Rocks 54.9%
Garp vs Roger 54.8%
Mihawk vs Shanks 52.6%
Akainu vs Aokiji 44.6%

How long do you think One Piece has left? (At a rate of 40 chapters a year)

Image 5.
As you can see, most people think One Piece has at least 5 years left to go on. We will know Oda is terrible with respecting his own objectives. And this is good. The more One Piece the better.

On a scale from Spandam to Whitebeard/Roger, How strong is Im?

For this question, it seems like most people put Im at the same level as Whitebeard/Roger with 28.6% voting Im being there.
I honestly don't know how strong I want Im to be.

What arcs, after Wano, do you want?

The arcs people want the most are :
Arc %
Elbaf 79.8%
Laugh Tales 68.6%
Vegapunk 67.5%
The Final War 66.3%
Red Hair Pirates 38.2%
So arcs teased for years (Elbaf/Laugh Tales/Final War) and about character that people want to see (Vegapunk/Red Hair pirates).

How is Blackbeard able to use multiples Devil Fruits?

Reason %
More than 1 soul 29.5%
Weird Body 29.7%
Yami Yami 35.2%
Other 5.6%
It's one of those question were people have very different opinion about. And right now there isn't really a major concensus in the fandom, even if the theory about it being related to the Yami Yami is more popular.
In the Other catergory, there was the Cerberus Devil Fruit option, Blackbeard being a Triplet, him being actually 2+ kids in a trenchcoat, him being a failed Vegapunk experiment, having several stomachs him being pregnant (Stop reading fanfiction), him putting the power inside his rings, being a great guy and him being a cunt.

Haki is :

Image 6
Overall, People like Haki in the series, with a 4.38 out of 5!

How many arcs are left after Wano?

Image 7
Here, it seems like the answer for the community would be 4-5 arcs left. Which would then make (base don the How long One Piece has left), like a year per arc on average.

The final war of One Piece will be :

Reason %
SH+RA vs WG+Marines vs BB 50.8%
SH+RA vs WG+Marines 37.6%
SH vs RA vs WG 6.8%
Other 4.8%
I just don't see Blackbeard being in the final war, as my opinion is that he will be dealt with before it. For the other answers, there was Straw Hats vs Blackbeard Pirates, Family of D vs vs im sama, Total civil war in marines, Straw Hat vs Shanks, Straw hat vs Pound, Zoro vs World Goverment, Dugongs vs buggy.

Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece?

Will Luffy die? %
Yes 28%
No 72%
An ending were Luffy died wouldn't be a good ending for me. He needs to survive and go on more adventures.

Are Shakky and Rayleigh Mihawk's parent?

Answer %
Yes 10.2%
No 89.9%

Will the crew still be together at the end of the series?

Answer %
Yes, they will keep going on adventure together.| 57.6% o, they will move on, like the Roger Pirates| 42.4%
Like with Luffy living, I want the Crew to stay together, and sail together for many more adventures. I could see them taking breaks from time to time, but them staying together would be the best ending for me.

Can the Red Line be destroyed with Ancient Weapons?

Answer %
Yes 91.9%
No 8.1%

What is the biggest mystery left to be revealed?

The most common answers were : The Void Century, the Will of D, Im, The One Piece, Joy Boy, Luffy's mother and Who is Pandaman?

What is the One Piece?

Here, there was plenty of : "No idea", The friends we made along the way, a Devil Fruit, Knowledge, Uranus, History, a book, my mom.

What sort of Devil Fruit do you want to see in the story?

The most common answer was : Water Logia! Followed by Wind Logia and people wanting more mythical Zoans.

What is the craziest theory you believe?

Here are a few of them :
  • Shanks is a Celestial Dragon
  • That Vegapunk is going to flip a switch in the Pacifista programming to fight the marines at the end.
  • Luffy's mom was a celestial dragon
  • Devil fruits are all artificial from the void century
  • That Finland doesn't exist
  • Zoro is going to get Rodger's disease
  • D's were the original Celestial Dragons
  • Weevil was made by Vegapunk using Whitebeard's cells and then was discarded until Bakkin picked him up
  • One of the Roger Pirates (probably Scopper Gaban) is on Laugh Tale waiting for whoever finds it, sort of like how Crocus and Rayleigh seem to be positioned to monitor rookie pirates
  • Onigashima is an Oarz like skeleton and Big Mom is gonna bring it to life.
  • The different races came from other planets/moons
  • Tama is a Kurozomi
  • Ussop is a descendant of Mont Blanc Nolan
  • Luffy hatched from an egg.
  • The fish that bit Shanks's arm off was Joyboy's pet
  • Bon chan is Kin'emon's son
  • Oda no longer draws the manga
  • bonney and ace having a child
  • That Perospero is going to help kill Big Mom.
  • Dragon being former Admiral
What are your favorites?
And here it is, the 500K survey! Took me far too long to make, as I underestimated the time needed to sort the answer and create this post. Like damn.
I hope you enjoyed it. The anwers for the Survey Saga will be up next in some time.
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