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It is the eleventh video game in the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw series, and is the sequel to its predecessor, WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2020, and was succeeded by WWE. By JAPAN MAN, July 8, 2020 in Movesets. Movesets on Hacked Pokemon that would be all too powerful. So go to the very first line of the code, move the blinking cursor to the first character of the document.

Cm punk's in ring skill

Other Wrestling Promotions News. Bodyslams, powerbombs and piledrivers are just about as synonymous with sports-entertainment as the Superstars themselves. Warning: This replaces the default Bray Wyatt model. A WWE Raw (WWER) Modding Tool in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Arman Ossi Loko.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

For Honor is a Third-Person Fighting Game, developed and published by Ubisoft for. Fighterz Shabbat Search Engine JewJewJew.com. The download section, currently consisting of 39598 files, has full games, free demos, mods (fan-made game modifications), add-ons and official patches. Hello and welcome to /r/[HOST] is a place where you can discuss anything related to professional wrestling games!

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WWE 2K19 Unpacked Menu Renders. Each in ring segment shall be provided a grade and at the end a final grade will be given based on the show in its entirety. WWE Games Move Reference (standing grapples): WWEGames. Nicole meaning in hebrew look at here now.

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Pofo/moveset (50) Sound (91) Tool (5) game; WWE 2K20 (6) WWE 2K19 (1951) WWE 2K18 (1) WWE 2K17 (4) WWE 2K16 (2) WWE 2K15 (6) WWE 2K14 (5) Battlegrounds (22) Universal (51) resources; Information (31) Resource (8) Tutorials (9) WHAT'S HOT; MOST RECENT; TUTORIALS DISCORD; Search FEATURED. Codedome Software Solutions. I was recently playing WWE 13 Online on 1/24/13, and I'ved encountered a hacker who've manipulated his moveset as indicated in john-cena-d2r-hacked-moveset-wwe. Wii Sports Resort Wiki Guide.

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WWE '13 Cheats, Tips & Secrets - Nintendo Wii https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1241. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS: //www.frenchrepublic.space/Provence. In WWE, Danielson has held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship three times and the World Heavyweight Championship once, in addition to being a one-time United States Champion, a one-time WWE Tag.

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Share; Tweet; Share; Work With Us - Join The Team! Make sure you backup the original files! Signatures: Big Boot, One-Handed Spinebuster Finishers: Running Leg Drop, Texas Piledriver, WWE '13 for the Nintendo Wii Wed, 11 Jan 2020 11: 44: 53 Game Video Walkthroughs 3DS. THQ has even managed to capture audio from live WWE events to use for actual crowd effects during matches.

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Here you can download free and legal files for your PC and laptop computer. The WWE may be trying to erase his history, but the world of Fire Pro Wrestling will never forget the man known as The Rabid Wolverine, The Crippler, Chris Benoit.

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Create-A-Moveset - WWE '13 Wiki Guide https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1242. RealSport offers the latest gaming news, guides and opinions on F1, FIFA, Football Manager, Fortnite, Madden, Red Dead Online, PS Plus and more! The all new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate official source.

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In this, damage percentages and frames have been added, Court Change has been replaced with Bounce, and Cheering is a new gimmick that goes beyond in-game abilities. WWE '13 Preset Movesets List - WWE '13 Guides - WWE '13 learn the facts here now. October 3: Steve will release for Super Smash Bros. Though this lack of clarity can be frustrating, it's still a lot of fun to guide your superstar to WWE prominence.

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Wwe 13 hacked moveset. Freebie Friday (Jan 15, 2020) Help Us Decide. Tekken57's 2k19 mods - Mark Jindrak - Mods. Alright, so I know it's been a while, but I have officially made improvements to the Cinderace moveset to turn this guy into a fun character, while still keeping his stereotype in the main games.

Motown Hero's WWE 2k19 Signatures and Finishers

If a moveset is in need of a revision, a "Recommended Replacements" section will be added below each wrestler. The Gifts of Imperfection: Embrace Who You Are. If you have not received an activation key from me after 72 hours, please pm me. So what does X. Labels: Movesets, Videos.

Wrestling from around the world: The Pacific Northwest of Canada

Hello Reddit, the following is a new weekly series on SC dedicated to showing off a region of wrestling, such as the PNW, New York, Mexico City, ect. This is the first post and meant to be a template.
Behold, a very quick little pocket guide to Canada’s PNW Scene, if their is any wrestlers or companies I miss(A chunk of the 321 Battle! Roster) I apologize, as The Singh Brothers put it, The PNW Scene is a bit of a black hole where buzz rarely gets past the area, but it is an area that deserves buzz, with great wrestlers and good companies, though a lack of recent shows making tapes doesn't make it easier. With Local Promotion Defy wrestling airing on the Nov.30th episode of Impact with Randy Myers vs Sami Callihan, it is a great time to check the pmw scene out.
Feel free to comment on anything to add and I will happily add it to the post, or just discuss your thoughts on the PNW.
If there is anyone who would like to contribute to this series, please dm skeach101. A joshi guide is already up on Squared Circle Sirens that is incredibly thorough and well done


ECCW - One of the top indie promotions in Canada, from KOR, to Daniel Bryan, to Nicole Matthews, they all have had some damn good runs here. Website Edit: Based Primarily all throughout Vancouver
Defy - The hot new promotion on the PNW Block, has a beautiful mix of Big Name Talent & Locals, along with a very unique camera style. Website Edit: Runs in Tacoma & Seartlw
321 Battle - Runs every two weeks and draws a few hundred consistently, and all the stuff is available on their YouTube channel, and a promotion able to be self sustaining like that deserves props. Website Edit: Runs in Seattle
Prestige - Local promotion in Oregon
WCWC - Local promotion in Portland, credit to KayfabeTactics
ASW YT Channel They are more family friendly in most cases with the occasional hardcore/cage/ladder matches. They tend to do shows mainly in the Cloverdale areas 1-2 times a month featuring some of the guys already mentioned and the odd big name like Gangrel or Davey Boy Smith Jr. Description by Brytor-
PWA also has a presence all over Canada - http://www.canadianprowrestling.com/ Credit to LecheConCarnie
Big West Wrestling in Kelowna, which does 2-3 shows a month (some of them as Thrash Wrestling or Invasion Championship Wrestling) in the Okanagan Valley, using a lot of the people on your "locals" list and the occasional bigger-name appearance by a retired or semi-retired guy - Ted DiBiase Sr. last month, Mick Foley's been there a couple of times and will be back in the spring. - Credit & Description Puttingonthefoil
VIPW - Local Promotion in Victoria, BC
DOA - Local Promotion in Portland, Oregon. Website
Lucha Volcanica: Lucha Libre themed company based out of Seattle, lots of content available on YT through various channels.

How to watch

On demand services
CZW Studios: Has Defy, some ECCW, misc.indies & CZW
Highspots: Has Defy & some ECCW, personally I say it's the best bang for your buck with a little bit of everything to the point of being overwhelming
Defy on Demand: Has Defy, some PCW, Some ECCW & some Progress
ECCW On Demand: Has Defy & Large amount of ECCW, misc.indies, plus both US & UK PCW
ECCW: Got a few matches from the 2010-2012 era on here
321 Battle!: Basically all of it
BC Indie Wrestling - Lots of Fancams from around the Province of British Columbia


The Locals

Andy Bird: From Humble beginnings to ECCW Canadian Champ, is a high flier with a beautiful entrance and owns The Bird’s Nest, helping First Nations people with relocation
Randy Myers: The “Weirdo Hero” is an interesting fellow who trained with Tyson Kidd, DBS Jr & Natalya, a veteran who enjoys his weird jerk character work and has had some damn good matches, check out his match airing on the Nov.30th episode of Impact vs Sami Callihan.
Bishop: Ya like hosses? This is one big, strong, and deceptively agile beast of a veteran, check out his matches vs Jeff Cobb & Darby Allin.
Air Adonis: Maga support gimmick. ECCW Champion, hoss who can do a standing SSP.
Artemis Spencer: ECCW Veteran who is making his return next month, well built and a rival of Nicole Matthews
Scotty Mac: ECCW Veteran and local despised heel
Billy Suede: PNW Wrestling Veteran
The Voros Twins: Two young prospects who as the name implies are identical twins, great skill and trained at both ECCW & at the wXw Training Academy. Watch their matches vs the Cunninghams & Bollywood Boyz, current DOA & ECCW Tag Champs.
Fergie: Fun & Strong the dude knows how to hype up a crowd.
Kenny Lush: Big, Strong, Agile & Member of the band Daggermouth
Xavier Galaxy: I’m not sure how to describe him other than… interesting, in a good way. Self Described as "OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME AND BEYOND THIS PLANET BEAUTIFUL."
Travis Williams - Young and Athletic, dude is a bit of a prick when he gets in the ring though. Young prospect & rival with Shareef of Reloaded
Eric Strange: New Wrestler on the scene with Slovakian heritage, he’s already quite talented and dude can lift, like lift a lot, like makes me feel ashamed that I can't even get a fraction of his lift strength.
Shareef Morrow & Jackie Lee(Reloaded): Two young, agile prospects. Shareef & Travis Williams are in quite the rivalry right now.
King Khash: Iranian wrestler who travels all over, trained by Buddy Wayne and is slowly starting to get more recognition.
Clark Connors: Trained by Lance Storm & the Buddy Wayne Academy, Connors is already a regular at all the PNW Wrestling shows and is worth keeping an eye on in the future.
Shredz: As his name implies, he is shredded, good powerhouse wrestler with an abundance of charisma.
Pete Powers: As his name implies, he is very powerful, has a power based moveset of just throwing bombs at his opponents.
Schaff: Has wrestled on defy twice, big guy
Azeem The Dream: PNW Vet & ASW Regular
Bambi & Lizza Hall: Two sisters new to the PNW Scene who wrestle as both a tag team and in singles
Cat Power: The Joshi Slayer herself, Cat Power is a talented and charismatic performer, and standout of the PNW Women's scene. Watch her matches vs Nicole Matthews & her Japan Tours, specifically her matches vs Syuri if you can find them. ECCW Women's Champ.
Steve West: The man has some large amount of heat in Seattle, also “FUCK STEVE WEST”. Really though he is a good heel
Nelson Creed: A good wrestler from the 00’s indie days who can still go with the best of them, and has written three published books.
Ethan HD - weighing in at a few thousand Twitter followers, this charismatic high flyer is one of the trainers for the Great Khali’s CWE Academy. Has wrestled all over the US, Canada & India. Has also faced an indian wrestler with the ring name “Hitler” for CWE This Year.
Kaine S. Jaiden - Young Prospect and teammate/henchman for Ethan HD.
Mike Santiago: A veteran Bruiser with quite the mean streak and carries a shovel with him to the ring, he’s faced quite a few people in the PNW Scene, Recommend his matches vs Kyle O'Reilly & Moose.
Los Sexi Mexis - Sonico & Avi Rex: The believe in punching nazis in the face, are great high flyers with a unique look as there aren't many masked men in the PNW. Their matches for Defy or a quick YouTube Search will yield plenty of matches for you to watch.
La Avispa: Ya know Los Sexi Mexis? Like them, but female. Hard worker and a great high flyer.
The Cunninghams - Karl The Catch & Big Jack, one’s a hoss, the other is quick and agile, they compliment each other well, check out their matches vs the Voros & work in Defy.
Batboy - Hardworking young luchador with some cool moves
Tony Baroni: A Hot Tub Lifestyle man, needless to say he is a easy to hate heel
Mitch Mulligan: The man is a pro golfer who also wrestles, that is badass.
Drexl: “The Devil” Drexl is a simple heel, he hates good guys and tries to beat them up, he is quite good at it
Daniel Makabe: Vancouver born ace of 321 Battle! The man loves wrestling and is absolutely super duper nice irl
Dave Turner: Don't sleep on “The Black Sheep” Legit the hardest working wrestler in the PNW. Dude wrestles everywhere! He hasn’t even hit full stride yet! www.youtube.com/daveturnerwrestling credit to for the Theicon8 for Turner's entry

The Big Names

Shane Strickland: The King of Swerve has had a great year, being the current Defy & Wrestle Circus Champion, check out his match as Killshot vs Dante Fox in Lucha Underground which aired this year, if you watch any match I mention on this list, make it that one.
Bollywood Boyz/The Singh Brothers: You may know them as Jinder’s minions who yell “Maharaja” & Randy likes to drop on their necks, but in a past life, they were the charismatic, hardworking heroes of the PNW Tag Scene who loved to deliver Butter Chicken Beatdowns.
Nicole Matthews: I wish I was a better writer, because of everyone on this list, Nicole Matthews may be the most talented person on here, and that is a high bar to clear, watch her matches vs Shayna Baszler & her tag run as one half of The Canadian Ninjas.
Becky Lynch/Rebecca Knox: The first ever ECCW Women's Champ & longtime member of ECCW, if you want to see what early Becky was like, the ECCW Archives are your golden ticket.
Bryan Danielson: Dude’s had stints everywhere, the PNW is no different, with multiple showings at the ECCW Pacific Cup(some listed later) and being Washington born, D.Bry may be the biggest success story on this list. Also the ECCW Streaming services has more Bryan Danielson matches to watch, so go watch them.
Tyler Breeze: His ECCW Stint was before he realized that he could exploit the fact that he was gorgeous to help solve Fashion Crimes in wrestling under the name of “Mattias Wild”
Taya Valkyrie: Former AAA Woman's champion, LU Star & Impact Star, got her start in the PNW after being trained by Lance Storm
Chelsea Green/Laurel Van Ness: Everyone's favourite Scorned former lover, trained by Lance Storm & born in Victoria BC.
Emma/Tenille Dashwood: The Aussie Standout, has had an extended stint in ECCW with a notable feud vs Nicole Matthews.Global One News Report on her WWE Signing
El Phantasmo: Having left for the UK earlier this year, already standing out with his neon lights based entrance & high flying skills. Watch his matches vs David Starr & KOR.
Davey Richards: One half of the Wolves, former ROH Champion and PNW Standout well known for his vicious, buzz saw like strikes, watch his matches vs Lio Rush, KOR & Eddie Edwards.
Christina Von Eerie: Married to Scotty Mac and a regular on ECCW, you may know her as the inaugural GFW Women's Champion & is a viscous wrestler. Look for her match vs B Boy this year.
Darby Allin: Crazy boy with a edgy look and insane/unique dives, had one of the biggest feuds in Evolve this year vs Ethan Page. Trained by Buddy Wayne.
Earthquake: Sat on Jake’s snake, Crushed Hulk Hogan’s ribs & member of the Dungeon of Doom, Earthquake is an old favourite from the 80’s/90’s of Wrestling. May he rest in peace.
Dr.Luther: FMW Star in the 90’s & Hardcore Wrestler, now retired but will hit the ring every once in awhile.
Kyle O’Reilly: The MMA Extraordinaire with experience in ECCW, NJPW, Defy, ROH & now NXT as part of the Undisputed Era
Buddy Wayne: Had a hand in training the Cunninghams, Darby Allin and so many others, praised for both his training and his in ring work, recently passed away, may he rest in peace.
Mauro Ranallo: Having gotten his start doing commentary on old British Columbia Indie* Shows.
*Correction by Puttingonthefoil "he got his start on the original All-Star Wrestling, which was the Vancouver territory in the dying days of the territories."
Black Dragon/Bret Como: Longtime rival of Scotty Mac & someone Chris Jericho credits as helping him out when he started in the wrestling business in his First Book “A Lion’s Tale”.

Recommended Matches

Timothy Thatcher vs Daniel Makabe - 321 Battle! 28.07.2017, this is a story of a local getting his dream match against one of the top technical wrestlers in the world, while also having to defend the honour of his local indie, the post match included is absolutely beautiful. On YT for free, so you have no excuse to skip it. alan4l & Makabe talking about the match, & wrestling on a F4W Podcast
Misterioso Jr vs Rey Fenix vs Shane Strickland vs Eli Everfly - PCW Second To None 28.07.2017 Light Heavyweight No.1 Contender
Douglas James vs Lio Rush - PCW Second To None 2017 Light Heavyweight Championship
Defy 1 Legacy 13.01,2017, yes all of it was an easy watch/debut show with well done matches, a creative look, and wrestlers that typically don't get a spotlight. Main Event of Cody Rhodes vs Shane Strickland
Lio Rush vs Shane Strickland - Defy 2 Wolves At The Door 07.04.2017: People who attended live praise this as one of the best Defy Wrestling Matches
Davey Richards vs Lio Rush - Defy 3 Swerve City CZW World Championship: CZW Title Change
Joey Ryan & Eddie Van Glam vs Steve West & Mr. Fitness - Defy 4 Gigantic Day One 29.06.2017: If ya want to look at the Seattle slightly comedy based wrestlers work the Joey Ryan comedy indie match at it's finest. All of Defy 4 is on PivotShare
Nicole Matthews vs Su Yung vs Angelina Love vs Christina Von Eerie - Defy 4 Gigantic Day One: Ya like Action packed, well paced Fatal Four Ways that make everyone look great?
King Kash vs DBS Jr vs Bobby Fish - Defy 4 Gigantic Day One: Similar to the previous match, well paced triple threat with everyone looking good and some creative spots.
Matt Cross vs Shane Strickland - Defy 4 Gigantic Day One: Back and Forth tension building match
The Cunninghams & Kate Carney vs Sexi Mexis - Defy 6 03.08.2017: Not released yet, but it shows what makes Defy dope as heck, giving local wrestlers the opportunity to kill it
Shane Strickland vs Lio Rush - Defy 6 Defy Championship Match: Not released yet, once it does I highly recommend it
Bryan Danielson vs Disco Fury - ECCW 19.03.2005 NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Championship: The Classic Bryan Danielson vs Local Indie guy match, very enjoyable. Part of “ECCW Best of 2005” on Pivotshare
American Dragon vs Puma(TJ Perkins) vs Aaron Idol - ECCW Pacific Cup 2005 Finals Day Two April 23rd Part of “ECCW Pacific Cup 2005” on Pivotshare, a nice, long triple threat that never loses the viewer’s interest
Juggernaut vs Scotty Mac - ECCW 18.06.2005 Extreme Rules for ECCW Title The final match of “ECCW Best of 2005” on Pivotshare, really good, chaotic brawl with Mac trying to take down the giant.
Andy Bird vs Bishop - ECCW 27.07.2012 NWA Canadian Championship
Bishop vs Nicole Matthews - ECCW Ballroom Brawl 17.01.2015 III
Cat Power vs Nicole Matthews - ECCW Lucha Libre at the Commodore 08.05.2015
Six Pack ECCW Title No.1 Contender's Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Match - ECCW Ballroom Brawl IV 11.07.2015: Really good multi person scramble, available on PivotShare
Nicole Matthews vs Artemis Spencer vs Ethan HD vs Billy Suede - ECCW Ballroom Brawl IV ECCW Championship Ladder Match: Multi Person, Big, weapons based match, is incredibly fun to watch and if you like Ladder Matches, this was executed very well. Available on PivotShare
Bollywood Boyz vs Voros Twins - ECCW 17.10.2015 ECCW Tag Titles: Fun Little match where you can see the Singh Bros/Bollywood Boyz’s in ring charisma really shine
El Phantasmo vs Bishop - ECCW Pacific Cup 12.03.2016
El Phantasmo vs Brian Cage - ECCW Ballroom Brawl VI 16.07.2016 ECCW Title El Phantasmo faces the biggest challenge yet in his open challenge series
The Cunninghams vs The Voros Twins - ECCW Nov.2016 ⅔ falls
El Phantasmo vs KOR - ECCW Championship - ECCW Ballroom Brawl VII Jan. 15th, 2017: The Returning KOR faces El Phantasmo, a vet who has defeated the majority of the PNW Scene during his open challenge series, add in a hot crowd at one of the biggest ECCW shows of the year and you have an insanely good match.
Darby Allin vs Bishop - ECCW Evolve or Die Trying 08.04.2017 no DQ match: Darby Allin, the man famous for death defying spots, and Bishop, the man infamous for his strength, put them together and you got a good David vs Goliath match, not as good on tape as it was live, but still quite good.
Nicole Matthews vs Shayna Baszler - Last Woman Standing for the ECCW Championship 13.05.2017: The Epic Crazy Local Indie Brawl, an incredibly satisfying chaotic brawl. Only fancam available.
Sonico vs Nelson Creed - ECCW vs Defy 09.09.2017: Nice, well paced, and athletic back and forth match, a fun & easy watch. Available on pivotshare, the whole show is an easy watch tbh.
Thank you for reading this until the end, giving some new wrestling a chance and hopefully you're happy with the results. Either way though, google what a baby seagull looks like.
submitted by beybladeparm to SquaredCircle

Booking a WWE G1 Climax (Part Four)

Over on the Blue Brand, competitors are dropping out of the tournament like flies – it’s a little more complicated in the RAW Block, but nonetheless, as superstars go into their final three matches of the campaign, each point matters. Expect to see some spectacular wrestling in the next three weeks – so what matches do we have lined up this week?
- Samoa Joe (8) vs Seth Rollins (5)
- Baron Corbin (6) vs Sami Zayn (4)
- The Miz (4) vs Cesaro (6)
- Braun Strowman (6) vs Ricochet (7)
- Drew McIntyre (8) vs AJ Styles (6)
Welcome to Monday Night RAW!
RAW Block – Night Seven – Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins
Perhaps the most important match of the night, Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins are two competitors vying for that top spot in the RAW Block. Joe sits on eight points, a win here would put him on ten and in prime position going into the final 2 matches. On the other hand, Seth Rollins has been on track to get himself back into the tournament after a poor start, if he loses tonight, then he’s out of the tournament.
So, Joe is fighting for the points, Rollins is fighting to stay in the tournament. Both men make their entrances, and as soon as the bell rings it’s evident that Seth is more focused than Joe, while the Destroyer gets in his fair share of offense, the match clearly doesn’t mean as much to him as it does to Seth, who is fighting to stay in the tournament mathematically.
Eventually, Seth Rollins is able to pull away with some momentum, he dodges the infamous headbutt Joe is known for and connects a Ripcord Knee Strike, there’s then a roundhouse kick followed by a Curb Stomp for the 123.
Seth Rollins def. Samoa Joe (13 minutes)
It was do or die for Rollins tonight. He had his back against the wall and he fought out of it courageously, putting on an offensive clinic against one of the most consistent performers in the WWE Cup so far. Joe remains on eight points, and Seth only goes up to seven, however if results go his way he still has a chance of winning the block.
RAW Block – Night Seven – Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn
Corbin had a fantastic start to the tournament, he found himself at the top of the block coming at the end of Part One, however he suffered a beatdown at the hands of the Club that deemed him unable to compete for two weeks in a row, since, Corbin has dropped down the rankings. At the end of Part One, Zayn was on zero points without a win, however he defeated AJ Styles to get himself going in a large upset, and it’s only been up for him since. He currently sits on four points.
At the beginning of the match, Zayn goes to assault Corbin however Corbin calls for the ref and he begins to sell his injury, he uses this as a window of opportunity to strike Zayn though and a beatdown ensues, Corbin is taking down Zayn and laying out several blistering strikes.
Despite the Lone Wolf’s offense, Zayn fights back into it, capping off a fantastic comeback sequence with a Helluva Kick that puts down Corbin for the pinfall.
Sami Zayn def. Baron Corbin (6 minutes)
Sami Zayn, somehow, is still mathematically in the tournament, going onto six points. He was able to endure the Corbin beatdown, and defeat him 123 to increase his place in the rankings and keep himself in the tournament. If Styles defeats McIntyre later, then Zayn is still in the tournament.
RAW Block – Night Seven – The Miz vs Cesaro
If The Miz does not win now, then he is the first of the RAW Block to be eliminated. Despite winning his first two matches and going top of the leaderboard, Miz has lost every match since, and now finds himself in a situation where he needs to win to stay in the tournament.
Cesaro’s form has been unpredictable, winning some and losing others. He currently sits on six points, with 3 wins and 3 losses, he hopes to make that record positive by the end of today. Both men make their entrances and the match begins, Miz tries desperately to win, however anything he does Cesaro does better. For the first half of the match, the bout is even, with Miz getting in some sections of offense, however Cesaro gets himself into a groove eventually and really begins to pile offense on the Miz, a late comeback sequence from the latter isn’t enough as Cesaro catches Miz during a Double Axe-Handle, and turns it into a Neutraliser.
Cesaro def. The Miz (10 minutes)
That’s it. The Miz has been eliminated from the WWE Cup. A rough way to go out for the Miz, however he was lucky to rally wins early in the tournament against Braun Strowman and Sami Zayn. Cesaro exits relatively fast after a brief celebration, it’s just another two points for the Swiss Superman.
The Miz is left in the ring on his own, he gets up and he gets applauded by the crowd for his valiant efforts in the WWE Cup. Even though he still has two matches to go, he’ll be fighting for nothing. He looks frustrated, however he is proud of his performance.
RAW Block – Night Seven – Braun Strowman vs Ricochet
If Ricochet wins, then he goes up to nine points and leads the block going into the final two matches, a large confidence boost. If Strowman wins, then he moves up to eight points and has a higher chance of winning the entire WWE Cup. Both men make their entrances and the bell rings.
The match tells a classic tale of David vs Goliath, Strowman’s power vs Ricochet’s agility. It makes for a really interesting dynamic, where there are some sequences that are visually stunning as Ricochet simply tries to ground Strowman. In an important spot of the match, Ricochet hits A BODYSLAM on Strowman, he then goes to the top rope and connects the 630, keeping Strowman down for the pinfall.
Ricochet def. Braun Strowman (9 minutes)
Ricochet will lead going into the final two days. Strowman still has a chance to win the tournament, however, it is very slim and it would require some luck and coincidence. Ricochet goes up to nine points, ultimately he’s able to take down the Monster Among Men in another impressive performance for the One and Only, who celebrates and then goes to the back.
RAW Block – Night Seven – Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles
Two men who have took the WWE Cup by storm thus far – McIntyre has been a dangerous threat throughout, he currently sits on eight points, and if he is able to defeat the Phenomenal One tonight, then he knocks AJ Styles out of the cup completely. AJ Styles needs to win tonight or he has been eliminated from the cup, he came out of the gates swinging with two straight wins to kick off the cup, he then lost three straight however he won last week, meaning that he can still win the block.
The match between the two is a war of attrition, both men have impressive move-sets that combine all styles of wrestling, so their ability to put on a complex match is fully on display in what makes to be a great main event. Drew McIntyre, looking to make use of his opportunities and win the RAW Block as soon as possible, AJ Styles, trying to stay in the tournament.
McIntyre seems to be surging ahead when Styles hits an Enziguri when McIntyre goes for a Claymore Kick. Styles hits a german suplex and then an Ushi Gerushi, he then connects a Phenomenal Forearm but McIntyre is able to kick out. AJ Styles hits a Styles Clash on him, but McIntyre still kicks out. Styles takes the Scottish Psycopath to the top rope, positions him for a top rope Styles Clash, and BOOM, he connects it fully, he goes for the pinfall,
AJ Styles def. Drew McIntyre (18 minutes)
Another close win for Styles, another day goes by where he somehow hasn’t been eliminated from the tournament. Styles survives the onslaught that McIntyre gave, taking full advantage of his wrestling IQ and demonstrating it in a fantastic match. It doesn’t mean much for anyone else, but for Styles, he can sleep knowing that he can still win the WWE Cup. To close out the show, Styles celebrates.
  1. Ricochet (9 points)
  2. AJ Styles (8 points)
  3. Drew McIntyre (8 points)
  4. Samoa Joe (8 points)
  5. Cesaro (8 points)
  6. Seth Rollins (7 points)
  7. Sami Zayn (6 points)
  8. Braun Strowman (6 points)
  9. Baron Corbin (6 points)
  10. The Miz (4 points)
Things are tightening up in the SmackDown Block, with only FOUR SUPERSTARS still in contention win the block. Roman Reigns, Aleister Black, Andrade and Daniel Bryan are all contending to win the block, however only one of them can come out victorious. Let’s see what matches they’re in tonight and also what matches are also on.
- Andrade (6) vs Roman Reigns (12)
- Kofi Kingston (6) vs Aleister Black (10)
- Kevin Owens (4) vs Buddy Murphy (0)
- Ali (4) vs Finn Balor (6)
- Shinsuke Nakamura (4) vs Daniel Bryan (8)
Let’s get into the action!
SmackDown Block – Night Seven – Andrade vs Roman Reigns
This is one of the biggest matches of the tournament so far. Let’s evaluate the scenario – if Reigns beats Andrade, then Andrade is mathematically eliminated from winning the WWE Cup, Reigns moves up to fourteen points and it becomes more difficult for the other two to win the tournament.
If Andrade somehow wins, then he stays in the competition, however, he needs to rely on Reigns losing his next two matches if Andrade wants a chance of winning the block. The odds are stacked against El Idolo’s favour. Let’s see if he can handle a high pressure situation. Both men make their entrances and the bell rings.
The match has a big fight feel – as previously said, this is perhaps the biggest match of the competition so far bar Kingston vs Reigns. Andrade, surprisingly, comes prepared, winning multiple grappling duels and taking the upper hand. However, in a big match situation, the underdog always struggles to keep control, and this occurs, as Reigns re-takes control of the match in typical fashion.
After some crushing Samoan Drops, clotheslines and forearms, Andrade is dazed, weak. He spills to the outside of the ring, where Reigns sprints towards him for a Spear, however, Zelina Vega dives in the way and she’s a victim of the Spear instead! Andrade capitalizes on the moment, gets Reigns in the ring, connects the La Sombra! 1…2.. Kickout.
Reigns fights back, he rallies himself and hits numerous Superman Punches, he caps it off with a brutal Spear that puts Andrade down for good and out of the WWE Cup.
Roman Reigns def. Andrade (16 minutes)
Another one bites the dust. Andrade had a decent run in the tournament, somehow holding onto contention on Night Seven despite losing half of his matches. Andrade had an impressive start to the campaign, defeating Aleister Black, however he had a rocky road since, only winning a few matches here and there. Andrade’s run for the ship came to a nail biting close against Roman Reigns.
As for Reigns, he ticks another victim off his list. Reigns, Black, Bryan. Only three remain, and the fate of the SmackDown Block is sure in the hands of Roman Reigns, as he celebrates.
SmackDown Block – Night Seven – Kofi Kingston vs Aleister Black
Another big match, the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, despite being eliminated from the tournament, still has something to fight for, as he is the WWE Champion, and anyone who defeats him rightfully has a claim to be number one contender. Tonight, Black could keep himself in the tournament, move up to 12 points and also become a number one contender for Kofi’s title, so he has a lot to play for.
The match revolves around a civil duel with high stakes – the two don’t pull off anything controversial, it’s a relatively civil match, the two just performing at their best. On a physical level, Kofi is unable to keep up with the fierce strikes of Black, however Kofi is more agile, which plays a large contribution to the match.
At the end of the bout, Black has full control, he hits a moonsault springboard and then realizes that Kofi is senseless, he raises Kofi’s head and connects the BLACK MASS, he goes for the cover, 1…2…3!
Aleister Black def. Kofi Kingston (10 minutes)
Aleister Black just refuses to back down. He could lose a match at any time, let Reigns win the block and have some rest, but he keeps on fighting. Six wins straight for the former NXT Champion, an impressive twelve points a claim to be number one contender for the WWE Championship? This is a huge achievement for Black, as he celebrates before shaking Kofi’s hand.
SmackDown Block – Night Seven – Kevin Owens vs Buddy Murphy
Murphy still hasn’t won a match in the WWE Cup.
Owens is no longer able to win the tournament due to results not going his way last week, so he has nothing to play for. Murphy, still has something to play for. He wants to get some points in this tournament. The match between the two is practically a squash, Murphy gets little to no offense in as Owens is practically bullying him.
Owens is emotionless, knowing he cannot win the WWE Cup anymore. In his last stand, Murphy slaps Owens, who gives him a Quick Stunner and a quick pinfall to end the match.
Kevin Owens def. Buddy Murphy (9 minutes)
Murphy just cannot win in the WWE Cup. There is no celebration from Owens, he walks straight to the back, while Murphy recovers in the ring. He nods his head and walks away, he knows that he is getting a win before the WWE Cup is over.
SmackDown Block – Night Seven – Ali vs Finn Balor
Both men, again, wrestling for nothing, however they both respect eachother as opponents and the match shows – it’s a spectacle of beautiful offense throughout, littered with fun spots and a fun story told of the rookie Ali trying to defeat the veteran Finn Balor.
Both men consider their WWE Cup runs disappointing, both not able to win the block, being eliminated from contention last week, however, they can still fight for pride and to try and raise their stock as a wrestler. As the match advances, the bout becomes even higher stakes as the two cannot separate themselves due to their matching skill.
At the conclusion of the match, Ali moves out of the way of the Coup De Grace and hits a reverse-rana, he goes to the top rope and connects a 450 Splash, 1…2…3!
Ali def. Finn Balor (8 minutes)
Perhaps one of the largest upsets of the tournament, Ali defeats Balor in a fun bout between the two, an interesting exhibition bout. Ali celebrates and helps Balor to his feet, who walks to the back, devastated that he couldn’t rack up any more points. Nevertheless, Ali continues his entertaining run in the WWE Cup.
SmackDown Block – Night Seven – Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan
This match, also, means practically nothing, as earlier on in the night, Reigns’ win over Andrade ALSO knocked Daniel Bryan out of contention of winning the block, however he still wants to prove himself as the best on the brand so he wants to defeat Nakamura.
The match has a scaled-down tone, both men are fighting for nothing, despite the fact that both men desperately wanted to win the entire WWE Cup. The match is considered a dream match, so both men work their ass off at putting together a good match for the crowd, as Nakamura and Bryan work a technical bout that features a clash of wrestling styles grown from different cultures, there’s no fun spots or anything like that, just pure mat-based wrestling.
The match has a few near falls, and it comes down to the question – who wants to win it more? Bryan is demoralised, frustrated that he can no longer win the block, so Nakamura has a more positive mindset and it shows, Nakamura hits a Kinshasa then immediately locks in the armbar, and he’s able to TAP Daniel Bryan OUT!
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Daniel Bryan (15 minutes)
A good match that sends the fans home happy, Nakamura is able to tap out the Submission Specialist Daniel Bryan! Nakamura celebrates briefly and leaves, Bryan does the same without the celebration. We have two nights to go in the SmackDown Block, and only two men are in contention of winning it.
  1. Roman Reigns (14 points)
  2. Aleister Black (12 points)
  3. Daniel Bryan (8 points)
  4. Kevin Owens (6 points)
  5. Andrade (6 points)
  6. Ali (6 points)
  7. Finn Balor (6 points)
  8. Kofi Kingston (6 points)
  9. Shinsuke Nakamura (6 points)
  10. Buddy Murphy (0 points)
Nine competitors are still vying for that top spot in the RAW Block so they can advance to the WWE Cup Finals. Two matches left, if you lose, likelihood is you’re out of the tournament. The WWE Cup never has been more intense, two months of intense wrestling, seven matches so far and still two to go for each competitor. Welcome to the WWE Cup Night Eight!
- Baron Corbin (6) vs Braun Strowman (6)
- Samoa Joe (8) vs Sami Zayn (6)
- AJ Styles (8) vs The Miz (4)
- Drew McIntyre (10) vs Ricochet (9)
- Cesaro (8) vs Seth Rollins (7)
The most stacked night of the WWE Cup thus far is beginning with Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman!
RAW Block – Night Eight – Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman
We are alerted to the fact that Braun Strowman CANNOT WIN the WWE Cup anymore, due to the match between McIntyre and Ricochet later. Whomever wins would knock Strowman out, and a draw would also do that.
Corbin, still relatively injured, makes his entrance followed by Braun Strowman, and frustrated that he cannot win the WWE Cup anymore, Strowman ploughs right into Corbin and a beatdown ensues, the Monster Among Men just mercilessly beating down Baron Corbin. The latter doesn’t get any offense in, only falling victim to the ferocious Strowman.
Strowman finishes Corbin off with numerous Running Powerslams just to make sure he doesn’t recover from the injury.
Braun Strowman def. Baron Corbin (5 minutes)
Both men are out of the WWE Cup, but both men still hold a grudge against eachother and that score was settled tonight as Strowman wins another match before the final day, Strowman moves up to eight points while Corbin remains on six.
RAW Block – Night Eight – Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn
Joe is still in contention to win the WWE Cup, however if he loses tonight against Sami Zayn then he has been knocked out of the tournament mathematically. Understanding the pressure, Joe goes into the match with his game-face on.
Zayn is able to get some offense in on Joe, and he’s able to endure the offense from the Destroyer, however Joe pushes through in the late stages of the match, he really wants to win the WWE Cup and nothing can hold him back, despite Zayn’s efforts Joe eventually hits a sidewalk slam followed by a thunderous Samoan Drop, he lays on the offense on Zayn and then connects the Coquina Clutch, Zayn struggles for minutes but he inevitably falls asleep.
Samoa Joe def. Sami Zayn (8 minutes)
Joe is still alive in this tournament, he can still mathematically win if results go his way. He walks away without a celebration, he came in tonight and did what he have to do, he was able to halt Zayn’s winning streak and get another win under his belt as he moves up to TEN POINTS. Zayn remains on six.
RAW Block – Night Eight – The Miz vs AJ Styles
The Miz had such a great start to the tournament. Two straight wins against two intimidating opponents, he was on a roll. Then, he just lost form, everything around him just collapsed and it led him to this moment, being eliminated from the WWE Cup and not being able to win the block. Nonetheless, a match with AJ Styles is a way to finish on a high before going into the final night.
AJ Styles, on the other hand, won his first two matches then went on a devastating three match losing streak, unlike the Miz, Styles picked himself up and rallied himself more, eventually getting up to eight points, now with a chance of winning the entire block.
The match between the two represents this statement, when Miz falls behind he gives up, then when Styles begins to struggle he picks himself back up and fights, and he does just that. Styles dominates most of the match, and he stays in the tournament by connecting a great Phenomenal Forearm that puts down the Miz for good.
AJ Styles def. The Miz (12 minutes)
Miz still hasn’t been able to find a win since that two match winning streak, Styles stays in the tournament by moving up to ten points, going into the final day AJ Styles knows that he can win the entire thing, a refreshing statement to hear from the Phenomenal One who celebrates alongside the Club.
RAW Block – Night Eight – Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet
One of the biggest matches of the WWE Cup thus far. McIntyre wins and he moves up to 12 points, eliminating Rollins, Ricochet, and a few others out of the tournament, then it’s down for McIntyre to just win on the final day to win the RAW Block. Ricochet is currently sitting on nine points, I believe if he wins here, then if he loses on the final day, Seth wins and everyone else involved doesn’t get any points, then the RAW Block would be tied and both men would be going to Survivor Series as winners of the RAW Block.
Both men make their entrances and the match tells a convoluted story – McIntyre trying to fufill his prophecy, Ricochet trying to reach the payoff of all the hard work. There are big spots, McIntyre puts in impressive sequences of offense on the One and Only and the match is in deadlock for the majority. McIntyre begins to become frustrated over the fact that he cannot finish Ricochet off, after all Ricochet is like half his size, so he goes for a Claymore but it’s too early, Ricochet flips out of the way and then hits a hurricanrana, all sorts of moves leads to one and then the other and then McIntyre is grounded, Ricochet GOES TO THE TOP ROPE AND CONNECTS the 630 Splash, Ricochet goes for the cover!
Ricochet def. Drew McIntyre (16 minutes)
McIntyre can still win the tournament, but as every week goes by, it’s becoming more and more unlikely, leaving the Scottish Psychopath in an undesirable position going into Night Nine. Ricochet is celebrating on the ropes then McIntyre gets him down, he begins beating down Ricochet, then he lifts him and connects a blistering Claymore. Officials force McIntyre out of the ring while Ricochet recovers, he’s now on eleven points and all he has to do is WIN next week.
RAW Block – Night Eight – Seth Rollins vs Cesaro
Whoever wins stays in the tournament, whoever loses gets eliminated from the tournament. It’s as simple as that. Rollins and Cesaro both make their entrances, looking as hungry as always, and the match begins.
It’s a match that displays a lot of athleticism, the two has so much passion for wrestling, but one of them has to go tonight. The determined Cesaro or the passionate Rollins who had a terrible start to the tournament with three straight losses but he bounced back with win after win and a draw thrown in there too.
There’s suicide dives, high spots and fluid wrestling as each men tries to best eachother, one of them is getting eliminated from the WWE Cup tonight. The match enters the conclusion when Cesaro goes for an Uppercut but Rollins counters it, he then hits a sudden CURB STOMP on Cesaro, 1…2… Kickout! Cesaro has kicked out!
Rollins has become angry, he is yelling at Cesaro to get to his feet, Cesaro is on his knees and he looks up to Seth and says ‘Finish me, bitch’ Rollins’ face goes stern as he goes towards Cesaro, and connects one final Curb Stomp!
Seth Rollins def. Cesaro (17 minutes)
Wrestling is magical. Rollins now sits on nine points, somehow still in the tournament going into the final night. At the end of part one, he was on two points, in part two he has somehow got seven points and now he can win the RAW Block, even though it is unlikely. Rollins celebrates to close out the show, he shakes Cesaro’s hand and says to him ‘If I’m gonna win the block then I need you to win next week’ which is true as Cesaro faces someone who could win the entire thing if he defeats Cesaro. Cesaro nods and leaves while Rollins closes out the show.
  1. Ricochet (11 points)
  2. AJ Styles (10 points)
  3. Drew McIntyre (10 points)
  4. Samoa Joe (10 points)
  5. Seth Rollins (9 points)
  6. Cesaro (8 points)
  7. Braun Strowman (8 points)
  8. Sami Zayn (6 points)
  9. Baron Corbin (6 points)
  10. The Miz (4 points)
We are down to two in the SmackDown Block, the stern Roman Reigns and the ominous Aleister Black, they are still both competing to win the block. We are in the final ten matches of the SmackDown block, and it’s a duel between the two stars, welcome to SmackDown Live! Here are the matches we have tonight.
- Buddy Murphy (0) vs Kofi Kingston (6)
- Ali (6) vs Daniel Bryan (8)
- Finn Balor (6) vs Andrade (6)
- Roman Reigns (14) vs Kevin Owens (6)
- Aleister Black (12) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (6)
Let’s get straight into it!
SmackDown Block – Night Eight – Buddy Murphy vs Kofi Kingston
In a pre match interview, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston states that whoever comes third in the tournament will be the new number one contender for the WWE Championship.
Buddy Murphy still searching for that win in the WWE Cup, Kofi Kingston still defending his dignity as WWE Champion – this match does have stakes, regardless of the fact that both men have been mathematically eliminated from winning. Both men make their entrances, and at the start of the match, Murphy spits in Kofi’s face. The bell rings and a brawl ensues.
Murphy brings out a different Kofi Kingston, a more brash and harsh one. Forearms, ruthless offense as opposed to the regular high flying and charismatic Kingston. Murphy begins to take some momentum in the match, and it seems like his first win of the WWE Cup could be against the WWE Champion, however, Kofi reverses the Murphy’s Law and then hits an acrobatic Trouble in Paradise, Kofi goes for the cover, 1…2…3!
Kofi Kingston def. Buddy Murphy (11 minutes)
Buddy Murphy has one more shot at winning a match in the WWE Cup. An eighth straight loss for the former Cruiserweight Champion, can he finally win a match next week? Kofi slightly celebrates, but again, he’s failed to win the block, so the celebrations are brief.
SmackDown Block – Daniel Bryan vs Ali
Earlier on in the year, these two had a barn burner on SmackDown with Bryan coming out on top. These two are both fighting for the third place spot, as whoever does get third place now becomes Number One contender for the championship.
The match between these two is a typical heel vs face technical bout, Ali impresses everyone with his overwhelming high flying skills, Bryan is playing his typical character. The match, surprisingly, swings in Ali’s direction, which shocks everyone, he holds this momentum by piling dozens of offensive moves on Bryan, Ali hits a 450 Splash but Rowan puts Bryan’s leg on the ropes just in time.
Ali goes towards Rowan, Bryan forearms Ali in the back and puts him back in the ring where he locks in the Lebell Lock. Ali scurries for minutes, he’s desperately trying not to tap, and he falls to the ropes! He gets up, dodges a Running Knee, hits a crunching backbreaker, and connects the 450!
Ali def. Daniel Bryan (14 minutes)
The master of upsets has done it yet again! Ali has defeated one of the most accomplished superstars in the WWE clean on the mat 123! Ali has defeated Daniel Bryan in a courageous effort, moving one step closer to that third place, he also holds a tiebreaker over Bryan which could come in handy in the future. Ali celebrates while Rowan aids Bryan and they go to the back, devastated at losing.
SmackDown Block – Night Eight – Finn Balor vs Andrade
One of the more hyped up matches of the WWE Cup, Finn Balor faces Andrade in a match guaranteed to impress many. Both men also in contention to be the third place in the block. Balor and Andrade both make their entrances and the match begins.
The match is as impressive as people expect – suicide dives, Vega interference, amazing acrobatics and everything inbetween, the match is a treat to watch, and is also very fast paced. In a key spot of the match, Andrade goes for a Double Knees but gets out of it, Balor then pushes Andrade out of the ring and hits his signature suicide dive on Andrade.
Balor begins to take full control of the bout but the match is fairly even, nobody is able to break away in the match until Andrade moves out of the way of a Missile Dropkick, leaving Balor in the corner of the ring, Andrade hits a Double Knees followed by a La Sombra, 1…2…3!
Andrade def. Finn Balor (17 minutes)
The war for third place continues! Andrade gets a HUGE win over Finn Balor who’s been inconsistent for the entire tournament, he showed signs of hope but it was too little too late as he eventually got eliminated from the tournament, perhaps damaging his morale. Andrade celebrates and leaves.
SmackDown Block – Night Eight – Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens
In a pre-match interview, Owens states that ‘If anyone is going to defeat Roman Reigns, it’s going to be me’ if Reigns wins here, it puts him in a situation where if Black loses tonight, then Roman Reigns has won the SmackDown Block. Both men make their entrances, and the match begins.
Immediately, Owens uses his tactic – unpredictability. He begins striking Reigns, moving all over his body and being the alpha – if you let Reigns pioneer a match against you, then you’re gonna lose it. He gets Reigns out of the ring, and shockingly, he executes a suicide dive that we have seen before off Kevin Owens! Reigns is dazed, Owens tosses him into the ring and hits a clothesline, he gets Reigns up, this has been an explosive start from Owens, STUNNER! Owens has just hit a Stunner on Reigns! 1…2.. Kickout from Reigns!
The match slows down from there, it’s a slugfest between these two long-time rivals, Owens hating Reigns because Reigns is the one who has the spotlight, the corporate prodigy, Reigns hates Owens for what he stands for. The match is a duel, no one has quite tested Reigns like Owens has, Reigns gets in two Superman Punches, he goes for a third but Owens catches Reigns’s extended arm and he connects an armbar, Reigns sprawls for the ropes and gets there.
At the conclusion of the match, Owens throws Reigns up for a Pop Up Powerbomb but Reigns hits a Superman Punch mid-air, Owens rebounds off the ropes and Reigns hits a SPEAR! 1…2..3!
Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens (16 minutes)
Roman Reigns is ONE WIN AWAY from winning the SmackDown Block. If Nakamura is able to defeat Black next, then Reigns has won the SmackDown Block. If Reigns defeats Black next week, then Reigns has won the SmackDown Block. How he got to this scenario has not been easy though, eight straight wins for Reigns, and the win he just had was the most difficult one to come across. Owens took Reigns to his limit.
SmackDown Block – Night Eight – Aleister Black vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Aleister Black is SmackDown’s last hope. He needs to win two matches straight against Nakamura and Reigns, otherwise Reigns has won the SmackDown Block. Nakamura won’t give Black an easy time, for Nakamura can still contest for that third place spot that would grant him number one contendership for the WWE Title.
The match between the two is a warfare of movesets, the MMA Style of Black versus the Strong Style that Nakamura is fond with – it makes for a really convoluted match where it’s almost an MMA match. Nakamura locks in armbars, Black combines flurries of strikes.
Black does his sit down taunt mid way through the match, in reply, Nakamura does his signature ‘COME ON!’ taunt which makes for a fantastic visual, then the match spills out into a brawl. At the conclusion of the match, a staggered Nakamura walks towards Black who hits a BLACK MASS out of nowhere! Nakamura falls to his knees, as Black stands before him. Nakamura gets to his knees, begging for Black to finish him with another Black Mass, however Nakamura pushes the ref away and hits a LOW BLOW on Black!
Nakamura goes into the corner and connects a Kinshasa, he goes for the pinfall,
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Aleister Black (18 minutes)
WHAT?! Nakamura has defeated Aleister Black. The ref didn’t see the low blow! ROMAN REIGNS HAS WON THE SMACKDOWN BLOCK!? Nakamura is celebrating the dirty win, while Black is ranting at the ref. It all seems to be over until… VINCE MCMAHON IS AT THE TOP OF THE STAGE WITH A MIC!
“No no no no no! No way is the SmackDown Block being decided over a cheap finish and a low blow!” Vince mutters into the mic. Nakamura looks confused. “This match will be RESTARTED, right NOWWWW!”
The bell rings, Nakamura turns and immediately receives a Black Mass! Black goes for the cover,
Aleister Black def. Shinsuke Nakamura (1 minute)
Thanks to Vince McMahon restarting the match because of a low blow, Aleister Black has been able to take the win, and he will face Roman Reigns next week, where the winner will be crowned the winner of the SmackDown Block! Roman Reigns vs Aleister Black, the biggest match of the tournament so far with the winner going to Survivor Series! Don’t miss it! Black celebrates in the ring while Nakamura is distraught.
  1. Roman Reigns (16 points)
  2. Aleister Black (14 points)
  3. Daniel Bryan (8 points)
  4. Kofi Kingston (8 points)
  5. Andrade (8 points)
  6. Ali (8 points)
  7. Kevin Owens (6 points)
  8. Finn Balor (6 points)
  9. Shinsuke Nakamura (6 points)
  10. Buddy Murphy (0 points)
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