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[Tutorial] Essential Guide for Freshly Jailbroken iPhoneOS 3.x.x Devices


So you've just jailbroken with Redsn0w. What do you do now?
I'm gonna explain how to fix your non-functioning Cydia, install Debian packages, install IPA files (APKs for iOS) to your device, and finally, fix certificate issues with Safari.
Since this is going to be quite an extensive guide, I will split this guide into 4 sections. Note that all folder names introduced in this tutorial are case sensitive.
Download iFunBox Classic if you're on Windows, download iFunBox if you're on Mac (iFunBox download)

Fix Cydia

  1. After you freshly jailbroke, open Cydia for the first time and select User, let Cydia do its thing and open it again after it's done. If it opens and reloads data by itself, skip step 2, but if it gets stuck on loading data for more than 10 minutes, follow step 2.
  2. If your Cydia now gets stuck on reloading data for more than 10 minutes, connect your device to your Windows computer or Mac computer with the software iFunBox installed and close Cydia. Then, go to Device>private>var>lib>apt>lists and delete everything except for the Partial folder. Open Cydia again and select User.
  3. Go to sources and add the InvoxiPlayGames repo [click edit, then click add source, and type exactly cydia.invoxiplaygames.uk, and click add source again], and let install the repo.
  4. Go to the Search tab and search for CydiaHTTPatch. Click the first result and click install, and once prompted, restart Springboard. Your Cydia should be fixed. If it still has this error, you will need to manually install Debian Packages

Install Debian Packages

Note that this method is only for when your Cydia doesn't get fixed by the previous method.
Use iFunBox to do this
  1. Search and download your tweak from www.cydiacrawler.com. It should be in the form of a .deb file.
  2. Navigate to Device→var→root→Media, and create a folder named Cydia. If it's already there, open it.
  3. Inside the folder Cydia, create a folder named AutoInstall. Again, if it's already there, open it.
  4. Place your .deb tweak inside the AutoInstall folder and reboot, not respring.
  5. Every time you want to install a tweak now, just put the .deb file into the AutoInstall folder, and reboot.

Install IPA Files

Many of you know that the App Store is extremely slow and most apps that are compatible are now removed from the app store. To get apps to work, you need to install something called an IPA file, which is APKs for iOS devices. To get the IPA files, I highly recommend the Momentum Store, which hosts a large collection of IPA files. To download the files, you will have to sign up for an account. (You will see me active on there a lot, posting my stash of iPhoneOS 3.1.3 IPAs)
  1. Get the tweak Appsync (for those of you who have working Cydia, add the repo mtmdev.org/repo, and search Appsync for iOS 3 on Cydia, click the top result and install it; for those who don't, install this .deb manually.)
  2. Now, for those with working Cydia, after it resprings your device, connect your device to your computer with iFunBox open; if you don't have a working Cydia, you should already be connected to your computer.
  3. Select Install App at the top, and drag your .ipa file in.
  4. Wait for the installation progress bar to finish, this may take 30 seconds - 3 minutes depending on your USB transfer speed and the size of the app. If the installation fails, the app is not compatible with your iPhoneOS version. If the app crashes at launch, the cracker has not cracked the app properly, it's not your fault :)

Fix Safari Issues

  1. From my Google Drive, retrieve the IPA for Opera Mini.
  2. Install the IPA file, as I explained on the previous section
  3. Open up Opera Mini, and you're good to go!
With Opera Mini, you can visit almost any modern website without getting errors, such as Reddit (but you have to use i.reddit.com or old.reddit.com). You can even log in, comment, and post! Additionally, Gmail works as well, you can sign into Google, all that good stuff. However, the search bar from www.google.com does not work; use the search bar at the top right.
As of now, you can only watch very old Youtube videos on Opera Mini. If you get an error message saying "opera mini is soon becoming opera touch" or "opera mini is not supported", just click the X at the top right and it should go away. AFAIK even after its not supported it will continue to work.


I hope this guide helped you improve your experience with your iPhones and iPod Touches running iPhoneOS 3.1.3. As of now, there isn't a way to fix the weather app, as the API is too old, however, everything else works :)
Some Tweaks I Recommend You Get:
  1. Appsync Unified
  2. MobileTerminal (Obsolete)*
  3. Flashlight by BigBoss
  4. SBSettings
  5. Cycorder (for iPhone only)
  6. A2DP Enabler
  7. SetWallpaper
*Only the (Obsolete) version works on iPhoneOS 3.1.3.
For further information and downloads, click here. Note that you do need an account to download; sign up and contact u/Anbar48. Do not attempt to install the tweak IPAInstaller, it is meant for iOS 5+.
If you want another section added or further explanation of a section, feel free to leave it in the comments. I'm pretty sure this guide applies for iPhoneOS 2 and iOS 4 as well, but don't try to install the IPA for Opera Mini on iPhoneOS 2 because that's for iPhoneOS 3.1.x and above.
submitted by SynergyUX to LegacyJailbreak

[DISCUSSION] Are there seriously any good iOS to computer transfer apps out there? Every single one I've tried sucks...

I'm talking about apps like iFunBox, iExplorer etc. I can't seem to find one that actually works for once.
  • Crashes regularly (I'd say any given file transfer has a 70% chance of not crashing iFunBox, which is quite terrible stability)
  • Doesn't know what symlinks are, so it ends up infinite looping through your entire phone if you are not careful - This is very annoying, because many, many folders in iOS symlink to somewhere in your home directory, which ends up eventually at that symlink and repeats forever and ever.
  • Randomly reports that folders are empty, and copies them as such, when there are actually files in them (this is dangerous and leads to lost files)
  • Same symlink issues as iFunBox
  • Seems to think my device is jailed and shows the incomplete filesystem
Does anyone know of a backup/file transfer app that actually doesn't suck? I've been having to put up with iFunBox for a while, and it sucks.
submitted by Neo399 to jailbreak

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