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Bo1 15th prestige hack

Black Ops 1 - Prestige Hack. - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game

[ Release ] BO1 Custom Prestige/Stat Hack!! ! https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1299. Black Ops is completely ruined now. (AIMbot hack). Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 Mods and Scripts Release Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie DLL Hack + Download. Reduced Specialist earn rate over time in objective game modes. V1.56, Coming Soon mod for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Download Name: 15th Prestige GPD Call of duty Black ops.

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Then tomahawk, then ballistic knife and you will get 15th prestige. JV anan Army team Fish and game authorities ing for trout and what-not Swill at 8: 0, with varsity contend fresh-water fishing Is good. Black Ops 2 - New TrueSkill Matchmaking System and Dating Service (BO1 Gameplay about BO2) Trevor Martin. (BO1) 15th Prestige lobby! +PROOF - The Tech Game https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1294. Have your friend be the host for a private game and go into your player card, go down to leaderboards, go over to prestige leaderboard, hover over "just show me it" (dont press A- Xbox 360, or X- PS3) have your friend change the lobby to combat training and press A, X, back out of the leaderboards and there you go you can enter prestige in combat training. There is a 0% ban risk when having this done so don't worry!


Prestige XP Combat Training Mod PC - Black Ops Mod. Bo1 15th prestige hack. Must be legitimate stats. Cod Mobile Mod Menu Script. Successful than Bf because they have better DLC for 2 of 3 game modes there is there is spec ops in MW2 and MW3. The author of The New York Times bestseller The Stuff of Thought offers a controversial history of violence.

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Myles O'Keefe is on Facebook. Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. BO1 Custom Prestige/Stat Hack! Does anyone know where I can get a 15th prestige hack without doing a survey? GTA 5 PC - Mod Menu MATRIX V4. Recent Posts. Black Ops Combat Training Mod.

All prestige emblems from COD4 to COD: AW: CodAW

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How to get 15th prestige in black ops using the computer

Reach 7th Prestige Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 Cheats - GameRevolution. I've been playing BO1 since Ghost came out. Save Editors allow you to mod game saves. We supply everything for game hacking and are the one stop source for all game hacking, be it. Playing in a party is essential to leveling up. BO1: 15th Prestige/Level 50/Almost All Gold Weapons BO2: No prestige/Level 55/All Diamond Guns Games/DLCs: None!

How To Hack Black Ops PC 15th Prestige Through Console

Xbox Any 15th Prestige Hack. Emblem Unlocks for life after prestige: Level 100: 1st Prestige – [email protected], BO1, BO2. I am a pretty good: gamer4: but it is hard to level up in that game with someone getting a vtol warship every 2 seconds. Reach 9th Prestige 6th Slot Reach 1st Prestige 7th Slot Reach 3rd Prestige 8th Slot Reach 5th Prestige 9th Slot. MUST SET YOUR BOX TO LOCAL AND INVITE ONLY YOU MUST BE HOST* *NOTE THIS ONLY STICKS IF YOU ARE THE HOST*. I doubt you have been extremely lucky to not see any as I saw them every night I played up till it went to backwards compatible on the xbone.

Huge increase of hackers on black ops 1: CallOfDuty
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Hack how many hours does it take to get to 15th prestige

Messages 1, 100 Reaction score 325. Really the only thing that is required to reach the prestige 15 in Black Ops is time. A BO1 Recovery is basically a completely maxed out BO1 account. Black Ops Cold War has a tough ask following on from last year's Call of Duty. It was the first COD I played/owned and I had a great time playing it. Nearly all of the 14 or 15th prestige players aren't legit and around 1 in every 10 games I get into there are players that are invisible or have God mode. If you choose to go to 15th Prestige you will have to rank up yourself from level one because once you are 15th you can't prestige.

Key black Ops 15th Prestige Lobby {FREE} Xbox 360

Prestige master now show an orange coloured level of 56 and can level up to 1000, to get from level 56 to level 57 you need 55, 000 EXP points! After scene, wait for credits to pass and the first zombie level will automatically start (to start playing from particular moment in the game, choose among the savegames from the list). Ownership belongs to the respected owner(s). Here are all of the Black Ops 4 prestige emblems you can. Call of Duty Black Ops 100% save file This savegame will put you at the last scene, where you face the main enemy - Dragovich. HD 36 Les rsultats trouvs pour Lobby invisible ps3 installation bo1 gratuit download et plus encore.

[Table] IamA Ex #1 in the world in Call Of Duty AMA!

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Date: 2014-02-17
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How's my mom doing? Bang her recently?? Kudos for reaching top 40 without cheating though. I play Zombies a LOT and all the top ranks are dirty little cheats it would seem. Haha i was never one to give abuse, its usually the people getting slapped who do that, thanks, yeah it got annoying when people cheated to get ahead of me, what i found funniest is when i was #1 all time for a while there were people below me who were boosting.
If you were the best at something like Starcraft 2 or League of Legends you could be making 6 figures though :( I wasn't the wasnt the best. Public games are completely different to the professional way to play it.
Still no confirmation of a love life. This is the internet, no matter what i say people won't believe me. If i saw someone trying to argue how great their love life is online i'd just assume they're lying.
When you were young? As in last year? Also, getting high on the leaderboards doesn't make you the "Number 1 COD Player in the World" This was a few years bak I was 15/16. I'm not saying I'm the best but at a point I was the #1 in the world. That's how leaderboards work. Photo doesn't lie.
You were not the best in a game. You were playing public matches, lol. I never said I was the best. I said I was #1 which I clearly was with proof of photos.
i have realised there's better things than being the *best** at a game.* Yeah. I was trying to be the best. I was in the process of becoming the best when I quit. Wasn't there by a long way
Is it true that the reason I am killed so often is 1% because the other guy is better than me and 99% because "this is bullshit"? Back then i could never relate to people getting angry but if i ever play nowadays on the newer games I am the same, haha everyone is terrible at the game but you seems to be the cod motto.
I know! running around for 5 minutes getting shot in the face whilst barely even seeing anyone means I have smashed up many controllers. I never got to that stage but im sure in my day i have been the one making people smash things up.
Did you like game play better in black ops original or black ops 2? I preferred Black Ops 1 simply because I was better at it and at that stage the game was still fun for me.
What do you want to see in upcoming games? How can the developers implement new ways to keep the game fresh, but also prevent burnout? I preferred when it was simple, in my eyes World At War was the best, they're over complicating it, revert to 3-5-7 killstreaks only and smaller maps.
How much COD would you say you play on average in a day? And do you make money by being number 1 in the world? I have barely touched it since Black ops 2, its become boring to me now, I personally made none because I only played public matches, although i did get a few requests to buy my account as i was consistently top 10 on a number of game types.
How much do people offer for that? Did anyone make any actual offers? I got offered $100 for my account, of course i said yeah because i could easily make a new one and get back to #1, but the guy never replied, probably wasn't a serious offer.
Have you played/plan on playing Titanfall? Don't have an xbox one and don't really have any desire to get one.
Dude that was me wtf. I thought I replied and waited for yours... I just don't believe you at all haha.
It is coming out on PC as well. No way I could handle using a keyboard to play a game haha.
Im sure you can use the dual shock on it, most modern pc games have controller features that auto detect if u have a dual shock or xbox 360 controller. I didn't know that, good idea. Dont have any interest in games anymore though. Got stale for me.
Cant even use a keyboard/Mouse to play a FPS PROPERLY. Holy fuck your such a fucking casual. You're saying that as if thats going to insult me, if you bothered to read any of my answers i played for fun, just so happened to be good. No interest to me to play "FPS PROPERLY"
So what are you #1 at now? #1 at reddit AMAs about being #1 in call of duty years ago.
How long did you have to play each day to get to #1? For weekly leaderboards which i was usually at least top10 the max it would take you would be 50 mins, this game was based on skill rather than who could lay in their own filth the longest, i didnt have to play that much as i just played the 50 mins got a really high score and sat at number 1 for the rest of that week, i was also 1 in monthly and all time which took 5 and 10 times as long respectively.
When you made it were you determined to keep it for as long as you could? Would you have to play more in a day to maintain your ranking? Its actually the opposite, the more you played the harder it would be to keep up your high average, i would usually play a load of different game types and see how well i did, i mainly topped search and destory, domination and most commonly Free for all. As for determined not really, it was funny going into a lobby and hearing "that lads number 1 in the world" and you see a load of people leaving if they arent on my team.
What was your favorite loadout and killstreaks? Famas/Galil silenced, ghost, sleight of hand, marathon. Killstreaks = Blackbird (8kills) Chopper gunner (9kills) Dogs(11 Kills)
Wow, that's not a lot of time at all. I read an article about the #1 HALO player in the world and he said he needed to play HALO 2 (I think) for 8-10 hours a day to maintain his ranking. Yeah some of the cods you have to grind it out to stay number 1 all day everyday, i couldnt do that i had more important things even back then, no worries, thanks for the question.
What was your ideal load out on Black Ops? I miss how great online for that game was. Silenced famas/galil ghost sleight of hand marathon. Yeah the new ones don't have a patch on it.
Exact same as me, nice. I did love dual mag on the galil with SoH. Is it full of hackers now? I can't bear myself to play it online for this reason. Yeah but i was always snaking around their spawn and once i got blackbird it was game over, not sure to be honest havent been on in a long time.
How does being #1 make you feel? 2) thoughts on people who have died from playing too much comupter games? 3) have you used any hacks? :D. It's irrelevant to me now. This wa years ago. Even then it didn't mean much. Not like it was a notable achievement to the general population. I think anyone who plays the game all day everyday needs a reality check and to realise there's much more to life. And no never willingly.
Dont you sometimes wish all that time you spent on the game couldve gone to something else? any regrets? I get the no regrets question a lot. I have none. I had a good social life at the time aswel. Only regret is I should've spent more time studying. But I stopped playing in time and got into college so it all worked out.
I used to be the #1 cheater in the Call of Duty series. Did you ever think modding was fun? Not just kids killing for stats, but you never once enjoyed a modded lobby? I never really saw the appeal, when mw2 was hacked to pieces i got all challenges and all done but i kinda felt like "whats the point in playing now" i found the challenges enjoyable.
Why did you never play professionally? (If you did I apologize, im fairly new to the pro CoD scene) I didn't like that side f things. Back then it wasn't anywhere near as big as it is now. It's full of little kids with their heads up their asses who think they're the greatest.
How many hours did you play? Back in black ops 1 the ranking system was done by score per minute played spread out over a certain amount of games e.g. 50 games for all time. I'd play maybe an hour max a day, i had just become good by playing the old ones a lot.
Did you ever use any kind of custom controllers or mods like control freaks/ modsticks? Nope, some of my friends swore by kontrol freaks but i wasn't bothered, back then there wasn't all these fancy expensive controllers.
Have you played titanfall beta yet and what do you think of it? I haven't, in the last few years i havent touched any games really, also i dont have an xbox 1.
Did you ever decide to step up from public matches and play competitive? Like gamebattles or anything? Once in mw2 before I was good. Didn't like it. I played the game casually for fun. Was more fun to me to demolish people than be challenged to be honest.
Yeah I had my fun grinding pubs and spawn trapping in bo1, and then I moved on to GB. I won a 4v4 Amateur tournament and then just quit playing. Its always fun to go back and play the older CODs and just shit on everyone in pubs, though. Thanks for the reply. My friends and I were never anything more than casual players that's why we never progressed. There's an ego within GB that everyone is the best which I never liked. Just play to enjoy it no worries thanks for the question
Have you been offered money to coach or train other players? Nope, there's two sides to the cod world really, the public and professional, I stayed on public side, the pros play the game completely differently and i wouldn't have a clue how to coach them, i did often accept friend requests and have people ask for advice.
Coming from the CoD PC community, console (FPS) gaming was looked down upon. Do you think you could beat an above average CoD PC gamer, if console and PC could be linked? So i heard, i was completely casual and was more in competition with myself to see how high i could get in the world, although it was a good tool to use when people tried to abuse me saying i was bad i never started the arguments, and to be honest nowadays i doubt it, id say i struggle to hold a 2kd nowadays. Good question.
I have to assume you play competitively to be that well ranked, so, what was the top prize you've ever won? I played a bit of GB back in the day, i was more into it than my friends so we never won anything, i always preferred destroying people in public matches.
How do you spend your free time now? I'm in college and on an internship right now, back then i did have free time, as explained it was more about how good you were rather than how much you played.
That's not really true though. No one is inherently good at playing COD. It's skill built from playing (either COD or other games - even non-computer game activities could help).You obviously played a few hours a day. You obviously know how much i played a day? Why would i lie about this? I pick things up quicker than most OBVIOUSLY.
How can you know if you are #1 in the world? pc, xbox and ps does not have cross platform play with each other. I'm not saying im the best ever, just saying that i was ranked #1 on "black ops 1" out of 14 million people on ps3 for an extended period of time.
Do you think MW2 was the best COD of them all? Between that and WaW for me.
I always find myself going back to MW2 everytime. We still play it and its crazy that we can still get games easily. Last time i tried to play it it was non stop hackers.
Favourite black ops map? WMD/Jungle.
We play hc search and dont have any problems with hackers. There was a point when wall hacking was big though and it was horrible to play. Yeah they ruined a good game for a long time.
Did you become the best through practice? or do you think you were born with a god-given ability to play video games that i'll never be able to reach in my wildest dreams even with a shitload of practice? (have zero desire to be a gamer, just curious) I don't know. I was average in the beginning and just so happened t be really good at that game. I did play a fair amount prior to tha game tho. I still class myself as a casual player who stumbled upon a game he was good at
How do I quick scope? I'm not the man to be asking unfortunately
How did you do it? as in, what's the secret? as in, what was I doing wrong? Do you have extremely good eyesight? A sixth sense or what? I just could tell what people could do I think, I would go certain places on certain maps that i knew people would be in and caught them off guard. No real secret some people are just good at things, mine happened to be this.
Ever play against Kimdotcom? Nope. He goes the route of playing non stop. I was 1 in the old system of score per minute. He's a cool guy tho. That vice documentary on him was really good.
Your favourite weapon? :P. Famas/Galil.
What was your preferred load out in BO1? Famas/Galil Silenced, ghost, sleight of hand, marathon.
Why are you proud of it ? I don't see it as something to be ashamed of, i was bored on the bus home and today is my first day ever on reddit and thought these AMAs were an interesting idea.
I'm a girl, didn't have my own Xbox for a while, and just started playing bo2 around Dec. 15th, multiplayer & zombies. WHY DO I ALWAYS DIE IN MULTIPLAYER? I'm pretty good at zombies, but I just can't seem to get kills in multiplayer. What am I doing wrong? Will the campaign help me or am I screwed? I was terrible in the beginning, never played zombies. Campaigns pointless in my opinion, the more you play the better you become.
How many hours did you put into gaming to get the #1 spot? Common question, it was about how good you were rather than how much you played, i did play a lot when i had a gap year type thing in school but when i was number1 i wouldn't play more than an hour a day.
What's you longest kill streak? I think it was 67 including killstreaks when i went 67-0. Gun streak was like 38, not 100% on that as i havent played the game in over a year.
Do you plan on playing Titanfall when it comes out? I dont play games anymore, also dont have xbox one, watched a few youtube videos of it and it looks confusing to me.
Any particular reason on why you don't play games anymore? I only ever played call of duty so once I got bored of that I has no other options so just quit.
Actually in some cases it can be. Now for my question. How many times have people gotten pissed at you/called you a hacker and/or threatened to kill you IRL? Also, how exactly did you get to the #1 spot? Most games i played i got either those abusing me or else praising me and taking the beating well haha, I was #1 mainly in free for all, so i wasn't relying on stupid team mates, it went on score per minute, so my goal was to end every game of free for all as fast as i possibly can, to get weekly leaderboards you had to play 5 games, monthly 25 and all time 50, so i played all my games and got #1 all time, but i continued to play to keep getting weekly and monthly top spot.
Do you know PWNSTARZ from real life, or have you ever met him ? Nope no idea who that is, i dont keep up to date with cod anymore.
Any tips or tricks you have for people when it comes to cod? I haven't played in years so I'm not the one to be asking but stay away from team mates and always look at the map.
Don't know if you're still replying, but I was in the second best clan for sniping EU and was up there a lot of the time on MW2 at one point, did you do much yourself? Still here yeah, I sniped a lot in mw2, basically all i did, sleight of hand pro made it ridiculously fun.
What was your average KDR? In my prime it was 6, but by end of game about 4.5.
So you only killed 4.5 people for death you incurred on average? That was my overall average from start of the game to finish, it really varied some games i could get 60+ kills with 5 deaths but i'd rarely get below 4.5 kills/death per game.
I think I'm in the minority, but MW3 is my 3rd favorite cod out of the ones I've played (Just behind MW2 and black ops 1) my question is, why was it that you didn't like it, is there something I didn't see that made that game bad? Why did you not enjoy it? I hated the death streaks. Maps kill streaks and support. Guns weren't great either. I managed to get to 8th prestige in like 3 days playing and just hated it.
Did you ever run with a klan? That was my best cod experience. Not anything official no, only just a group of real life friends, i enjoyed playing against them a lot and hearing all the abuse after the game.
How does auto-aiming on a xbox compare to real skill? Have you ever played the original Call of Duty/ Call of Duty 2 (I'm not talking about "the Big Red One" on xbox!) I played ps3 so i have no idea, nope i started with WaW and played every game since also played a bit of cod4.
What other video games do you play? I don't, never really enjoyed any others, stuck to what i was good at and quit when it got boring.
That's cool! At least you got out when you could rather than go down with the ship... Yeah i always said as much as i love it if i ever play for the sake of playing I need to stop.
Who is better, you or Kim Dotcom. Him I assume. Mine was years ago.
Greg Collins from Dublin. Educated in Belvedere College. We know about you Greg. Thats me.
Now thats representing the Irish good, baby. Haha cheers fella.
How did modern warfare compare to black ops to you. I have always found theres always one or the other with hard core cod players but I liked both and I was a hard core player for a bit. MW2 was the most fun of all the CODs for me, mainly because all my mates played it, Modern Warfare 3 for me was the worst i've ever played.
Couldn agree more mate. mw3 was a collosal disappoint and fucking awful. mw2 was the most fun ive had with a multiplayer 1st person shooter. Yeah i played mw3 for about a month before realising it was useless.
Glad I'm not the only one. What I could never do in MW3. Yeah I went from going 100+ to averaging max 60
Oh dear! Only 60! myrecordis28. Max 60, i was noticeably worse at the game anyway!
Come on now, Scumpi would give you the D. He 100% would. I can barely play the game now and he's a machine. I'm just doing this in case anyone has any questions. Not to show off.
That ginger mother fucker is too damn good Yeah I don't watch anyone on YouTube anymore bar him
What's your current story in life so far :) e.g Job, Wife, Kids, House, Money etc. ( I'm not trying to rob or rape your family here ) 3rd year in college on an internship.
I was #1 on COD WAW, My name was ELMOBLATCH, TBP I ELMO, Someone remembers me. I always remember a codemajic being in and around the top, i was ps3.
1v1 me bruh. Used to love a 1v1 on free for all rust. Unbeaten back then. Nowadays I'd be useless. Ps I know you're joking
Sucks for you that CoD is dead...but if your that good at titanfall, you can PM me. I've lost interest in all games now to be honest since cod started progressively getting worse.
Bro this is pubs, this is nothing, you are not even in the first 1000 players in the world you are awful. play competitive. Feel free to send me a photo of you at number one if its so easy, i dont play anymore so i dont really care if you think im awful. No affect on my life.
Its pubs, it takes 0 skill. try to go to an mlg event and see how bad you get pooped on. So i'm guessing you aren't going to send me a photo then?
Call of Duty is shit and you're a noob, my friend. Also you can't call yourself a gamer, anybody's who's been playing CoD and knows how to play can do good scores. Back 2 ur hole naw. You're one of the specialers on reddit obviously, if you could read you'd see i said about 10+ times that i don't play games any more and when i did i was casual about it, you be a gamer and I'll do life, unfortunately for you, a life cant be unlocked on-line.
You only played one game. So much fail here. Hello, I know who you are, and thats not true, you have to play at least 5 games for weekly and 50 for all time, if you have a ps3 and are arsed you can check all time free for all. I'm not claiming to be number 1 in black ops 2, i didnt play that much i just wanted more photos for proof.
Judging by this AMA, your not even good, you just played a game more than other people. This sucks really. Judging by your comment you have issues reading. I have said a good 10+ times it's how good you are over how much you play.
Its a hobby chap..and I don't abuse, just have fun. Odd enough hobby, although i can't talk, just find people like you confusing.
The world works in mysterious ways my friend.. Each to their own i suppose.
A photo of what? I dont play pubs. If it takes 0 skill, someone of your insane talent should do it easily? You're all talk.
I play cs go on pc, this console shooter with aim assist is nothing, if you think you are good cause you got a good place at a pub playlist on the easiest console to play on(all the pro players and the youtube pubstompers play on xbox) you are wrong. So no proof then? Words words words.
Again, proof of what? that pubs is easy? the fact that the only player that dropped a 300 kills game on black ops 2 in domination got shitted on in competitive just shows you how easy is pubs, you are not even close to his level and he is awful as well. So is that a yes or a no to the photo of you being number 1?
Did you find it difficult to give up sex to reach such a high level in the video game world or were you not getting laid to begin with? I was 15 or so, so it wasn't as frequent as you might imagine.
What's it like being a virgin? Your last 5 replies to any topic are about sex. Normal people don't constantly talk about It. Are you trying to overcompensate and pretend to the internet you're something you're not?
My last 5 replies were on a topic about sex. Just saying. Do you not find that odd? Less talk more action. I only joined reddit today but I already see a lot of unhappy people trying to act like someone they're not online. You have no real life friends or something?
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All prestige emblems from COD4 to COD:AW

All prestige emblems from COD4 to COD:AW submitted by semp0k to CodAW

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