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Raised Panel 16 Square Full. Raised Panel 16 Roman Full. This fast growing maple is the perfect choice for a focal shade tree. Our built-in antivirus scanned this download and rated it as virus free.

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The word 'keygen' means a small program that can generate a cd key, activation number, license code, serial number, or. On June 20th, 2020, Toronto acquired Andersen in exchange for a first-round pick (30th overall) in the 2020 draft and a second-round pick in the 2020 draft. Latest Crack Software see page. Even the bark of a Bloodgood Japanese Maple catches the eye with its silver color.

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Pure Maple Water Store – Pure Maple Water Company Ltd. Acer shirasawanum 'Moonrise' (Full Moon Maple). With some more research and evaluation, they decided that developing their algebraic system could lead to software. Maple is math software that combines the world's most powerful math engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems.

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10.16 Patch Note (KoC update): MapleStoryM

Fortify your kit with this Ludwig Classic Maple floor tom! Maple brings you even more, even stronger mathematical capabilities, from enhancements to the core routines you use every day, to specialized tools that open up new areas of research. The week will be packed with activities, and we have designed it so that it will be valuable for Maple users of all skill and experience levels. I mainly gravitated towards this product due to the packaging, because I'm a sucker for cute packaging, but luckily the smell made the.

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Maplesoft Maple Crack Full Serial Key Free Download. Maplesoft Maple v [ Bit] Incl Crack - [MUMBAI-TPB] Full Version Setup and Install Instructions: Download the Maplesoft Maple v [ Bit] Incl Crack - [MUMBAI-TPB] Full Version Setup file. They are quality checked by our team of repair technicians to ensure that they meet high playing standards. Japanese maple Acer palmatum atropurpureum 10"-16" tall 4.

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Red Maple Hybrid 10 - 16 feet tall ( 3-5 inch caliper. Due to manufacturing variances, limitations of computer screens and the variation in natural lighting, actual colors may vary from the images you see here. Maplesoft Maple Full Crack. Report this Job Once a job has been reported, we will.

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The first time I had a hot toddy was the first time. 907 Vine Maple St SE #16, Lacey, WA 98503 https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1304. Southern Hemisphere players will see them from May 16-26. All in all, ETAP 16.0 Downlad is providing its providers for greater than 30 years.

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Pickup available Quarter Cord Dry 130 Half Cord Dry 230 Full Cord Dry 370 Green Cord 260. Proceed through the installation. Maple Crack Plus Activation Code Free Download Here! Remove from the heat and stir in the porridge oats and any extra addition such as raisins.

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We have predictions with help from @orionataylor and @Steinosaur19. Maple Leafs, Joe Thornton agree to one-year deal. Funeral Held At Maple Ridge Alliance Church For Dead. You may even create an interactive application that you may share with your fellow mathematicians or your students.

Two Weeks Of Hell

At the beginning of my suspected Covid-10 diagnosis I started writing down my symptoms on a piece of paper. I'd update it everyday and write on it 'Chelsea's Covid symptoms. DO NOT THROW AWAY, keep for scientists.'
Yes, yes I know. I'm so funny. Anyway...here it is.
I even took it into account the few days before I tested positive to give the full scope of symptom progression.
Day 1, Day 2: Hard ache in stomach like it had a rock sitting in it. (I thought it was from a spicy chicken sandwich I ate)
Day 3, Day 4: Irritated and sore throat started. I thought it was my allergies because the windows had been open and the leaves are moldy.
Day 5, Day 6: The coughing started in addition to the sore throat. I was coughing up white/yellow phlegm. Still thought it was allergies. I took my temperature, no fever. And I never had a fever going into work. It's important to note, that during this time I didn't lose my taste or smell but I did have a strange smell inside of my nose.
Day 7: When I got home from work that night there was blood in my phlegm and my chest burned awful.
Day 8: I made the decision to call into work. My Mother had to really push me because we are always so short staffed. My Dad took me to Maple Grove hospital. There, we waited for about 2 hours. And I got a strep test, negative.
The Doctor asked me if I had lost my taste or smell. I told him no, I hadn't. But he still diagnosed me with 'suspected Coronavirus infection' And told me I'd get my test results in two days. I spent the next 48 hours refreshing my mychart like an obsessive freak.
Day 9: I woke up early in the morning very hungry, and scooped myself a large bowl of ice cream to soothe my sore throat but when I dug into it with the spoon to eat it I realized. There was nothing. No taste. Just cold.
I sat in the dining chair and horror set it. I didn't need my test results anymore, I knew. What was I going to do? What if my parents got it? I had so many anxious thoughts running through my mind. But I took a deep breath and tried not to panic. That didn't last long.
Day 10: I got my positive test. My anxiety worsened. Later that night I woke up and I had paralyzing chills running through my body. My skin felt on fire, but my insides were frozen.
The room was spinning, my ears ringing, palms sweating, short of breath, intense nausea. PANIC ATTACK. SURPRISE NOCTURNAL PANIC ATTACK. Fudge fudge fudge! I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was covered in cold sweat trying to concentrate on breathing. I was no stranger to panic attacks or night terrors, but this was a whole new enemy.
I couldn't think, I couldn't walk. I was confused. I grabbed my phone and called my Mom. I spent the rest of the night in the bathtub refilling it with hot water every time the feelings came back. But it was going to last for hours. An intense chilling battle against physical feelings of terror for over 12 hours.
Day 11: I made it until about 12pm before I realized I needed help. This wasn't something I could use a bath, deep breathing, or essential oils to get through. I caved and told my parents I needed help with my anxiety. We called the clinic and I ended up having the worst conversation of my life with an ignorant AF triage nurse.
Me: I've been diagnosed with Covid-19 and I am struggling with intense feelings of anxiety. Chills are running through my body my skin is on fire, but my insides are frozen. I can't breathe, the room is spinning, my ears are ringing, I am crawling in my skin. I'm constantly nauseated and can't drink water. This has been going on for over 12 hours and I need help.
Nurse: Oh? you have Covid?
Me: Yes, I went to Maple Grove hospital, I can give you their phone number. Please my anxiety is so bad I need someone to help me.
Nurse: Well what are your symptoms?
Me: I've been coughing up blood but now these chills started and they are destroying me and causing intense terror in my body. I've been panicking for 12 hours and I'm not able to drink water.
Nurse: Why can't you drink water?
Me: BECAUSE I'VE BEEN HAVING A PANIC ATTACK FOR 12 HOURS AND I'M NAUSEOUS. If I'm going to get through this and get better I need help for my anxiety and nausea. Or else I'm going to just get worse.
Nurse: I don't understand why you can't drink water or why that's an issue. I can send a message to your Doctor if you want.
I realized she wasn't able or willing to help me. And had my Dad take me back to Maple Grove hospital where I was treated for anxiety, shortness of breath, and diagnosed with pneumonia.
This nurse's ignorance HARMED me when I needed HELP.
I called back a few days later when I wasn't feeling as badly and got her name. I will be writing the Dean of medicine to explain what happened and ensure it doesn't happen to anyone else. WHAT AN IGNORANT WOMAN.
The Doctors and nurses at Maple Grove hospital were very helpful and coached me through my anxiety and gave me nausea medication so that I would be able to stay hydrated. The Doctor even held my hand while I was crying, despite the risk of getting infected himself. They showed me so much compassion and I fully intend on forwarding them a sincere thank you card.
Day 12: The anxiety was under control with nausea medication and help from friends. But now the digestive part started. I would be up every hour of the night getting sick, and my stomach hurt so badly all I could do was curl up on my side and stick a heating pad on it and pray to God. I barely got any sleep and still felt like I was crawling inside my own skin. The anxiety was the worst part of this, and I feel like it was from Covid not my brain.
Day 14: Anxiety lessened during the day but would became bad at night. Whenever I lay down to sleep I felt like I couldn't breathe and the room would start spinning. The only way I got through it was with lavender lotion and soothing Disney piano songs I played all night on the TV. I'd wake up every hour and check the clock and keep telling myself 'It's almost morning, we're almost there. You can do this.' This lasted many nights along with the nausea and other digestive problems. A few times I didn't make it to the bathroom.
Day 15: Still coughing up blood, stomachache, anxiety, digestive issues. Complete loss of appetite. I could only eat half a piece of toast one day, a few bites of yogurt another. Just enough to get my antibiotics down.
Day 16: Digestive problems starting to exhaust me, getting weaker, couldn't lift my arms up to wash my hair. Still couldn't eat anything. My chest developed this permanently icy feeling. The only good thing was I was able to smell my body wash! My smell was returning!
Day 17: FINALLY MY DIGESTIVE ISSUES WERE GONE. Appetite started to slowly return. I stepped on the scale and I had lost 20 pounds in 10 days. If I was a thin person I probably would have been hospitalized.
Day 18: Coughing started to lessen, still blood. Pure exhaustion. The blood continued for about 2 days after I finished my antibiotics and finally went away.
Gradually my taste started to return, but things barely have any flavor or certain things have completely new flavors. My new favorite food is pudding, because it's the only thing I can fully taste.
Everything else just tastes like salt. And pizza just tastes like pure garlic. It's bizarre and depressing. Hopefully with time my taste will fully return to normal or this fat girl is not going to be happy.
Now, I am mostly exhausted from everything I do. Taking a shower, getting up to eat. My chest is still cold. I still have anxiety at night. If I turn the lights off I feel like I can't breathe so I just leave the TV on. But it feels like something inside my body has changed and will never be the same again.
I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. And I'd be hesitant to go through it again even if you offered me 100 million dollars.
Otherwise more people are going to have to suffer through this. End up hospitalized or grandma and grandpa might even die.
Think about OTHER PEOPLE.
Thank you
submitted by Level99Coping to COVID19positive

D100 Fantasy Sweets Shop Products, Take 3

Let's make a list of sweets that one would find in a sweet shop in a world of myth and magic, everything from the mundane to the magical! As with all my lists, anything without a username at the end is my entry.
  1. Dragon breath pops. Lollipops that contain a potion in their center. The potion allows the imbiber to breath a cute, harmless version of a dragon's breath weapon for the next ten minutes. There's a flavor for each of the five main chromatic and metallic dragons.
  2. Buzz-Bees. Bee shaped pieces of honey candy. Causes a mild buzzing sensation in the consumers mouth for a minute.
  3. Sweet rolls. So good, people are just as likely to steal them as to buy them.
  4. Lion's Lemondrops. Pieces of extremely sour candy in the shape of a Lion's head. Putting the entire piece in your mouth will remind you of happier times. u/Tatertot959
  5. Fire Beetle Fudge - a sweet fudge that is spiced with ground up Fire Beetle carapace. A sweet burn that lasts for a long time. u/Torvaak
  6. Shocking suckers- yellow lemon flavored lollipops. At a random time while licking it, it sends an electric charge through the body causing any body hair to stick straight up for a short time. NOTE: Cannot be used as an AED u/AegisAngel
  7. Loving licorice- a wonderful tasting red licorice (think Twizzlers) that contains an extremely mild love potion. You fall slightly in love with the first person you see for 1 minute. It makes you feel like you have a crush. u/AegisAngel
  8. Pineapple Python Pops- a pineapple flavored ice pop that forces upon you a silly walk while eating it. u/AegisAngel
  9. Blueberry Bombs- small blueberry flavored hard candies that exploded while in a persons mouth into pop rocks. Cannot damage the person. They will expel smoke from their mouth after the explosion. u/AegisAngel
  10. A seed that grows into a full one use tea set. This tea set appears to be made of flowers. The pot holds enough water for each person to have two cup fulls. The cups are edible as is the pot. They taste like tea biscuits. The seed grows in 1 hr and has tea ready once the main flower on the pot blooms. (The cups look like the cup Willy Wonka drank from in the first sweet room in the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) u/AegisAngel
  11. Never Ending Bland Balls - Tasteless, these balls also neutralize all other flavors when places in the mouth. May help overcome sickness. u/ncrsipybacon
  12. Liquor'ice - A black, salty candy that gets the one who eats it quite drunk. u/AntsOrBees
  13. Icy Fresh Breath Mints - candy in the shape of a snow flake that leaves an extremely cold feeling in the mouth. If you breath on a small pool of liquid, you can make it freeze. You won't burn your mouth on anything u/AntsOrBees
  14. Fobbles of the Feast - A candy with a soft exterior, and a small hard pull inside of it. As soon as this pill comes in contact with your body heat, it starts playing festive tunes, emanating from wherever in your body it is currently located. Effect lasts for about 6-10 hours probably, or until it looses contact with your internal body. u/AntsOrBees
  15. Flaming Cherry: A small, transparent red ball of hard candy that appears to have a small fire inside of it. It is very sweet until the center is reached, upon which it turns sour-- but still pleasant, if you can handle it. u/ThatCrystalFluff
  16. Ogre Coins: Nasty looking, dark green coins that, when you remove the foil, are actually made of crunchy peanut butter. The inside is dripping with nutella. u/ThatCrystalFluff
  17. Starlickers: Small star-shaped candy that is placed on the tongue. Once it dissolves, the consumer gets a burst of energy, and feels similar to drinking an energy drink (..or, say, licking a star). u/ThatCrystalFluff
  18. Zesto Karamela; a candy that not only tastes sweet but also provides the consumer with pleasant sounds in their ears u/The-Movie-Supreme
  19. Chromatic Chocolate. Sweet milk chocolate in a bar that uses a special iredescent salt for flavor, and leaves the consumer's teeth in a state of changing iredescent colors that give off a dim light. u/Hacknslaasher
  20. One Pound Cake. A large pound cake that is as big as a person -can be larger- but through a magical baking process only weighs a single pound. u/Hacknslaasher
  21. Orc Balls - Green hard candy that tastes minty and salty... u/Tobiticus
  22. Umber Sticks - Chewy rigid sticks of brown licorice that have an earthy mushroom taste sweetened with honey. If umber hulks are near you can sense them. u/Tobiticus
  23. Kobold Kuties - Just like atomic fireballs but each one has a grinning Kobold face painted on it. Take 1 fire damage if you fail a CON saving throw. u/Tobiticus
  24. Wizzard Wobbles - The tiny spark of magic in these gummy stars makes you walk all wobbly and fall over like you are dizzy for 30 seconds. They taste like berry sushi. u/Tobiticus
  25. Giant Toes - Deep fried garlic in a chili lime powder. Each one has a drop of stone giant potion in it. Strength +1 for 5 minutes if you eat a couple. Eat more than three at a time and vomit them up for no effect. u/Tobiticus
  26. Mead Suckers - Originally designed by healers to help those with alcoholism get the flavour of ale without the drunkenness. Now a sweet shop classic. u/The_Bardbarian
  27. Pine Vines - Thin strips of pine branch for you to chew and release that piney flavour. Love them or hate them. Also a great accompaniment to your cup of forest tea. u/The_Bardbarian
  28. BumbleCrunch - Bees encased in honey. Suck on these until you get to the crunchy centre. u/The_Bardbarian
  29. Foamstools - Chewy marshmallow mushrooms. Pack may contain traces of Shrieker. u/The_Bardbarian
  30. Pondgoos - Ever looked at frogspawn and thought ‘mmmmm’? No neither have I but then again I’m not a hag. u/The_Bardbarian
  31. Gravel Gum: tastes like rocks, but gives you stone like skin for the next minute. Popular with dwarves and giants. u/DinoTuesday
  32. Manticore Malt: a spiky and delicious chocolatey drink sporting manticore quills. May spit the quills as a ranged attack after drinking (treat as a thrown dagger attack). u/DinoTuesday
  33. Eye of Newgat: White chocolate molded and colored to look like a newt's eye. Has a delicious nougat center.
  34. Pepper bombs: Hard candies flavored with sweet peppers. Comes in the following varieties: Firecracker (mild), Grenade (moderate), Powder Keg (hot), Balor's Death Throes (an open declaration of war on your intestinal tract. DC15 Constitution check after one hour or be nasuated and in pain for 1d4 hours.)
  35. Slaad Salad: a mixed fruit salad with a disturbing variety of colors (red blue green grey and black). Causes minor frog like features to temporarily appear for an hour. u/DinoTuesday
  36. Prima Lux: A very expensive hard candy made only for those of fiendish or celestial heritage. To the former, it's a sweet, and spicy, like a guilty pleasure. To the latter, it's sweet, savory, and just a hint of bitterness, like a nostalgic memory. To everyone else, it's overwhelmingly spicy, bitter, and sour.
  37. Monster-Mallows: An assortment of bite size marshmellow confections shaped like monsters. If you eat them in one bite, you can roar like the monster it was for a few minutes. u/Torvaak
  38. Cattail Pops: A sweet, catnip flavored lollipop that’s incredibly popular among Tabaxi. To everyone else, it tastes horribly bitter and way too spicy to eat but to a Tabaxi it tastes very sweet yet slightly spicy and maybe a tad bitter. Those who eat it tend to have mild, harmless hallucinations for a few seconds that often include shifting psychedelic colors. You must make a Wisdom save to not hallucinate. u/Foxymemes
  39. Magica Magica: These fluffy marshmallows covered in a crunchy passion fruit and dulce de leche shell constantly shift through all of the colors of the rainbow. On the inside, they have a few delicious passion fruit seeds scattered throughout the light, fluffy marshmallow center. Anyone who eats one can create mild, but colorful smoke based illusions. u/Foxymemes
  40. Memorium Crystals: these periwinkle colored, rock candy-like sweets were originally invented by healers to help those suffering from serious cases of chronic depression, but they’ve been lifting the spirits of candy shop customers for years! If you eat one, it makes you relive a pleasant, joyful childhood or adult memory that doesn’t have any baggage attached. After the experience, you will remember what made life worth living in the first place and why the world is so wonderful. Those who’ve eaten them have reported that they taste like nostalgia mixed with passion fruit seeds. uFoxymemes
  41. Beard Moss: A small, green, dense cotton candy-like fluffy ball that tastes like a mixture of apple and pear. When you eat the candy, it gives you a 2 inch beard of your natural hair color and type for 3 hours, after which it crumbles away. Every candy eaten adds 2 inches of length to the beard. u/Vampeloth
  42. Elemental fireballs. Small red round candy rumored to open a tiny gate to the elemental plane of fire in your mouth creating an intense burning sensation. Really, its just a spicy, flavored gobstopper with a triple dose of cinnamon. u/PutridMeatPuppet
  43. Elemental Iceballs. Small blue round candies that are rumored to open a tiny gate to an elemental ice place, creating an intense cooling sensation. It's actually just a gobstopper with a triple dose of mint.
  44. Maple-Glazed Bacon: For those that can't decide between sweet or savory, or for those that are obsessed with bacon.
  45. Choco-Butter Cups: An interprising gnome confectioner had the brilliant idea of mixing peanut butter with chocolate, so he made a chocolate cup with a creamy peanut butter center.
  46. Chacko-Butar Kuupz: An interprising gnome confectioner had the brilliant idea of mixing peanut butter with chocolate... this is a cheap goblin knock-off of it. Not only is it a mishapened lump, the chocolate is actually colored wax, and you do NOT want to know what they used in place of peanut butter.
  47. Moon-Mochi: A rice-based treat that was thought to be invented by a rabbit creature from the moon. Rice pounded into a sweet fluffy dough, these treats are sometimes sprinkled with sugar. A great deed lead to a series of events that pushed this rabbit to produce these treats for all eternity. This is of course just a replication... Unless.... u/HamburgerHellper
  48. Rock Candy Ropes - Dwarven sugar crystals on a string. Eating the full string grants the eater the benefits of the Stoneskin spell. u/RevRaak
  49. CaricaTreats - Molded jelly candies in the shape of body parts, which will goofily inflate the eater's corresponding feature for 2d10+2 minutes. (D8 Random assortment): 1. Ears, 2. Eyes, 3. Nose, 4. Front teeth, 5. Eyebrows/mustache, 6. Chin, 7. Mouth, 8. Lips. u/RevRaak
  50. Bomb-Bons - Gnomish hard candy spheres filled with a sweet-sour strawberry syrup, shaped like explosives. Sucking on the candy slowly releases the filling at a manageable rate for most children. Biting the candy, however, produces the sounds of a small detonation easily heard by any within 10 feet radius of the eater, and causes a ringing in the eater's ears for the next 1d4 days. u/RevRaak
  51. Beatrice's Baffling Batwings - Molded marzipan miniature bat wings airbrushed deep purple. Eating them reduces the eater's speech to shrill squeaking for 1d8+1 minutes. u/RevRaak
  52. Sidwop's Sugar Staves - These glossy sugar canes, hand painted to resemble wooden quarterstaffs, come in four flavors: Wizard Watermelon, Monk Mint, Druid Dill, and Lich Licorice. u/RevRaak
  53. Pixie Dust -- Eating this sachet of dyed sugar crystals alters the eater's hair color randomly (d10): 1. Electric blue, 2. Acid green, 3. Magenta, 4. Yellow, 5. Lilac, 6. Teal, 7. Orange-Red, 8. Violet, 9. Silver, 10. Indigo. u/RevRaak
  54. Hagwarts -- These candy-coated chocolate nibs are colored shades of green, brown, and gray, and are filled with pearls of walnut-, almond-, and hazelnut-flavored creams. u/RevRaak
  55. Hardset Honey Gems -- These crystals of hardened honey are cut to resemble faceted gemstones. They are popular, simple, and widely available, but they are known best for the carved wooden shield tokens that come wrapped with each one, which are collected in sets for the noble crests and knightly coats-of-arms on them. Kids play a game with the shields. u/RevRaak
  56. sweet spellbook- a spellbook with a page about every different spell known to a particular class (eg cleric, bard) every page can be torn out and tastes different. u/-peachmilk-
  57. Runny Buns, a swirl shaped bun with a runny liquid that actively attempts to escape the consumer but is forced to stay on the bun, each bite is moderately sweet except for the last part which is pure sugar elemental, eating one can increase your reaction times and give an incredible sugar rush but also an intense sugar crash. (Potential buff/ debuff opportunity) u/guyfierethedragon
  58. Potion bottles, sugar glass with a small thaumaturgy spell cast on a sweet liquid inside, you can choose to eat the whole thing at once or drink the contents and then eat, the thaumaturgy can raise or lower your voice, perform a cartoonish sound effect everytime you burp, or make a fart sound as soon as you open your mouth after eating it. Comes in GoodBerry, Chocolate, and syrup flavors with the outside tasting similar to the inside u/guyfierethedragon
  59. Ettin pops; a sucker with one stem but two suckers with different flavors that compliment one another. u/bbbebbb
  60. Porcupine pops; not for the weak of tongued. u/bbbebbb
  61. Fly-Byes; A box full of chocolate flies that try to fly away as soon as you open the box. Catch them before they get away! u/bbbebbb
  62. Candy crystal balls; eating one will give you a brief fortune cookie like prophesy. u/bbbebbb
  63. Oatbow; a funsize snack that looks suspiciously like an Oathbow, and tastes like oats. u/bbbebbb
  64. Bag of Beans; the non-magic kind. u/bbbebbb
  65. Tooth Strengthening Humbug, striped boiled lolly causes all but one tooth to fall out, the last tooth becomes hard as a rock-drill. u/victorianchan
  66. Dark Delight; This trademark mix of dark chocolate and finest nightshade essence is a true delight in a moonless night. When consumed you gain +1 to any Stealth check for the next 10 min as your body melds into the shadows, making you harder to spot. u/Minititan1010
  67. Medusa Maroons; These delicious Maroons have a bright green filling and smell a bit like mint. Each is infused with a small drop of Medusa Tears. When eaten your whole body takes the likeness of Stone for one minute and you find it very easy to stand absolutely still. u/Minititan1010
  68. Otto's Irresistible Dragee; These delicious sugar coated gums are THE hit on any party. After eating you feel the strong desire to dance. u/Minititan1010
  69. Hadar's Lubricating Licorice ; This black gooey licorice is suffused with a slippery slime only found in the far realm. They are often used to treat a sore throat and leave your mouth weirdly tingly. u/Minititan1010
  70. Cheep Chirps: Small hard candies shaped and colored like a variety of birds. Sucking on one enables you to perform the vocalizations of the bird depicted as long as the candy lasts. u/booksareadrug
  71. Gummice: Mouse-shaped mint gummies that allow the user to perform ice breath for one round. u/booksareadrug
  72. Watered down scurva: a completely black spherical hard candy. When chewed for 1 minute it causes it user to see colors more vibrantly and lights to shimmer and become more liquid like. Also makes its user lightly intoxicated (this is a watered down drug so having to much can replicate the effects of the real thing). u/the-played-one
  73. Sweetie Sticks - sugared treant twigs. Gives a treebark-like effect the skin. (+1 AC for those not wearing armor) u/SpringPfeiffer
  74. Peppermint Humbugs : 3d4+3 spun sugar cicadas. Once released from package, bumble around randomly until they hit something hard enough to shatter, dealing 2d6 cold damage (DC12 con save for half) to everything within 5ft. u/freakingfairy
  75. Sinmin Hearts: 1d4+3 red candy hearts. When eaten there’s a 33% chance this acts as a Philter of Love and 66% of heartburn. Heartburn acts as the Dragon’s Breath spell (DC14) with the exception that they must breath fire every round for the duration. They may attempt a Con save to hold it in, but if they succeed they take ½ damage themselves. u/freakingfairy
  76. Juiblex’s Delite: Tiny lemon-lime jelly cube. Upon command word (Zugtimony) transforms and expands into a gelatinous cube loyal to only Juiblex. Melts in contact with water. u/freakingfairy
  77. Dwarven Rock Candy: When thrown or sprinkled onto the ground it acts as one casting of wall of stone OR it can be ingested as a DC17 petrification potion, encasing the body in pure crystalline sugar (hint: sugar is a surprisingly good preservative). u/freakingfairy
  78. Lil' Bitters : small hard brownish candy resembling scarab, these candies were designed by healers. Sucking on them will make them over time change color and develop a pattern on their back, which can be used by healers to detect fever and coating of the tongue caused by illness. u/lazy_human5040
  79. White Jumpers: soft white candies of the size and texture of marshmallows. While chewing and sucking them, it shrinks while releasing a rich warm milk, and start moving around in the mouth. If it finds a gap where a tooth should be, it will move there, pushing and jumping to make room, before settling down there and hardening to almost teeth hardness. Most people spit them out before they've lost all their softness, because they sometimes damage healthy teeth. u/lazy_human5040
  80. Honey Welders: Sweet gooey small cakes which after digestion stop the consumer from getting any nutrition from food for 1d4 days, while also mending any damage that may be on the stomach lining. Really popular as a dessert after noble's feast. u/lazy_human5040
  81. Jello Revenge: A small, mostly tasteless jello smelling like overripe apple, which will violently explode when bitten, and thereby expelling any earwax, snot, tears, spit or anything in an orifice of the head. u/lazy_human5040
  82. Sword in the Scone: Exactly what it sounds like. A flakey, blueberry-filled scone with a tiny wooden sword holding it together like a toothpick would. The local kids have taken to collecting the swords, and the shopkeeps are encouraging this behavior by including some rare variant swords in each batch, so they're a hot commodity at the moment. u/MildlyConcernedGhost
  83. Thundercloud Candyfloss; Cotton-candy that acts just like a miniature thundercloud. Sparks in your mouth! u/giraffe_mentality
  84. Rainbow Lollipops; A simple enchantment that causes the lollipops to appear as though they're slowly spinning/pulsing with colors. u/giraffe_mentality
  85. Blooming Pastries; flakey pastries shaped like rosebuds that bloom right before the eater takes a bite. u/giraffe_mentality
  86. Cinder Cider; cider that sparks and snaps like a dying fire. The consumer feels warm and toasty for an hour afterwards, although it doesn't protect against extreme cold. u/giraffe_mentality
  87. Munchy Missiles: Bluish-gray malt balls that always land in your mouth no matter how you throw them. u/giraffe_mentality
  88. Verbal Beans: Color-coded jelly beans that make the consumer sound exactly like the following creature or effect when they speak for 6 seconds (1 round) after consuming: Pink - Elephant, Gold - Lion, Light Green - Pterodactyl, Dark Green - A Green Hag, Brown - Dog, Black - Low Demonic Voice, Gray - Rolling Thunder, Blue - A Babbling Brook, Red - A Crackling Bonfire, Purple - A Haughty Aristocrat. *Spells requiring a verbal component can still be cast after consuming beans of these colors. u/giraffe_mentality
  89. Fruity Thorns - not barbed nor prone to cause any harm at all, these flat irregular squares we placed in a person’s mouth melt instantly. An intense fruit flavor flushes through that taster's palate drowning out all flavors for a minute. The breath effect adds a advantage to meeting charisma results for the same minute. u/jjskellie
  90. Chocolate Covered Illithid Larvae, you know how how Mind Flayers leave Parasitic Eggs in your Brain as their way of producing Offspring? Well those, but, Chocolate Covered!! (Don't ask about how they get the Larvae, it's like Silk or the Bear Bile Trade) u/victorianchan
  91. Royal Jelly Stamina Drink Powder, similar to the Stamina Drink Powder that's commercially available, but, made from product obtained from Giant Bees! Stores well if kept dry. u/victorianchan
  92. Musk Candy, tastes like what a Beavers Tail smells like! Made from 4HD Giant Beavers Castoreum. u/victorianchan
  93. Giant Ant Popcorn, the fried eggs of Ants, and they are Huge among the Giant Races! u/victorianchan
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