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Wmiprvse.exe Windows process - What is it

To specify a destination directory for RTM, you can supply the parameter InstallDir. From a terminal, run git-credential-manager-core version and paste the output. Winlogon.exe Windows process - What is it https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=127. They guarantee reliable task execution - upon success, all workers must send an HTTP response code (200-299) to the Cloud Tasks service, in this instance before a deadline based on the instance scaling type of the service: 10 minutes for automatic scaling or up to 24 hours for manual scaling. The program is designed by Neuber in Germany. Suppress task sequence notifications: Select this option to hide the New Software is available toast notification.

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Activation code task Manager locked by the administrator.

Banks can prepare an exhaustive operations manual using the contents of this manual as the base. IObit Uninstaller Pro [] Crack + Activation Key https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=131. Distroless Containers: Hype or True. Manager - RTM Manager and its related files will be installed. Keeping your passwords, financial, and other personal information safe and protected from outside intruders has long been a priority of businesses, but it's increasingly critical for consumers and individuals to heed data protection advice and use sound practices to keep your sensitive personal information safe and secure. To find your version number of Security Task Manager, click About on the Help menu.

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BIOS MCSDK 2.0 User Guide - Texas Instruments Wiki

Swish 2.0 will not run without it. Other Swish programs do not use it. Feel free to share your experience or opinions with us in the comment. You can perform your task in an online and offline situation. When you use a Cloud EKM key, Google has no control over the availability of your externally-managed key in the external key management partner system. Run Security Task Manager to check your crypserv process 2. Free to try Detects and organizes by risk all active processes on your computer Updated.

Sp.exe Windows process - What is it?

Security Task Manager. Tab Option Definition Configuration: Manage Logs Configure the types of events that are logged on the event log. An alternative way is to use a multi stage build, a feature from Docker which will allow us the effects (files) created by a. Daily Giveaway Software License Key https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=140. Manage SSH keys - McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 10.2.0. Oracle FLEXCUBE System Operations User Manual Release 5.0 official website.

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The [HOST] process is part of CrypKey NT Service of Kenonic Controls Ltd. Security Task Manager i Full Crack Free Download. This activation process is based on Processor ID which is unique per system so no other system will be getting the same activation key. If so, double click in the grey area to the left of the end process button. Ensure physical security. Security task manager 2.0 key no.

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Task Manager Key Freeware - Free Download Task Manager Key

This manual is not expected to. Purpose of the Manual The purpose of this manual is to provide details into all the operations which would be required to be undertaken at the branch as well as the Data Center level. Task Manager Extension 2.0 go. If you need a simple and secure password manager for your team, turn to TeamsID. Task Manager - Mastering Windows Server 2020 - Second Edition. The [HOST] process is part of Nero PhotoShow Media Manager of Ahead user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager.

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CPU usage high and drops as soon as I open task manager, can't locate the miner - posted in Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help: my windows 10 version is 1909 whats been going on. Sage 50 Accounts 2020 Professional Unlimited patch Eset NOD32 Smart Security, Anti-virus23.56 keygen DiskTrix DefragExpress 1.50 Portable patch. CopyTrans Manager lets you move music from your computer to your iOS device without needing to go through iTunes in the process. No-one wants to leave the remains of lunch, odds and ends of work files, or junk food wrappers all over their desktop, but they don't seem to mind leaving their computer programs and processes in the same state. For example, TLS supports pre-shared keys, secure remote. Click on the "File" tab to return to the Document view.

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Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Download VIPRE Advanced Security 2020 – Firewall And Email Security. Close Contents Open Contents. Credential Manager Core not a git command. See `git --help https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=124. One of the goals for Windows Server 2020 is to be even more useful and reliable than any previous version of Windows Server has been.

GoG Galaxy 2.0 some common issues and their solution

I'm writing it from my phone but I tried to compile a few of the most common problems encountered with GoG Galaxy 2.0 and their solutions or workarounds.
You can report any issue here.

Common issues:

Bookmarks dissapear:
  • Solved, update GoG Galaxy 2.0. source
Can´t access recently bought GoG´s DLCs:
  • Should be solved. source.
  • Workaround should be: download the installer manually in the "Extras" tab and install.
Connected clients not closing (with "close client" option enabled for that client):
  • Workaround: Close manually, should be fixed soon, if not already.
Demos not showing:
  • May be working as intended, currently there are a couple issues in the issue tracker, here and here. Waiting response.
GoG Galaxy 2.0 Doesn´t launch at system startup:
  • Check the tab "start" in Task Manager to see if you have Gog Galaxy turned off. (May have another name, my computer is not in english, option may be in the control panel in older versions of windows.)
Duplicated games:
  • Workaround: hide the duplicated item.
Games installed into external drive dissapearing:
  • Apparently support is needed. No solutión/workaround found yet.


The Steam integration plugin can´t use the API because of it´s request limit. So instead, the plugin gets the cookie. It runs and updates information in a loop (for the game and friend list, etc). This may cause security-discomfort to some, the issue is already in review. Source.
Disclaimer: I´m no security expert and security issues are beyond the scope of this post, please understand. I only remark it so you can look into the source.
Some games may not show achievements correctly:
  • This is a game by game issue. Report it here.
Can´t connect (eresult: 5):
  • Nerdy stuff but in synthesis, it should work in a couple hours, you can also disconnect and reconnect. TIP: avoid spamming the retry button.
  • You can also reinstall the plugin. (Credits: FriendsOfGalaxy on github, source )
Can´t connect (eresult 63):
Seems related to Steam Guard, no solution/workaround found yet. Reinstalling seems to solve it sometimes. (Credit: NamesAreSilly in Github. Source) May break when changing between multiple steam accounts.
Steam showing friends always offline:
  • Disable Steam Beta.
Not showing Steam games:
  • Check privacy settings, make sure your library is visible.
  • Disable Steam Beta
  • Refresh connections on GoG Galaxy 2.0
  • Manual Reinstallation:
  1. Disconnect your Steam on GOG Galaxy, and shut down the client completely, (may not need to disconnect from steam)
  2. Grab the latest release here of the Steam Integration for GOG Galaxy 2.0
  3. Go to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\GOG.com\Galaxy\plugins\installed
  4. Find the folder that has steam in the name, go inside of it
  5. Delete the entire content of the folder, replace it with the contents of the zip file you downloaded.
  6. Start up Galaxy and log in to Steam again, (may require a restart or a refresh.)
(Credits: u/mauro_rimp) (how to check your current versión and update by user NamesAreSilly in github. Source. may become outdated)
Integration crashes:
  • Reinstall with solution above.
Steam Apps (like wallpaper engine) not showing in GoG Galaxy:
  • Working as intended. (Source) you may add them manually though. (source needed)


  • You can find the integration Here.
Games not showing:
  • Reinstall the integration:
  1. Close GoG G2.0 completely.
  2. Make a manual installation of the integration
  3. Unzip it in its own folder in the plugins folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\GOG.com\Galaxy\plugins\installed
  4. Restart the client.
Should show up in the integrations. (Credits: u/OkayMoogle)


Warcraft III reforged will show gog's and battle.net's version sometimes. The program may confuse them.
Destiny 2 may still show as a Battle.net game.
Games not launching properly.
  • Not solution/workaround found yet.
Free and trail versions appear on the library:
  • Workaround: Hide them.

Riot games:

  • Here is the integration.

Microsoft Store

Installation/ Games not running:
  • This post explains the process better than I could have. (Credits: u/auliyaa33)
Games detected as Xbox titles, and not launching:
  • See above solution.


Doesn't connect correctly sometimes:
  • No solution/workaround found yet.
Connection times out.
  • Workaround:
  1. Log in PSN through the browser
  2. After login click the link: https://auth.api.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/2.0/ssocookie
  3. Copy content of "npsso"
  4. Edit file %AppData%\Local\GOG.com\Galaxy\plugins\installed\psn_RANDOM_KEY\plugin.py
  5. Go to line 64 and change value stored_npsso to copied "npsso" for example:
  6. Restart GOG Galaxy
  7. Click connect with PSN
(Credits: Bustacap GoG´s Forums Source and u/Dunais55 Source)
  1. In addition to totally REPLACING the line 64, delete lines 65 and 66
  2. Because: Python is indent-sensitive, it means the script interpreter uses the vertical alignment to know if blocks of code are within certain statements/conditionals/loops or others. To make sure that the script is correctly interpreted you need to make sure that the line 64 you have just replaced starts with the "s" of stored_npsso right under the "c" of async which is in line 63. Actually it, the line 64 has to start after 8 blank SPACES (do not use tabs).
May be related to ReCaptcha (Source.)


Games not showing/launch:
  • Workaround: create executable/launch command:
  1. Create a separate folder for your games you want to display in PCSX2, call it "Batch Files" or something like that.
  2. Now create a "Name of Your Game".txt file.
  3. Open it. Now copy and paste the following line:start "" "File Path of Your pcsx2.exe" "File Path of Your .iso or .bin or .cue" --nogui(you can find the path in the exe and bin file's context menus: Properties > Security > Object Name)
  4. Save the .txt file.
  5. Change the .txt. ending to .bat.
  6. Add game manually in GOG Galaxy 2 and mark it as owned.
  7. Now you can link the .bat executable for the game you want to add to GOG G2.
Repeat these steps for each .bat game file you want to add to GOG Galaxy 2.
(Credits: u/nvrendingfall)

Any game

Game not showing:
  • If you add a game manually with "add games manually" and "mark as owned" option, you have to point to the executable. Game should be auto-imported and launchable when you connect a specific integration.
(Credits: u/Johny_)
Recently bought game not showing:
  • Press refresh integrations or give it a seconds.
  • Alternative restart GoG Galaxy 2.0

If you have any suggestion or addition, please let me know! I will be updating this post if possible.
submitted by Cthugh to gog

[MEGA PRO TIPS] Make the most of your S10! Settings, Customization, Convenience & Battery Tips!

This is a set of various settings, customization, and convenience tips, and some also help battery. This is not about customizing your home screen with custom launchers and icon packs, it's more about making the most of your "smartphone". You may know some of these already, you may not know others. My device is the Exynos S10+. Enjoy :) PS: Check out the updates list at the bottom because this thread does change every now and then.
Part 2 of the mega thread of tips is now out, click here!
Here's a review of the Samsung ecosystem with S10+, Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active, click here!
1) Setup seamless Wi-Fi/4G-LTE switching without having both on at once - great battery saver!
First, set up a Bixby Routine by going to Settings > Advanced Features > Bixby Routines (click writing). Setup a routine that IF Connected to [Home Wi-Fi Network], THEN Mobile Data OFF. Set it up with as many Wi-Fi networks as you want, I only have it with my home Wi-Fi. Secondly, go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > 3 dots > Advanced > Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically ON. You need location ON for this. Now, when you are at home, Wi-Fi will be used and Mobile Data will be off, and when you are outside, Mobile Data will be used and Wi-Fi will be Off (this saves a good deal of battery as the phone isn't background-scanning for networks).
NOTE: The first time you leave the house, you need to manually enable Mobile Data via quick toggles, and turn off Wi-Fi. When you come back to your WiFi zone (i.e. home), WiFi will go on (if you leave location on) and Data will go off. Next time you leave your WiFi zone, WiFi will go off and Data will turn on.
EDIT: Apparently Mobile Data is disabled when on Wi-Fi anyway so if you like you can skip the Bixby Routine step.
2) Wi-Fi & Other Battery Savings
Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > 3 dots > Advanced > turn ON Wi-Fi Power Saving to save battery, then click view more at the bottom and turn OFF Hotspot 2.0 if you don't use this, saves more battery.
Also in Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings, turn OFF Nearby Device Scanning. This is usually not needed by most users and saves some battery.
3) Set up monthly data warnings and limits
Go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage, turn on Mobile Data to access this option, then click Billing cycle and data warning. Now put in the date that your carrier resets your data, and put in your data warning. I usually go 0.5 GB below my monthly data plan for the warning, but I don't set the limit.
4) Private DNS for System Wide AdBlocking without any app/software
Warning - only do this if you're cool with the company AdGuard or CloudFlare, people often hesitate since AdGuard is a Russian company, but I'm using it and it has been flawless. Go to Settings > Connections > More Connections Settings > Private DNS. Enter "dns.adguard.com" as the Private DNS. An alternative is "1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com".
If you use Chrome, you may need to disable Chrome's in-built DNS resolver, so that the DNS goes through the AdGuard one. Go to "chrome://flags", search "Async DNS resolver", set that to "Disabled". Now restart Chrome, and the AdGuard DNS should work within Chrome.
5) Use Volume keys for media volume
Go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Use Volume Keys for media. Now your volume keys will control the media volume.
6) Vibrate when pressing recents/home/back button
Settings > Sounds and vibration > System sounds and vibration > Turn on "Touch vibration". I like it when they vibrate.
7) Make display slightly warmer or cooler if you want
For those that complain that the S10 AMOLED display is "too warm", use this. Go to Settings > Display > Screen Mode > use Vivid > use the White Balance slider to go one or two steps to the left (cooler). You might like it more. You can't use this slider if Blue Light Filter is on, so turn it off to configure it.
8) Switch between 2 most recent apps by swiping RIGHT from Home Button to Back/Recents Button, flick through apps
This only works if you use the Nav Bar buttons, which I do. It looks really good when Reduced Animations (Settings > Advanced Features > Reduced Animations) are on. Secondly, from home button, swipe right, then while holding that, swipe left again to flick through all the apps. This one doesn't really work with Task Changer on Good Lock (see (10)), so I don't really use this one.
9) Keep Reduced Animations and also smooth scrolling app switcher!
When you turn on Reduced Animations, the main complaint is that the app switcher only scrolls one by one, you can't fast scroll smoothly. To counter this, you need to use Samsung's Task Changer from Good Lock, and it will be solved! See (10). Personally, I like using Reduced Animations along with all animations set to 1x (default) in developer settings. The phone transitions between screens so damn smoothly! Opening and closing apps is really fluid, and swiping to flick between 2 last apps is also really really smooth.
10) Good Lock - an official Samsung customization app, quick summary
This can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store, or if you don't see it, then google search how to install "Nice Lock".
  • LockStar - customize lockscreen, but a massive drawback is you have to use the small notification icons and can't view them detailed unless you click it, which drops down the quick toggle bar. Hence I don't use it.
  • QuickStar - customize the quick toggles look, pretty cool, I don't use it though
  • Task Changer - I definitely recommend this one! You can center the app on the current app, so that when you press recents key, it doesn't automatically go to the 2nd last app. It has some cool animations for the app switcher, I use "Grid", it's nice :D. I also blur the background so that the app switcher looks cleaner.
  • ClockFace - some nice additions to lockscreen and AOD clocks.
  • MultiStar - Enhanced multi-window multitasking abilities
  • NavStar - add some useful buttons to the typical 3 buttons at the bottom, change the icons, etc. This is cool if you want to have a quick screenshot button, or a quick lock button, or a quick "pull down toggles" button.
  • Nice Shot - native screen recording enabled finally ;)
  • NotiStar - keep a notifications history like the iPhone, I don't use this
  • Nice Catch - logs what each vibration came from
  • One Hand Operation+ - this is a life saver on a big screen. Lets you use the edge screen as a back/home/recents button. I essentially use the entire area which isn't used by my edge handle, for One Hand Operations.
  • EdgeLighting+ - this gives you more options for Edge Lighting, and one of them is a cut-out light ;)
  • EdgeTouch - if you are having accidental presses on the edge, you can have customizable "blocked" zones. However, I have found that slapping any decent case on will solve all accidental touch problems, so I don't need this any more.
  • SoundAssistant - lets you control volume to the next level! Control "how far" a press of the volume key goes, configure multiple app volumes, individual app volumes, etc. Very cool.
11) Make the Edge Panel completely transparent + a very Hot Tip ;)
Swipe the Edge > click settings cog on bottom > 3 dots > Edge panel handle > Transparency set to full high. Now it won't show up on your screenshots. HOT TIP: position the Edge panel handle in the same place as your Lock Button! Now you don't need to remember where you put it, just look at your lock button and pull the edge from there! Remember to set the One Hand Operations+ (see (10)) swipe area from just under the Edge panel area, down to the bottom of the screen (or wherever you want it).
12) SoftKey Edge
Swipe Edge Panel > 3 dots > Galaxy Store > look for "SoftKey Edge". This brings Home/Back/Recents to the edge panel, but more importantly, it has a "Lock Button" on it. This is useful when your hands just can't physically press the lock button, so you can tap that Lock Button. It also adds a screenshot button but I never use this.
13) Device Care tips and automation
Go to Settings > Device Care > 3 dots:
  • Turn on Auto Optimization at roughly 3am every night or whenever is good for you. That way you never have to click Optimize yourself. Now I never close/clear apps from Recents (unless it is erroring). Put that 8GB of RAM to use!
  • Turn on Auto Restart - I have mine every Monday Wednesday Friday at 3:30am - make sure this is slightly after the Auto Optimization time.
  • Put the Device Care icon on the Apps Screen. Now go to the app icon, long press it, and with the 4 options you are presented, you can hold onto them and drag it into your home screen. So you can have an icon for Battery that takes you straight to the battery management screen!
WARNING: People have reported alarms not working after an auto-restart. Until Samsung fixes this by updating the Clock app, you can do this: Settings > Biometrics > Other Security Settings > turn OFF strong protection. Or you can not use Auto-Restart.
14) Chrome Search Bar on Homescreen instead of Google's Bar
For those that don't really use the Google app itself, and also use Chrome as their browser, this is for you. Delete the Google Search bar on your home screen and instead, use the Chrome app's search bar by clicking on the chrome widgets. This search bar is WAY faster and smoother and searches it straight on your Chrome browser, therefore skipping the Google App "middleman" which I find to be just silly anyway.
15) Useful Bixby Routines
Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Bixby Routines. Click the 3 dots > settings > enable the icon, hide the widgets on lockscreen if you want. Here are some of my useful routines:
  • Car Mode: IF connected to [Car's Bluetooth], THEN Sound Mode ON, Media Volume 100%, Wi-Fi OFF, Unlock Phone ON (so I don't need to unlock while driving), Change Lockscreen shortcuts to Spotify & Google Maps, Play Music (Spotify).
  • AOD while Charging: IF Charging Status is Charging, THEN AOD Always On (as opposed to tap-to-display which I usually use)
  • Night Battery Saver: IF time = 1:30am-6:30am on (all weekdays) + IF Place = Home + IF Charging = not charging, THEN turn OFF BT/Wi-Fi/MobileData/Sync, Media Vol 0%, AOD off, Sound Mode = Mute. This one helps when you fall asleep with your phone not charging, just laying in your bed. Saves battery big time, get that flat line on the battery stats ;) Warning: If you're using your phone past 1:30am (or whenever you set it) in bed, everything will randomly shut off so beware!
  • Work Mode: IF Place = Work, THEN Sound Mode = Mute, Media Volume = 0%
  • Mobile Data off while at Home's Wi-Fi (see tip 1)
16) If you don't use Google Assistant and/or Voice OK Google, disable it
Settings > search "Device assistance app" > set Device assistance app to "None". Now if you accidentally hold the home button, you won't get Google Assistant. Secondly, go to Settings > Google > "Search, Assistant & Voice" > Google Assistant > Assistant Tab > at the bottom click "Phone" and turn off the assistant. I also turned off Voice Match in this menu.
17) Better Spotify Lockscreen controls
I always found the Spotify controls on Lockscreen to be very unstable by default. Here's what I did: go to Settings > search "FaceWidgets" > click on it > turn OFF music. Doing this you will lose the AOD music controls, but you will get the classic lockscreen widget for Spotify which never ever fails for me :D
NOTE: You need your lockscreen notifications to be Detailed or Brief, not Icons only, see (33).
18) Faster Unlock Animation
If you want it to unlock faster with less animation, then go to Settings > Biometrics > Biometrics Preferences > turn OFF screen transition effect. The unlock will be kind of drastic but it is quicker.
19) Better Finger Print Scanner!
This has been a hot debate so I won't guarantee the results, but I used this guy's tutorial and now it is 99% flawless!
20) Turn off scanning for Location Accuracy
Go to quick toggles, long press Location, click Improve Accuracy, make sure both toggles are off (Wifi and BT scanning). They aren't needed and drain battery. NOTE: Google Maps and Tinder often turn on Wi-Fi Scanning automatically, so you often have to check back to turn it off. However I haven't had this issue recently.
21) IF you use Outlook for emails, you can turn off Sync and save huge battery
Outlook uses its own syncing, so even if Sync is OFF in your phone quick toggles, you'll still get emails on time. You can test it if you like. So I currently leave Sync off, and I have a bixby routine that IF phone is charging, then turn on Sync. Other than emails, Sync repeatedly syncs your contacts, texts, health, games, and other misc data to the Google servers which I find pointless on a regular basis, so I set it to be done when it is charging only. ONLY for outlook users ;) If you rely on Sync for other apps, then I guess don't do this one.
22) BxActions - use the Bixby button for Flashlight, Google Assistant, etc.
This is the best way to use the Bixby Button in my opinion, drains no battery, and disables Bixby Voice which I don't use anyway. Install it and follow the instructions to get Full Remapping (Essential). I use only one action:
  • Standard & Lockscreen: Long Press = Flashlight (system), so I can hold the button at any time for the torch :D
If you like, you can use the BxActions to remap Bixby button to launch Google Assistant, so then don't follow (16).
23) Disable persistent notification for "Chat Heads Active" for Messenger
If you use chat heads on Messenger (which I don't, I think it's intrusive), then you can disable that persistent notification. Settings > Notifications > Messenger > Scroll to the bottom > turn OFF "chat heads active" notification and click the text and make it silent. Gone!
24) Camera Settings
  • Non-mirrored Selfies: Go to Camera > click Settings cog > Save options > turn ON "Pictures as previewed".
  • Turn off Scene Optimizer if you'd like a more natural looking photo in daylight, as opposed to the loads of Saturation applied by default. I flick it on and off based on what I'm feeling like.
  • Show palm to take selfies: Camera > Settings > Shooting Methods > turn on Show Palm. Now you don't have to do hand gymnastics to press the button, just put your palm out and the cutout will show a quick timer animation and snap a picture! Voila!
  • Enable location tags if you want to see your photos in a photo world map, see (25)
  • Definitely enable Ultra Wide Shot Correction, it helps to straighten the edges of ultra-wide photos. Find it in "save options" in camera settings.
25) Gallery Map!
Go to the Stock Gallery. When you're viewing a picture, swipe up to bring up the details of the photo and swipe down to dismiss the photo. While you're in the photo's details, click on the map of where it was taken. You can see a world map of where every photo was taken, and the more you zoom in, the more detailed it gets! This is only available if you enabled "location tags" in Camera Settings.
26) Use Secure Folder + Funny Hot Tip ;)
Secure Folder is a secret space secured by fingerprint that you can have a separate hidden gallery, notes, contacts, and duplicate any other app you have. Go to Settings > Biometrics > Secure Folder. Enable it and put it on the home screen. Also use fingerprint to access it, and if you want, set a dedicated fingerprint for it. I use this for:
  • Gallery - when I want to save pics I don't want to be in my normal Gallery. Go to your normal Gallery, select a bunch of pics, 3 dots, Move to Secure Folder.
  • Chrome - I added a duplicate Chrome to my Secure Folder, that way I don't need to use Incognito Mode on my normal Chrome which I think sucks anyway. The benefit is on Secure Folder's Chrome, don't login to Google so you won't log sneaky activity onto your Google account lol.
  • HOT TIP: Go to Secure Folder > 3 Dots > Customize Icon. Rename it to something funny. I call my secure folder "Sicko Mode" as a Travis Scott / Drake reference, lmao!!
27) Battery Settings and Power Saving Mode Tips
  • Go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > 3 Dots. Enable Adaptive Battery Saving, put unused apps to sleep, Disable unused Apps, but don't use Optimize Settings.
  • Swipe down on quick toggles, hold on Power Saving Mode. Now this is a personal thing I like setup. I configured my Power Saving Mode to also use WQHD+ and AOD on. Then I turned ON Adaptive Power Saving Mode. So now when the phone flicks between Optimized and Power Saving Mode, I won't lose WQHD+ or AOD all of a sudden!
28) Better Chrome Address Bar
Go into Chrome, type "chrome://flags", search "duet" and enable Chrome Duet. Now restart Chrome twice. Now you have a useful bar at the bottom and if you click the search button, it automatically selects the address bar at the top (but you didn't have to reach all the way up to the top!). Also, you can swipe left and right on this bottom bar to switch between tabs.
Don't forget to enable Chrome Duet on your Secure Folder's Chrome too ;)
29) YouTube Vanced
Download YouTube Vanced [Non-Root]. Now all ads are blocked, and you can play videos in the background and when locked, for free. You can use the AMOLED black version, it's really nice and saves battery due to being true black. Go through all the settings in YouTube Vanced to check it all out. A fun fact is, "Vanced" comes from "Advanced" but they took the Ad out :) Now you can disable the default YouTube. To use Chromecast, you need to go to settings and Link To TV, or go to the Default YouTube app and connect it once from there.
You will also need to install Micro G available from the same website as YouTube Vanced. This allows you to login to your YouTube account.
Login issue fix here - the summary is: close all apps, Settings > Apps > Chrome > Disable, login to YouTube Vanced, Settings > Apps > Chrome > Enable.
30) Night Mode and Blue Light Filter
Night Mode is an essential and I can't live without it. Go to Settings > Display > Night Mode ON. Secondly, if you want to ease the pressure on your eyes at night, turn on Blue Light Filter in this same menu and set it to Sunrise/Sunset - don't worry about the location being used, it doesn't drain the battery.
31) Extra options in quick toggles
When you're in the quick toggles, click on the text of a toggle. Often this opens up more options. For example, flashlight brightness, temporary muting, orientation toggles for lockscreen/homescreen, etc. Investigate and see what you find.
32) Choose whether to stay on lockscreen after face unlock or not
Settings > search "Stay on Lock screen". If you want to stay on the lockscreen after a successful face unlock then turn this ON. Turn it OFF if you want to immediately dive into the phone after a face unlock.
33) Change Lockscreen Notifications to Detailed or Brief view
For some odd reason that I cannot understand, Samsung chose to only display icons for notifications in the Lockscreen. Let's change that. Go to Settings > Lock screen > Notifications > View Style: Change it from Icons only to Detailed or Brief, whichever you prefer. You can customize more stuff on this screen.
34) Turn off battery percentage and enjoy
This isn't a real tip, but after turning off battery percentage, it stopped me from constantly monitoring it and doing mental maths to figure out how fast it was draining. Pull down the quick toggles twice for the full view > 3 dots > status bar > turn OFF battery percentage. After enabling some of the battery focused tweaks above, I've found battery to be quite good and so I don't really feel like monitoring it. Just clears your head :)
35) AMOLED Dark Mode for Messenger
On your Messenger app, send someone the crescent moon emoji, this will trigger an easter egg of falling moons that look like bananas. Your can send it to yourself (search for your own name). Then go to settings by clicking on your picture in the top left, then enable Dark Mode. Enjoy!
Now enjoy a BEAST Galaxy S10 ;) Share your own in-depth tips if you like, let's all get the most out of this phone! Please note that not all tips are "battery saving", only some are. This is because I intend to use the S10 as a true "smartphone" by automating things and making things more convenient, while saving some battery here and there as well. A good balance between the two is best. I will try to respond to as many comments/suggestions as possible.
YouTubers - if you take stuff from here, please link the thread.
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