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Wolfram, having been into AI before it was cool, now gets a piece of the deep learning hype, in its sui generis way. Amy Wolfram, Writer: Sym-Bionic Titan. This book is an introduction and provides a hands-on experience introducing the breadth of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language, with a focus on ease of.

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submitted by JFSoul to walkingwarrobots

Proof WOT rigs matches

So sorry for the accusation I was clearly mistaken. And Hurray!
Thank you angryavian for your help! (angryavian did all the hard math and was only told the true topic afterward. I asked about coin tosses).
After investigation as can be seen here, matches may be balanced which is good. I do not believe they are rigged in any way shape or form. Here is the math:
for 5 000 000 players playing 5000 matches each
p to the 5000000 exponent = (1 - (1 - p)) to the 5000000 exponent โ‰ˆ 1 - 5000000 ยท 10 to the negative 45th exponent
p5000000p5000000, the precision of pp (how close pp is to 11) will matter (since even 0.9995000000โ‰ˆ00.9995000000โ‰ˆ0). As you see in the WolframAlpha output above, 1โˆ’pโ‰ˆ10โˆ’451โˆ’pโ‰ˆ10โˆ’45, so
There is precisely at 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% probability that World of Tanks is not fixing matches in my opinion.
"The number of heads in 5000 flips is a Binomial(5000,1/2)Binomial(5000,1/2) random variable. If you use a computer to compute the probability by summing the probability of having 2000 heads, 2001 heads, 2002 heads, etc. up to 3000 heads, you will find that the probability is incredibly close to 11.
Another way to see this is that the distribution of the number of heads in 5000 flips is very close to a normal distribution with mean 25002500 and standard deviation 5000/4โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆšโ‰ˆ35.365000/4โ‰ˆ35.36. So having 2000-3000 heads is asking for the number of heads to be within 500/5000/4โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆ’โˆšโ‰ˆ14500/5000/4โ‰ˆ14 standard deviations of the mean 25002500 which is extremely likely (99.7% of the mass of the normal distribution already lies within 33 standard deviations of the mean)."
You see friends. If matches are balanced as may be demonstrated here then it eventually just evens out for everybody. See? :

victorious team (1):

player win rate number of played matches and tier

55.73% 16740 IX
48.37% 9167 IX
49.77% 34052 IX
43.62% 40693 VIII
56.04% 27144 VIII
52.57% 12919 VIII
47.47% 5096 VIII
51.13% 26751 VIII
51.35% 22752 VII
48.76% 35308 VII
46.39% 15865 VII
49.83% 8096 VII
48.52% 9302 VII
49.05% 33339 VII
45.87% 21250 VII
---------- ----------
49.631333% 277658 matches

loosing team (2):

40.74% 2565 IX
46.47% 7087 IX
46.63% 2908 IX
46.72% 44760 VIII
44.11% 4981 VIII
54.66% 28470 VIII
45.73% 15688 VIII
43.76% 63955 VIII
48.21% 3572 VII
49.28% 7059 VII
47.87% 9853 VII
50.87% 10645 VII
51.96% 13395 VII
45.55% 7624 VII
58.22% 4878 VII
---------- ---------
48.0586667% 227440 matches

difference of difference of
3.21971% 19.8845% (50218)
in favor of with victors having
victors more experience

mean win rate (average): - - - - - - 48.8449999%
mode win rate (most common): - - - 49-46-48, 51
median win rate (middle number): - - - 49.28%

total matches of both teams: - - - 505098
mean matches played: - - - - - - - - 16836.6
mode matches: - - - - - - - 9000-10000
median matches: 10645-12919

---- old junk below
The method of proof used here is exactly the same as that used by Ipsos Reid, medical researchers, and well, everybody in the scientific community and measures margin of error according to sample size and 3rd year university type complicated math. It's called, "statistically significant". Anyways after tracking hundreds of matches over months of three players, with a margin of error of under 3%, the clear conclusion is that matches are rigged in two ways.
It's virtually impossible to win-loose exactly the same number of matches over long periods of time (when using a tier spread calculator method) and there is also evidence that players that play only high tiers are being driven out of the game with 95% loss rates. This is kinda awefull and kinda fair.
In order to increase match forming speeds they match players of different tiers. This causes a problem as will be explained. Imagine playing 80 matches and them evening out all the way, every day or month. For example 14 wins 14 losses . . . 38/38 etc . . .. Like flipping a coin 1200 times and getting 600 heads and 600 tails. Not likely.
Now there are some benefits to all this. If a player only plays tier X they no longer get the sucky matches against higher tiers and would keep getting stronger and stronger so that one day when newer players arrive to combat the powerful crew-tanks against opponents that have all the maps memorized. They don't stand a chance.
So if the game is to survive something perhaps needs be done about that kind of set up. MMOs do trim such players or, "They dominate the game". World of Warcraft uses flashing lights to deter such. At least WOT has enough taste to avoid intentional eye strain method.
If you find yourself stuck with a 95% loss rate for months at a time don't despair, just spread out your tier play so lower tier cues don't time out. You'll get better with the basic practice. Obviously players leave the game from time to time hence new players must be brought in. Kinda like being a nice member of the um, WOT family. This all making sense?
To sum it's highly unlikely that WOT is not fixing wins and losses but stats are not that big of a deal. And that is only 1 of the stats. Please just have fun and perhaps tell WOT to stop meddling so much, they are caught. The benefit of this though, is that if you come home from a hard day at work or school you're likely to win a few even if you are learning. The downsides are many such as when we purchase exp boosters and it's predetermined we will fail and the money is wasted.
And maybe don't spend much, especially to get to higher tiers. More fantastic tanks on the same size maps aren't as much fun as you can get hit or seen everywhere.
It's a fun game and I'll keep playing, but wish that it was kept alive in a more conscientious way.
P.S. if you get frustrated with being lower tier, I've tracked that too and it does even out. Can take a few days. Though psychologically doesn't seem that way as negative experiences register with us more strongly.
Well I'm down a few matches so know I'm due for victories even if I do nothing. Back to it! He hehe he.

19 hours later: 30 wins 30 losses
Appendix 1 (You may want to leave this section for after.)
I have been asked for exact math with data sources.
A friend and I have gotten together to mash it out using a precision calculator and spreadsheet which aids us in clarifying the mathematical reason for calculating the figure which will use only precise figures with some being to at least the 10th decimal point as well as statistical information drawn directly from wot. I can tell you now the chances of, "Random" matches occurring as they do . . . well you're many thousands of times more likely to win the California Lottery with your first purchased ticket. The lottery stats will come only from PBS.
I hope by Oct 24 2020 mid day. Also making the example understandable might take a little longer. For example, hopefully by providing you with how many times in a row you are more likely to win the lottery by buying a single ticket each time vs the win/loss rates on wot occurring randomly. Your personal win rate will hopefully be possible to include by inserting it into an equation, but that part won't be all that useful for you as well as take a little time and effort due to language and tool.
submitted by signed_up_for_reddit to WorldofTanks

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