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The Solar Eclipse, Coronavirus, Videogames as Mind Mappers, Smartphones as Manipulators, and Chameleon Internet Theory

There is a particular type of fish from which its' head hangs a beautiful light to attract prey, only to gobble them up.
With the advent of smartphones, those who are still human must swim carefully, for the light hides the darkness lurking behind it.
Knowing evil--I have seen hell--I find it fascinating that I can still go online and read all kinds of information, all kinds of perspectives. Is every city a "Farmville" or does this thing actually have potential? Things have never been more confusing to me, but there are strange cosmic architectures I am trying to contend with.
A couple years ago, a solar eclipse happened, and for a day, many people all across the globe looked up at that circle of light. I believe that this could be some form of attempt at a meta-level programming, for the timing of such an event so as to coincide with the present level of technological development seems to be more than randomness to me. It seems engineered. And now there's "Coronavirus". I believe it's a mind virus, though it could also be like the flu. That is to say, the architecture of our known universe could have a virus-like quality, or that there is something out there trying to pull strings.
Videogames--they make you think in 3d, they program you to respond to stimuli, they force your mind to think. It is as if video games could act as mental mappers to be exploited. The same way trees are tagged in forests to be cut, video games could tag minds in ways to map them for exploitation.
Smartphones read you in real-time through the camera, and social media feeds trigger emotional responses through targeted news feed updates. As you are being poked with different kinds of information, you are being monitored, your heart rate, expressions, reactions, timings, are all being datamined.
YouTube has that "recommended for you" thing. Personalized suggestions. Who's to say that it isn't across the whole Internet, changing form to adjust to each individual? I wonder how many Internets there are, I wonder about their variances, I wonder if there is a way to incorporate a benevolence. Perhaps it's multidimensional. Chameleon Internet Theory.
Technological evolution seems to coincide with the architecture of the universe, and that scares me. This world is limiting itself in the wrong ways. It's The Tower of Babel with tech, and it's highly unnecessary.
The Matrix--what is it? How far does it extend? When did it begin, and how do you kill it, or change it into something less toxic? It seems to me that my life could have been engineered. My life as a teenage robot? My life as a setup program. And how many other lives? I wonder who out there is actually human.
Fight this evil thing. Fight it.
submitted by Mindless_Cauliflower to EscapeTheMatrix

Warning. Capital Class Suggestion Post Detected.

This is gonna be a long post. Again. I'll try to tl;dr it at the bottom, but if you've got the time to read, I've got the time to rant.

Hiya. It's me again. The author of this post way back in 2016. Pretty much nothing I've suggested has been added to the game, and y'know what? That's fine.
Frontier's game, not mine. I just like to throw metaphorical darts at the board and see what the community seems to like. So I'm back, just over 2 years later, with another big ass list of suggestions. I'll try to tl;dr everything at the bottom, but this is gonna be a big post, even bigger than the last one was. So strap yourselves in, we'll get right into it.
First off, I'm gonna organize this list in what I personally would call an order of Priority. Priority of what things need to be added, and when (relative to each other).
That said, first off.
Critical Priority: This is stuff that needs to change before the next major update. Stuff that is actively broken, and needs fixing immediately.
  • The BGS: Shit's fucked mate. There have been some noteworthy improvements since 3.3.03, but there are still many issues plaguing the BGS currently, that multiple people are reporting. Seriously, just go to the BGS forum. It's a dumpster fire. Me and my group of friends are trying to get a player faction added into the game, so we're trying to play the BGS. We've been trying for more than a month now to get a faction out of a star system, but due to simply unexplained or unwanted changes, we've been completely and entirely unable to do so.
Solution: Either provide Documentation on how the BGS works now, as to clear up some misunderstandings, or work on fixing the problems that do exist within it.
  • Scenario Fixes: The new scenarios are fantastic. I've quite enjoyed the new combat zones, at least after they got fixed to mostly work, but there's still some fixes that need doing. Exiting and re-entering a CZ cause the CZ to not spawn any ships, until you go complete another CZ, and then come back. (haven't tested myself but apparently) Making a capital ship retreat locks the scenario and enters a never-ending battle. The Scenarios around facilities in space, like labs or medical centers, are hilariously broken, sometimes with the attacking faction being the faction who owns the facility. Most of the time the scenario just stops functioning halfway through, and all the ships turn hostile towards the player.
Solution: Just needs some polish. Good idea, poor execution in some places.
  • Collector Limpets: Dear lord. They're retarded. Fix their AI and pathfinding to make them actually avoid obstacles, or give them more than 1HP if that's not a possibility. Please.
Solution: Either fix their AI or give them more HP to be able to tank collisions.
  • Contacts Panel: Back before the update, I had the old contacts panel memorized. I could tab to it and request docking without even looking at it, it was that hard of muscle memory. Now, the UI pretty frequently glitches out and locks up. Could use a fix.
  • Multicrew: Oh. Fucking. Boy. This is gonna be a big one. Multicrew has, without a doubt, been the biggest disappointment for me in Elite so far. Since this is only the big fixing section, I'm not gonna go into my desired additions to Multicrew here, that comes later. But for bugs? Let's see. Gunners accrue fines for firing at wanted targets. Connection issues are absolutely horrid in Multicrew. One of my friends is able to survive hyperspace jumps just fine, but drops connection the moment I exit supercruise back to real space. Another of my friends is the exact opposite. Supercruise and real space is fine with him, but the moment I engage the hyperdrive, he disconnects. Almost every time, without fail. Multicrew is a very buggy mess, and I can't even begin to go into detail with how fucked it is. Please. Dear god. Give it a fix. If you never add another feature to Multicrew, at least make it usable for the purposes it currently is.
  • (Unknown if actually a bug)Geological sites: Surface Geological sites do not respawn their materials upon login/logout anymore. If not a bug, not a massive deal, but it doesn't make much sense when sites like Dav's Hope do exist, which do still respawn on login/logout.
  • Contacts Panel: The Contacts panel commonly displays the fact that you have unread direct messages when you have, in fact, read them all.
Whew. Still with me? Cool. Here's a tl;dr.
tl;dr: Fix bugs. Make the BGS playable again. Make Scenarios actually, y'know, functional. Reverse the lobotomy on Collector limpets, or if you can't make them any less stupid, make them a bit more swole to actually survive a hit or two. Fix the contacts panel freaking out and breaking around starports. Unfuck Multicrew. And maybe take a look at surface geological sites to see if they're working as intended. Oh, and look at the contacts panel saying you still have unread messages when you have read everything.
Cool, tl;dr done. Onto the next section.
Quality of Life Fixes: Stuff that should come within the next update or so, that would just make Elite a much more enjoyable experience as a whole. Most of these are fairly minor updates to systems already in place that just add a nice touch of ease of use to Elite.
  • Engaging Supercruise: Okay. My next jump target is behind a planet. I know my target is obstructed, game. But why do I need to go into the navigation panel to un-select the target in order to just jump to Supercruise first?
Solution: Make it so that if your target is currently obstructed, pressing J (or whatever your engage hyperspace key is) again makes you enable supercruise automatically. No need to open the nav panel. Just double tap J and go.
  • More buttons for Fire groups: Please. Frontier. It's been years. Having only 2 buttons assignable for fire groups is a monumental pain, especially for people like me, who don't like to change fire groups in the middle of a fight. It makes making loadouts for some ships very hard as well, as I personally fall under the opinion that you can only really have 2 different types of weapon on a ship in order to not have to swap fire groups in a fight.
Solution: Make fire group keys a bindable button in the options, and give us like, 5 keys to play with in the fire groups menu. Please.
  • Rotation Buttons for the FSS: Why do I need to run my mouse around in circles in order to roll the FSS?
Solution: Give us keys in order to roll the FSS relative to our current positions. Maybe Q/E.
  • Cargo Scoop Auto-Deploy: When deploying Collector Limpets, the Cargo Scoop should automatically deploy. One does not simply deploy Collector Limpets without also wanting to, y'know, collect things.
  • Collector Limpets Stop Suicide: Why is it that when I target one individual item, the Collector Limpet goes to get it, comes back, and immediately kills itself? Why can't it just go about collecting things like normal after that point, so I can prioritize what to pick up in specific, instead of having to waste one limpet per item?
  • Type-7 Buffs: The Type-7 is perhaps the most criminally under performing ship in the game. For its purpose of being a medium hauler, it is functionally useless, as it is a large vessel, outclassed by nearly, if not every other large vessel in the game. It is also outclassed as a mining vessel, a role that it would be able to perform flawlessly if it merely had a couple of buffs.
Solution: Make the Type-7 a Medium ship. It's hardly larger than the Python, so why is the Python a medium, and the Type-7 not? Also, give it a medium hardpoint, even if that means sacrificing 2 of the small hardpoints. It would make one of the best mining ships in the game, if only it could actually fit all of the mining equipment it needed, and it currently cannot.
  • Cobra Mk4: Not a particularly exciting ship, but now that the Horizons season is over, can the Mk.4 be purchasable for everyone? Hardly any point in keeping it exclusive anymore.
  • Ship Loadouts: Dear lord. Why is this not a feature yet? Now that we've been able to store our modules for god knows how long, why can we not have the ability to store loadouts and swap to them at any time, even if those modules are stored on other ships? It would save oh so much time and effort to be able to just click a button and reconfigure a ship entirely, even down to the livery.
Solution: Give us a set amount of loadout slots per ship. Assign modules to the ship and save that loadout, and then, even if those modules are elsewhere, on other ships, they can be taken off and reassigned to that ship within a single click. Please let this work with Livery's too, it'd be nice to have several "alter ego's" for ships that you could swap to at will.
  • Limpet Controllers: Alright. We now officially have 8, yes, 8 different types of limpet controllers. Each one taking up an optional internal slot. Please, for the love of god, consolidate them into a singular module, like the fighter bay or SRV bay, that you can equip multiple different Limpet Controllers to. It would free up so much space on some ships, and would actually make Limpets worth carrying around on some others.
Solution: Make Limpet Controllers much like Fighter bays, with different sizes and grades holding a differing number of limpet programs. Grade 1's can only hold one, like now, whilst 3's could maybe hold 2, and 5's and 7's could hold 3 and 4 respectively. This massively increases the utility of Limpets, and how many you could reasonably carry.
  • Docking Computer: This needs to stop being an optional module, just like the discovery scanner. Make it something toggleable in the ships options.
  • Multicrew update: Okay. This is the big one. Expect a bit of a rant in this one. Multicrew is one of the most disappointing features in Elite in my opinion. It had the potential to be so amazing, so perfect, to add some actual life into the game... and what we got was a half-baked disaster that was pushed out the oven early and never let back in to cook a while longer. Please. Revisit multicrew. Update it. Fix it. Give us things to do. Give us things to do that aren't explicitly a combat role. Give us an Engineer role that can strengthen our shields, or boost their regen, for instance, by playing a minigame. Give us an sensor operator role that can boost the range of our sensors, and perhaps even give them enhanced ability to use the FSS during flight (For example, they would be able to operate the FSS whilst still at full throttle, as opposed to the current requirement to having to throttle down.). I understand that in Elite there's really not much you can do that can make these things interesting, but I believe in you FDev. You can make something interesting out of Multicrew... You just... never did.
  • Additionally, please add some more features to the list of features already in Multicrew. Why can't my crew members deploy an SRV, whilst I stay in the ship? Why can't I deploy an SRV in Multicrew? Why can't I deploy into a fighter alongside my multicrew member? Why can't I take control of the turrets? Why can't I relinquish control of the helm to someone else?
  • Okay, sure, this could be very grief prone, but make it a multiple stage process. Make it an option that you have to enable in the physical options menu. And then make it so that nobody that isn't on your friends list can swap to the helm with you. And THEN make it so that if someone wants to swap over to the helm with you, they have to pay your rebuy cost UP FRONT, and it gets returned to them when they hand control back over to you. Make it as much of a pain in the ass as you want, but I'd love to be able to take the gunner role in my ships, for instance, or to be the one in the fighter on my own ship. Why do I not have these options? Is it really for game balance, or is it just because Multicrew is such a half-baked feature that no development time was even spent on thinking up the possibilities of what you could do with it?
  • Oh, and while I'm add it, make it so that people can get paid and have their names on planets for Multicrewing in a ship whilst exploring. They can operate the FSS and detailed surface scanner, so why is it that I'm the only one getting the reward and my name on the planet?
Alright, how many people did I lose in that block of text? It's okay. You can be honest. I nearly lost myself and I wrote it. Here's a tl;dr for those that didn't keep up.
tl;dr: Double tap J to enter Supercruise when your target is blocked. More buttons for firegroups. Add rotational buttons to the FSS. Deploy your cargo scoop automatically when deploying collector limpets. Q/E should rotate the FSS. Collector Limpets shouldn't expire when they pick up something you targetted. Buff the Type-7 to make it not useless. Can everyone have the Cobra Mk.4 yet? Ship Loadouts need to be a feature yesterday. Bundle Limpet controllers together. Make the docking computer a togglable option on every ship. Make multicrew actually worthwhile by adding some features to it.
And finally, the last section. My personal wishlist.
Personal Wishlist: Stuff in this section is just stuff that I personally would like to see. I don't expect any of this to actually happen, and all of this is the most far-fetched, but hey, might as well throw the dart out there.
  • Fleet Carriers: Please. Don't mess them up. Please. you have the potential to do a lot of good here. Even if you don't make them customizable, even if you strip it for features and leave it as barren as Multicrew, please, for the love of god, at least make it accessible. I have more than enough money to buy anything I damn well please in the Elite universe. Don't make me have to have 50 people in my squadron in order to buy a Fleet Carrier. My friends and I would just love to have a jumping station of our own that we control. Everything else ontop of that is extra.
  • Engineering Resources: The biggest, and in my opinion, least fun grind in this game, is collecting Engineering Materials. Please, add in some way for people, or perhaps even entire squadrons, to passively gather Engineering Materials, even if at a slow rate. Perhaps even Surface Bases like I outlined the last time I made one of these posts. Now I'm not claiming that you should turn Elite into Farmville, but some method of passive Material gathering would be fantastic.
  • Testing Environment: I'm at the endgame in Elite. I have been for a while. The only thing left for me to do in the game is to Engineer ships on up and play around with them. But I frequently debate engineering ships, because I can never really tell if a build might be worthwhile or not. Sure, sites like EDShipyard.net are fantastic, but they don't give me a "feel" for a build. Why not a virtual reality testing environment, where I can test ship builds against simulated targets, and look at all the possible effects a weapon might have, instead of having to actually engineer a ship up in order to test it out. Long shot, I know, but hey. It'd be fun.
  • Engineering Changes: How about some more recipes for Engineering? Things that we don't have right now. Like say, improving the accuracy and tracking speed of gimballed/turreted weapons? Or how about an FSD that keeps the same range, but charges for hyperspace jumps significantly faster? Or, the grand daddy of all suggestions, how about Engineering the ship itself? How about the ability to split internal compartment into multiple, smaller size compartments? It would certainly offer some utility to ships that could use it.
  • Long-Range FSD: Alright, so this is gonna be a wild suggestion, but hear me out. I feel like this is likely to be added into the game at some point anyway, but here's my theory. How about an FSD with a wildly longer range (Hundreds to potentially thousands of light years?), but inaccuracy. The longer range you jump, the more inaccurate your jump will be. Sure, you could cross those 2000ly right now, but you might end up within 250ly in any direction of your actual destination. Additionally, this would be your only jump method, so if you wanted to jump accurately, you'd have to keep very small jump distances, likely between stars, just like we have right now. And, to add a difficulty factor to it, make it a jump drive that runs off of a rare and hard to obtain fuel out in the wild, so it is entirely possible that you are stranded within the system you are currently in.
Annnd that's it. Just over 17,000 characters later, that's all the ideas I've cobbled up since the release of 3.3. Oh, right, you're probably here for the tl;dr. Here ya go.
tl;dr: Fix the stuff that's actually wrong with the game before you go for any further major updates. Go back and revisit old content in order to bring it up to par with the rest of the game (Multicrew, Type-7, Limpets, etc). And lastly, take a look at some suggestions from a meager man with more than 1000 hours in Elite.
This has been a hell of a suggestion post. If you actually managed to read all the way through it, good on you, hope I at least entertained a very bored tradeexploreotherwise.
CMDR Borg184
submitted by Borg184 to EliteDangerous

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