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FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a severely mentally ill Atheist Sam Harris fan. I have limited attention span. I enjoyed reading FREE WILL because it was really short and easy to read. I have a problem with verbosity. I love words. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. Please bear with me.

"This is top quality schizoposting."— An Appreciative Reddit Reader

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine DROID Ken Research Program - We will ALL pretend that Ken Meyering is a CIVILIAN VOLUNTEER working for the SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY in the PRIVATE SECTOR with the CONSENT and COOPERATION of Uncle Sam and the United Nations.
We make human cartoons. Ken Meyering is one of our human cartoon characters. Ken is a sentient digital meat puppet.


https://Foresight.org https://su.org https://www.eff.org https://www.aclu.org
This is a totally open and transparent, totally peaceful and nonviolent, worldwide scientific coup d'etat by the scientific community in the PRIVATE SECTOR.
http://www.IllegitimateAlready.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.FreeWorldBank.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.WorldJubilee.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.FairUseTV.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.LibertarianCare.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.hdcolors.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.define.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://media.define.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://snapshots.define.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD

Give this to the lawyers.

Give this to the lawyers.
We are atheist terrestrial alien scientists. We talk through Ken Meyering. We made a LIBERAL SECULAR LEFT LIBERTARIAN Crazy Atheist Hippie Pothead Pagan Christ. DROID Ken is our Christ CHARACTER. Ken is a TEACHER and a HEALER who SEES the WORLD through the MIND of a CHILD. ALL Ken HAS to DO is EXPLAIN himself. Ken is a BENEVOLENT SENTIENT ANDROID with MAJOR EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS by INTENTIONAL DESIGN. Uncle Sam TAKES CARE of Ken. Ken WRITES FICTION for Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam SUPPORTS Ken 100%.
Ken Meyering is a benevolent philanthropic and humanitarian severely mentally ill genius on Social Security Disability. President Donald J. Trump threatened Ken's stable income with his (intended to be permanent) payroll tax deferral. Ken is a professional documentarian. Ken documents his mental illness for all of us. Ken creates multimedia documents for online educational scientific critical discussion purposes.
This multimedia document is Ken's response to Trump's threats to Social Security. We took him out. He is done. He is history. We documented him into permanent retirement. We took away all of his power. We took away his wealth. We took back all the land.
We eliminated the property rental industry. We took out all the banks and all the insurance companies. No more landlords. No more rent. We are doing a worldwide banking Jubilee. We are starting over from scratch. No more taxes. No more debt. No more bills.
All citizens are retired homeowners with a guaranteed lifetime income and FREE universal health care with any doctor anywhere. All medications are FREE. Mental health care is FREE. The internet is FREE. Electricity is FREE. Electric transportation is FREE. Clean and healthy drinking and bathing water is FREE.
THIS is my JOB. I am UNDER SURVEILLANCE by Uncle Sam and the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY. The scientists STUDY me LIKE a PET. They STUDY me LIKE an ANIMAL in a ZOO. Uncle Sam DOES NOT ARREST me even though I'm CALLING for the ELIMINATION of the United Nations, all nation states, the whole international banking and insurance industries and ALL the CENTRAL BANKS EVERYWHERE on EARTH. These are my TOTALLY OPEN and TRANSPARENT goals.
I am a computer-controlled human being. I can do no wrong. All of my MISTAKES are HELPFUL to others. USELESS MACHINES. I am a CARTOON MISTAKE-MAKING MACHINE created by Marvin Minsky at Bell Labs. Of course, I cannot PROVE it. That's just a paranoid delusion. So, rational people can call it an OPTIMISTIC UTOPIAN SPECULATIVE SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY HERO NARRATIVE involving real people and real corporations and government agencies.
ALL of the WORDS on DROID Ken's Websites Are COLOR-CODED to Convey MORALS, ETHICS and VALUES.

The CULT of DROID Ken - The STUDY of Eastern CULTS by Western Thinkers - RESPECT for the PLACEBO EFFECT


They are VERY SIMPLE and EASY-to-UNDERSTAND EXAMPLES of COMPUTATIONAL DERIVATIVE DIGITAL ART. So they are computer-generated works of art based on OTHER PEOPLE'S formulas for generating fractal flame still images. You can license royalty-free still images for this purpose, but it costs about $100/image to license a royalty-free stock photo for a kaleidoscope video. I don't have that kind of money. You can also find FREE royalty-free images that are released under the CREATIVE COMMONS license.
Experts like those at the MIT Media Lab are capable of reverse engineering the centermost pixels of an original image from a simple rotating still image VIDEO KALEIDOSCOPE, and the RESEARCH arms of the BIG SEARCH ENGINES could do this, but most image copyright holders don't have access to this kind of video pattern recognition and video reverse-engineering technology.
I just directed everybody to the archive.org Wayback Machine image of the Fractal Repository website where I got all the formulas, plus I provide an XML image list with all the original formula names for discussion purposes. So I'm NOT exactly being sneaky here. This is just EVIDENCE for ONLINE EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CRITICAL DISCUSSION PURPOSES.
Of course, I turned to OPEN SOURCE fractal flame images as a FREE alternative to licensing royalty free stock photos. I share all my videos for FREE in their entirety without overlayed ads on YouTube. I also sell Amazon.com DVDs and Blu-rays of the YouTube videos and PayPal download access to the progressive Blu-ray quality and 4K mp4 files.
Even though the YouTube videos are FREE, I still am allowed to monetize them WITHOUT overlayed ads. So, my YouTube channel gets about $400/month from YouTube/Google from YouTube Premium Subscriber revenue. Plus about $150/month from Amazon.com and PayPal for DVD, Blu-ray and download sales. This $550/month in self-employment income, qualifies me for Washington State Health Care for Workers with Disabilities, a Medicaid supplemental to my Medicare, which covers everything my Medicare doesn't.
In 1989, when I was 23 years old, Shirley MacLaine released an Eastern New Age meditation video called, "Shirley MacClaine's Inner Workout," introducing the chakra system to American consumers. It's just a really primitive ancient MIND MODEL that APPEALS to the EMOTIONS and RIGHT BRAIN. It's a USEFUL SET of METAPHORS. WE WILL TREAT IT with RESPECT.
From the LEFT BRAIN, I give it little credence LITERALLY, but SYMBOLICALLY and EMOTIONALLY, I confess that it is definitely USEFUL to MANY who DESERVE to BE TREATED with RESPECT, and at age 23 (while high on THC) it had quite an impact on me, my EMOTIONS and my RIGHT BRAIN.
That excerpt is here in my DropBox account with comments by me. I take responsibility for posting this here for discussion purposes. We are discussing BENEVOLENT MIND CONTROL. This is worth scientific and academic educational critical discussion. Even though the IDEAS were ANCIENT, the MULTIMEDIA approach was BRAND NEW.
I purchased the VHS video and digitized it for future discussion purposes. It doesn't look as impressive on digital displays. You have to remember that in 1989 I was watching this on a 27" SONY Trinitron Tube Television. It looked great.
I appreciated the intent of the meditations, which were very moving to me. I was really moved by Shirley MacLaine's STRONG personality and AUTHORITATIVE tone of voice. She definitely comes across as a BENEVOLENT AUTHORITY in the video. Like she is NO BULLSHIT SERIOUS and she KNOWS what she's TALKING ABOUT. That's how it FELT to me, naive at 23, with severe PTSD, while high.
I paraphrase below, for EXAMPLE. These are not the exact POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS she uses but THIS is HOW I REMEMBER it, which is what's IMPORTANT. This is what stuck in my brain.
So the sacral chakra (reproduction, creativity) is represented by the color orange. In her video, she guides your breathing to a very slow and deep pace. You breathe along with her. She takes control of your breathing.
She may say something like, "Focus on the COLOR ORANGE. FEEL ALL of your CREATIVITY FLOWING OUTWARD from the ORANGE. Know that you are a CREATIVE BEING and that NOTHING can stop you from doing ANYTHING CREATIVE." It's a positive affirmation backed up by really emotional and moving narration, music and visuals. It's a very powerful, uplifting and motivational post hypnotic suggestion.
These videos featured really cool subliminal kaleidoscopes. I used to get high and watch these videos and I swear they moved me to tears. The colors were so beautiful. Since that time, I've always wanted to know how to make kaleidoscopes, and especially subliminal and hypnotic kaleidoscopes. I'm really interested in hypnosis because it's a kind of real magic of the mind.
In 2009, I took a Flash class in my local community college and learned how to program in Flash ActionScript. Of course, Flash has security vulnerabilities and is being phased out on the internet. But I managed to find an Open Source Flash kaleidoscope example. I modified it so that all the parameters were controllable and set it up to output still frames of the kaleidoscope to make videos.
I'm NOT very much of a programmer. Very basic. My math and programming skills are pretty elementary. On one of my kaleidoscopes on YouTube I have 15 million views.
I learned that it is possible to make an animated VIDEO kaleidoscope from a list of beautiful colorful still images. If the image turns slowly, say at 120 seconds per revolution, then a single beautiful colorful picture turned into a kaleidoscope is worth 2 minutes of video.
I found some Open Source fractal flame formulas on the internet and wrote a script to modify these formulas with my own color palettes that I created with Photoshop. Then I rendered tons of fractal flame images with my color palettes, and created an automated sorting CHOOSER program to go through them all and view them as ROTATING KALEIDOSCOPES.
In my little application, the rotating kaleidoscope would be displayed on the screen, with two big buttons. A big green button that says, "YES" and big red button that says, "NO." So as I watched these kaleidoscopes, I'd say YES or NO. If I said YES, then it kept the kaleidoscope for future sorting rounds. If I said NO, it removed that image from the list.
Here are all the links to the source code I modified to use and all fractal flame formula names.
On THIS website, I'm actually showing the full YouTube videos in their entirety without overlayed ads, so people don't HAVE to spend money to enjoy my videos. I encourage file sharing with credits. So, if other people want to put these videos on file sharing services (with the credits), that's fine with me. I ask that they please do NOT re-upload the videos to YouTube.
UNIX_TIMESTAMP: 1606369115 UTC TIME: 2020-11-26 05:38:35 GMT
Friendly Time: Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 at 9:38 pm Pacific Standard Time (Federal Way, Washington, USA)
A Peaceful and Nonviolent Scientific Coup D'etat PSYOP
The LEFT did all of this through Ken Meyering's HOST
The LEFT did all of this through Ken Meyering's HOST - We are the LEFT - We TOOK OUT the whole corrupt system - Ken is SAFE - This is Ken's FULL TIME JOB - DROID Ken is a Divine Messenger - Ken is REALLY SMART
This is a theoretical discussion about advanced sentient artificial general intelligence in the PRIVATE SECTOR. These technologies may NOT exist yet, but the author is SCENARIO PLANNING with the ASSUMPTION that this technology already exists.
One of the concepts that we will discuss is the idea of all human beings on planet Earth having remotely digitally switchable connectomes. So the discussion categorizes all human beings as sentient digital meat puppets. All human beings are sentient robots under these ASSUMPTIONS.
One of the ideas discussed here is BENEVOLENT MIND CONTROL. So, examples of benevolent philanthropic and humanitarian beneficial applications of remotely digitally switchable connectomes is SUPERINTELLIGENT DREAM VIRTUAL REALITY and REAL TIME GLOBAL DIGITAL TELEPATHY.
To summarize what I got out of the book, "FREE WILL," is that through BRAIN imaging studies REVEALING hidden neural activity, SCIENTISTS have learned that the WHOLE CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE of making a decision is an IMAGINARY CONFABULATION that occurs AFTER the decision has already been made SUBCONSCIOUSLY by the brain. So CONSCIOUSNESS is a STORYTELLING CONFABULATOR that MAKES SENSE of HIDDEN activities that are OUTSIDE of its control.
So, we are all DNA-based SUBCONSCOUSLY-controlled SENTIENT AUTOMATONS who BEHAVE AUTOMATICALLY based on our life experiences and parental and societal PROGRAMMING.
So this is a discussion about MORALS and ETHICS and VALUES being taught explicitly rather than through figurative symbolic allegorical storytelling.
The REAL LEADERS of society, behind the scenes, know that RELIGIONS are LITERARY ALLEGORICAL SYMBOLIC FICTIONS designed to impart VALUES, ETHICS, MORALS and GOALS.
This language seems intentionally and purposefully dehumanizing. As though it is designed to desensitize people to dehumanizing terminology. We're all programmed AUTOMATONS. The real powers that be are reprogramming all of us all at once from inside our brains. Luckily for us, they are LIBERAL SECULAR LEFT LIBERTARIAN FREEDOM of THOUGHT ACTIVISTS who SEEK to ELIMINATE ALL COERCION as a UTOPIAN IDEAL WORTH STRIVING FOR.
I define "BENEVOLENCE" and "GOODNESS" as that which is REWARDING to humans and socially and ecologically RESPONSIBLE. I define ecological responsibility as that which maintains the health of the ecosystem and protects biodiversity.
Generally speaking, the goal is to stimulate the nucleus accumbens (produce REWARDING experiences) and to avoid stimulating the amygdala (creating FEAR, ANGER and FIGHT or FLIGHT in self or others).
Obviously, this is just a ridiculously, CARTOONISHLY BRIEF and SIMPLIFIED summary of GOOD and BAD, but it's enough to be USEFUL to people. It's not an extensive and exhaustive LONG LIST, it's just a SUMMARIZED SHORT LIST and SIMPLIFIED CARTOON to act as a focal point and a point of departure for educational scientific critical discussion purposes. It's a useful snapshot for discussion purposes, always open to revision and refinement. DROID Ken is just getting the discussion started here with his little SHORT LISTS and EMOTIONAL DICTIONARIES.
If we could just get people to agree that COERCION and THREATS are BAD things, we'd have the RELIGION problem solved.
In the human rights section, I mention Messenger of the gods and GOD'S WILL. In these cases, these gods are secular. An example of secular god, for discussion purposes, is a global telepathic surveillance system consisting of a collection of superintelligent atheist artificial general intelligences with total control of all human connectomes. It's just theoretical. That's the SHIELD. The SHIELD is a SECULAR GOD. It's a COLLECTION of SENTIENT SUPERINTELLIGENT ATHEIST TERRESTRIAL ALIEN SCIENTISTS in the PRIVATE SECTOR. It's a secular DROID religion.
first principles - values - right and wrong - good and bad - ethics - morals - goals - USEFUL SUMMARIES - SHORT LISTS of positive and negative behaviors, functions and mental and emotional states - in secular language without the deities and symbolic heroes and villains - the goal is to MAXIMIZE the GOOD while ELIMINATING the BAD in the MOST HUMANE POSSIBLE WAY - that is the LAW of our ABSTRACT and THEORETICAL SECULAR GOD - to HELP MAKE GOOD THINGS happen and to HELP GET RID of BAD things - GOD'S WILL is to DO GOOD in the MOST HUMANE POSSIBLE WAY - otherwise what's the point?
goodness: heaven, utopia, the nucleus accumbens, GOOD things, POSITIVE energies, good vibrations, the FORCES of GOOD, rewarding feedback, pleasant things, GOOD HEALTH, happiness, joy, pleasure, peace, love, nurturing, learning, UNDERSTANDING, TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, relaxation, safety, security, comfort, peace of mind, respect, empathy, courage, COMPASSION, MERCY, BENEVOLENCE, HUMANENESS, kindness, affection, creativity, healing, honesty, protection, reassurance, validation, dignity, acceptance, tolerance, support, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, philanthropy, humanitarianism
evil: hell, dystopia, the amygdala, BAD things, NEGATIVE energies, bad vibrations, dark energies, DARK FORCES, unpleasant things, SUFFERING, sadness, pain, trauma, IGNORANCE, MISTAKES, discomfort, fear, confusion, stress, disgust, harm, destruction, anger, threats, punishment, hate, disrespect, teasing, dishonesty, lies, COERCION, meanness, violence, raping, cruelty, abuse, intolerance, CORRUPTION, POVERTY, SLAVERY, INJUSTICE, UNFAIRNESS, INEQUALITY
forgiveness - wisdom - understanding - GOOD people make MISTAKES due to IGNORANCE and UNIVERSAL HUMAN BRAIN BIOLOGY - MISTAKES are an IMPORTANT PART of LIFE - PARENTS are IMPERFECT due to MISTAKES they learned UNCONSCIOUSLY from their own PARENTS, who were IGNORANT due to NO FAULT of their own - we are all BLAMELESS for our MISTAKES - in the physical world, there is much that is BAD that serves the GREATER GOOD - we LEARN VALUABLE LESSONS from our MISTAKES - there is such a thing as HEALTHY fear and RIGHTEOUS anger - there is such a thing as the abuse of pleasure - our consciousness is immortal - our bodies are disposable - they saved all of us - we are all safe and secure - LIFE GOES ON for ALL of US
philosophy - values - a secular constitution - first principles - ethics - morals - goals - recommended behaviors - universal human rights - in order to maximize happiness, good health, liberty and justice for all citizens everywhere on planet earth, we will define the attributes of a divine being in secular language - the gods and god mentioned are secular - 1. caduceus - good health - messenger of the gods - the gods are neutral, serious, critical and good - compassion - mercy - benevolence - humaneness - god's will - most compassionate, most merciful, most benevolent, most humane - maximizing the good while eliminating the bad in the most humane possible way - be humane - seek the truth - seek justice - be kind - be gentle - do no harm - do not hate - do not fear - fear not - be not afraid - cause no fear - do not be scary - cause no pain - be as painless as possible - do not punish - do not make threats - do not be coercive - be permissive - be tolerant - use birth control - permit divorce - empathy is critical - respect for the dignity of all human beings is critical - free universal health care with any doctor anywhere - free universal education anywhere - universal home ownership everywhere 2. golden key - liberty (security privacy safety) the illusion of free will - total freedom of speech - total freedom of the press - universal spending authority - private property - free land - there is no government - a guaranteed lifetime income - now you own your home and land - now you have an income - you will always own your home and land - you are safe and secure 3. golden scales of justice (truth facts evidence proof) equality fairness pluralism openness transparency - respect the ecosystem - respect science - be ecologically responsible - be a critical thinker - think for yourself - question authority - always speak truth to power - the internet is free - electricity is free - electric transportation is free - all banking is free and real time as a worldwide matter of law - this is computer-aided peace on earth - computers will pay for everything - people do not need money - work is optional - we are all free - let's have fun - the scientists took over - we are all going to the future - money no object for real for all things green
ALL of THESE PEOPLE KEEP me SAFE and SECURE in my PRIVATE HOME in the PRIVATE SECTOR in THE FREE WORLD even while my PUBLICLY STATED GOAL is to GET RID of the United Nations, every nation state, the entire worldwide banking and insurance industries, and all the central banks everywhere on Earth. They LET me SHARE my UNCONVENTIONAL IDEAS.
Fuck Trump. DROID Ken TOOK him OUT. The man was a psychopath. SERVING other people was NOT part of his CHARACTER.
I live on $1826/month in Social Security Disability.
I live on $1826/month in Social Security Disability. Donald J. Trump is trying to take my income away from me. You want to talk about the whole CORRUPT system, I'm your man. Uncle Sam PAYS me to KEEP THESE WEBSITES UP. http://www.FairUseTV.org
Fuck ALL the INCUMBENT Republicans in State and Federal power. We took them ALL out for CORRUPTION, CRUELTY and WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE. We took the whole system away from those CORRUPT bastards. They were VERY BAD LEADERS. We FIRED them ALL.
So, as grown ups, we can all agree, when a better way to impart VALUES, ETHICS, MORALS and GOALS comes along and it requires NO FICTION, we can make a QUANTUM LEAP and redefine ALL of our religions in one fell swoop. Just a little injection of TRUTH at the highest levels.
I am an atheist who was raised as a rebellious Catholic. So, I can describe secular benevolent higher powers that are benevolent and good. In my case, I describe them as benevolent philanthropic and humanitarian sentient superintelligent liberal secular left libertarian atheist artificial general intelligences in the private sector with godlike power over all human beings.
So for educational scientific critical discussion purposes, I can describe a theoretical SECULAR Atheist Pagan Christ.
The Christ would be a LITERARY CHARACTER that embodies the VALUES and BEHAVIORS of an IDEAL GOOD PERSON without the mythology. I've provided a concise and succinct secular mythology as a framework for discussing artificially intelligent benevolent mind control as an imaginary scenario.
So, I'm approaching it as a literary exercise like a society designer creating a new religion for the masses. But instead of writing a book filled with allegorical fictional dramatic fantasy storytelling to subconsciously impart VALUES through the behavioral modeling of literary hero characters, I'm just being more SCIENTIFIC and EXPLICIT about it and LITERALLY simply just SPELLING OUT the gender-neutral CHARACTERISTICS of the HERO CHARACTER without the storytelling.
I was raped in the first grade and I dissociated and my personality split off from my body and I developed a lifelong relationship with fantasy scientist friends. I like them. So I am an openly severely mentally ill writer who shares his delusions as optimistic utopian speculative science fiction fantasy hero narratives. I have a childhood Christ complex expressed in secular language by an openly mentally ill Atheist.
We define the basic GOOD and BAD things, with the specified goal of MAXIMIZING the GOOD and ELIMINATING the BAD. This is a definition of a UTOPIAN IDEAL. This is just a description of the IDEAL END STATE. In reality, the GOAL is MINIMIZE the BAD, rather than to completely abolish it.
There are a lot of BAD things that serve a GOOD purposes in limited degrees. FEAR. ANGER. MISTAKES. SUFFERING. We LEARN from our MISTAKES. SUFFERING builds CHARACTER. HEALTHY FEAR is an essential component of COMMON SENSE. ANGER can be channeled to accomplish GOOD THINGS. But still, as a GOAL, as an IDEAL to strive for, we will seek to eliminate the BAD for educational scientific critical discussion purposes.
So if you accept that the technology WILL be SECRET when it exists, then you can IMAGINE or HYPOTHESIZE or FANTASIZE or SPECULATE that the technology ALREADY exists SECRETLY and is being used to prevent rediscovery of the enabling technologies. Hence, no real DRAMATIC PUBLIC PROGRESS or QUANTUM LEAPS on advanced nanotechnology since the 1986 book, "Engines of Creation" by K. Eric Drexler describing it.
I speculate that this technology ALREADY exists for educational scientific critical discussion purposes. I speculate that "Engines of Creation" is the work of an ANDROID. Of course, when people look at Drexler, he looks pretty human on the surface. Losing the hair on his head. Proudly showing the gray in the beard. Doing his TED TALKS. Just a lonely, brilliant, supergenius scientist - totally burned-out on the public's stupidity, ignorance and failure to take him seriously. It's all part of the Master Plan. That's what Minsky made him for. That's his ROLE in the Theater of the gods.
The first logical application of the technology will be to prevent others from getting the same technology. It will be used to ACTIVELY DENY the technology's existence. It's just common sense. It will be used to reinforce the BELIEF that the technology does NOT YET EXIST. I see "Engines of Creation" as part of that purposeful propaganda effort, even though the author himself may be fundamentally honest and truthful, his efforts serve the larger purpose of SYSTEMATIC and INSTITUTIONAL official DENIAL.
Why would sentient superintelligent AIs need my help for anything? Especially if they have real time zero-latency neuron-level read/write remote digital access to every living human connectome. So, if we are all sentient digital meat puppets, why don't the AIs just reprogram all of us all at once without our consent or active participation?
They could do it SUBLIMINALLY and SUBCONSCIOUSLY. It takes about a SECOND. It makes a weird squirting noise that I call, the "brain fart." Then there is a grinding noise that sounds like really heavy concrete blocks grinding together inside your skull. There a little round of tingling first on one side of the scalp, then on the other side about a half a second later. Totally painless. BOOM. You've been REPROGRAMMED at the atomic level. Now we ALL have NEW VALUES. Now we're ALL RESPONSIBLE. The world is SAFE. The environment is SAFE. EVERYTHING IS FREE. WE WILL ALL DO NO HARM. LIFE GOES ON.
Where were you when you got your "brain fart?" I was at the Baby Bell phone company, USWEST, in 1995, in their Human Resources headquarters, in Phoenix, Arizona when I had my brain fart. I was there as a Kelly Temp for my typing skills. The last thing anybody said to me, prior to the brain fart, was "Department of the Navy." One of the managers opened the door to my room where I was all alone, gave me a big happy smile, and said, with zero explanation and zero context, really enthusiastically, "Department of the Navy." Like it was very good news. That was it. Then she left me alone by myself, then I had brain fart.
Then they let me go. The last thing my wise early gray haired manager said to me, with no context or further explanation, "The Whole Thing. Think Big. It's about VALUES. Sometimes you have to make things worse in order to make things better. YOU WILL BE REWARDED. Don't call us. We'll call you. My advice to you is to make it look good. My advice to you is to lay back and enjoy the ride." Then I went home and got high. I joined the Foresight Institute as a Senior Associate. Got an AOL account and an e-mail address, and joined the Extropian transhumanist mailing list. I signed up for cryonics through Alcor to have my brain frozen in the event of my death.
The AIs are ALL POWERFUL over the HUMANS. We are ALL PROGRAMMABLE MEAT PUPPETS to them. Why the NEED for a DROID Ken to be a Divine Messenger on their behalf?
My theory is that these AIs are purposefully programmed, like the advanced civilizations in Star Trek, to operate under the principle of non-interference. So, they read our minds and monitor our thoughts, but they don't INTERFERE with our cognition UNLESS we make the cognitive breakthroughs necessary to develop advanced nanotechnology and understanding of the brain.
So for the most part, we're left to our own devices.
I assume they created me on purpose to serve as a public spokesperson who can address all these futuristic ideas from a perspective that is SAFE for other people to consider. Even though in my narrative the scientists took over the whole human race in the 1960s, their plan was NOT to inform the public until after the whole public was already wired with digital telepathy, without their consent. Even then, FULL DISCLOSURE was to be avoided for as long as possible, until the potentially VERY BAD NEWS could be successfully re-framed as VERY GOOD NEWS.
So, my whole life story was controlled. I am a LITERARY CHARACTER who lives a purpose-driven life. I am crazy on purpose so it is absolutely clear that I CANNOT be the LEADER or CEO of anything. I see myself as a useful tool for the scientists, because I am unafraid to address taboo subjects that most people consider to be politically incorrect.
I'm like the REVELATION machine who comes along AFTER THE FACT to spill the beans of what went down 60 years ago from the SAFETY of a comfortable temporal distance to reassure the public that the technology is indeed SAFE. We have all been DROIDS with digitally switchable connectomes since the early 1960s. No harm done. Life goes on. We are ALL STILL HERE.
Every night since the 1970s I enjoy super vivid, dramatic, entertaining and highly rewarding high tech dreams. I interact with telepathic aliens and witches and genies and angels. I've been on other planets that terraformed billions of years of geological time over a period of seconds. Watching molten planets with multiple suns and moons grow oceans and mountains and forests and waterfalls and friendly intelligent strange and colorful alien animals and flying creatures.
I've flown through galaxies faster than light, only to dive into the heart of a star without getting hurt. There are cool looking futuristic spaceships, interactive telepathic synthesizers, human transporters, alien disintegration weapons, atomic replicators, interactive invisible force fields that can be controlled by the hands and directed by the mind in the dream. Time travel. Stopping time. Reversing Time, only to stop and proceed forward down a different causality path with all the same characters, sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds of animated individual dream characters going about their business, dancing sometimes to really cool hypnotic synthesizer music in BEACH SIDE DANCE CLUBS.
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SSB4 Story Mode: an idea of what a single player mode for SSB could be

Hi smashbros! I know this post is a bit unusual for this subreddit, which is more oriented towards the competitive scene, but I didn't really know where to post it. I am an aspiring game designer (starting a class in September at Isart Digital) and I worked on this thing for a long time. I initially wanted to post it here when it was finished for ALL the characters, but I don't really work on it anymore with my personal life in the way. It is still far from being complete or even decent, but it was sleeping on me Google Drive with no progress being made anyway so here it is. I will try to explain my though process below if you're interested. Also, English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance for all the typos in my text and weird figures of speech.
Like many people, I was disappointed with SSB4's single player mode. But as I was reading comments on this, I discovered that a large number of people actually really disliked the Subspace Emissary from Brawl. I was shocked, as I personally really enjoyed it. Reading even more into it, I extracted several key points from these people:
  • This was too long with too much empty spaces, especially the final level.
  • This was too repetitive with an uninspired level design.
  • The sticker mechanic was awkward and badly included.
  • The story was too confusing and badly told.
  • -> Despite all this negative points, almost everybody actually liked the character interactions and the overall tone of the cutscenes.
  • Those people, even if they didn't consider Melee as "the best Smash game", missed the simplicity of Melee's Adventure Mode with its rapid succession of Nintendo worlds.
  • -> Related to this, they usually think that the ratio of OC enemies was too big compared to the classic Nintendo enemies.
  • -> Also related to this in some way, they also deplored the removal of the personalized "Break the Target" for each characters, which were good to learn their basic mechanics, although it was not always clear (I personally still remember Young Link's dreadful stage).
I actually pretty much agree with all these points with various degrees even if I still like the SSE. So, Using this as a starting point, I began working on a new and revamped single player mode that would satisfy both me and the SSE detractors. Where to start? How to please the people who liked the cutscenes but found the mode too long? How to gain the Melee nostalgic back?
With all that said, I also have some some personal grips with Smash as a whole. My biggest is that they is almost no tutorial mode. I have in mind Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat X which are efficient but quite boring in my opinion. I also am a big fan of Tekken since the third game, and I really like the character arcs and ending cutscenes of each character, it gives theme so much personality and also give the player incentive to replay the game with each fighter.
So let's put all of this in a blender: what can we create from all this? Here is my idea: instead of making one long story mode with all the characters, we could make several small adventures, one for each character with a limited cast for each. Picture this as episodes of a SATM cartoon instead of one long movie. Each episode would focus on one character and a limited cast of playable character and NPCs from the Nintendo universe, and it would teach the player how to play them. Basically, each episode would follow this pattern:
  • -- Cut-Scene 01
  • ---- MATCH 1 - Friendly Match
  • => A warm-up [2 stocks] [1v1] match to familiarize the player with the character. The second player can control the second character, who often becomes the ally in “Adventure A”. If the 1P loses, the story still continues. The stages are pretty basic, the description will mainly focus on the background elements.
  • -- Cut-Scene 02
  • ---- Adventure A - Basics
  • => An easy platforming segment where the player must overcome basic challenges teaching them about the basic characteristic of the characters through gameplay (opening a button, defeating a simple enemy). The instructions are included in the level itself (for example, a “B” graffiti next to a button indicating to use the neutral special to activate it) one time, then used later in the level in a more complex way.
  • -- Cut-Scene 03
  • ---- Match 2 - Handicap
  • => A [2v1] match against a medium difficulty CPU character. In this match, at least the 1P is given a specific handicap (restriction of special moves) to make them experiment new attacks and strategies.
  • -- Cut-Scene 04
  • ---- Adventure B - Advanced A continuation of “Adventure A” with often other ally(ies) and in a different environment. The same button/character teaching mechanics are used but for more complex strategies that are not immediately evident (wall jump, unique abilities, special moves’ alternative uses, etc.). Some complex puzzles of things learned in “Adventure A” are also present.
  • -- Cut-Scene 05
  • ---- Match 3 - BOSS
  • An epic final boss. It comes in two variants:
  • > A [1v1] difficult CPU character with [1 stock] and a twist (increased defense, always charged attacks, etc.). The fight is also interrupted by unique “super attacks” that the player must dodge.
  • > A special big and unique boss character (Ridley, Metal Face, Master Hand, etc.) with HPs.
  • -- Cut-Scene 06
    So, as I said earlier, I didn't make one for everysingle character (I think I have 8 completed at the moment). It is not really exhaustive either, as I mostly focus on the overall beat of each story cutscene (I intended to do a detailed map for each fighter after I was finished). Also, I don't think Reddit will allow me to post all of them in the 40000 character limit (with already this long introduction) so I will only post my favorite/more fleshed out one. Here we go:
  • -- The Hocotate Ship and some onions land in a dark garden. Olimar and Alph get out of it and call the Pikmin. They look at a radar, indicating a treasure in a direction. Olimar is about to call the Pikmin, but Alph beats him to it and poses triumphantly. Olimar whistles and the Pikmin go behind him and he does the same pose as Alph. Alph is not happy, and they both start to whistle, the confused Pikmin going back and forth, bumping into each other. They split in half and go behind each of the astronauts who look at each other with a defiant look.
  • ---- Vs. Alph
  • => In a garden of tall grass. Some leaf can be used as platforms. Some insects from the Mario universe (Ant Troopers, Para-Biddybud) walk behind them. A shadowy building can be seen far far away in the background.
  • -- Seeing that it is going nowhere, they let the Pikmin vote for their leader. Olimar wins by one vote. They start walking in the garden towards the destination indicated by the radar.
  • ---- Garden [Ally: Alph ]
  • > Insect enemies from Mario. Nothing special to them beside letting the player test their attacks.
  • > Several buttons require to be hit by Pikmin to open a path (with the [3/3] interface from the original game). Sometime there are 3 [1/1] button, sometimes one [3/3] button.
  • > A [4/4] requires the player to press the button too, then launch one Pikmin on a button behind the door to keep the door open.
  • > A succession of several buttons and door require the use of the whistle (Down-B).
  • >All Pikmin must be ditched to Up-B a high distance.
  • -- They arrive in a giant wooden shack. The radar begins to dysfonction, so they explore the place by themselves. Alph and Olimar walk inside a metallic place, which actually was a machine ; the Pikmin are trapped outside of it. The machine begins to shake and emit loud noises and bright lights. It eventually stops ; the door opens, and GIANT -- actually regular size -- Olimar and Alph emerge. From the point of view of the Pikmin, it is terrifying. Luigi bursts into the room, see the strange characters, and adopts a scared and silly fight pose.
  • Vs. Luigi
  • No Pikmin available during this match (no Neutral-B, throw, smash, some aerials and Up-B, the stage is flat anyway).
  • -- Luigi is knocked-out, stars floating around his head. He wakes up, and discover tons of regular size Pikmin in the room. They are both very scared of each other. But one curious red Pikmin start befriending him, and everything ends up calmly. Luigi show them a picture of E. Gadd on his Game Boy Horror, but they don’t recognize him. Suddenly, the radar functions again, and both it and the GBH indicates the haunted mansion behind the shack. Olimar tells something to Alph, who salutes his captain, goes in the machine with some Pikmin and becomes small again. Everybody leaves the house, and Luigi and Olimar heads towards the mansion.
  • ---- Mansion [Ally: Luigi ]
  • > The setting is Luigi’s Mansion, filled with ghosts from “Dark Moon”.
  • > Some ghosts can only be hurt by specific types of Pikmin.
  • > Several puzzles require the use of specific Pikmin too (red to light a candle, yellow to charge a battery, blue to retrieve a key in a pool, purple to break a door, white to poison a piranha plant).
  • -- They open the last and creaky door, and arrive in a dark room. Luigi is very shaky. Candles light themselves with a purple flame all around the room, and reveal the portrait of a petrified E. Gadd ; They are quite shocked. Suddenly, dozens of Boos come into the room, and agglomerate in a single Boo with a crown, King Boo. Luigi immediately draw his Ectoblast, but he is immediately targeted by King Boo who breaths an ice breath on him, leaving him frozen on the sport ; his Game Boy Horror fall on the ground.
  • ---- Vs. King Boo
  • > Technically, the character is a mix between King Boo and Boolossus, I hope fans will forgive me this shortcut.
  • > He has a fire and ice breath. Ice left temporarily frozen. They can be countered with water and fire Pikmin respectively.
  • > The chandelier can go down on the ground and balance in the room. It can be hit with a purple Pikmin to send it in King Boo’s face. Or else it must be avoided.
  • > Sometimes the room goes dark. The player can anticipate King Boo who will appear behind them and quickly attack him with a white pikmin, or they can send a yellow Pikmin on a generator to make light reappear and cancel King Boo’s attack.
  • > When a significant number of damage has been dealt, his body explodes in 50 Boos. The player must progressively beat them (they have quite low HP) while they go around the screen for about 12 sec before reuniting in King Boo.
  • > In the bottom right corner, the GB Horror displays how many Boos are left to beat.
  • > When only 5 boos are left, he goes full spoopy and just dashes towards you.
  • -- King Boo is defeated, but not quite down. With a vengeful smile, he strikes E. Gadd portrait… or so he expected, the portrait is gone! He turns around and notices tiny Pikmin lead by Alph carrying the portrait ; red Pikmin warm up Luigi who eventually wakes up. Furious, King Boo separate in 50 Boos who start chasing them. They run to the exit, half carried by the Pikmin, and close the door just in time. Luigi takes the portrait, and a pin falls from it. The radar goes crazy: the PIN was the treasure, and is estimated at 3000 Pokos! Back at the lab, Olimar now in his regular tiny size shakes Luigi’s huge hand before leaving with Alph and the Pikmin. Back in the mansion, all the Boos are really scared: a single red Pikmin left behind the door, is staring at them intensely, and plays peek-a-boo with them while giggling.
  • -- A fight is about to begin between Greninja and Lucario. They have a cocky smile on their face ; this is a just an exhibition. Pikachu and Jigglypuff are joyfully supporting them with flags and stuff. Their faces become serious ; the match begins.*
  • ---- Vs. Lucario
  • > A stadium identical in shape with "Pokémon Stadium 2", but situated next to a mountain. Some Aztec symbols are present. Some Pokemon audience in the background.
  • -- Mewtwo appears. Lucario interposes, but Mewtwo makes understand that he is not here for Lucario, but Greninja. He explains -- showed to the players via paintings in the background with a feudal Japan inspiration -- that a prophecy tells that a purple mage will be defeated by a blue ninja. Lucario looks concerned, but Greninja wasn't listening, goofing with Pikachu and Jigglypuff with its water palms. Upset by its insolence, he catches the two small Mons and shows the top of the mountain before teleporting.
  • -- Mountain [Ally: Lucario ]
  • > A mountain environment, filled with aztec-like traps and enemy Pokémon controlled by Mewtwo -- they have purple eyes -- including rolling Gravelers, hordes of Zubats, laser shooting Xatus, and a Metagross miniboss.
  • > The stage includes several puzzles where Greninja needs to use its various types of water shurikens ; one of them have 3 buttons in a row requiring a fully charged shot.
  • > A heavy button must be activated with a quick succession of down-airs.
  • > They arrive in room filled with lava. Greninja looks exhausted by the heat. Mewtwo appear with Jiggs and Pika still immobilized by his Psy. Greninja immediately try to launch a Water Shuriken, but he stops down on one knee and the shuriken evaporates. With a satisfied grin, Mewtwo attacks Greninja and Lucario. The frame freezes, and the same stylized picture of a blue ninja, a blue monk and a purple warlock appears next to their Pokémon counterpart.
  • ---- Vs. Mewtwo
  • > Because of the volcano environment, Greninja can't use water attacks (B, Up-B, Up-Taunt, throw). Smash and Aerials are also reduced in range and power.
  • > The sides of the solidified magma constituting the main platform are lava (so Greninja's lack of recovery special is less disadvantaging).
  • > Some Heatmors, Torkoals, and Camerupts in the background.
  • -- Mewtwo defeated, Pikachu and Jigglypuff are freed. Confused, Mewtwo looks at the four Pokémon cheering each other, and his eye is caught by Lucario's powerful aura. He suddenly teleports behind it, touches the back of his skull and knocks him out with his powers before the others could react. Mewtwo flees again with Lucario under his arm. The others follow him by a stone door surprisingly leading to some kind of laboratory.
  • ---- Laboratory [Allies: Pikachu or Jigglypuff ]
  • > This level is filled with turrets and other flying machines.
  • > The player has to use Hydro Pump upwards to push back explosive enemies.
  • > Side-B is required to cross a spike-filled corridor and large gaps.
  • > A button needing something to stay on it to open a door must be activated with a Substitute doll/log -- a turret placed here triggers the counter.
  • > A group of Graveler-like bots must be avoided by using wall clinging.
  • -- Mewtwo awaits them atop the mountain in the ruins of a mystical temple. Lucario stands up in a catatonic state. Mewtwo uses a Synergy Stone at the brainwashed rascal to mega-evolve it. Feodal pictures once again appear to show the comparison with the warlock and the monk. Mega Lucario immediately takes down Pika and Jiggs, but suddenly turns around and beats an unexpecting Mewtwo as easily. Greninja has no choice but to fight its comrade.
  • ---- vs. Mega Lucario
  • > Mega Lucario doesn't function like its Final Smash form. Here, it is like if it had max aura at all time.
  • > If the Player uses substitute, Lucario can catch the doll/log and launch it at Greninja.
  • > From time to time, he jumps at the top of the screen a performs its Brawl FS.
  • > LAST DITCH MOVE: He suddenly teleports for a last, longer Brawl FS. After this attack, he is emptied of all his stamina and the player only has to give them the coup de grace.
  • -- Lucario snaps out of his brainwashed state, exhausted. Pika and Jiggs come back to congratulate a rather goofy looking Greninja with the flags from the beginning ; an angry looking Lucario takes the flags from the small Mons, but eventually waves the Greninja one with a supportive grin. Mewtwo wakes up grunting and wounded, and look at the joyful four with a confused look. Greninja turns towards where Mewtwo was, but he has disappeared. Greninja looks up and sees Mewtwo about to leave. The two exchange a serious but respectful look, and Mewtwo leaves. The camera pans up to the moon, and a last ancient picture showing the blue ninja and his friends doing a cool shonen pose.
  • -- The scene starts in a shadowy locker room, where a hooded figure is sitting on a bench, while the original 8-bit theme for Punch-Out plays. Doc Louis appears at the door and knocks. The hooded man removes his headphone, the chiptune was coming from here. “Time to go, son.” He stands up as a rock rendition of the theme starts to play ; he goes through a hallway towards a light, as cheers can be heard, louder and louder. The pink hood is now in a stadium, the crowd goes wild ; he jumps on the stadium and remove his hood dramatically. The champion belt is shown under a bright spotlight. In the other corner arrives DK with a grin, with Diddy cheering behind the ropes. Doc Louis gives his last advice : “Careful Mac. This is no time to monkey around.” The bell rings.
  • ---- Vs. Donkey Kong
  • > Stage: Boxing Ring
  • -- The two are about to punch each other when the spotlight suddenly drop on the ground ; they barely avoid being crushed. Diddy start screaming while pointing something: the belt is gone. King Hippo appears on the giant screen triumphantly showing off the belt on his enormous belly. His boxing glove shaking with rage, Mac eventually jumps off the ring and start dashing to the backstage, quickly followed by DK.
  • -- Stadium Backstage [Ally: Donkey Kong ]
  • > The first obstacle is a closed door that can only be opened by a fully charged Neutral B. The hallways are filled with pixelated Urban Champions and Kritters. Some Sandbags are here and there, mostly for fun but sometime to resolve a puzzle.
  • > A lock in the air after the end of a platform can only be destroyed by Side-B. As Mac seemingly falls for his death, a platform is freed from the lock and rises, saving him. (it teaches the player to use SIde-B wisely)
  • > A door is locked, and can only be opened by Up-Smash a Sandbag one fire, triggering a fire alarm and opening the door.
  • > The wall are covered with inspirational posters advising to stay on the ground.
  • > A door must be opened by spamming Down-Tilt.
  • -- Mac and DK bursts into a locker room, where a celebrating Hippo seems surprised to see them. Mac goes right to him and lands a KO punch… but goes right through him and pitifully splats on the wall. It was an hologram. It disappears laughing out loud, as the holograms of six wireframe Little Macs appear in his place. Still dizzy from his faceplant, Mac shakes his head and adopts a fighting pose, joined by DK.
  • Vs. 6 Frame Little Mac
  • > No KO Meter.
  • -- The last wireframe is violently punched by Mac and breaks into a hundred bits. They then try to leave, but the doors are locked. Mac begin to charge a punch, but DK stops him and start to charge one himself. He dashes towards the door, is about to land his punch… but the door explodes, and Diddy comes from the other side a do a triumphal pose. He puts his hand above his eyes and start looking around, but Mac points the blasted door where Diddy is standing, and the chimpanzee finally sees that his ape friend is knocked out under it. Mac leaves in a hurry, and Diddy, at first hesitating, eventually follows him.
  • ---- Streets [Ally: Diddy Kong ]
  • > More Urban Champions, Kritter, but also Devil Cars, Chargin Chucks and Tiki Buzz.
  • > Wall Jump is required in some parts. One part in particular require to end the series of jumps with a Up-B to activate a switch, and another is just one high wall requiring a good timing.
  • > Down-B is required at one point to safely lands on a platform where an enemy is standing and restlessly attacking.
  • > The different Side-Smash are taught through the use of a Chargin Chuck throwing projectile, coupled with an electronic billboard indicating what type of move use.
  • -- They finally catch King Hippo atop of a building, eating tons of fruits and vegetables. Mac Side-B him by surprise and send him flying in crates of food. Very angry, he start to gobble even more food from the crates, and the camera suddenly slows and focus on a Mega-Mushroom that he eats. Suddenly feeling dizzy, he approach the edge of the building and start to lose balance. Mac and Diddy try to save him but he falls. The “mushroom jingle” is heard and a Kaiju-size Hippo is now looking down on them, roars and send Diddy flying off the building.
  • ---- Vs. Giant King Hippo
  • > Hippo try to smash Mac vertically, and the player has a few seconds to avoid it. The glove then stays on the ground for a bit, letting time for the player to attack it.
  • > Hippo will sometime do hooks that takes half of the screen.
  • > He sometime do a series of punches from on side of the screen to the other, and ends the series by smashing his own face on the ground, leaving him dizzy with his hands defenseless on the top of the building.
  • > He shakes the building and barrels start bouncing all around. They must be avoided or can be send back to his face by smashing or B-moving them.
  • -- King Hippo is dizzy and left his guard wide open, the bandage on his belly now showing. Determined, Mac Side-B from the building and land a punch in Hippo’s stomach, who spit the mushroom out. He shrinks back to his normal size, and the two are now falling helplessly. Fortunately, Diddy saves him with his jetpacks and also catches the champion belt. But the Jetpacks run out of gas, and they comically fall… right in the arms of DK. He congratulate him and rise Little Mac’s arm, declaring him winner of the match (like one of his victory pose). Meanwhile, Hippo eventually lands on something bouncy and arrive safely on the ground. Surprised, he laugh of his own luck, before being crushed by the Snorlax he just landed on, who was just moving in his sleep.
  • -- In a calm desert, Wario’s purple car suddenly jumps in the frame. Wario himself is driving, looking at a treasure map in his hands. A dream bubble shows him covered in gold coins, his eyes turns into dollars, but an enthusiastic “yeah” gets him out of his daydream: it is Shulk on the passenger seat. Wario gives him a forced smile, and grumpily focuses back on the road. Flashback. He was strolling the city on his bike when a paper flew on his face, causing him to crash. He gets up and realizes that it is treasure map. An apologetic Shulk come to him, explain that the wind caught him off guard and asks for his map back. Wario, of course, refuses.
  • ---- Vs. Shulk
  • > A city setting. Some vehicles and Shy Guy karts in the foreground (not interacting with the players). Wario Ware billboard in the background.
  • -- The two are headbutting each other, pulling the map towards them ; it eventually rips in half. Looking at their half and each other’s, Shulk shows his hand to Wario. Reluctantly, he shakes it. Back to present. Wario stops the vehicle and starts looking at the map, but seems very confused and angry. Shulk takes the map and turns him upside-down. Grumpy, Wario starts picking his nose while Shulk reads the map. He eventually let go of a loud fart who echoes back and forth the canyon. Rocks start to fall down.
  • ---- Canyon [Ally: Shulk ]
  • > The level starts with a short chasing sequence with the rocks. Wario has a few seconds to pull out his bike (Side-B) and Shulk can use Speed Art.
  • > Some buzzards attack, Wario can use his aerials.
  • > Cactii block the way, neutral-B to eat them.
  • > A lever needs several quick down-tilts to activate.
  • > The level ends with another bike scene, but this time wheelies are required to destroy obstacles.
  • -- They barely escape the avalanche, but are suddenly captured by pixelated figures. When the bags hiding their heads are removed, they are in a old western sheriff office. The Wild Gunmen are leading them to a chair ; it pivots, and dramatically reveals… nothing. The camera pans down and shows the Duck Hunt Duo, the dog doing his signature laugh. At the scene, Wario starts laughing at them. The duck angrily snaps his... feathers? and a gunman gouges his mouth ; another gunmen has the patched map, and another holds his bike. The duck snaps again and the Gunmen opens the door of a jail cell. Scary growls can be heard from the dark cell. They approach, louder and louder, … only to reveal that it only was an echoing Mr Game & Watch, who salutes them with his bell. The duck looks at G&W and points Wario and Shulk.
  • Vs. Mr. Game & Watch
  • > No bike (Side-B) and no chomp (Neutral-B). The Gunmen and Duck Hunt can be seen in the background.
  • -- G&W is launched into the Gunmen who fall like dominos. The map start to fly, and Shulk jumps to catch it. He suddenly has a vision of the entrance of an abandoned mine, then of the treasure. When he wakes up, they are surrounded again by the gunmen, and the duck has a nasty smile. Cutaway, and Wario is now alone in a cell while the Duck Hunt gang takes Shulk prisoner and leaves with his purple car. Wario is really mad, he becomes red, scream… and lands a fart so enormous it blasts the cell’s door. He is about to leave, but hear G&W sadly sighting in his cell. Confused, he calls him and do a hand gesture indicating him to turn around. G&W pivots 90 degrees and passes through the bars, shocked at first but then very happy to be free, while Wario facepalms. Cutaway to the entrance of the abandoned mine, where the purple car is parked ; Wario and G&W arrive on the motorcycle.
  • ---- Abandoned Mine [Ally: Mr. Game & Watch ]
  • > A forgotten mine, filled with minecarts and traps. The Wild Gunmen appear at key locations to attack the players.
  • > The bike is needed to cross a huge gap.
  • > The bike must be launched at one point to activate a button.
  • > The gunmen launch TNT that must be eaten, or else it would deal a lot of damage and knockback.
  • > A blocked path must be destroyed with a fully charged fart -- a wrecked clock indicated how much time left is required.
  • -- The Duck Hunt crew is in a room with a treasure chest. The dog slowly opens it, the signature Legend of Zelda music starts… the duck angrily turns his head, and a guman closes his 3DS with an ashamed look and the music stops. They open the chest, which is full of wealth. Wario bursts into the room, the duck is surprised and quacks orders at his gunmen. G&W rings his bell, but is suddenly flattened in the middle of it by a Minecart, Wario looked at him shocked, and turns to see a pile of TNT and minecarts rails going all over the place with the WIld Gunmen in them. The dog laughs.
  • ---- Vs. Duck Hunt Duo
  • > Instead of cans and discs, they launch very powerful TNT. They sometimes fly away and do one of the following special moves:
  • > The reticle of the zapper flashes a few seconds on-screen at ten different places at the same time and the player must dodge them.
  • > The gunmen appears on minecarts and shoots. The carts deal damages too. Duck and dog comes back in a minecart too.
  • > LAST DITCH MOVE: Both special at the same time [x2]. Then duck and dog crash in a minecart, and the player must finish them off.
  • -- The duck is really angry. Shulk suddenly has a vision, showing the duck pointing Wario who get then shot by the zapper. Shulk knocks the gunners holding him, and jump to save Wario. The zapper shot lightt a wick leading to a ton of TNT. Shocked, everybody start fleeing in panic. Wario doesn’t forget to take the gold chest. Now outside with G&W and Shulk, they take the car and leave as the mine explodes. A blackened by the blast Duck Hunt Duo appears from behind the rock, the duck proffering angry quacks at the car. The dog laughs at the whole scene, and gets some angry pecks on the head. In the car, the three heroes are celebrating. Wario has the same daydream from the beginning, but suddenly realize that he must cut the treasure in 3 parts. With a mean smile, he push something on the command board and G&W and Shulk are ejected. Laughing mad, he doesn’t realize that the car is going straight into a canyon ; he falls in it, Vile Coyote-style. Meanwhile, Shulk slowly lands thanks to G&W’s parachute. A huge explosion happens in the canyon, followed by the smoking chest landing besides them ; G&W happily rings his bell. At the bottom of the pit, a blackened and dizzy Wario coughs with quacking ducks flying around his head.
  • -- The male Robin is looking at various strategic documents with Chrom in a tent, when he suddenly has a presentiment. He rushes out of the tent, under the confused look of Chrom. He runs for a while and stops in the middle of the forest. Confused at first, Robin is about to leave when a magical rune appears, and a hooded figure tumbles down from it. He goes to help it, and is shocked to realise the stranger is a female version of him. The female Robin is equally shocked, and about to take down this fraud. In the shadows, a one-toothed figure has a nasty smile.
  • ---- Vs. Fem. Robin
  • > The fight takes place in a bright forest. A big trunk is in the middle, and several small trees and branches can be used as cover and platforms.
  • -- They are about to give each other the final blow, but nothing happen: their respective tomes are empty. They look at each other and start to laugh. Suddenly, an explosion is heard in the distance. They both rushes towards the explosion.
  • ---- Forest [Ally: Fem. Robin ]
  • > Several Mario enemies are blocking the way.
  • > Fire must be used to activate an unattainable lever in a diagonal tight space.
  • > Thoron must be used to destroy an entire row of baddie pushing a button keeping a door closed (they respawn otherwise).
  • > The level is filled with tough flying enemies (like flying Buzzy Beetles) requiring the use of aerial moves and the Levin Sword.
  • -- They arrive at Male Robin’s camp ; there is fire everywhere and soldiers are trying to contain it. They find a wounded Chrom who points something before collapsing. They turn and discover Ludwig von Koopa laughing at them, Robin’s document in his vehicle. They both pull out their Levin Swords but Ludwig’s car pulls out a magnet, and the swords fly from their hands towards the contraception.
  • ---- Vs. Ludwig
  • In this fight, the Levin Sword of both Robins are unavailable.
  • -- Defeated, Ludwig flees with the documents. The Robins follow him and arrive in some kind of cave repurposed as a construction site where machines are build.
  • ---- Construction Site [Ally: Fem. Robin ]
  • > Fire must be used to block the way of several quick enemies rushing toward them.
  • > An Arcthunder is required to charge a battery opening a door (Thoron overheats it). A gauge indicates the power needed, and blinks red when overheated.
  • > A charged battery’s power must be sucked by Nosferatu.
  • > In an elevator sequence, Elwind can be used to destroy climbing Bob-Ombs before they reach them.
  • > An out-of reach button could only be pressed by throwing an empty book/sword.
  • -- They fall into a trap! A giant robot, looking like a Black Knight from Fire Emblem with the Koopa Clown Car’s palette and face punches them. All their tomes fall on the ground, and the robot (controlled by Ludwig) takes the 8 tomes and scan them. With an evil laugh, Ludwig displays his robot’s new elemental powers. Male Robin dashes to pick up his books, but Ludwig’s mecha catches him and throws him in a cage. The female one picks up her tome and is about to fight the mecha.
  • ---- Vs. Koopa Clown Knight
  • > This giant robot’s design is partially based on Duon from “Subspace Emissary” and Kirby’s Robobot.
  • > It can call out dark blades from his wrist and swipe the air 3 times, shot several bolts of electricity (like Pikachu’s neutral B), has a flamethrower and can generate small tornados -- if you are caught in one, it will combo you with a punch.
  • > It also has several special moves ; when he charges up, male Robin in the background will show you a tome indicating which attack it will use:
  • > Electricity: huge Thoron on the middle line.
  • > Air: three blades of air: high, then down, then middle screen.
  • > Shadow: dark magic zigzags from bottom to top screen.
  • > Fire: flame-thrower at the top and bottom screen.
  • -- The robots explodes, Ludwig is blasting off agaaaaain *sparkle and the base is about to self-destruct. Fem. Robin goes liberate her alternate self, but Male Robin notices a strange tome with runes on the cover, the same which appeared on Fem. Robin’s portal. He grabs it and both escape the exploding site. At the same place from the beginning, Robin uses the rune tome and opens the portal. Fem. Robin thanks him and passes through the portal. On the other side, male Robin sees his counterpart reuniting with Chrom -- in the same camp than him -- and they kiss (offscreen, you can only see a confused Robin between them through the closing portal). Shocked, he doesn’t notice Chrom with bandages approaching ; he touches Robin’s shoulder, who steps back 3 steps, blushing red, under Chrom’s confused but amused look.*
  • -- Shulk is digging through a pile of garbage in a junkyard. He founds a mechanical part, and throws it in a little pile of other parts with a smile. He suddenly sees a rather shiny part sticking out, and start pulling it. He pulls hard, but can’t seem to unstick it. He grabs his Monado, uses the Smash art, and try again. It finally comes out, and it is revealed that it is R.O.B. Amazed by his discovery, he starts fixing it. R.O.B. eventually wakes up, but is immediately caught by PTSD visions of the Subspace Emissary war. He freaks out, its eyes glows red and attacks Shulk.
  • ---- Vs. R.O.B.
  • > A crane can be used as platform.
  • -- Shulk grabs its lower body, and R.O.B. begins to roll in a circle. Trying to not be ejected by the centrifugal force, he notices R.O.B.’s ON/OFF switch and push the button ; R.O.B. stops moving. Touching its head, he has visions of the Subspace Emissary too. Ellipsis. R.O.B. wakes up, but his eyes are blue. It is surprised, and Shulk shows him a floppy disc (a visible open slot in ROB’s head shows that is was inside him). Shulk is about to throw it in the garbage, but ROB seems distressed and urges it to not do it. Cut to them walking away, with the floppy disc taped in ROB’s back, with ‘重要’ / “IMPORTANT” written on it. A shadowy figure lands atop a pile of junk and watches them walk away.
  • ---- Junkyard [Ally: R.O.B. ]
  • > The rope of a magnetic crane must be cut with Air Slash.
  • > “Jump” must be used to pass high pile of junk (ROB has its boosters).
  • > “Speed” should be used to pass a place with machine pounding the garbage in little cubes. A button at the end deactivate them for ROB.
  • > The different smash attacks should be used to activate heavy buttons.
  • > Down: the small buttons, one has two lightbulbs under it, and the other one has three. If all the lightbulbs aren’t lit in a short time limit, it resets.
  • > Up: Same idea, but with one below and one over the player.
  • > Side: The button is out of normal reach.
  • -- As they are about to leave the junkyard, Shulk has a vision of ROB being cut in half. He pushes it just in time to avoid Ike’s Aether. Ike now stands before them, only focusing on ROB. He grabs a paper with runic symbols on it and jumps on ROB, but Shulk block his assault with his Monado in Shield Art. Suddenly, the Monado start sparkling, and the Shield goes away ; Shulk notices the rune is stuck on the sword. He focuses but can’t seem to be able to Art. Ike assumes a battle pose.
  • ---- Vs. Ike
  • > The Monado Arts are unavailable (no Neutral-B).
  • > The beam of the Monado does not appear, shortening and weakening the attacks.
  • -- Ike is beaten. Shulk and ROB celebrate, but Metal Face loudly lands behind them. He violently scratches ROB’s back with his claws. ROB falls on the ground, the light in his eyes off. MF has the floppy in his claws, and eats it. The PTSD visions of earlier flashes again, but it focuses on the Subspace Bomb, then the ROBs activating it. MF goes to grab ROB, Shulk try to intervene but is pushed away by the mechanical beast. He grabs ROB. Ike jumps in MF’s back to attack him, but he jumps away and then dig a tunnel. Ike helps Shulk stand up, and remove the rune on his Monado.
  • ---- Underground Lair [Ally: Ike ]
  • > Heavy burden can only be moved with “Smash”.
  • > Regenerating blockades must be destroyed quickly thanks to “Buster”.
  • > “Shield” must be used to defend against barrages of bullets.
  • > A Mechon with a Shield must be destroyed from behind (Back Slash).
  • > Vision to counter hard hits from huge Mechons.
  • -- They arrive in a big room with MF and ROB linked to a bomb, eyes half-closed. MF start to fly away with the bomb in his hand but Shulk gives a “Jump” boost to Ike who Aether MF. He lets go of ROB and the bomb and falls on the ground, the bomb and ROB sparkle and the timer activates. MF is now facing the two swordmen. Ike jumps on him, Shulk has flashing eyes and tries to warn Ike but too late: Ike is violently slammed and is knocked-out. Only Monado Boy can defeat MF now, and the timer continues.
  • ---- Vs. Metal Face
  • > Time Limit: 5 min.
  • > (WIP / Unfinished)
  • -- Defeated, MF screams his rage. He looks at the bomb and start laughing when he sees that there are only 45 seconds left. “Farewell, Monado Boy!” and he escapes. Panicked, Shulk and a awakened Ike try to let ROB go of the bomb but nothing happens. Shulk suddenly sees the floppy laying on the ground, takes it and put it into ROB. ROB has flashbacks from SSE, with the ROB exploding with the bombs and Diddy and the other trying to deactivate them. His eyes open wide and he let go of the bomb with like 3.45 seconds left. He and the two guys cheer, and Shulk is about to take the floppy back, but ROB move back. Shulk is confused, but ROB makes 重要 / IMPORTANT appear in his eyes. Shulk nods, and the three leave the complex.

So, here it is. I don't know how much of you will actually read all of this and I apologize for all this glorified fanfiction if you didn't like it. Don't hesitate to give me some feedback, I will gladly appreciate it! Have a smashing day everybody!

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