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Titans clash! The Warlord and the Navy Face Off!

“Unbelievable. The nerve. I can’t believe this at all. The ABSOLUTE nerve!! EEEEEAAAAGHH!!”
Tsar’s fist smashed into the palace wall with full force, punching a hole straight through the stone into the next room. At his feet was a fishman, his regular messenger, broken and battered on his knees.
“I know it’s hard to accept, but it’s the truth,” Raya said coldly, glaring down at the messenger. “Here’s the baby Den-Den he was using to contact them,” she added, dropping a small transponder snail wearing a Marine hat in front of the victim. “The Marines must have known you’d trust one of our own, so it would be easier as a spy. We owe a great debt to those rookies, Abraham Kennedy ‘The Infernal’ and Morrigan ‘The Queen of the Monsters’. They caught this cretin and brought him to me. How long have you had this one?”
“... A year.” Tsar turned back to face the kneeling fishman, a fire swelling in his eyes. “Have you been with them this whole time? Did they offer you money? YOU DAMN SPY! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE? WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY YOUR PEOPLE?” He backhanded the helpless prisoner, who crunched into the floor and coughed up more blood.
“Don’t bother. I’ve already… spoken with him,” Raya sighed, flicking a bit of blood off of her long stinger. “He’s been a mole this whole time, but he doesn’t know when they were planning on forming this garrison. He’s been a lot busier for the past month, though. Isn’t that right?”
“Y-yes…” wheezed the spy, his barely conscious eyes focusing on Tsar. “You… you’re still just a pirate. A Shichibukai, even. You ...gasp... give our people a bad name, and drag them into violence when many want peace. The Marines will… keep… the people safer than y-you could…”
As he slipped into unconsciousness, Triton rose from his seat and lifted the spy by the collar. “Will you allow me the honor of killing this whelp?” he growled, opening his massive jaws.
“...Wait. Not yet.” Tsar’s voice calmed as he stared at New Bublem in the distance in deep thought. “We can use him for now. I promise, though; you’ll get your meal soon.” The massive lionfish picked up the baby Den-Den off the floor and turned it on.
“OI! MARINE SHITHEADS!!” he roared into the transponder. “We’ve got your shitty spy. You’ve got 12 hours to get off of Fishman Island, or we’ll kill him and consider it espionage.” With that, he crushed the snail in his massive webbed hands, throwing the debris to the floor.
A look of concern crossed Raya’s face. “Tsar. Finn hasn’t returned yet. Are you sure we can afford to start a fight yet?”
“The time for waiting has passed. They wanted to play games... Let’s see what sort of game they want to play now.”
A marine captain tore through the base of New Bublem towards the high ranking officer’s tent. Approaching two guards at the door, he screeched to a halt. Both seemed rather pale and didn’t particularly react at the arrival of their superior officer.
“I need to speak with Kinryu-sama!! It’s about-”
“The spy. They already know,” one of the guards murmured in a dream-like trance. “He got caught. Go ahead with your report, sir, but you should know before you do…”
“The other admirals have arrived, and they’re meeting inside.”
“...well, what do YOU think we should do, Kinryu?”
The floating girl scritched the chin of one of her tiny red cats. As she floated above her chair cross-legged, Admiral Ginkasha continued. “You don’t think we should negotiate, but you also don’t want to let them die. Are you suggesting we march on Fishman Island right now over a Cipher Pol agent? They knew what they were getting into with such a dangerous mission.”
“Doing nothing is out of the question,” Admiral Kinryu snorted, smoke fuming down from his nostrils. The gentleman sat tensely in his large chair. “Are you suggesting we let Tsar do whatever he likes? If we let him kill our men, who knows what sort of demands he’ll make next? We can’t negotiate with a man like him, or we’ll continue to lose more footing than we already have here.”
“You don’t even care about the spy themselves, just the appearances. I should have known,” Ginkasha retorted, clearly annoyed. “So, we’re starting a war, right now, over this? I thought the whole point was we had to wait for the Fleet Admiral to-”
“We started a war the moment the three of us set foot on this island,” came a third voice echoing out of an empty suit sitting with its legs propped up on a small desk lazily. The collar of the shirt was quite clearly empty of any solid substance, yet the cloth vibrated as it spoke. “We’re still in position. They don’t have the troops to do anything, even if they make threats. We have our orders from up top; let’s just relax until those change.”
“You’d recommend we do nothing if Tsar walked through that door this instant, Seidokyoi!!” cried Kinryu. “We’re expected to do some decision making at our status, and there’s no time more critical to act than now.”
“Not true!” Admiral Seidokyoi complained, the suit lowering its legs and sitting upright. A shimmering, gaseous form could be spotted within the sleeves of the suit as it moved. “Our orders specifically state to take care of any of Tsar’s men that set foot in this camp, including himself, so he’d be as dead as anyone else. But since he’s NOT here, why act now, and risk wasting that effort when the Fleet Admiral will just give us new orders when she gets here?”
“You’re both insufferable,” Ginkasha clicked her tongue. “Let’s not do anything rash when we don’t have to. Send an envoy, a captain or commodore with a squad. Not one of us; it’ll just provoke him and accelerate the fighting. Are there any on standby able to face Tsar with any dignity?”
“Nobody’s got the guts to stand off against a Warlord except Commodore Numen, unless we send a rear or vice admiral, or go ourselves,” Kinryu said stoically, his hands folded in thought. “You’re sure we shouldn’t send someone of higher rank?”
“Ginky is right,” Suidokyoi mused. “Any sort of ‘admiral’ will tick him off. If we’ve got to send someone, we should send a Commodore. We’ll inform Numen at once.”
“I told you, don’t call me that.”
“...And who the hell are you?”
Tsar glared maliciously at the burly human standing in front of his palace throne. The marine returned a stare as hateful, standing strong as his men hid behind him. “I’m Commodore Numen of the Navy. I’m here to demand the release of our ambassador, who you’ve mistreated.”
“Ambassador? Is that what you’re calling this scum, now?” Triton jeered, kicking the spy in the ribs and sending him flying into the wall behind the salty throne. “You heard our terms. Are you here to give yourself over as an offering or something to apologize?”
“I’m here to remind you of your place,” Numen snarled. “You’re a Shichibukai. The World Government OWNS you. I have a transponder snail if you want to talk to my superiors, but…” the marine paused, looking back to his underlings.
“You creatures never really listen to reason, do you? All you know is violence. Fish bastards. Ptooh!”
“HAAAA! Interesting!” Tsar leapt to his feet with a start, a fire in his eyes. “The peacemaker tries to start a fight, then calls us the violent ones! It seems the Marines have disrespected me by sending their biggest moron to negotiate.”
Numen’s forehead grew red with anger. “I was sent because I’m one of the toughest men on the force. I’m the scourge of the New Generation, and one day I’ll be an admiral too to deliver my justice on the world.”
“Getting a little too old for that ‘one day’ nonsense, aren’t you?” Raya chided, filing her tail idly.
The commodore took a deep breath. “You pirates will never learn your place, will you? New Generation, Old Generation, Warlords, even the Yonko- you’re all the same. You’re just barnacles to be scraped off our war machine of progress.”
The three fishmen looked to each other for a moment before bursting out laughing.
“AHAHA!! You’re gonna scrape us, huh? What a laugh!” Tsar bellowed.
“Was the Navy’s strategy to send a comedian to put us off our guard or something?” snorted Triton.
“Hoo hoo! My sides! My sides!” shrieked Raya in a fit of giggles.
“You won’t be laughing for long, you fish freaks”
The pistol shot rang through the halls of the Palace, the gun in Numen’s hand billowing with smoke. The projectile, a haki-coated bullet, spun in place in Tsar’s fingers, whose face had dropped dead-serious. “COME ON, THEN!” Bellowed Numen, rolling up his sleeves and leaping at the Warlord. “I’LL PROVE THE NAVY’S STRENGTH TO YOU- RIGHT NOW!”
Fishman Karate…”
“Five Thousand Tile True Punch.”
“Hah… hah… hah…”
Commodore Numen dangled helplessly on Tsar’s thick arm, the fist having penetrated straight through his sternum. “I would have just beaten and humiliated you, you know,” Tsar whispered as the life quickly drained from his opponent’s eyes. “But you made one critical, fatal mistake.”
“You compared me to that wretched New Generation. You think you can impress me by chasing those kids around? I am LEAGUES above any of those rookies, and it’s the last thing you’ll ever hear.”
The corpse slid off of Tsar’s arm onto the cold floor. "HE was really the scourge of the New Generation?" Triton chuckled, giving Numen's body a tentative kick. "They must be even weaker than I thought. Maybe the New World won't be interesting this year after all."
"Round up his men; their fate will be the same as the spy’s," Tsar muttered as he stared off at New Bublem wistfully. “Raya. Triton. It’s time. It won’t take long for them to find out about this… Prepare yourselves.”
The three fishmen turned to a welcome sight.
FINN!!” cried Raya and Triton simultaneously.
“HAAAA!! Looks like our luck hasn’t run out after all, huh?” Hollered Tsar. “Good news, I hope?”
The shark fishman wore a sharp, toothy smirk. “You know it. You did well to hold out so long, you know; that Navy fleet out there’s really no joke. It’s all set up now, though. Whenever you want to get it started, he’ll be there.”
Tsar grinned, beating his chest triumphantly. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Go on. SAY THE WORDS!!!”
“The Apocalypse is Nigh.”
“He- he’s holding something, Admiral Ginkasha!! I can’t make out what it is…”
A tiny floating cat snatched the binoculars out of the marine scout’s hands and tossed them up to the tiny girl, who peered through with a click of her tongue. “Damn it. It’s Numen. That idiot… we told him to mediate, not start a fight. I'll give Kinryu an earful on his recommendations later.” She handed the binoculars back to their owners, barking to the rest of the marine camp.
“Commodore Numen is dead. Tsar is flaunting his head off his palace walls. He’s declared war on the World Government by killing a high-ranking officer during negotiations. Get to the ships.”
“No more playing around. We’re taking Fishman City- right now.”
"This will make SUCH a good scene for my Manga!!" "Bara Ibara" Kasuza said excitedly, growing a twig on his finger and sticking it in his teeth. "Such a shame about the city, though. I truly wish we could leave out the civilians… well, what should I call this chapter? Maybe "Titans Clash! The Warlord and the Navy Face Off!!... no, maybe that's uninspired…hmmm..."
"My new peers!" “Okibouzu” Zetsuki exclaimed upon joining the mash up of characters. He raised his arms in mock excitement as he tried to live up to his eccentric millionaire esteem. He even had a special medallion pinned to his lapel for the networking occasion: Imuet's Pendant. The more astute of the pirates in the room would perhaps recognize it and understand the unspoken jab the leopard took at one of the minks who previously held the position of Shichibukai. The closed umbrella he carried rattled a bit as he prepared to shake the hands of the warlords he hadn't met before. "I am Zetsuki, the founder, CEO, and Boss of the Red Rum Company. Here, take my card. I look forward to doing business with you all, but to be blunt, I figured you guys would be taller. And aren't we missing one of the seven? Jehaha, how unprofessional."
"It’s been a while since I’ve tried fishmen." The voice of "The Insatiable" Kraven carried no humor as he stroked his wolf, Jase-san, staring down at the troops below. The Navy's ships were just crossing the chasm between the two cities, and Marines were already making landfall near Fishman City. He eyed the medallion on the rookie’s suit, recognizing its previous owner and examining its new one. “That’s the man who defeated Imuet. The strong consume the weak, as it should be,” he growled to his animal companion, looking down at the card thrust into his fingers. “If this rookie or any other believes for a moment they are the former, you’ve my permission to show them otherwise.”
“Hey, hey, it’s like a little new-family get together!” Yaris “the Carp” grinned, studying the more senior Shichibukai with his single beady eye curiously. “Let’s do a lil’ bonding. Anyone wanna bet on who can take out the most guys, or maybe who can take out the least without getting fired? Doesn’t really matter either way.”
“Haha! I’ll take your bet tenderfoot! Be careful or you’ll end up sleeping with the fishes too!” “Noodle Beard” Yaki chuckled. He knew the rookie could hold his own in a one on one, but was curious how he would hold up in such a chaotic environment.
As the forces from both sides began to clash, Tsar stood back waiting for the Admirals to join the frey. A shadow was cast across the battlefield as a massive marine warship descended from above. A tall woman stood wordless on the prow, her intimidating gaze piercing down directly at Tsar. One single bead of sweat ran down the mighty fishman’s forehead as their eyes met, then a smirk spread across his face. This was precisely the reason him and Finn calibrated. They could not handle the three Admirals- and Fleet Admiral Sera Illustious - all at once without help.
But help was no longer an issue as Tsar pulled out a den-den mushi, which had been connected to the speaker system strung all throughout the Fishman’s kingdom, and with a calm demeanor spoke. “A little assistance would be very much appreciated right now.”
“KAHAHAHA!! We already have her in our sights.” The voice on the other side of the den den muchi chuckled. Seconds later another large ship rose up from under the underwater bubble, blocking the Fleet Admiral’s ship from entering Fishman Island. The skull and crossbones jolly roger with the wild beard could only mean it was none other than Gintoki “The Cannibal”, one of the four Emporers that ruled the second half of the Grand Line.
Standing on the deck of Gintoki’s flagship, The Mountain, was the giant of a man himself and his Commanders: 1st Division Commander Kobss “The Behemoth”, 2nd Division Commander “Lightning Seeker” Ayokunle, and 3rd Division Commander “Burning Blade” Lewis Infrea.
“Good job hanging in there for so long, my friend," The Yonko Gin’s words rang out over the speaker. "Or should I say…"
"4th Division Commander Tsar.”
“It finally makes sense.” Kinryu cursed as he stroked his long beard.
“What? How long has he been playing us?” Ginkasha scowled, expressing her displeasure as even her cat umbrella had angry eyes.
“It doesn’t matter how longer he has been in Gintoki’s hand. In fact this is perfect. Being under a man such as that means he is now officially disbarred from the Shichibukai.” Seidokyoi yawned.
“We’ll handle the big guns down there.” Kobss said, looking down at the three Admirals.
“Kahaha, show the world WHY we are the strongest.” Gin chuckled as he looked across to Fleet Admiral Sera, and with a wave of his hand the three commanders, using bubble coral, jumped off the ship and headed towards the battle that had already started. Pulling out his polearm Gin stared upwards at the world’s strongest marine, but both stood locked in a standoff as the battle began to intensify. How would the two titans clash surrounded by the sea in all directions?
“So. Tsar’s been working under you this whole time? No wonder he has been so defiant.” Sera said as she drew her rapier, creating a dark black and purple orb at the end of the tip. “If you think you can do whatever you want, you have another think coming. As the figurehead of the marines I vow to end your reign over these seas here and now.”
As the three Commanders pierced through the bubble and began to fall through the air, they were quickly intercepted in midair as Seidokyoi turned into pure gas and surrounded them, clouding their vision as multiple Homies created by Ginkasha swarmed the group, only to be followed up as Kinryu transformed fully into a large golden hued dragon, and created a large beam of pure draconic energy at the commanders.
A plume of large smoke engulfed the sky, a large object curled up in a ball began to fall from it. It was Kobss, completely covered in diamond. He used himself as a shield to block the Admirals’ attacks. As he hit the ground, he uncurled himself to reveal the other two Commanders completely unharmed. Though Kobss was slower to raise than the others, he too made it firmly onto his feet.
“As Expected, they took that welcome rather well.”Ginkasha joked as she and her compatriots stood face to face with them.
Watching in horror from atop one of the high walls of Fishman City, “Burning Blood” John staggered at the sight of the massive fleet rising from the depths to meet the Navy armada. “No… This is bad. This is really bad!!” he shouted. “This city will be turned to rubble with a fight like this! There’s- there’s no time to evacuate everyone!” He drew a baby den-den mushi from his coat and barked into it in panic. “Zorcun! Parcival!! Can you hear me? Do you see this? We- we have to…”
“Truly, this is the end of all things.”
submitted by NPC-senpai to StrawHatRPG

What 2K must fix so that I will play 2K19 MyTeam

I've been a fan of 2K since the start, on Dreamcast. Played NBA Live before that. NBA Playoffs (Bulls vs. Lakers, Lakers vs. Celtics, etc.) before that. Tecmo NBA Basketball. Shit: Atari Basketball in the prehistoric age, and all kinds of non-sim stuff along the way: NBA Jam, Arch Rivals, Double Dribble, Magic Johnson's Fast Break, Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball. I've seen, and played, the full gamut of basketball video games, and fully appreciate the incredible ways in which 2K has pushed things forward with NBA 2K.
I've been a fanatical NBA 2K MyTeam player since 2K15. I appreciate advancements in gameplay and mechanics since then, but have also been dismayed at the ways in which 2K has bastardized the mode and have lost sight of their most important responsibility: provide players with the most engaging and rewarding video gaming experience possible.
It's been gradually debased as a mode that caters more toward casual players, gratifying them with cartoonish gameplay, rather than more serious players. It's also become increasingly a mode that is structured around maximizing revenues for 2K, rather than maximizing enjoyment for players.
Perhaps this works out for 2K financially. But it doesn't for me. If 2K doesn't very dramatically change things around, 2K18 will be the last cycle in which I play MyTeam. May be the last 2K I buy and play, at all. Many of us have been saying this for the past two or three years, but this year was very obviously a nadir for MyTeam, in fundamental ways. And I think, for many of us, 2K18 is actually going to be the cycle that broke the gamer's back.
We see signs of MyTeam losing player engagement sooner and in greater magnitude than 2K would have forecasted or expected. Today, they're promoting a free pack for 3 Round 1 wins to try to incentivize people to keep with the mode. And all of us who are active in the "community" know that a lot of people have either "cashed out" of the mode, or stopped playing Super Max for a while now.
I assume 2K is successful because they're intelligent and rational about paying attention to their bottom line and the drivers of success. I accept that, maybe, cartoonish and cheesy gameplay with excessive microtransaction strategy is the path to greatest profits for 2K.
But I would caution 2K from assuming this is the case. I would caution them to remember that their near monopoly over basketball video games is not guaranteed. And that any sort of media franchise ultimately will "jump the shark" if its creators lose sight of what made it successful in the first place. No media franchise can optimize success if the creators restrict themselves to what its most hardcore fans want. But no media franchise will be able to overwhelmingly forsake their hardcore fans without losing their soul and core purpose. And when that happens, even if slowly, it will eventually either flame out, or leave the door too widely open for a competitor to take on the mantle.
Give Us Gameplay That Isn't Repetitively, Embarrassingly Simplistic
  • Driving/Getting Blow-Bys Too Easy: It's appreciated that dynamics were revised to make it less hard to beat a defender off the dribble, but they went too far. It's hard to strike the right balance, and I sympathize with 2K's challenge, but it's very clear that perimeter defenders against ISO ballhandlers are at too much of a disadvantage this year. Coupled with widespread inflation of 3pt shooting ratings, and badging, and the mode devolving into a cheesefest became inevitable.
  • Endless Drive-and-Kick = Boring Gameplay: We all know that MyTeam Super Max very quickly devolved into an embarrassingly juvenile, and boring meta: drive for a dunk, or dish for an open 3. Over and over again. Even worse: do this from 5-out spacing. It's embarrassing to watch Super Max matches between high-ranked players and see that it's almost literalliy nothing but endless drive-and-kick.
  • At Least Have Higher Difficulty: They could have addressed this by upping Difficulty from All-Star to Superstar or Hall of Fame. At least for upper Tiers. Many of us saw how Superstar Difficulty in the more recent Multiplayer Moments Challenges (MMC) allowed for less cheesy gameplay. But 2K didn't bring Superstar for Super Max and also took away the MMC's.
  • Bring Back Viability to the Post Game: Various changes effectively nerfed post-up offensive game to the point that it ceased to be a serious factor in vast majority of matches. Success rates for post shots were obviously nerfed. Post fades needed nerfing, but they went too far. Mechanics governing interval for making successive block attempts need to be adjusted, as well as collision mechanics: it's far too easy for players to spam their way to successful post defense, by pogo-ing like Dennis Rodman with unremarkable defenders, or getting totally inadvertent "blocks" when colliding with the offensive player. People hardly ever post up with their centers. It's an embarrassment that post-up legends like Hakeem and Kareem are relegated to being corner three shooters, as if they're Channing Frye. It's especially unfortunate, because from 2K16 to 2K17 to 2K18, 2K notably improved mechanics for post offense, but this has been squandered.
I don't recall any of the prior three years of MyTeam having such predominantly cheesy gameplay as has existed since the start of 2K18. Most of the games we play, online, are not fun to play. People openly talk about playing Super Max just for rewards and dreading "the sweaty grind."
But the point of playing Super Max should be to play Super Max. The point of getting Super Max rewards should be to increase enjoyment playing Super Max. But the gameplay is fundamentally not enjoyable. This is an elemental, almost existential, problem that must be fixed.
If 2K continues to dumb down the gameplay, I will not play any online mode, certainly not one that completely restricts us to All-Star difficulty.
Reasonably and Realistically Reverse the "Pay to Win" Dynamic
  • Realistic Moderation: I'm not hardliner and do not call for unrealistic wishes, such as ending microtransactions. Or making them only about cosmetic things. They're here to stay and they don't inherently ruin the mode, but 2K needs to stop loading the deck with so many advantages to those who spend the most money. Strike some meaningful, and "fair," balance.
  • Salary Cap Has Been a Farce: Whether inadvertently or by design, it quickly became apparent that the Salary Cap very strongly incentivized buying of VC. Super Max players who bought VC and pulled packs every week, to get the newest cards, were rewarded with massive "discounts" on Salaries of cards. An older Diamond that had depreciated to widespread affordability (in MT) will cost 1,200 Salary. A brand-new Diamond costs only 400 in Salary. Players who spend money to stay ahead of the curve can make a mockery of the Salary Cap.
  • Give Us Meaningful Caps and/or Matchmaking: Budget teams should not be facing God-squad teams. If I have a God-squad, I don't want an overwhelming advantage, and vice-versa. I certainly don't want to have to dread being "equalized" (more on this later). There should be matchmaking that matches up a meaninfully narrow tiering of average team OVR rating, in addition to W-L record. Obviously, 2K wants budget teams to feel overmatched, to drive VC sales. Fine. So provide the incentive to upgrade by making the top rewards available only with wins in a "tier" where there is no matchmaking. But allow players to have real matchmaking at least when playing in lower tiers, perhaps without reward (or lesser rewards) for succeeding in those tiers.
There are many other ways in which 2K pushes buying VC. Diamond Shoes can only be gotten in packs. Yes, we can buy cards with Diamond Shoes in the Auction House (AH), but it's only with buying packs and drawing Diamond Shoes that we can actually make the shoe application decision ourselves. It's the only way to get Diamond Shoes on a Reward card.
But I can accept advantages like this. They are reasonably limited in the advantage they convey. What I really want to see is better matchmaking, which is about better gameplay, which is what the top priority should be.
I personally do not buy VC. Spent less than USD $10 in four years of playing MyTeam. I have always made a ton of MT by "working" the AH. 2K thinks it doesn't need to cater to "free to play" players such as myself, because we don't buy VC. They also don't think it makes sense to improve pack odds to the point that we F2Players will spend modest sums, because the microtransaction model is all about extracting money from "whales."
But if they reach a tipping point and begin to see widespread desertion of the mode, then they will also lose revenue from whales, because they need a healthy, populated player base that whales will spend $ to have an advantage over.
Give Us Richer Offline Gameplay
  • 2K obviously provides offline gameplay to the extent, and constructed in a way, that it is meant as a "gateway" funnel to online gameplay. Because it's online gameplays competitive atmosphere that fuels the desire to gain relative advantage, and spend money to get that. But if 2K cares about the general gameplay experience for players, they'll make improvements to offline MyTeam. And it may draw more players to play the mode, instead of other offline modes, which may see more playing online and spending $ for online advantage.
  • Keep Challenges Up All Cycle: We used to have Challenges perpetually up, and playable, for the duration of the cycle. 2K should stop artificially limiting us to bare-bones offline gameplay and leave Challenges up. Bring back the novel challenges that we used to be able to play all cycle long. Or, if periodically introduced as Moments Challenges, leave them up once they go up.
  • Use Higher Difficulties: Don't dumb it all down with Rookie and Pro difficulty levels. It's fine to have something for casuals, but bring back more Superstar Challenges. And get back to having Hall of Fame Challenges.
  • Get More Creative: Get more creative about Challenges. Instead of endlessly recycling tired "Use 4 players from [X] franchise and get [A] Points/[B] Rebounds/[C] Assists" requirements, feel free to have stiffer requirements that are more interesting. I.e. field an entire team of 13 from a franchise, or an NCAA alma mater. Or play an entire team of point guards. Or an entire team 6'9" or taller. Give us a Wilt challenge to score 100 points with one player...on Superstar or Hall of Fame, with appropriately long quarters. If these are playable all year, we can tackle them one by one, buying and selling cards as we go, and we don't have the feeding frenzy for some subset of cards that sees stuff like Current Gold cards trading for a few thousand MT for one week.
  • Scrimmage and Practice Plays in MyTeam: My guess is that 2K doesn't give us these "modes" in MyTeam because they either don't want to bother with the work to do so, or because they want to provide bare minimum of offline gameplay to push online. But, again: engender loyalty and enthusiasm to the franchise by pleasing your fans with stuff that is logical and easy. Allow us to practice vs. CPU with our MyTeam squads. The ultimate goal of this will be to get better at online, anyway. Stop making us run through hoops with customized rosters in PlayNow 2KU.
Much more should be possible. We all know that FIFA and Madden give their "ultimate team" players a multiple of offline gameplay, compared to NBA 2K. There's no reason for this, other than unwillingness to do the minor work to make this possible, and perhaps to nakedly withhold offline gameplay to push online gameplay.
Institute Some Real QA/QC and Be More Transparent
Given how massively lucrative the NBA 2K franchise is, and how large of a market cap Take Two has, it is an embarrassment how many errors are made in 2K. If I worked at 2K, I would be ashamed of...
  • Fix Glitches that Mar Gameplay: I'm a Golden State Warriors fan, but I care much less about Steph Curry having a custom animation to realistically gnaw on his mouthpiece, and care much more about not losing my playbook when I'm the "road" team and I'm using the same Coach as my opponent. Can we please get Coach/Options/Controller settings to actually stay persistent and not have to be reset every single game (or after every update)? We shouldn't have to suffer stuff like camera angle not reverting properly when a timeout is called before the second of two free throws. We should not have to twiddle our thumbs while waiting out a sub-glitcher, in order to avoid taking a loss.
  • Massively Market-Distorting Pack Errors: Need I say more than, simply: "Hardengate"? But there's also the mistake with Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony, multiple instances of certain cards strongly seeming to be absent from packs when advertised as available, and more. Mistakes happen, but we're talking about a cornerstone franchise for a company that has a market cap in excess of $10B, and annual revenue well above $1B. Nearly 10 million units of 2K18 were sold. There is no excuse for not having a robust, stringent QA/QC process to ensure these types of mistakes never happen.
  • Clean Up The Little Stuff Too: Many 2K fans are hardcore NBA fans. Hoops heads. This is a massive franchise that rakes in huge profits. Have respect for the culture and get player models, hairstyles, and accessories right. Don't show me Andre Drummond cards when I search the AH for "Nate Thurmond." Don't put out, or fix, Gold Kelenna Azubuike having literally no play styles assigned to him. Don't have Arvydas Sabonis cards assigned with "Guard Post-Up," "ISO," and "P&R Ball Handler" plays assigned to him, instead of big man play types.
  • Respect Your Players With Appropriate Dialog and Transparency: I don't want to get into this too much, but 2K needs to engage with the community more, in meaningful ways, rather than for marketing purposes. So much energy is spent on promoting pack releases, co-branding marketing events, and other stuff, while there is far too little time and energy spent on letting us know that certain problems are known and being addressed...and actually addressing the problems.
  • Settle the Equalizer Controversy: Don't want to get too much into this, especially. Don't want to argue one side or the other, but it is embarrassing and ridiculous that a very sizeable portion of the player base, including some of the most experienced/best players around, take it as a given that "Equalizer" exists. It's absurd that people actually downgrade their teams because they think it reduces a potential disadvantage and/or gives them an advantage. If it exists, 2K needs to eradicate this dynamic from the game. If it doesn't exist, 2K needs to figure out how they can proactively prove this to us, while also explaining why it seems so apparent to so many. I don't need to see YouTubers hosted to play pre-release gameplay. I need to see YouTubers hosted to discuss and settle serious issues like the equalizer controversy.
There are many other things to address, but I think these are the most important. They are to me, anyway.
I might buy 2K19. If I do, however, I will only be playing MyLeague or other offline modes. Possibly Play Now Online. But I will not touch MyTeam unless and until there is clear consensus within the community that the above problems have been dramatically improved.
In previous cycles, I was already tired of putting so much time into a game when the developer frequently insults me and other players with lack of attention and naked push for microtransaction revenue. But with 2K18, the final straw that has broken MyTeam is that the game is no longer fun to play.
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