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Best mods for 2020? Help me out guys!

Hey guys just getting back into Oblivion after a long time and I want to mod the shit outta it, would like some recommendations.
So far I've got the Bevilex mod list for graphics, that with Oblivion Reloaded v6.5 since I've heard people say v7 is buggy, with Cinematic ENB OR Seriously HDR - an OR Config (I'd scrap ENB if I stick with that OR present, unless ENB offers stability like it does in Skyrim?) I've seen a few posts from peoples games looking completely bland due to problems with ENB and OR together. What are your games looking like and what's the best combination to go for?
For gameplay it looks like there's lots to choose from, I've seen FCOM, OOO + MMM, MOO and WAC (One's that look the most popular) and combat I'm liking the look of deadly reflex v6 or v5 with Ultimate leveling.
I'm looking to make the game difficult but rewarding, with loads of new gear and NPCs, monsters, quests etc.
Help me out guys, what'are you all running? Thanks all <3
submitted by SandroRez to oblivionmods

Squadron TD v6.10

v6.10 released in all regions

added 2v2 Arena game variant added autocast to sends (thanks pabst2456) added !grid command for a 2x2 build grid (thanks yare) red line adjusted to consistently match tower placement fixed gas/minute ignoring veteran bonus (thanks WourN) fixed terratrons spawning after last team survivor quit fixed building towers in other player zones (thanks Zenetar) fixed post-game Necromancy (Shadow) (thanks ForgottenArbiter) fixed Despair (Gravekeeper) stacking (thanks ForgottenArbiter) added debug-only commands to set unit statistics ala "!hp 100" (thanks docmedic) fixed Purity Check (Archive) rarely damaging shields (thanks ForgottenArbiter) stats above 200% now reset between Terratron waves (thanks ForgottenArbiter) fixed missing Restrain/Suspend recharge text (thanks SolidestGlue) added SS completion bonus text to upgrade buttons (thanks yare) fixed Astromech buff on Terminator (thanks TransTheos) added !sticky (debug-only) to lock in current wave standardized gas verbiage (thanks Jamato212) 

v6.12 released in all regions

removed reflex mode appearing outside single-player games fixed computer players sometimes appearing in 3x Select 

v6.13 released in all regions

fixed players losing buildable units in Arena mode (thanks Draikmage) 

v6.14 released in all regions

recognizing contributions by WourN 

v6.15 released in all regions

potential lobby bug fix 

Development Priorities:

  1. Builder Passive Tweaks
  2. Unit Rebalancing
  3. Tweak Draft Mode
  4. Arena Mode
  5. Team Assistance
  6. Bug Fixes (here!)


  1. v6.05 Release & Bug Reports

Feature Requests

  1. Updated Prestige system (thanks Jamato212)
  2. Classic-mode rotating RCB (thanks HUSTLEnFLOW)
  3. 1v1 Observers (thanks Primo0420)
  4. Unit Veterancy (thanks FlexGunship)
  5. Scoreboard showing Leavers (thanks HellaSober)
  6. Voting Screen Rework (thanks yare)
  7. Show resale value on sell button (thanks yare)
  8. Continue playing after victory (thanks XOHOX)
  9. In-game Patch Notes (thanks saran_man)
  10. Rotating RCB (thanks HUSTLEnFLOW)
  11. Better Draft Pick instructions (thanks Jamato212)
  12. !restart should restart game in voting/selection menu (thanks WourN)
  13. !instant should disable send cooldowns (thanks ForgottenArbiter)
  14. Colorize send backgrounds by purpose (green=eco,red=offense) (thanks Jamato212)
  15. Colorize unit backgrounds by range (melee,short,long range) (thanks Jamato212)
  16. Better late-game supply upgrade options (thanks NOOBEv14)
  17. Modify SS HP/Shields to avoid energy disappearing (thanks TransTheos)
  18. Hide !grid during combat phase (thanks noyoto)
  19. Persist !grid/!night between games (thanks Biomed and yare)
  20. Hide !grid when player leaves (thanks coacheyes)
  21. Per-wave send unit limits (thanks Biomed)
  22. Wave Leaders should always have the equal or highest total send value (thanks yare)
  23. Prevent excessive builder repeatition in chaos mode (thanks Peterk426)

Known Bugs

  1. Upholder text does not match abilities (thanks MentalMp)
  2. Some towers delay ability reuse: Saint/Celestian, Stahrry (thanks WourN and Biomed)
  3. Diablo (Hades) continually raises imps after 1 enemy killed (thanks yare)
  4. Centurion not actually healed by Weldtech/Celestian (thanks ndjamena)
  5. Unable to rollback/!restart after wave 31 starts (thanks Jamato212)
  6. Damage Reduction does not affect shields (thanks Daringsoul)
  7. Automata rarely fails to spawn (thanks pabst2456)
  8. SS stops attacking when controlling player quits (thanks yare)
  9. End-of-wave sends sometimes disappear (deus ex) (thanks SJSpar7an)
  10. Send stacking not well documented (thanks Parasite12)
  11. Units rarely double-back in center lane (thanks WourN)
  12. !start does not advance gas or supply upgrades (thanks WourN)
  13. Graphics differ between Infestors on east and west (thanks Papyrus)
  14. !maxhp (and similar debug commands) don't survive wave start (thanks ForgottenArbiter)
  15. players may sometimes start 1x Draft Pick missing minerals (thanks Jamato212)
  16. Preserver fails to spawn sentinel early in wave (thanks Zenetar)
  17. Changing Builder Escape for Auto (thanks snowcrashhsarcwons)
  18. Wave Leader jumps incorrectly when players leave before round 1 (thanks yare)
  19. Inferno description mislabels Armored status (thanks Biomed)

SC2 Known Bugs

  1. Patch notes are double spaced with order reversed
  2. Joining a game immediately after playing error (not available) (thanks bkmz)
  3. Joining a game immediately after playing hangs (requires logout) (thanks TotalEntropy) (add'l threads: 1, 2, 3, 4)
  4. Lobby host rarely required yet missing (thanks Jamato212)
  5. Lobbies rarely have less than 4 slots per team (thanks HUSTLEnFLOW and Jamato212)
  6. Glowfestors (thanks Papyrus)
submitted by kelsonTD to SquadronTowerDefense

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