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Mafia QOTD/Warstories v2.0.1

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Evan revamp KMST 1.2.022

Last week Aran & Evan got revamped in KMST. I'm not the most familiar with Aran's skills but to me it seems a nice improvement. However for Evan I think its a nice way they tried to go in to, but its poorly worked out.
To get in to some details of the latest Evan changes: Mir can now use at the same time as Evan. However once you teleport with Evan or move, Mir will return to you and your attack will stop again. So its not so optimal. However the new attack seems to give quite some hits/s compared to a 6 line illusion, though it shorter ranged and you gotta stop it everytime when moving or using a skill for Mir. Unlike with Wild hunter who can keep attacking, while using WH skills.
Mobbing wise Evan got improved although they were quite good mobbers already anyway. Bossing wise at this current moment it seems to be heavily nerfed.
  • 20% final damage
  • 20% ignore def on bossing skill
  • -2 attack speed
  • 5% crit
  • Magic amplification 150% 120%
  • New hyper looks amazing but not possible to use while bossing, needs an inviciblity on it?
Skills removed: - Frenzied soul - 30% damage to party (hyper) - Soul Stone (no more revive skill) - Recovery Aura (no more survivability skills)
Thats just a couple of changes. They increased Evan's gameplay difficulty. Removed all party skills of Evan, no new ones returned. Removed every survivability, reviving skill and above that Nerfed Evan super hard. Shouldn't losing of party skills, utility skills be compensated with more DPM in Maplestory's logic?
Only thing they got improved is probably their multiplatform mobbing and hits/sec on Evan's new skill.
The ideas where nice but it was poor performed. What you guys think should change to Evan and how should it change, that the revamp is actually worth it like with Aran's.
Link to revamp notes: http://orangemushroom.net/2015/10/29/kmst-ver-1-2-022-aran-evan-reorganization/
submitted by MrYonax to Yonax

Build: Specialist Moze

Build: Specialist Moze
As, primarily, a Moze player I have to admit that I'm quite pleased with the state of the game right now. It took some doing, but our favorite bot-jock is probably in the best place she's ever been. Not only is she dealing damage, but she has a comfortable amount of build variety, and plenty of options for viable weapons.
Because of that, I decided to take a new angle on the traditional "Bullet Hoze" build. What I came up with is "Specialist Moze".
I decided to present her to the community this week as she can be very gear specific, and I wanted to make sure people have the best chance of farming up the necessary rolls to get the most out of her.
That being said, with the right rolls, she takes advantage of some powerful synergies for a potent combination of mobbing and bossing. First we'll start with the skill tree and I'll explain the thoughts behind my choices, then we'll get to gear options.


Demolition Woman

Fire In The Skag Den - 5/5: This skill got a massive buff over the last few patches, and has yet to see a nerf or fix. FITSD is receiving scaling bonuses and at M10, each skill point gives you +93% incendiary damage when you deal splash damage. This is now a huge source of damage for Moze, even with penalties against shields and armor.
Grizzled - 1/5: Getting Irong Bear (or Auto Bear) back quicker always helps. You need to keep your anointments up, and given the amount of punishment IB is able to dish out, you never don't want it. Originally this was at 5/5, but I moved most of the points to Stainless Steel Bear. But while you don't get IB back quite as quickly, it still helps.
Means Of Destruction - 3/3: This is a standard Moze skill. More ammo and grenade regen speak for themselves.
Torgue Cross Promotion - 5/5: This has become an essential skill for Moze. The splash damage boost is much-needed, and while the chance to down yourself is definitely there, occasionally doubling your splash radius is a big help as well.
Stainless Steel Bear - 4/5: We're going into this skill for two reasons. The first is the boost to IB's armor and damage, both of which are helpful in and of themselves. The second reason is that while Iron Bear damage doesn't boost Short Fuse anymore, it DOES still give a boost to Fire In The Skag Den, making that skill even better. This is the first synergy this build takes advantage of.
Pull The Holy Pin - 3/3: While 1 point is fine for a straight splash build, we want the versatility to use a Mindsweeper COM, and grenade crits are vital for that, as well as triggering Redistribution on enemies without easily accessible crit spots.
Autobear - 1/1: Iron Bear does a TON of damage now, and having it draw aggro helps with Moze's survivability. We also want the option of putting on a Rocketeer COM and going AFK.
Vampyre - 2/5: This might seem a bit low, but the addition of healing to Redistribution and my decisions in the red tree pick up the slack with sustain and allow us to invest points elsewhere.
To The Last - 1/1: This point could go into Vampyre if you want, but I like having the ability to throw grenades to keep my FFYL timer full if enemies duck behind cover. Your choice, really.
Short Fuse - 1/1: This is, without a doubt, Moze's single best damage skill. What makes it so great is the damage behind the skill letting it get scaling and double-dip in splash damage. Further Reading

Shield Of Retribution

SoR has become a relatively unused skill tree since the early nerf/fix to the Hex grenade. It received some renewed life with the uRad150 anointment, but most common Moze builds rarely invest beyond Armored Infantry and Drowning in Brass -- if they go that far.
Security Bear - 1/1: This is, quietly, a fantastic skill. Not only has Iron Bear's buff made this an absolutely massive shield, but it also grants an automatic 25% damage reduction. One-point-wonder.
Armored Infantry - 5/5: This is our only option for going down the tree, but the gun damage boost and damage reduction are both very handy.
Drowning In Brass - 5/5: At 3 stacks we're getting +60% gun damage for our entire party at the "cost" (more on that later) of 7.5% fire rate. This is an easy pick-up.
Vladof Ingenuity - 5/5: Another standard Moze skill. Boosting shield size by 30% while adding 20% recharge rate is good enough on its own, but the addition of shock resistance helps give a variety of options for shields. Going here also helps off-set the decision to skimp on Vampyre.
Full Can Of Whoop-Ass - 1/1: This is a cheap and easy pick-up. We're going to be hopping in and out of Iron Bear, so getting an extra 25% shield recharge rate is a nice bonus.
Experimental Munitions - 1/1: Again, a cheap and useful pick-up. This is much more of a "riflewoman" build than a "spray and pray" build, and we're aiming for crits. Getting bonus damage is ALWAYS useful, and this has the potential to be a healthy bonus.
Behind The Iron Curtain - 2/3: This is partly to move down the tree, but improving shield recharge rate and delay also help survival. The idea here is that we can get our shield back fast, then heal underneath it.
Phalanx Doctrine - 5/5: Again, increasing shields is going to help with survival since we can't CMT Tank as well as if we went 5/5 in Vampyre. But also we aren't going to be afraid of stacking gun damage either. The combination of PD and DiB help make Moze a beast of a mobber.
Tenacious Defense -1/1: I decided to go down to a second capstone for two reasons. The first is the added survivability of being able to get your shield back if you take a massive shot and get health-gated. The second is Action Skill Start anointment allows you to trigger this skill at any time, restoring 40% of your shield and adding another 30% gun damage.

Bottomless Mags

Even though I only have 6 points in this tree, it's actually the linchpin to the whole build.
Matched Set - 5/5: Almost every other Moze build bypasses this skill for Cloud of Lead and then proceeds down to Iron Bank for a mag boost. And considering most players don't stick with one manufacturer, that makes sense. But in this case we're going to specialize (get it?) in a single manufacturer to maximize magazine size.
This is the second in a three skill synergy that make this build viable.
Redistribution - 1/1: This is a phenomenal skill on its own. The ammo sustain is absolutely vital to the build and the health regen helps supplement Vampyre. If you go 2/1, you can get 10% ammo regen and in combination with Matched Set's mag size boost and Drowning In Brass' fire rate reduction, several very powerful weapons are able to sustain ammo.
This is the third of the three skill synergy which makes this build go. With a little bit of trigger discipline, this is able to be a "bottomless mags" build while still reaping all the shield and gun damage boosts from the SoR tree.
Now we'll move on to our gear loadouts, what to look for, and why.

Class Mods & Artifacts

We're going to start with the class mods and artifacts, because they are very specific to get the most out of this build.
Blast Master - This is my main mobbing class mod and probably Moze's best all-around COM. The only skill you absolutely need is redistribution so you can get 2/1. I like to go 2 and 2 in Pull The Holy Pin and Vampyre, but higher Vamp is good for survival.
Mind Sweeper - The bossing COM. It is dangerous in mobs and the grenades are truly random. Again, we want +1 redistribution. With Fire In The Skag Den as powerful as it currently is, look for points there.
Next most important is the passive rolls.
+mag size - This is a mandatory roll to maximize ammo sustain and make sure you don't reload to maximize the splash damage bonus. Because Short Fuse double-dips in splash damage, keeping this at 100% represents a massive boost to damage, and the ability to match the big gun damage number from the SoR tree with an equally big splash multiplyer.
+ Splash Damage - Again, we want to maximize splash damage to further boost Short Fuse
+ Action Skill Damage - This doesn't help Short Fuse, but boosting Iron Bear's damage is always a good thing.
+ SMG/Shotgun Damage - This is a multiplicative damage boost and we're primarily going to be relying on those weapon types.
+ Grenade Damage (for the Mind Sweeper)
If you have DLC2 and a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge with a mag size roll, that's a good starting point.
Ideally, however, we're looking for a Victory Rush with Area Of Effect and + Mag Size rolls. Personally I prefer an Ice Breaker prefix. Ice Breaker falls into V1 damage while the Victory Rush is V2, giving Moze access to more damage multipliers. You can also go for a Snowdrift or Last Stand if you want movement speed or surviveability (respectively).


The main idea behind assembling any load out is to get four guns from the same manufacturer that suit the needs of the map and deal splash damage.
For anointments, we want to go for either +200% splash damage, +160% splash damage, consecutive hits, or +100% weapon damage. They're the anointments that can buff Short Fuse.
Maliwan Loadout
Base Game:
  • Kyb's Worth
  • Westergun
  • Trevonator
  • Custsman
  • Krakatoa
  • Storm
With the exception of the Krakatoa and Storm, I like to look for Radiation/Cryo guns with Maliwan. You don't get the element match potential of Shock/Corrosive, but you also don't suffer a penalty against flesh.
In all of these you want to look for the largest magazine size you can. Since we're not going full Iron Bank/Forge, we need to be aware of balancing fire rate and mag size. The Trevonator plays very well with our skills (the burst fire nature means each pellet as a chance to proc Short Fuse, as opposed to shotguns which have the pellets land simultaneously), but opt for the x3 version. Otherwise it can burn through ammo too quickly.
The Westergun can actually deal quite a lot of damage with FITSD, and with a 44 mag, it has solid ammo sustain. The lack of a charge time makes it very solid for dealing with trash mobs.
DLC Weapons
  • The Flipper
  • The Insider
  • The Beacon
  • The Complex Root
The Insider doesn't get mentioned as much, but it's a fantastic shotgun for Moze. It can deal huge chunks of damage and is surprisingly ammo efficient. The Flipper is simply fantastic, and done correctly, you can get it up to a 75-80 round mag and it's fire rate is low enough that you can fire basically indefinitely.
You'll have to be careful with the Root, as Torgue Cross Promotion and AOE rolls have a tendency to get you dead. But it's also too powerful to not consider.
Go for a 44-round Beacon. But even then, it has a very high fire rate, so you need to fire in short bursts.
Maliwan is my main loadout, usually with 2 flippers, an Insider, and whatever else I feel like using based on the map I'm on.
Maliwan lets you element match easily and the flippers have great synergy with the Blast Master and Mindsweeper. Great for mobbing and solid for bossing too.
Base Game
  • The Lob
  • The Plaguebarer
  • The Backburner
  • Devastator
  • Devil's Foursome
  • LaserSploder
  • Juliet's Dazzle
DLC Weapons
  • Unkempt Herald
  • Craps
Again, we're going for the same rules as with Maliwan. Looking for maximum mag size is the most important thing. Losing out on a bit of card damage or a pellet isn't going to be as big of a damage hit as reloading and losing 200% splash damage on a Short Fuse explosion. You have to be more careful with Torgue as they're balanced around small mag sizes, but the payoff can be worth it.
Personally, I like to throw on a Mindsweeper and Frozen Heart and use Torgue for bossing.
Vladof Loadout
Base Game
  • Boomsickle
  • Monarch
  • Lightshow
  • Ion Cannon
  • Dowsing Rod
The Boomsickle is the go-to here. It is a royal pain to farm, but the damage pay-off is worth it. You can boost the mag size to a respectable level, and deal some serious hurt without ever having to reload. The Monarch is a beast of an AR, but I recommend sticking to an x4 variant for two reasons. First, to conserve ammo, and second because Short Fuse also has an internal cooldown and the x8 variant fires too quickly and actually wastes ammo.
The Ion Cannon is tricky, considering its ammo consumption. Ordinarily the x2 variant is better, but I have yet to find an x2 that can come with a 20-round mag (it might not be possible). Pick up one of each and use the x2 for bossing with the Mindsweeper.
The Lightshow is fantastic, but like the Beacon, you need to be careful with your trigger finger.
Vladof is good for mobbing or bossing, but doesn't have the versatility Maliwan does with element matching.
Dahl Loadout
Base Game
  • Kaoson
  • Sandhawk
  • Hellfire
  • Soulrender
Dahl doesn't have many splash guns worth using. The Sandhawk is still good in Moze's hands, but I STRONGLY recommend switching to single-fire. Not only does it give you more control of your ammo, but the spread is much tighter and there's a slight damage boost. The Kaoson is your main mobbing weapon, however, as the Sandhawk doesn't proc Means of Destruction. Again, stick with an x1 variant and be careful with the ROF. The Soulrender doesn't do splash damage, but the homing skulls do.
Hyperion Loadout
Base Game
  • Reflux
  • The Bitch
  • Hyperfocus
  • Love Machine
  • Proprietary Liscense
  • Slowhand (?)
Hyperion doesn't have much in the way of splash weapons, but the Reflux is an excellent mobbing weapon and the ricochets can proc Short Fuse. Given Hyperion's accuracy and crit potential, use these with a Mind Sweeper COM. I'll be honest, I haven't played around with the Slowhand, but it does do splash damage, so it might be worth trying. You could also use a Brainstormer, but the Reflux (x7) just out-damages it.
COV Loadout
Base Game
  • Sawbar
  • Hangin' Chad
  • Skeksil
  • Yellowcake
  • Gargoyle
Treat the Sawbar as a mid-range full-auto sniper, and make sure to practice on the Jack cutout. It's tough to get the distance right, but when you do it shreds. Also, be careful with the Gargoyle's fire rate. It does a ton of damage with Splash Moze, but it builds hear fast.
The Yellowcake still wrecks, even at level 57. The Chad does solid damage and is a good way to get pistol ammo back when you're not using the Gargoyle. Dealing with shields is a bit of a pain, but that's what IB and Cap Arms is for.
Full List Of Splash Weapons


Transformer - My go-to shield for Moze. It's just so tanky, lets you take advantage of Pool Party, and the bullet absorb helps with ammo sustain.
Stop Gap and ReCharger - These shields' red text abilities are great for survival.
The Old God - Tanky and with bonus damage. They're great if you have DLC2, but also a pain to farm.
The Frozen Heart - This might be my favorite shield, and even if you go with one of the others right now, I wholeheartedly recommend pickup one of these. It synergizes VERY well with Moze, as the Action Skill Start anointment lets you freeze everything in a wide area while returning health. That plus Tenacious Defense (which triggers on shield break), an Ice Breaker Victory Rush, a Mind Sweeper, and Iron Bear make for a devastating combination.
  • Action Skill Start - Useful for triggering Tenacious Defense whenever you need instant gun damage or a shield refill. Also, having one of these on-hand will likely future-proof Moze if we get the Iron Cub action skill. As it stands now, the Frozen Heart's freeze and Stop Gap invincibility wear off by the time you hop out of Iron Bear. But if you can freeze or turn invincible while staying out of IB, that could become the new Moze meta.
  • + Shields and Health - This anoint lasts more than long enough for Moze to get Iron Bear back if you hop in and hop out quickly. Your second time in, it will drive Iron Bear's armor and shield through the roof. It'll also help your surviveability when out of IB.
  • + Elemental Damage - Old faithful. If you have one, you can use that until you find one of the
If there are any questions, please drop them in the comments. I tried to be thorough, but I also wanted to get this out before the boss farm is over.
Edit: Updated with a COV loadout.
submitted by raptor_mk2 to borderlands3

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