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The Product Key I have used over and over as I have changed PC's has 23 digits. ID: 9FK24 Key: 0JED-988P-7LPD-3E1Q. The software is fully portable, so no install is necessary. However, the system will prompt you to enter a serial key if your copy of Windows 7/8 is pirated. The main purpose of the Windows 10 Latest Product Key here is so straightforward tool that is needed for every Windows user.

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Was looking for one that worked with Windows 10 without problems and was correct to pick this one. Locate your product key for Windows 10. Depending on how you got your copy of Windows 10, you'll need either a 25-character product key or a digital license to activate it. A digital license (called a digital. Feel the freedom of working on an advanced operating system with modern features and stop worrying about losing your data. Oct 6, 2020 @ 12: 25am Not sure, check around the internet #2. Gamer Player. On such occasions, you need an alternative or any particular trick to activate your OS as soon as.

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Windows 10 activation with a product key is a pretty simple process. How to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. If your computer is running an activated version of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Key features of Internet Download Manager: * All popular browsers and applications are supported! Windows 10 Keygen pro iso is the powerful tool to enable not registered Windows 10 Pro, Home, Enterprise and other editions. While Windows 7 does store the product key that has been used to activate it within its registry, it stores it in an encrypted form.

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Compatibility with this software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. We have shared all working Windows 7. This label often gets damaged and becomes illegible, and when using multiple computers, installation packages can get mixed up. That is when Windows Key Viewer becomes useful, as the product key can be easily displayed with it. However, there may be instances where the scan did not detect any threat, or you cannot perform a scan. PC. If your computer goes with preinstalled Windows 8, you should see the Windows key on a sticker somewhere on your PC.

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Microsoft allows all valid users to freely upgrade to its latest version of operating system without spending a dime. A retail Windows 7 product key number can be used to activate a retail Windows 7 copy on any computer, but only on up to one computer at any one time. Here are the steps you need to. The time may come when. Use the given Serial Key of Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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If you are a student then this post is actually for you to try using any windows 7 product keys, serial keys provided below to activate all the. Windows 07 product key. Serial Keys: Windows 7 Serial Keys (POST 1). Nevertheless, Microsoft offers an option to update your system to the Windows 10 November 2020. GTA 4 Product Key Generator Free Download.

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Try our tips to help you relax Holidays View More. It is clear that the activation will dismiss after installation, but Windows will be installed. This has affected many users in many different ways as there are many users that are happy and not so happy about it. Here we take a quick look at the pros and cons of the new embedded Windows 8 product key. But even without a product key, you can activate the operating system. On the Product Key page, enter your product key including the hyphens 3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, select Yes 4. After Compact 2020.

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Get Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key and Simply Activation go to this site. It is used to activate the OS. The product key verifies that Windows has been used on given numbers of PCs that the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. I give you trial product but once you are satisfied and you have enough money, I highly recommend you to buy Microsoft Office 2020 Product Key to support the developers. How To Activate Windows 10 For Free 2020 Permanently https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=409. Step 3. Activate Windows.

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In addition to the product key, Windows Product Key Viewer also displays the registered user and organization, system uptime, Windows version number and product ID, machine GUID, build number, and install date. Get 2020 Windows 7 Free Product Key. Information Contact Acer Register a Product Get help for your Acer! Finds Keys for Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2020 & 2020, Windows XP, Windows 2020, Windows 98, and Windows NT. How to Find Your Windows 10 Product Key Using the Command.

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Adobe photoshop 7.0 serial number – IT HOME OF SOLUTION. Windows Ink is only available on pen-capable tablets and PCs. Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys - Activation Windows 7 this website. How To Change Office 2020 Product Key – Lancelhoff this hyperlink. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

How to Activate Windows 10 without a Product Key

Without a product key, you won't be able to activate your device. Activate Office - Office Support see it here. Please familiarize yourself before deploying Windows 7 in your organization. Using Windows Troubleshooters in Windows 10 (00: 01: 36) Learn how to use native Windows 10 troubleshooters to fix common problems, resolve conflicts and restore functionality. Moving up to another variant of Windows is free of cost.

A complete (beginners) guide to a life worth living, with SR as the foundation.

Hi everyone,
Because of all the new men coming on to this sub-reddit, and with a lot of people complaining about low quality posts, I came with the idea to provide newcomers with a guide that goes further than just retaining the Vital Life Force. I hope this post provides context, answers questions and makes you want the reach the next level in life.
Lately the self development world has been exploding. More and more people are getting sick, tired, depressed, and fatigued with their current way of living. In my opinion, it is good that so many people are 'waking up' to the slumber we call an ordinary, mundane life. Because of this reason, guys start looking for ways to crawl out of their animal behaviour and into their ambitions and life purposes, with Semen retention as a start. Just look at this sub-reddit; more and more men are drawn everyday. It's good! More and more people around the world wanting to increase their vibrational frequency, getting control of their lower nature behaviour and sensory impulses!

In this post I will try to adress all three domains of (male) living;
  • The physical;
  • The mental;
  • The spiritual.
After that, I will share my daily routine with you, as well as share interesting books and videos.
I will share with you what has worked for me, how I apply it daily, and what it does precisely to your body, mind and spirit.

1. The physical

So, you have started to ditch the porn, get rid of people that drain your energy, and started saying no to hook-ups and casual sex in order to preserve your seed, also known as the Vital Force of Life. You started semen retention. Good, the first step has been taken, you showed up. Most people would not even want to think about denying their 'needs' and wants for sensory pleasures. What you must know first, is that your semen is the most powerful force in the world. I will not go in depth about how powerful it is; you already know. It created you. It has put you on this physical world. But for what? To jack off, chase ass and waste time/energy and possibly family, friends and money? Come on man. No way.

Anyway, with this energy inside your body that is now being preserved, you need to find ways to 'transmute' it. Compare it to a dammed river, if the water has nowhere else to go, it will find other ways to blast itself out. We don't want that, it would put us men in a situation again where we have no control, the force controls us. That's how powerful this is. With this being said, you need to find ways to use this energy in other areas of your life. The first one would be to workout. Whether that is fitness, martial arts, tennis, you name it. Physical sports have countless benefits, and your performance will be 10x better when you are retaining your seed. What I want you to do though, is to visualize this energy being put to work with every rep you bench, every kick, every ball you swing. Visualizing is a big part of transmuting this energy successfully and allows you to always use the sexual energy being utilized. In order to use something, you have to see it. A yogi has to close his eyes and visualize Krishna in order to be in Samadhi (bliss), it is that simple.
This way of transmuting energy (physically) will even work when you are casually walking, talking, presenting or selling. Overtime, you will become better in transmuting and visualizing this energy being used, and that will allow you to always access it, even in your subconscious.

Another way of successfully transmuting this energy, is with breathwork. Breathing exercises allow you to boost your immune system (which is more important than ever right now), deal with stress, sleep better, and enhance mental clarity and focus. I personally use two different breathing exercises. 1) The Wim Hoff Method and 2) Pranayama.

About the Wim Hoff Method
I mainly use the Wim Hoff method, anywhere from one, to three times every day. The link to the method is below. What's important is that you again visualize this energy circulating through the body, directing it into different body parts with each breath. Do you have a sore back? Breath into your back, stimulating it with air. When you are holding in your breath, feel the energy being circulated throughout your body, you will notice the power of it. This is the way to get high on your own supply.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tybOi4hjZFQ (WHM)
About Pranayama
Pranayama, an Indian form of breathing, is quite new to me as I am still discovering it myself. For that reason, I choose not to go in depth about this. I will put a link below to a guided Pranayama session, so you can explore it yourself.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Xm0nyk8vg (Pranayama)

FYI: Breathwork allows you to delve deep inside of yourself. Trauma, unsolved issues, pains and emotions can come up in the process. Just notice it and surrender to it. In the end you will make peace with it. Breathwork is straight up healing!

The final aspect I want to adress within the physical aspect of sexual transmutation is (Asanas) Yoga.
Yoga (Asanas; body postures) plays a big role in transmutation, because essentially what you are doing is breathing air while stretching. This means energy and oxygen is able to flow throughout your body more fluidly. Again, this creates a circulating effect within the body and makes sure that the overload of energy is being used in a good and healthy way.

What happens when I don't transmute?
All the energy that is not being used properly, is going to lead to aggression, moaning & bitching and being tempered. This will lead to a relapse eventually. So in short, make sure you use all the energy you have. Realize that its all inside of you and that transmuting all this energy aligns you even more with your higher purpose and goals in life!

2. The Mental

Now that we have covered energy transmutation for the physical aspect, let's dive deeper in to how to transmute energy, using your brain.
FYI: The following habits will give you an insane edge over not only other people in society, but also over your former self. The mind needs constructive habits, which will lead to Neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is basically the creation of new neurons in the brain. That simply means that you are creating upgrades for your brain, and old brain cells die. The habits are 1) Reading and learning along with 2) meditation.

https://www.neurotrackerx.com/post/5-ways-to-boost-your-neurogenesis#:~:text=Practiced%20over%20time%2C%20meditation%20can,the%20growth%20of%20new%20neurons. (link on neurogenesis and what to do to stimulate it)
About reading (and learning)
The brain needs constant, constructive impulses in order to be used properly, and to evolve. Compare it with a plant that needs water, with no water, leaves start hanging and eventually die off. Why? No reason to grow. That plant is your brain. A big mistake that a lot of people make though, is that they engage in self sabotaging behaviour; watching TV, playing videogames, and more visual stimuli. I am not saying these things are bad per se, all I am saying is that these are not constructive habits. You think your brain engages in these activities but is doesn't. You are shutting off your subconscious while you numb yourself with entertainment.
Instead, start reading and learning. This can start off small if this is new for you. Pick up a book and read a chapter everyday before you go to bed. Download DuoLingo and learn a new language for 15 minutes every day. What happens overtime, is that your subconscious and your brain start loving these constructive habits. As time goes on, you will want more of it. How do I know? I once started reading for just a couple of minutes a day. I now read multiple hours a day. I love learning and can't see myself not engaging in activities that make me think, philosophize, and reflect.
There you go, you have now gotten yourself another way to transmute all this energy. All the reading and learning you do, creates a hunger to understand the world around you better and better. Now you can start independent thinking, and base your opinions and facts around knowledge you gained.

A lot of people on this sub-reddit, along with myself, consider meditation to be the most important tool for transmuting energy. A lot of people wonder how they can start meditation; what do I need to do? How do I still my mind etc. etc.
To be honest, there is no one way of meditating, nor can you completely still the mind. Sorry.
To get started with meditation, try guided meditations first. Most of these will last around 10 minutes and are perfect for beginners. They are focused on trying to create inner calmness and peace by surrendering to ongoing thoughts. Try not to hang on to thoughts, and focus only on the breath. When a thought pops up, acknowledge it and come back to the breath. This will happen over and over like a dog on a leash. Just pull it back gently and it will start obeying you. Again guys, this is about creating control. Don't let your thoughts, emotions and sensory impulses boss you around.
Like reading and learning, your meditation will improve overtime and you will start to miss it when you don't practice it. Eventually you will go from 'creating inner stillness' to simply being in bliss, by yourself. I never understood how some (spiritual) people could be so happy by themselves, doing nothing. Now I know. God bless meditation. There are a lot of popular posts on this sub-reddit about different ways to meditate in order to transmute sexual energy. Visit these amazing posts in order to learn more in depth about transmutation while meditating.

3. The spiritual

The final aspect I will cover surrounding sexual transmutation of energy will be the spiritual side of things. In my humble opinion, spirituality is about engaging in high vibrational activities, healthy foods, healthy people and places. What it (again, in my opinion) comes down to, is to simply increase your vibrational frequency in order to live a more sustainable, flourishing, and happy life. Below are a number of things you can do to increase your vibrational frequency!


  • Drink lemon water first thing in the morning to alkalize the body, preferably with Pink Himalayan Salt (contains 84 different minerals!);
  • Walk barefoot in the grass in order to use the Earth's negative charge in order to maintain a healthy spirit;
  • Cold showers. extremely important! Countless benefits and goes very well with meditation and the WHM;
  • Intermittent fasting. Try to eat within a 8 hour window and fast for the remaining 16. Your productivity will sky-rocket and again you are training self control and discipline;
  • Journal. Write down what you're grateful for! On top of that, the mind becomes extremely 'tidied up' when you write down stuff;
  • Watch what you put inside of your body as foods and drinks immediately impact your vibration. Think about the sugar or caffeine crash. That's your system going from high vibration to lower, tiring vibrations fast. Try to skip soda's and processed (fast) food. Eat vegetables and fruit, nuts, organic and biological stuff. It's a little more expensive but guess what? Living miserably is even more expensive;
  • Try to limit screen time and the use of social media. Again, mindless entertainment. I can't name one person that has benefitted from using SM and overly consuming online videos (unless they are entrepreneurs). Get out into the real world, experience life truly;
  • Drink water. A lot. A gallon a day at least;
  • Sleep. For some it is 8 hours, for others it will be 7. You need sleep in order to operate at a high level.

To round up this (hopefully useful) post, I will share my daily routine as well as video's and books that have helped with create a beautiful life for myself!

06:00 - Wake up and drink 500ML of lemon water, then read for 1 hour.
07:00 - Start with a breathing exercise, usually WHM, then do 20-30 minutes of meditation. Lately I have been chanting a lot too. Chanting 'AUM' connects me to everything around me. It's amazing.
07:45 - Make some coffee and taking time to reflect, mostly while writing some stuff in my journal such as things I am grateful for and how I am feeling.
08:30 - Cold shower. I never shower warm anymore. Start small and shower cold for 15 seconds. The next day go for 30 seconds, etc.
09:00 - 17:00 - Work. I am an information advisor and I must say that my productivity and mental clarity is getting better every day because of the habits I just shared with you.
17:00 - Gym. I workout 4/5 times a week, either push/pull/legs or uppelower body. 60 minutes max. Hardly any rest in between sets and exercises. I don't recommend that you do what I do. I am just unable to 'rest' in between sets and exercises. I have way to much energy and things I want to do. I eat in a calorie surplus so overtraining does not exist for me either. Find what works for you.
18-30 - Dinner. I eat about 3 times a day. I hate eating and fast for 16 hours mostly (from 20:00 PM to 12:00 PM). I eat clean, with the occasional treat to create mental balance. I mostly eat salmon, tilapia, pasta, spinach, and more lean stuff.
19:30 - Yoga (Asanas). Depending on how I feel, this can be done in a couple of minutes. I focus on body parts that need attention.
20:00 - 21:30 - Reading, catching up with friends and chilling a bit.
21:30 - Another round of meditation, with the occasional breathwork to go with it. I make sure I sleep around 22:00 PM to be ready for the next morning and do it all over again.

As you can see, I am kind of living a 'Monk Mode' way of life at the moment. I am still young (24) and I want to make sure to use my time wisely and constructive. Again, don't do what I do but find out what works for you. All this seems like a hard life, but I make sure to have fun as well. I see friends and family in the weekend and sometimes hit it up with a girl. I love this way of life guys and I hope you can take away some things from my way of living. To be honest, a lot of us is expected the coming years. Covid-19 is changing the world along with Artificial Intelligence and existential threats like climate change. Us men need to be disciplined, focused and strong, now more than ever.
Look at the cycle below. We all know at what phase we are right now, so we also know where to go from here.


Last but not least; books and videos that have changed my life for the better;
  • Bliss of the celibate (Julian Lee);
  • The power of now (Eckhart Tolle);
  • The way of the superior man (David Deida);
  • The daily Stoic (Ryan Holiday);
  • Think like a monk (Jay Shetty);
  • Think and grow rich (Napoleon Hill);
  • Outwitting the devil (Napoleon Hill);
  • Be here now (Ram Dass);
  • The biography of Steve Jobs;
  • The autobiography of a Yogi;
  • Sapiens (Yuval Noah Harari);
  • 21 lessons for the 21st century (Yuval Noah Harari);
  • Homo Deus (Yuval Noah Harari);
  • Stillness is the key (Ryan Holiday);

I try to read 1 book per week, so there are loads I can share, but these will be most important for now.
Videos and inspirational People:
  • Videos of David Goggins;
  • Videos of Jocko Willink;
  • Videos of Ram Dass;
  • Videos of Dwayne The Rock Johnson;
  • Podcasts by Joe rogan.
I really hope this post helps beginners on their journey towards a better life, I am thankfull for this sub and let's get better together.
Thank you!
submitted by Salty-Breadfruit to Semenretention

90-Day Keto/IF Check-In: 30 Pounds Gone!

Making this post since it's officially the 90-day mark. I started keto/IF on 07/26/20 at 198 pounds and this morning weighed in at 168 (41F, 5'4")! I cracked 170 last week; have not weighed in the 160s since sometime in 2015.
Consistency has been key so far. I recalculate my macros every ten pounds mainly so I am aware of my calorie allowance but I do not use a tracking app nor do I weigh my food. I never eat outside of my 18:6 window; I just eat lunch and dinner. No snacks or desserts or sugar substitutes. I will probably have to get strict in terms of tracking as I lose more weight but I will worry about that when I get there!
I saw another post on here from someone wanting to start on keto but concerned about budget. I can say I have not used MCT oil, bulletproof coffee, fat bombs, keto ice cream, or any other pre-made product or supplement that supposedly enhances this way of eating. Meat (mostly beef or chicken), lower-carb vegetables and berries, eggs, cheese, black coffee, sparkling water, and plain water keep keto simple and effective for me.
No exercise yet aside from walking a couple of times a week, but I plan to incorporate more consistent physical activity soon.
Thanks for reading! I have learned so much from this sub. Anyone who hasn't read the FAQ, do it!
submitted by jena5111 to keto

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