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Kustom Variation Analysis #5: Jax Briggs

DISCLAIMER: This series of posts isn't meant to go till the end of all kharacters, say "Kustom Variation Analysis #25" isn't gonna happen in a long time, I do these posts whenever I get around to it. What this post is supposed to be is a guideline for said kharacter's abilities that are and aren't in tourney variations (hope that restriction gets removed). It can also pique interest in "dead moves" and kasual play, but without further ado, here is what I've learned with Jax Briggs so far.

Kustom Variation Analyses: https://www.reddit.com/useOpenPayment2/comments/iasvdk/kustom_variation_analyses/

Jax, arguably one of the most technical characters in the game, and one of the absolute best for kustoms. None of his abilities conflict with each other, they're all one-slot abilities, and they fit his playstyle. If anyone ever says kustoms don't have any depth, then show them Jax, and show them this post.

Ability #1: Duck And Weave
This ability is a stance and has many options that are all very useful. It’s options are
  • Delay
  • Cancel Duck and Weave
  • Ragdollin’
  • Amplify
These are Duck And Weave’s options. Duck And Weave replaces Stiff Armed, one of Jax’s base special moves. Another option with Duck And Weave is simply to just do the move without choosing any of the 4 options mentioned above. Not choosing any of these options will result in Duck And Weave simply hitting the opponent with a mid attack that knocks them far away.
Duck And Weave also has a crouching animation when being held down. This very useful for getting past zoning in mid-range, as it can be used to duck high projectiles and kounter or punish the opponent for using a high projectile. Duck And Weave loses to low/mid projectiles. It can also be a good f&*k neutral tool as Duck And Weave is safe (-7). I should clarify that only the normal version is the safe one (-7) and the 4 options listed above are unsafe.
  • A: Delay
This option allows for Duck And Weave to be delayed. This can be used to mix the opponent up, as you can delay the Duck And Weave in front of the opponent’s face at close range and then they think it’s their turn to press a button but then you decide to stop delaying and do the Duck And Weave mid attack or any of the other options. This can also be used to delay Duck And Weave’s cancel to mix the opponent even further. The mix (if you didn’t know it) is the type of mix where you want the opponent to be baited into pressing buttons, but then you decide to perform mind-games and tricks with the other options, delaying the Duck And Weave, tripping your opponent with Ragdollin’, baiting the button press then you amplify and it’s a full kombo counter or punish, or just straight up canceling and doing a grab if the opponent’s afraid to press a button. This option is meant to be used with other options as well to make them more dangerous.
  • B: Cancel Duck and Weave
This option allows Duck And Weave to be cancelled out of. If you take a look at the frame data of the cancellation of Duck And Weave after many of Jax’s strings, you might think “well damn if this frame data ain’t trash as fu#k” . You might be excused for thinking this, but there is a use for Cancel Duck and Weave. You know how Duck And Weave advances forward and has a crouching hurtbox, and, well this just so happens to compliment Jax’s base moveset, as the Duck And Weave’s crouching hurtbox and advancing forward property makes the Duck And Weave cancel look like part of a string, when it really isn’t. The frame data isn’t also that bad actually. There are instances where you would want to cancel the Duck And Weave to mix your opponent up. These are the strings and normals were the frame data on the Duck And Weave cancel are least negative (12,F33,F2,B1,S3,S4). S4 is the least negative of these, as it can be -10 on the cancellation of Duck And Weave.
Remember how I said Cancel Duck and Weave compliments Jax’s base moveset, yeah, this is how. You know Jax’s F331 or F33,1+3 (with Expert Grappler equipped), yeah, you know how at the last part of the string, say the 1 at F331, just advances Jax forward for the overhead punch. Yeah, well you could use the Duck And Weave cancel to replace the last hit, but the reason it works so well despite the frame data is because of how similar the animation looks. The animation when Jax stays and swings his arm backward at the end of F331 or F33,1+3 is similar enough to the Duck And Weave cancel, so that when F33 is cancelled into the Duck And Weave cancel the opponent thinks that the F331 string just got continued when in fact F33 just got cancelled. The same rule – the end of the string similar animation rule – applies also to 12 and F2. B1 into Duck And Weave Cancel is a gimmick, but is useful for its range. S3 and S4 work great because of good and fast frames.
So what do you after the Duck And Weave Cancel, well you can do the obvious thing and grab like me (Foxy Grampa Style), but if your opponent notices the Duck And Weave cancel and tries to poke out of it then you could simply let Duck And Weave rock and it will the hit the opponent. The best part is there’s no risk to it as normally Duck And Weave is -7 and the Duck And Weave Cancel is barely noticeable when cancelled into after these strings and normals (12,F33,F2,B1,S3,S4). You can also use the Delay option of Duck And Weave and combine it with the Duck And Weave Cancel for some next level-next level-next level mind-games. I recommend doing the Delay and Duck And Weave Cancel only with these strings and normal as the starters (12,F33,F2,B1,S3,S4).
You can also cancel into Ripped to create a mixup between Ragdollin' and Ripped.
  • C: Ragdollin’
This option gives Duck And Weave a option where Jax can grab the opponent by his or her legs and throw them to the other side. Don’t be deceived, tho, this attack is a low and not a grab. It is unsafe on block (-17). This option works well when you want to side switch in the corner, say you want to throw the enemy in the corner, but the grab is too obvious, and your good opponent will either tech it or duck it, well just use Ragdollin’ to throw them in the corner and start Jax’s insane pressure. Ragdollin’ can be cancelled into and kombos into off of these strings and normal (12,22,1,2,3,F33,F2,B3,B1).
You know how Jax had B31,1+3 - the string that also side switches – Yeah, your opponent can breakaway from that string. So instead of using that side switching string, maybe you could use Ragdollin’ after hit confirming a string into Ragdollin’ to throw them in the corner as it doesn't allow a grounded opponent to breakaway.
Ragdollin’ is also a low, which means it could create for some nasty mixups. 221 ends an overhead, you can cancel into Ragdolling’ at the end to trip guard them, but 22 has another string 22D4, why use Ragdollin’ over 22D4 when 22D4 has better frames. Well, if you’re in the corner, it would be a good time to go for 22 autoshimmy and 221 or 22,Ragdollin’ mixup as Ragdollin’ would throw them right in the corner. Ragdollin’ also creates nice mixups off of F33 and 12 as both of these strings end in an overhead and don’t have any lows. Ragdollin’ also works great because of Duck And Weave’s animation, as Duck And Weave advances forward while ducking down, so the opponent is tricked into blocking high leaving them open for a low, you could say, a Ragdollin’
  • D: Amplify
This option allows for Duck And Weave to be amplified.
The Duck And Weave amplify option launches the opponent for one bar of offensive meter causing a kombo opportunity. Here are some kombos with amplified Duck And Weave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j4A98n0WPc
The only strings and normals that connect and link into amplified Duck And Weave are (S3,S4,B3,F33,22, and 221[only available with Enhanced Outranked equipped])

Ability #2: Quad Grab
Jax’s command grab. Where would Jax be without his iconic Quad Grab? This command grab is a high meaning it can be ducked and jumped out of. Quad Grab is a chain-input command grab meaning that once you grab the opponent with Quad Grab you will have to chain certain inputs after the Quad Grab has grabbed your opponent to complete the Quad Grab animation. The inputs are as follows.
Power Bomb: Triangle/Y/2
Underhook Slam: Circle/B/4
Belly To Belly Suplex: X/A/3
You have to input the Quad Grab in this specific order as the opponent is being grabbed, 243, that’s the chain. Quad Grab’s Underhook Slam and Belly To Belly Suplex sequence also cost offensive meter, but the Power Bomb sequence doesn’t cost any meter (both defensive and offensive). I should also clarify that the Quad Grab side switches, kinda like this, you do the Quad Grab, then you do the chain inputs and then as you’re finishing off with Belly To Belly Suplex, you’ll have thrown the opponent to the side that you were once standing in before doing the Quad Grab. The side switching property of Quad Grab can also be controlled by the player, kinda like this. There is an option for Quad Grab called “Turn” which basically changes the Quad Grab to grab the opponent and throw him to the side that is behind Jax. The Turn option can only be performed on the first hit of Quad Grab, meaning before Power Bomb. This Turn option, if followed by the complete chain sequence, throws the opponent to the side that the opponent was in prior to being grabbed, but If you don’t use the Turn option and complete the whole chain sequence, then the Quad Grab will replace the places of both Jax and the opponent, both prior to the Quad Grab, with each other.
You can also stop Quad Grab at certain sequences i.e. stopping at Power Bomb or stopping at Underhook Slam. You would want to use this to your advantage at certain situations, kinda like this, maybe you’re doing a kombo that ends in Quad Grab, and your close to the corner, so you would want to stop at a certain chain sequence in Quad Grab that leaves you in a favorable position in the corner, and the opponent in un-favorable position in the corner, you would stop at Power Slam to save meter (both offensive and defensive), and use the side-switching aspect of Quad Grab for corner advantage.
Quad Grab ticks off of D1, D12, D3, and 221 in 221122. The 221 tick grab is only available with Enhanced Outranked equipped, it is further clarified how the tick grab works in the Enhanced Outranked section.
Quad Grab also has a krushing blow, which requirement is “Triggers if all follow-up ATTACKS are performed at last possible moment”. This krushing blow also requires full offensive meter to perform, so you can’t end kombos with the Quad Grab krushing blow if you’ve already spent meter before. It is best used to end kombos when the kombo starter and it’s follow-ups are meterless. Jax has a lot of meterless combo starters such as B2 krushing blow, D2 krushing blow, J3, Ground Shatter (ability equipped), S4 BF3 (only works in the corner, requires Jax’s arms to be heated up), Lethal Clap, and my favorite one of all is held down B2 which bobs them on the head so hard they get juggled into a kombo. The B2 krushing blow has to be used up first for the held down B2 bob to work. It can kombo midscreen and in the corner to, you could do held down B2, F2, Quad Grab krushing blow, or held down B2 in the corner, 12, D12, Quad Grab krushing blow or any other number of juggle and stagger kombos you could think of in the corner. The Quad Grab krushing blow can be used as a kombo ender to every single one of these launchers, it also deals 350.00 damage, so the Quad Grab krushing blow bags massive damage if used in a kombo or a mixup.
Don’t forget that the Quad Grab krushing blow doesn’t only rely on offensive meter but on the fact you have to perform the chain inputs at the last possible moment. There’s usually a sign that indicates that you have performed Power Bomb, Underhook Slam, and Belly To Belly Suplex at the last possible moments, that sign is usually Jax saying something after the certain chain sequences. If Power Bomb is performed at the last possible moment, then Jax will say “Get some” after Power Bomb, and if Underhook Slam is performed at the last possible moment, then Jax will say “Hooah!”, if Belly To Belly Suplex, then Jax will say “Damn”.

Ability #3: Buckshot
Replaces Thumper (Jax’s Grenade Launcher), one of Jax’s zoning tools for a shotgun. Buckshot is a mid-hitting shotgun blast that blasts your opponent and hard knocks them far away from Jax. This is arguably one of the koolest and swaggiest abilities of all time, but I digress. Buckshot has another version of Buckshot called Up Buckshot which is basically a high-hitting shotgun blast that is aimed up in the sky. Buckshot and Up Buckshot are both -9 on block. Don’t be fooled though, Buckshot and Up Buckshot both push the opponent far, even at point blank range, so there is absolutely no character that can punish Buckshot and Up Buckshot, except for Raiden (with Quick Charge equipped). If Raiden has Quick Charge loaded up then he can do Quick Charge Discharge after Buckshot or Up Buckshot has been done on block to punish it #BuffRaiden. But what’s amazing about Buckshot is this – Buckshot finally gives Jax a safe poke into special, I’m not kiddin’. D4, Buckshot is un-interruptible even at point blank range. D4, Buckshot doesn’t get interrupted by 9 frame mids, by 6 frame D1, or any fast reversal attacks, nearly nothing interrupts it, it’s completely safe. There are other strings and normal too that become un-interruptible and get safe pushback when Buckshot is cancelled into them, these strings and normal are D4, F33, S3, S4, 12, 2211 (only with Enhanced Outranked equipped). These strings when cancelled into are completely un-interruptible by 6-frame D1s, 9-frame mids, etc.. but then Raiden comes along and you probably guessed it, Quick Charge Discharge interrupts some of these strings when cancelled into Buckshot, still tho #BuffRaiden. But Quick Charge Discharge doesn’t interrupt all of these the same way, I’ll explain. Quick Charge Discharge interrupts D4, Buckshot, that is completely interruptible by Raiden, so no safe poke into special with Raiden as your opponent. Quick Charge Discharge doesn’t interrupt S3, Buckshot, S4, Buckshot, and 2211, Buckshot. Quick Charge Discharge trades with these strings and normal, 12, Buckshot and F33, Buckshot. If you don’t know what a trade is it’s basically when you and your opponent both input a move and both your moves active frames just so happen to hit each other at the same time, resulting in both you and the opponent being hit, locked into hitstun and damaged by the other opponent’s moves, you too get locked into hitstun, get hit, and get damaged by the opponent’s move in a trade.
Buckshot is basically Johnny Cage’s Rising Star but meterless, so let the sodium and annoyance flow within you and your opponent’s veins.
Remember what I said about D4, Buckshot being nearly un-interruptible. Yeah, some character’s abilities can. Not just interrupt D4, Buckshot but sometimes punish it, meaning if they do the counter to D4, Buckshot, they can dash up and punish Buckshot. These are the characters and the abilities:
Shang Tsung (only with Shake or Shapeshifter’s Training equipped) He can insert a Shake between D4 and Buckshot and it will punish them.
Frost (only with Glacier Calving equipped) She can insert a Glacier Calving between D4, Buckshot, and then she can go up and punish Jax with a kombo.
Nightwolf (no kustom ability required) He can insert a Reflector between D4, Buckshot, and can dash up and punish it with the Nightwolf kombos, you get the point.
Jax Briggs (only with Briggs Barricade equipped) He can insert a Briggs Barricade between D4, Buckshot, but it will not grant him enough time to punish Buckshot. He can also amplify Briggs Barricade which will give him more heat, but still makes Buckshot unpunishable.
Spawn (must not have Hell Chain equipped) He can insert Unholy Veil between D4, Buckshot. The Unholy Veil KB will punish, and Spawn can cancel Unholy Veil after parrying Buckshot and do a full kombo punish as Buckshot will still be in recovery.
Scorpion (not required but can use Demon Dash) He can insert a Demon Dash between D4, and Buckshot. He can also do Hellport between D4, Buckshot, and Hellport is one of Scorpion’s base special moves. He can also do Hellport cancel between D4, Buckshot, and go for an even more optimal punish as Hellport itself or amplified just punishes, but Hellport cancel means you can go for an optimal kombo punish.
Raiden (only with Quick Charge equipped) you know the deal it’s mentioned in the paragraph below “Ability #3: Buckshot” #BuffRaiden
Kano (only with Vege-Mighty equipped) he can insert a Vege-Mighted Black Dragon Ball between D4, Buckshot.
Liu Kang (only with Energy Parry equipped) He can insert a Energy Parry between D4, Buckshot, and dash up and punish Buckshot with either 12,212,F4,B124, you get the deal.
Kitana (only with Royal Protection equipped) She can insert Royal Protection between D4, Buckshot, but she can’t punish Buckshot.
Jade (not required but can use Divine Forces) She can insert a Divine Forces between D4, Buckshot, but it will not give Jade enough time to punish Buckshot. Dodging Shadows also makes Jade go through Buckshot. Jade cannot insert Dodging Shadows between D4, Buckshot as Dodging Shadow’s startup frames are too slow, so she has to have Dodging Shadows activated before Jax does Buckshot.
Skarlet (only with Bloodport and/or Killer Clot equipped) She can insert a Bloodport between D4, Buckshot (only works on a certain range) and go for her 124 punish. Skarlet’s Killer Clot is an ability that prevents the opponent from cancelling a string into a special move, so it could be used to stop Jax from cancelling D4 into Buckshot.
Erron Black (only with Scud Shot equipped) He can insert a Scud Shot between D4, Buckshot. He can punish Buckshot with an amplified Scud Shot
D’vorah (only with Widow’s Kiss equipped) She can insert Widow’s Kiss between D4, Buckshot (only works on certain ranges) same deal as Sakrlet’s Bloodport basically.
Kotal Kahn requires no equipped ability, can insert Coatl Parry between D4, Buckshot, and can punish it with F12. He could go for F122 krushing blow.
Robocop (must not have Terminal Strip equipped) He can insert a instant Riot Shield between D4, Buckshot and can punish the Buckshot with any of his strings.
The Terminator (not required but can use T.D.E.) He can insert T.D.E between D4, Buckshot, the T.D.E. can be amplified between D4, Buckshot, and it will cause him to be able to punish Jax’s Buckshot. This teleport is not like Skarlet’s and D’vorah’s as it is not range dependent and can be done at any range in correlation to D4, Buckshot. The Terminator can also insert Killing Machine between D4, Buckshot but it doesn’t allow him to punish Buckshot, so T.D.E is better in this scenario but you do lose one ability slot with T.D.E.
Geras (only with Shifting Sands equipped) Geras can’t insert anything between D4, Buckshot but if he sets up Shifting Sands and Jax is standing in the Shifting Sands, then D4, Buckshot is kounterable like this. Jax is doing D4, Buckshot while being in Shifting Sands, and the Geras blocks the D4, Buckshot, but between D4, Buckshot Geras can insert a backdash and whiff punish with Sand Trap or any other number of moves. The D4, Buckshot has to be done while Jax is on Shifting Sands, tho
Kollector (only with Fade Out equipped) He can insert Fade Out (only works in certain ranges) between D4, Buckshot. It works similarly to Skarlet’s Bloodport. This is by far the worst counter to D4, Buckshot as it’s range and timing is so specific it’s not even funny, I don’t even know if Kollector can punish it.
Cetrion (only with Hallowing Winds or Circle Of Life or Vapor Halo or Conflux Of Elements equipped) She can’t insert anything between D4, Buckshot, but she can use any of these setups to prevent D4, Buckshot from working. She has to set these abilities up before Jax does D4, Buckshot. Hallowing Winds pushes Jax far away so his D4 won’t touch Cetrion and if it did, then the Buckshot after D4 won’t touch her. Circle Of Life punishes Jax for D4ing or Buckshooting Cetrion. Vapor Halo allows Cetrion to block the Buckshot after D4 even if Cetrion got hit by D4, Vapor Halo is basically Aquaman’s trait. Conflux Of Elements has a 75% chance of doing these setups, so yeah flip the dice with Conflux Of Elements and see what you get.
One last thing, the safe strings and normals when cancelled into Buckshot [S3,S4,12,F33,2211 (only available with Enhanced Outranked)] can’t be interrupted by any of these moves. The only people to interrupt them are Skarlet (only with Killer Clot equipped), Raiden (only with Quick Charge equipped), Jade (Dodging Shadows) and Cetrion (only with Circle Of Life or Vapor Halo or Conflux Of elements equipped).
I should also mention the applications of Buckshot as a kombo ender, as Buckshot itself can knock the opponent far away if used as a kombo ender. Up Buckshot can also be used to end kombos to but it leaves you closer to the opponent with less hit advantage on okie than Buckshot does. You can use this to your advantage, say I wanna knock em’ far away for setups, so I use Buckshot as a kombo ender. But if I want to pressure my opponent, I use Up Buckshot as a kombo ender, as it leaves my close, but do be warned tho, it was less hit advantage than Buckshot, so make sure to practice that blockdashing and okie knowledge if you wanna be consistently pressuring after Up Buckshot.
I should also mention Buckshot’s properties when used in a basic string kombo. A basic string kombo is a kombination of a string (starter) and a special move (ender) with nothing in between the starter and the ender, nothing more, nothing less. As I was saying, Buckshot, when used as ender in a basic string kombo leaves the opponent closer to you than Up Buckshot does with 26 frames of hit advantage – it’s also consistent. Up Buckshot leaves the opponent far away with 8 frames of hit advantage – it’s also consistent. Buckshot and Up Buckshot can be cancelled from these starter strings 12, 22, F33. With Enhanced Outranked equipped you can cancel the 221 in 221122 into Up Buckshot only, Buckshot doesn’t connect with 221 in 221122. Up Buckshot and Buckshot can connect from 2211 and 22112 in 221122.
Buckshot also increases the damage on amplified Stiff Armed, as Jax uses his Buckshot shotgun and not his Thumper in that move.
Keep in mind, you do lose the Thumper (grenade launcher) one of Jax’s useful zoning tools, so just keep that in mind when using Buckshot and Up Buckshot.

Ability #4: Lethal Clap
Replaces Gotcha Grab, so no restand, side switch, corner carry, and the sweet sweet feeling of mashing square/1/A as you bob your opponent’s head into oblivion. Lethal Clap is a clap that keeps the opponent standing (it’s not a restand btw), is +14 on hit, is a juggle komboer, and Jax's armor break. Lethal Clap is also -10 on block, and leaves you close to the opponent on block, so it’s a full kombo punish if you do this move on block. This ability is connected to Jax’s heated arms property, kinda like this, the more heated up Jax’s arms get, the more higher the opponent goes up in the sky when the amplified Lethal Clap hits them. Did I mention Lethal Clap has an amplify? Well it does, but it’s a different amplify mechanic and a unique one, instead of the Lethal Clap amplify costing offensive meter, it costs Jax’s heat. Lethal Clap by itself can kombo in the corner without heat off of S4 in the corner. All in all, this ability is a kombo ability that is very useful in many situations for kombo conversions. We’re not even scratching the surface of this ability, as there is so much potential with it, you can pair it with Quad Grab for the Quad Grab krushing blow kombo ender, you can pair it with Duck And Weave for more kombos, see kustoms are amazing and fun.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEP-SMrBldk kombo video made by one of the best Jax Briggs players in the world and NRS OG Gunshow. Here's another famous Lethal Clap kombo: https://twitter.com/SWIFT_FGC/status/1266595044623921154
Also do note that, Lethal Clap requires the square/X/1 button to be pressed twice for the Lethal Clap amplify input to register, so, yeah, just keep that in mind.

Ability #5: Briggs Barricade
Projectile parry. Can be amplified to reduce the recovery on Briggs Barricade and give Jax more heat. Briggs Barricade grants Jax heat to his arms if he absorbs a projectile. If amplified it can give Jax more heat on projectile parry than an un-amplified projectile parry would. Briggs Barricade doesn’t parry low projectiles, so it can only parry high and mid projectiles. Briggs Barricade can also parry many aerial projectiles as well, so it has that too. The only aerial projectile it doesn’t parry is Sindel’s (Air) Banshee Barrage. I don’t know about the rest of aerial projectiles but Sindel’s seems to be the only one that is un-parryable
Remember what I said about Briggs Barricade being amplified causes it to reduce recovery frames, yeah, this mechanic can work to our advantage as well as our disadvantage, lemme explain. Briggs Barricade un-amplified has projectile immunity on its recovery frames, meaning that whenever Jax parries a 2 projectile with Briggs Barricade, the second projectile will pass through Jax completely. The 2 projectiles that Jax parries have to be part of a amplified projectile like Kitana’s amplified Fan toss, Kano’s amplified Blade Toss, etc.. but amplifying Briggs Barricade causes it’s recovery frames to be projectile vulnerable and not projectile immune, meaning that if Kitana, Kano, etc.. does there amplified 2 projectiles and Jax decides to amplify Briggs Barricade while parrying the first projectile, then Jax will get hit by the second projectile. So don’t amplify it when parrying 2 double projectiles, and amplify it when parrying one projectile for more heat.

Ability #6: Ripped
An overhead combo starter. If amplified it launches the opponent, leading into a kombo. This is mainly a grounded kombo starter, meaning you can only use it for a kombo starting from the ground, so you basically can’t use amplified Ripped twice in a kombo.
Why is Ripped useful tho? Well, it’s because it doesn’t replace Stiff Armed. Think about it, Stiff Armed is useful, but I want kombos too, I can get them with Duck And Weave, but I sacrifice Stiff Armed for that. Ripped fixes this problem by giving Jax a complete stand-alone launcher ability. The damage output on Ripped is not too shabby either, here are my kombos with it, Jax mains feel free to get kreative with this kombo ability.
  • Midscreen Kombo: Starter [F33, 22, B3, 2211 (must have Enhanced Outranked equipped)], amplified Ripped, F2, microdash D12, Stiff Armed
  • Midscreen Kombo: Starter [F33, 22, B3, 2211 (must have Enhanced Outranked equipped)], amplified Ripped, S4, amplified Burning Hammer (Burning Hammer required)
  • Midscreen Kombo: Starter [F33, 22, B3, 2211 (must have Enhanced Outranked equipped)], amplified Ripped, 22, amplified Duck And Weave, D12, Gotcha Grab (Duck And Weave required) Lethal Clap could also replace Gotcha Grab. (Doesn't work against female hurtboxes)
  • Midscreen Kombo: Starter [F33, 22, B3, 2211 (must have Enhanced Outranked equipped)], amplified Ripped, 22, Double Heat Missle
  • Corner Kombo: Starter [F33, 22, B3, 2211 (must have Enhanced Outranked equipped)], amplified Ripped, S4, Heat Missle, D12, Gotcha Grab.
  • Corner Kombo: Starter [F33, 22, B3, 2211 (must have Enhanced Outranked equipped)], amplified Ripped, 1, 22, D12, Gotcha Grab
You can connect Ripped with these strings only [F33,22,B3, 2211 (must have Enhanced Outranked equipped)]. You can insert a jump 2 before any of these kombos, you know like jump 2, F33, amplified Ripped, you get the point. Get kreative.
Ripped is -7 on block, and amplified Ripped is -8 on block, but the amplification causes so much pushback that it makes amplified Ripped completely safe. The opponent can interrupt Ripped if Jax decides to cancel Ripped into his strings. The only string that has the suitable amount of blockstun for Ripped not to be reactionally interrupted (meaning the opponent notices Ripped’s long startup frames being done on him and decides to poke) is 2211 (only available with Enhanced Outranked equipped). 2211, into Ripped has a probable 45% chance of being reactionally interrupted by the opponent, so it’s the least likely special move to be interrupted when cancelled with 2211.
The reason Ripped is an overhead is to trip-guard the opponent, meaning to catch them slippin’ and not payin’ attention to the match. 2211 (only available with Enhaced Outranked equipped) when cancelled into Ripped can sometimes trip-guard the opponent, because 2211 has lots of hits and blockstun, so it’s all this overwhelming amount of frames and moves on the opponent and then you decide to cancel into Ripped, and they get smacked by it, and then it’s kombo city. Why do they get smacked by it? Because of the overwhelming amount of speed,hits,blockstun, and frames of this move, and couple that with an overhead, and you opponent may as well be taking a LSD trip.
Also don’t get gimmicked out by this move, the last hit of amplified Ripped is a high so you could duck it and D2, S1, etc.. punish. So don’t let anyone get away with doing amplified Ripped on block as you could duck the last hit.
You can also use Ripped in neutral to trip gaurd your opponent. Since Ripped is an overhead with great range, it can be used to trick the opponent at neutral as they have to look out for it.
Another way to open people up with Ripped is after the opponent lands from a jump in. What most people do to the opponent after they jump in is either a low trip gaurd or grab. Well Jax has another option he can use Ripped as an overhead trip guard to after the opponent jumps in.

Ability #7: Burning Hammer
Jax’s anti air ability. Is an ability where Jax lunges himself toward the opponent and grabs them and slams them down in a professional wrestling manner maneuver. It side-switches. If amplified it causes Burning Hammer to deal more damage. It has very good damage when amplified so it could be used to end kombos with. It has an aerial version of itself which is very useful for tyring to air-to-air someone with Jax.

Ability #8: Ground Shatter
Modifies Ground Pound, meaning it doesn’t replace it but rather change it’s properties. What it does to Ground Pound is basically turn it into a launcher and change it’s amplification to a unblockable. Ground Shatter doesn’t connect off of any of Jax’s strings, none, completely none. But it can still kombo at close range if done correctly. You can also use Ground Shatter for both anti-zoning and counter-zoning, kinda like this, you do Ground Shatter from a very far distance, but you can’t kombo off of it, so what do you do? You do stiff armed after Ground Shatter has launched them to cover distance. Far Ground Shatter or Very Far Ground Shatter covers so much distance and is very useful for closing the gap between Jax and zoners. Amplified Ground Shatter is also a unblockable, so you could use it to counter zone, it’s also a fullscreen unblcokable, FULLSCREEEN!!! This means that if an opponent whiffs a projectile, aerial projectile, lands jumping, etc.. and you land an amplified Ground Shatter, then that’s it, it’s guaranteed, there’s no chance of escaping amplified Ground Shatter. Amplified Ground Shatter could also be used for meaties.
Ground Shatter creates a gap when it has been cancelled into from any string or normal Jax does. But don't worry, you can cancel strings on block into Ground Shatter and be safe as Ground Sahtter is -7 on block. Granted, the opponent can poke you out of all strings and normals when cancelled into Ground Shatter, but Jax just has to be unpredictable with it to launch the opponent. It is a gimmick, just don't overuse it.
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No matter how angry you get no matter how much you hate a character just remember one thing

At least you're not playing MK 11
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