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How I made $101,249/yr Working Less Than 3 Hours A Day. Here's a Step-by-Step Blueprint Exactly How I Did It

It has been over 10 years since I quit my job and started working full time online.
It has been a wild roller coaster ride but now it has gotten me to a point where I make more than I've ever dreamed of, working less than 3 hours a day.
In fact, scratch that. I DON'T even have to work 3 hours if I didn't want to. I can work 3 hours a WEEK and I'll bet you if I check my bank account at the end of the month, the earnings will still be the same or HIGHER.
No, this is not a "spam" or "hype" - in fact, probably like you, I hate spam and fluff. Because when I look back, it's because of all the fluff and BAD information that got me spinning wheels for years and years!
But when I finally "got it" - I tell you my friend, money floodgates literally "ERUPTED"!
And it just blew my mind why there was such a stark difference between "what people say to do to make money" vs. "what REALLY makes money".
I don't come to this forum that often but today while I was browsing for fun I saw a lot of really BAD information that seemed to make people confused and overwhelmed.
Kind of how it was making me when I was first starting out. So even though I was planning to go to the beach (I live close to the beach here in Los Angeles) - I think I'll share some "secrets" that you might not hear about here in the forum before I head out.
Considering the fact that here is where I got my feet wet, and since then I've coached literally HUNDREDS of students all around the world make a full-time income online and quit their jobs, I think I'm now at a good place to give back.
And now that Thanksgiving's around the corner, I feel like it's a good time to share some good ole' value with you guys.
This will be a newbie friendly post and if you heed this advice, I'm sure you will save yourself a lot of frustrations and heartaches no matter where you are at.
And if you're more advanced, you will nod your head in silent agreement because it's the same strategy both me and my millionaire friends employ daily.
If you're ready, let's begin...
1. Killing the "Superman Syndrome"
It's interesting because NOBODY talks about this.
1 of the 3 FASTEST way to make any change is to change your mindset.
You can change the course of your entire life by changing just this one simple thing.
So I'll be sharing a few KEY mindset shifts that got me skyrocketing from a four-figure marketer to a six figure marketer.
Here's the first one:
A lot of people seem to have the "Superman Syndrome".
They try to be good at EVERYTHING. They think they're Superman.
But in reality, you should have 1 or 2 things your PHENOMENAL at, and suck at the rest.
In order for you to succeed with internet marketing, you need to be good at a WIDE RANGE of things. (you need to know copywriting, have technical skills, be good at tracking and optimizing, etc.)
Not only that, you need "soft skills" like focus, discipline, taking action, managing time, etc etc.
If you lack in any one of the (let's say 10 skills needed to be successful) - that will ALWAYS be your tripping point. You will ALWAYS run into that wall. Over and over... until you tire out.
When I realized this and finally ACCEPTED that maybe I can't be really good at everything, I began to delegate...
And it ironically REVOLUTIONIZED my entire business!
They say smartest people are the laziest. I think it's partially true but in a different way:
I think deep inside smart people know that we don't want to spend our precious time on this low-value activity. Why do this when I can do something that is MUCH more impactful and enjoyable with the same amount of time? And this leads to so-called "procrastination".
Now I can just do what I'm GREAT at (which is coaching and delivering BIG results and breakthroughs faster than ANYONE) and delegate EVERYTHING ELSE I am not good at or hate (like technical things) - and then, almost immediately you score these incredible benefits:
Benefit #1. You can make FAST progress and not get stuck (because nothing trips you up anymore)
Benefit #2. Your bottom line SKYROCKETS (as a natural result of #1)
Benefit #3. You have MUCH more free time (because everyone's doing YOUR work while you're doing something fun)
Benefit #4. You can SCALE much easier (meaning more profits into your bank account)
Benefit #5. You spread the wealth instead of hogging it yourself (and you can get it delegated for pennies on the dollars overseas)
There's a LOT more benefits but you get the idea.
One of the best places I find workers is either freelancer.com or upwork.com.
Tip: Try to find workers who have at least a hundred hours logged for the skill you're looking for as well as 4.5 star reviews and up and you won't go wrong. Don't be afraid of hiring workers from overseas because surprisingly a lot speak excellent English and their work ethic is superb.
If you're thinking,
"But Stevie! That's going to cost me a lot of money!",
think again.
Keep this as your mantra and you will never go hungry again:
If I asked you if you want to trade $1 for $8, would you take it?
In a millisecond right?
Same thing here. Yes you are paying these workers but you will make MULTIFOLDS that amount from your sales.
which brings me to my next point...
2. "There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
EVERYTHING'S an investment.
If you "get this" tip, your life will change forever. Guaranteed.
You might think it's free if you're doing all the work yourself. Not true.
Our time in a day is limited. Our time in a week is limited. Our time here on earth is limited.
If you are spending hours and hours in a day trying to figure out how to set up your Wordpress site even if you hate it or doing data entry (which I can get it done at $3/hr), You are missing out on the most important resource of all - TIME.
You are missing out on other things you can do such as spending time with friends or family, your hobbies & passions, or traveling.
So unlike before when I was trying to be a "Cheap Superman" - I do the opposite now - I spend spend spend! Like a BOSS..
I see EVERYTHING as an investment and try to simply make more than I spend.
That's why I have NO PROBLEM spending thousands of dollars on services and coaching programs because it makes "more money than I spend". Sometimes up to 500X times! (where can you get THAT kind of investment?)
Because you see, contrary to what you believe, "free" is not good. And here's why:
One of the BIGGEST mistakes I made when I was first starting out which got me spending wheels for years and years was spending too much time on forums.
I was consuming information after information and taking notes. It was mental masturbation.
It was fun learning and I thought I was going somewhere but it did just the opposite.
I became overwhelmed, confused, and stuck.
I didn't have a solid direction or focus. I was getting distracted everywhere by the next "shiny object".
And one day, it got VERY bad. I got so frustrated and sick and tired of being stuck.
So I decided to do something that TOTALLY went against my norm.
I decided to look for a "coach" (or what you call a mentor)
And my life IMMEDIATELY changed for the better. And it has never been the same since.
Because check this out.
Anybody with a computer hooked up to the internet can type and give advice. Even a monkey with half a brain.
And lots of guys seem to soak it up not verifying where it came from or if it's even true.
Robert Kiyosaki, the financial guru, says "what's worse than no advice is BAD advice.
When it comes to business, you should be VERY careful who you are listening to.
Your key job will be to figure out who's the 5% to listen to and ignore the 95%.
But if you FIND the 5%, who have walked the walked and been in the trenches and not just spitting theories, listen to EVERYTHING he/she says.
Because EVERYTHING he will be saying will be something that is derived from experience - the TRUTH. (hint: when you listen to truths, it should have a 'heavy' feeling in your gut)
And applying just a handful of these "truths" that is distilled from hundreds of trials and errors, your income will take off like a damn ROCKET.
It doesn't matter if you haven't made a penny online. It doesn't matter if you've failed 10 years. It doesn't matter if you think it's hopeless.
If he's a legitimate coach/mentor - he will get you cold, hard, RESULTS. Period.
I did this for years for my students. And trust me, they were in BAD shape. It's things like these negative limiting beliefs and lack of accurate information and guidance that keeps people stuck.
Don't worry - You are NOT broken. If you just tweak a few things here and there and apply the correct strategies in the right order, you WILL break through. Period. End of story. Often LIFE-CHANGING results in just 30 days. You won't know what hit you!
But unfortunately, you won't find many coaches who are successful hanging out here in this forum.
I'm not saying they're not here, but like me, most moved on. To a bigger game.
So even though it will be rare to find a legitimate coach/mentor, if you do have one, do yourself a favor and work with him - no matter how much he charges! It will be worth it.
But choose CAREFULLY. Do your due diligence. There's a lot of "wolves in sheep skin".
And here's the questions I ask when picking out my coaches: (yes even the most successful marketers get coached even though they're making millions a year - it's a continual learning process)
  1. Can he show a verifiable income proof? Screenshot of some sort?
  2. Do you feel it in your gut that he knows what's he's talking about?
  3. Does he care about you and not in it just for the money?
  4. Does he have testimonials of various kind from his past students?
Ask sharp and smart questions. And trust your gut. It has more nerve endings than your brain. Don't be lazy about it.
Meeting a legitimate coach may be a bit tricky, but once you find one, your income and life are almost GUARANTEED to change. Period.
4. Freedom vs. Another Job?
If you want to be free and not have just another job, you need to be in an industry with a PASSIVE INCOME model. Not earned income model.
I see a lot of guys who quit their jobs and start doing something like graphic designing, web designing, and programming.
While it's okay to get you started, I don't recommend staying here for too long. Because you simply don't want to trade time for dollars anymore.
The beauty of internet marketing and probably one of the reasons why you started in the first place is the fact that you can make money while you sleep, right?
That's why you gotta pick business models that spit out passive income, not earned income. I see too many people get stuck in the wrong industry and can't get out because they're making some money.
They end up working needlessly, way too long. But it doesn't have to be this way.
One of the business models I have my business in is Amazon Kindle publishing.
I love this business model because all the books that you publish become a "mini-asset". It spits out passive income every single month into my bank account like clockwork!
It's a "set-it-and-forget-it" kind of thing.
In fact, I have books that I've published 5 years ago that's STILL making me money today! (and I haven't touched it for years)
Imagine what will happen if you have HUNDREDS of these books?
Yes, your "internet marketing dream" is indeed possible if you play it right...
Since it's PASSIVE INCOME, it will make money with or without you. In fact, you won't be able to stop it if you blocked it with TWO HANDS!
And here's the step-by-step process I used to build up my six-figure Kindle business that I've been secretly teaching my private coaching students.
5. Pick a BIG niche that sells well.
Here's another KEY mantra to remember:
"Sell What Sells".
A lot of writers come into this industry writing books they know a lot about or they like. Big mistake.
Sure, you might have a passion for candlemaking or Labrador dog traiing, but how many people in the world shares the same passion as you?
Thing about Kindle is you need to sell in VOLUME.
If you're selling nonfiction, you'll make about $2 - $4 per book.
That means, if you want to earn SUSTAINABLE income, meaning $3,000, $5,000, $10,000+ /month,
You need to sell these many:
$3,000 / $2 = 1500 books per month / 30 days = 50 books a day
$5,000 / $2 = 2500 books per month / 30 days = 83 books a day
$10,000 / $2 = 5000 books per month / 30 days = 166 books a day
That means, you need to be in a BIG niche. Small niches won't have the traffic to yield this kind of sales.
What are the BIG niches?
I'm glad you asked.
Anything that is related to:
-mass media
-diet/weight loss
-make money
...will be a good start. You won't go wrong with these.
6. Create An Irresistable "BAIT"
You don't have to reinvent the wheel.
In fact, this is one of the BIGGEST reasons I see guys failing.
They try to be creative.
I know we're all entrepeneurial and enjoy creating new things, but when starting out, this is DEADLY.
I tell my students until I'm blue in the face (in a loving way of course
"Don't reinvent the wheel... just make it CHROME!"
What does that mean?
You see what's selling in the marketplace.
Look at books that are selling under Kindle Bestseller Rank of 20,000.
That means, they're selling around 10-15 books a day.
Which means potentially,
15 books a day x $4 earning per sale = $60 a day
That means,
$60 a day x 30 days = it's making $1,800 from ONE (1) book!
Can you see how this can get profitable very quickly?
Now, you will want to MODEL this book.
Meaning, you LEARN from this book. What works and what doesn't.
Don't let your ego kick in. It'll trip you up.
You need to be humble and in the mindset of LEARNING.
Take a look at their reviews. Especially 5 star and 1 star reviews.
What you will be doing is TAKE what people are raving about, and IMPROVE what people are complaing about.
So let's take an example. I think it'll make you understand a bit more clearly.
Let's say you are looking into the COOKBOOK niche.
You find a cookbook that is under 20,000 Bestseller Rank. Let's say it's called "Easy and Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes"
You check their 5 star reviews and it says these things:
-Loved the pictures! -Really like the clear instructions -Found the grocery shopping list incredibly useful!
And you see these 1 star complaints:
  • Formatting was horrible
  • Grammar and typos were everywhere
  • Couldn't careless for stories - just give me the recipes already!
So, jot that down on a piece of paper. All of it.
What you'll be doing next is totally NINJA.
You will now KEEP what your customer says they like and IMPROVE what they don't like for your own books!
So it'll go something like this:
  • Formatting was horrible >> Have proper formatting for YOUR book
  • Grammar and typos were everywhere >> Have correct grammar and spelling for YOUR book
  • Couldn't careless for stories - just give me the recipes already! >> Just give them the recipes and not stories.
And once you publish your book strengthened on your competitor's weakness, you will have 0 reasons why people will give you a negative review for.
Remember, on Amazon review is KING.
People who are in rush only buys 1) looking at title 2) Cover and 3) reviews.
So if you have all these 4,5 star reviews and very few 1 star reviews, you will be GOLDEN.
Your book will eventually get more and more sales than "Easy and Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes" and eventually TAKE OVER its spot.
Meaning, the sales that he gets $1,800 in monthly passive income will now be YOURS!
THAT's the power of being in the right, BIG niche and having a KICKASS book that strengthens other book's weakness.!
But I can hear you saying,
"But Stevie! what if I don't know ANYTHING about that niche? Even though it's profitable, I won't be able to do anything about it!"
WHOA! Slow down young grasshopper!
I'll tell you all about it in the next step...
(btw, are you liking this so far? Just curious...)
7. Have an expert to create the perfect bait FOR YOU.
Here's where it gets fun.
Now you know what to sell. Now you know what to do to out-compete your competition. Now you know how you will guarantee your earnings.
But the challenge is, you don't know anything about PALEO, dating, or meditation right?
What in the world should you do?
Do you think you can figure it out?
(hint: check step #1)

If you said "outsource",
You hit the nail on the head!!
What's so amazing about outsourcing is, you can get just about any writers who specialize in all kinds of different topics!
Here's what to do in 5 simple steps that will work over and over like clockwork:
7.1 Just go to either freelancer.com or upwork.com
7.2 Post a compelling ad looking for writers in your topic. (make sure you have it in your title)
7.3 Invite some candidates to get the momentum going (look for guys with hundreds of hours logged and over 4 star reviews)
7.4 Give a simple test to writers to prove they're good
7.5 Hire and give them clear, specific instructions about your book!
That's it!
They will get to work right away!
Remember, you know you're going to be making $1,800 /month for this book so you can spend anything under this and you'll come out ahead! (For nonfiction books, I usually get it for $50-$100 for 35-50 pages)
Keep it simple.
Just make more than you spend.
That's it.
So while you're at the beach enjoying a fresh margarita, your writers will be hard at work creating your "perfect bait" for you.
Speaking of beaches... I think I'm late for MY beach! LOL! But oh well...
If you guys are getting value from this post, I'm happy and will be a time well spent.
8. Get a MAGNETIC Cover That Is Impossible To Ignore
This is one of the 3 MOST important pieces to your marketing.
You MUST MUST MUST have a magnetic cover.
Because we are all busy these days.
You will have 0.7 seconds to capture their attention while they're scrolling.
If you can't make them STOP on their tracks, battle is lost even before you started.
All your time and money spent creating your book will be wasted.
Your book will never see light of the day!
Don't let this happen to you.
Create a MAGNETIC cover. One that is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore.
Then how can you create a magnetic cover?
Glad you asked. You will absolutely LOVE this
Here are the steps:
8.1 Look for a great cover designer specializing in KINDLE cover designs. (it's different from physical book design) - hint: you can get one at Fiverr.com for $5 and it will outperform a $500 design from a US based cover designer if you tell them these instructions.
8.2 Ask them to make the titles BIG and BOLD.
Thing about Kindle is most people are looking through the titles on their phones. If the titles are small, it won't be read.
8.3 Ask them to use High Resolution graphics
People associate higher resolution = higher quality. So if your book uses HD graphics as the background, they will IMMEDIATELY think your book is high quality and they will pay more for your book even though the content is the same.
9. Load it up with at least 8 reviews
Okay. Now you have your book and your cover. You are good to publish.
After you do so, you will want to load it up with reviews. Why?
Because it's scary to buy books that has 0 reviews. You need to take a risk and nobody, including you and me, likes to take risks. And that in turn becomes an OBSTALCE for your sale.
But by getting reviews in there, you are REMOVING the risk (obstacle) which leads to an effortless sale.
Some "gurus" will tell you to get reviews from Fiverr or Facebook review exchange groups. Don't listen to them.
It may have worked 5 years ago but recently Amazon has been cracking down on these like crazy.
It makes sense. Amazon is BUILT on reviews and they don't want to be known for fake reviews. They want to keep their business.
So the best way to get it is 2 ways:
9.1. ask your friends, family, acquaintences for a genuine, legitimate review after you send them your book (most will do it happily)
9.2. create a review group by adding an email "opt-in" page at the beginning of your book. These will capture interested browsers and you can later ask them to review the book in exchange for a free copy.
These are 100% whitehat and legal by Amazon which means, the strategy is EVERGREEN and you can use it over and over without fail without worry about your account getting banned!
10. Do a KILLER Promotion
Here comes the fun part.
Now that you have a HOT bait, magnetic covers, genuine reviews you are 98% AHEAD of all the books out there.
Now you just have to do a KILLER promotion.
And here's what to do shoot your book rankings higher than the freakin' Empire State Building. It will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. (please keep this a secret between us)
Here's what to do:
10.1 Right after your publish your book, your book will be ranking high for a keyword for a brief period of time. You will want to get downloads in SPIKES because that's what Amazon likes.
So in order to get these spikes, enroll in KDP Select.
10.2 Promote your book to as many promotion sites as you can. There's tons of Facebook groups. Just search "Kindle Promotion" or "Kindle Free"
Another good resource is this: Free Amazon Kindle Book Submission Tool | Author Marketing Club
10.3 Set your book on a "Free Promotion" in KDP Select.
That's it! Amazon doesn't give you contact information o fyour customers but your opt-in page will capture a LOT of interested buyers!
10.4 If you have your book in a series (recommended), link all of your books together and as soon as the promotion is over, set the 2nd book on the promotion. This will cross-promote your books and your sales will have a COMPOUND EFFECT.
10.5. Continue to do this and you'll have generated TONS of sales and amassed a HUGE mailing list that you can sell over and over to!
NOTE: Keep on doing steps 1-10 as many times as you can. The more you do it, more CASH you'll make.
11. BONUS: Automate Everything
Get a Project Manager that replaces you.
Now all you're doing is doing market research and telling project manager what books to publish.
And your ENTIRE book pumping FACTORY will be rolling non-stop with or without you!
12. BONUS: SCALE It To 6-7 Figures
If you have a project manager working for you, sky becomes the limit how many books you publish.
After the project manager starts managing about 5 books a week (or 20 books a month) he'll start running out of capacity. That's when you hire another one
Final Step: Sit back, relax, and watch the MAGIC all happen.
By the way, you could've stopped at Step 10 and still created a 6 Figure business....
But if you want more... and you want it done FASTER... then follow all steps to a T.
Well, it took a LOT longer than I thought! Haha
Guess I'll be hitting the beach tomorrow!
But I hope it was useful for some of you guys.
Try it out, and let me know your results!
*p.s. if you found this post useful please upvote so more people can find out about it!
*p.p.s. I know this is a long post so I compiled it into a PDF file along with some bonus materials that are not on this post. (also free) PM me if you want a copy!
Or if you have any questions, feel free to PM me as well! :)
UPDATE: WOW! Thanks for all the positive comments and upvotes guys! I just came back from dinner and now this has become one of the HOTTEST threads on this sub-reddit. (for last 24 hours that is lol) You guys rock!
And I noticed some of the comments here are also HILARIOUS. LOL
One of my mentors once told me, speak your message and those who resonate with you will come to you and repel the others. So I must be doing something right!
Whatever your judgement on this thread is, that's fine. If you don't like it, I'm cool with it and I respect that. Go follow someone else who you jive with. I didn't have to do this.
But seriously man, if you're hating, don't PM me asking for a PDF file or ask me to coach you ;)
UPDATE 2 This post was down for a bit because some people who were quick to jump to conclusions reported it as "spam" but the mod reactivated it. His words: "Looks like it was killed by the automod because of reports as spam (I'd guess because of the tone/wording. I didn't see any violations of guidelines). I've reapproved it. You should be good."
Thanks for the continued support guys!
But I don't know. If I feel like this post isn't delivering as much value as I intended it to be, I will just delete this post so let me know if you sincerely enjoyed it! Thanks!
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Storm Lake, A Stinging Sensation

"Only one ring to rule them all.
It might cost us onion rings.
But when the ash and dust are gone,
Long live the king."
- Storm Lake
general information additional information
name: Skyler Kendall Lake preferred name: Storm Lake
d.o.b.: 14 March 2004 age: 16
nationality: American hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FA
gender identity: non-binary gender expression: androgynous
sexual orientation: pansexual preferred pronouns: they / them / theirs
  • Half-blood- and non-half-blood-related conundrums include but are not limited to ADHD (attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder), dyslexia, and kleptomania (but only for circular objects).
relation name/s age relationship
divine parent Kymopoleia no clue She is the goddess of storm waves and sea storms. She is the rage of the sea. She is Storm's mother. They don't actually know that much about the goddess, but their father claims, well claimed, that their similarities were, well, similar.
mortal parent Fernando Quinn Lake 37 years old He is a meteorologist. He was fresh out of college when made to raise a child after a two-night-stand on a boat. He is Storm's father. He tried to raise Storm to the best of his ability, but even parents can have their limits. Storm thinks it would be better if they spent time apart.
(to-be) step-mortal parent Mary Grace 30 years old Storm doesn't think much of her. She seems to be only the latest of Fernando's girlfriends and partners. More could be said about the lady, but the only thing Storm really thinks is worth noting is her cheese roll recipe.
nice lady Mrs. Lin 70-something years old Storm sometimes regards her as the mother they never had. She is caring. She is doting and makes a terrific bowl of orange chicken. She never seems to have enough mints.
face voice height weight hair eyes skin
Jorge Padro a bit light, almost mumbly, definitely rambly (Nico Tortorella) 6'3" 145 lbs. black, wavy bun--brown when short hazel with blue flecks tawny complexion with rose undertones
description: People have, more often than not, mistaken Storm for a statue. Their quote-unquote chiselled features are usually the driving reason for this sort of pun, but others claim that Storm has this talent for staying still for prolonged periods of time. It's like Storm was built to be immortalised--or so they say. The fact is, though, Storm does have a sort of resting smoulder, the antithesis to the resting bitch face. The former is the sort of state where Storm tucks their chin down a touch and trains their hazel gaze on whatever is in their immediate front. It took years of training to achieve this sort of stare, but Storm is just glad that they can stand still for that long.
equipment: Storm has several belongings to their name, and several other belongings not to their name--
  • chakram; Storm has at their disposal several means of defence, but Celestial bronze discs are the most fun to play around with. Storm has spent years of experimenting and training to figure out various fighting styles with this pair, but they've taken to using these in place of throwing knives--following the suggestion of a YouTube video.
  • gloves; To mitigate the effects of some of Storm's abilities, they wear a set of gloves they found in a thrift-store (after disinfecting the pair, of course). The freed fingers allow for a just-in-case sort of moment, though. They never know when someone needs a pinching.
  • starlight mints; Storm has a fascination with these little sweets. They don't understand what exactly has driven these circular bundles of red and white candy to present themself at every Chinese restaurant take-out counter, but they are grateful for them nonetheless. Exactly why starlight is the name for these mints, however, is another matter entirely.
  • choker; These necklaces were a nice find from a while back. Admittedly, they have, at one point or another, made it a lot harder for Storm to fight so they only wear these on off-days.
  • bucket hat; This hat was a gift. Well, it was a gift from Storm to themself. They swiped this from a high-end store in New York. That's a story best left for another day.
power one; weather manipulation aka atmokinesis -- wub wub wub 
Storm is capable of manipulating water and air into generating, well, storms. This power works best at sea or over typically large bodies of water but is considerably weaker on a clear day. These storms take a great deal of energy out of... Storm, lasting only up to five minutes in ideal conditions. Any storm generated over land would be considerably weaker--at best, summoning of a thunderclap or a dark cloud. In total, however, they can only summon up to three storms a day with at least an hour's rest in between.
power two; poison manipulation aka toxikinesis -- ouchie 
Storm is capable of producing a very mild toxin best akin to that of cnidarians such as jellyfish. Should they dig any one of their sharp nails into another's body, the toxin would seep into their system and temporarily hinder the movement of that body part/organ system. The effect operates on a 1-10 scale, wherein each point indicates the number of nails. One nail would leave a sharp burst of paint, five difficulties in joint movement, and ten loss in nerve-function/numbing of the affected body part. Storm would be dehydrated in an attempt to reproduce the lost toxins and can pass out themself if all ten fingernails are to transfer the toxin. This may or may not mean that they are also immune to cnidarian stings. (This effect can be undone with wee.)
power three; bioluminescence -- ooh ahh 
Storm is capable of light-generation. This light cannot be manipulated, only amplified when enough salts and electrolytes have been consumed. This ability is activated if Storm a) has sustained a major blow, b) is under the cover of night or intense darkness, and c) is doused in water. The light manifests similarly to glow-in-the-dark tattoos, the colour changing with their mood.
skillset: Storm has acquired an odd assortment of knowledge and skills which includes but is not limited to-- lock-picking. Since bobby pins are quickly becoming a luxury resource, Storm tries their best to get the practice in. They don't want to get trapped in any grocery stores or gas station bathrooms again. This tends to go nicely with Storm's tendency to pickpocket and/or shoplift circular objects. Their fascination with the shape carries into the proud talent of drawing perfect circles without the need for compasses or protractor. (Some people are just born lucky.) They also have an interest in sculpting and pottery, the sorts of arts that need dirty hands. Taking care of these hands is vital to their survival, of course, so skincare routines are practically instinct at this point.
theme song: there is a light that never goes out by the smiths | motif: kai's agni kai
Storm likes to think of themself as this stoic icon, a statue among mortals.
The reality is, though, that they are a huge nerd. Storm's travel bag is filled with trinkets from their travels, keychains and refrigerator magnets, even stickers of characters from different TV shows. One needs only to ask for them to go on about the life story of Sophia Petrillo ("Picture it, Sicily 1912."), even if the original question was whether or not they paid for the merchandise. To that original question, Storm would remark that they only steal the circles and quickly run away.
Access to the fun side of the Internet--which Storm believes to include stuff such as Farmville and BuzzFeed--was limited to half-hour sessions on the weekend, leaving the teenager to jump into the world of non-digital media. They grew up listening to audiobooks of the Hardy Boys, following the panelled adventures of the X-Men, and watching Sir David Attenborough navigate the wonders of nature. They may not know a lot about TikTok or Tumblr, but they can set the record function on the DVR without consulting the manual.
That being said, Storm's struggle with reading writing, in general, has driven them to remember. They take their time to commit the day and key details to memory, often shutting out the world in order to sort thought and memory into something more manageable. They don't have a photographic memory, no, but they're unlikely to forget. An elephant never forgets, or so that's what they say. By they, Storm means themself, of course.
At the end of it all, Storm does try to keep their stoic face together, and they do it pretty well. Their emotions are not that easily gleaned from facial expressions alone. They learned a long time ago to keep themself in check, especially when it comes to their actions and emotions. Rigidity is not easy; it's quite hard in fact. And, it needs a lot of practice.
For most of Storm's life, it was just them and their father, and his lady friends.
Fernando was upfront with Storm's mother early on. When other kids would have gotten The Talk about the birds and the bees, and those in between, Storm was told about Poseidon and the gorgon, and the sword in her neck. (In hindsight, the story about one of their grandfather's sexcapades was a pretty morbid introduction into the demigod world.)
They first arrived at Camp Half-Blood some three or so years ago, arriving at different times of the year for different reasons. The first ("Picture them, Storm 2017.") was a courtesy call, a suggestion by their father to check the place out at the prompting of one of his co-workers, a satyr. The second (Storm: Age 14) was a result of Storm's first time running away. So was the third, and now the fourth.
Honestly, the details of these stories are best left to memory.
There's a very small list of things Storm wouldn't do for one of Mrs. Lin's mints right now or any version of those peppermint swirls.
They ran out of those little bites of heaven about three towns ago when they almost got caught swiping both a bowlful of mints and the actual bowl from Master Cho's Palace. After that, Storm thought it would have been good to lay low. They never did know who was watching, and there is always someone watching, or so people say.
Hands dig through pants pockets, even if these pants, in particular, have little in the way of storage space. Storm knows that there's nothing bar a wallet, of course. They just need something to hold on to.
Their teeth grind together as they trudge down the hill. (Neither Peleus nor the Athena Parthenos had one either, much to their dismay.) A small cloud starts to come together over their head, the blue flecks in their eyes suddenly electric. Storm has no idea why this day has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, but they swear it would get better if they could just get their hands on a fucking mint.
Their trajectory is angled straight for the Big House because, surely, Chiron or Argus, or someone would have one. (They should also probably check-in and drop off their bags. But, that can be taken care of later.)
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