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So after a couple of months I started reducing Dovobet/Nex, flair ups are spreading to new locations.

Head Note: Head Shots will resume soon, just as a long delayed update. As I know a few people from here, even though we don't speak too much any more who I think might be interested in seeing the rebound of a mild corticosteroid after a fortnight of not using it, but my hairs to long to show anything other than redness in parts and an exceptionally insane level of skin shedding. Room Hoovering and wet washing has become a priority for me, due to the amount of electronics I own which I'd not like to get dusty. They might be old and cheap, but they're mine and I want to get every little bit of juice out of them before they tank for good
Body Photos of Psoriasis progression, taken 2hrs after Dovobet / Betamethasone application which softened up the rather hard plaques allowing for a good scrub and then moisteurising with a mixture of body washes as I know too little about those types of products to know which ones work and which ones are just hydrolase and petroleum jelly.
  • Abdomen Second Patches To Emerge.
  • Abdomen Alt. Photo, Different Lighting.
  • Left Leg New Development less than 3 weeks old.
  • Underside of Left Leg one of the earliest patches.
  • Left Leg, The Larger Patch with Blood is from getting caught on Barbed Wire hopping a fence.
  • Right Inner Knee - One of the earliest patches that was almost eliminated when my diet improved and painkiller consumption was at its lowest.
  • Right shoulder - Two Months ago in my initial post, there was only one patch and I thought it was a spot. Confirmed as Plaque Psoriasis
*Waist - Either right or left side, 4 new patches, less than 3 weeks old.
  • Left Leg - Better coverage shot showing the extent to the rapid growth, also reminding me I need a holiday with lot's of sunshine.
*Shoulder - Redness due to scrubbing and application of Calcipotriol / Betamethasone, swelling should subside within a couple of days, picking up rest of prescription on Monday. This project was to use an entire 60g bottle of Calcipotriol / Betamethasone on my whole body and see where was most effective. For the first time in 3 weeks I'm not itching there.
*Shoulder- Same as above pre-scrub, you can just see the remnants of the plaque, the moisteurising products (Capascal / T-Gel / Dovobet and a small rub with my finger lifted most of the plaque off remaining a glistening white patch before being hit with a scrubber.
Sorry for the long gap between my previous post. So here's the update: Scalp: Hair's now about 3/4 of a centimetre length but the red patches still show. Although still not inflamed which is a bonus. Now I'm just shedding like a snake:
Downside from a mixture of environmental and diet (or lack thereof) has led to a recent increase of patches now appearing on my back (back when I shaved my head and posted it for psoriasis to see it was two spots on either side of my ribcage, I've now developed 5 plaques in a vertical line down my spine and my legs are increasing in patches.
The ones from my chest that were almost gone have returned to redness but are still not developing plaques.
My crotch has developed 3 minor patches which are easy to manage with a mixture of Dove Moisturiser, Sanex sensitive and a scrubbing cloth, which is keeping the issue at bay.
So after three months here's my quarterly report: When using dovonex/dovobet be sure to maybe once a week cover pretty much all your body except completely clear areas (like in my case my arms and upper chest and feet) in a thin layer and focus a large chunk on my scalp. The rest of the time just twice daily put little blobs on the most affected areas without spreading the compound out. Both to save supply and also a good way to develop the island stage letting you know it's working. (always helps to put it on after a shower where you've used moisturising body wash (Something by Dove or Sanex, if you're a guy you will end up smelling a little more effeminate though)
These reactions and reverse reactions have been subject to the Dovobet / Betamethasone compound due the Beta being a mild steroid so rebound psoriasis in a more aggressive form is likely, so instead of the oft recommended one week on Dovonex one week on Dovobet, I'd say 5 days a week Dovonex then at the weekend just spend an hour or two in the bathroom (or bedroom and make a dash to the bathroom to wash it off) covering every part of your body in Dovobet / Betamethasone and letting it sink in for an hour or so, and as a plaque softens, rub it off with your fingers and apply more.
As the Dovonex is just synthesised vitamin D it's rather useful if you have psoriasis in patches that won't get rubbed off my clothes or you can't really expose in public. It worked wonders by just leaving it on for 24 hrs at a time around my crotch. All traces of Psoriasis in that area vanished for months. Here are the possible aggressors that cause flair ups with a vengeance.
Products * Paracetamol It's direct effect on your liver. I've noticed a substantial correlation between the amount I take (as I usually have quite strong painkillers but when I run out I have to take ones with lower Codeine levels but the Paracetamol content increases due to the amount of tablets consumed. And at the time of me shaving my head I also tested reducing Paracetamol intake from about 5g per day to about 2g per day (Managed to acquire pure codeine instead of co-codamol and the difference was noticeable within a week.)
  • Caffeine: For many people caffeine is a trigger, in my case it's a maybe. I fluctuate between energy drinks such as Mountain Dew and the occasional Red Bull, but generally I drink Dr. Perpper (Coke hurts my teeth after a few cans like RB does) but as my psoriasis is hereditary my brother doesn't seem to have as much of an issue with his psoriasis and he drinks lots of coffee (something that I, do not.)
  • Nicotine: This one hasn't seemed to effect anything, switching nicotine levels ranging from 6mg all the way to 24mg on my E-Cig the only notable entry regarding the medical aspects of my condition is that having an E-Cig allows me to take vape breaks at work, sit on the wall and soak in 5-10 mins ( a few times per shift ) of direct sun rays 4 days a week guaranteed. Might explain why it doesn't spread down below my hair line. Or I'm just lucky.
  • Alcohol: Can't see it being a trigger for me directly as even when I first developed signs of psoriasis I was drinking weekly and no with the painkillers im stone cold sober and there was no hindrance to the diseases spreading.
  • Stress: I don't really have any other than the long term looming though of "If I'm still working where I am in 13 months then my plan failed. But so far I'm on track.
The Plan So Far * Cut down on caffeine in case. Cut out energy drinks entirely. No matter how much I love Red Bull Tropical and Mountain Dew 500ml bottle at 11pm.
  • Increase Protein shake intake, exercise in the sun more and consume more Vitamin D and Fibre enriched products such as whole grain cereal. (Seems worth a shot)
Most Importantly * Cut down on Painkiller usagem I've opted to see a host of various physio's, chiropractors and other back specialists to see who's the most effective. I've been with the same chiropractor for 12 years. She's amazing at fixing the short term, but perhaps not the right person for a long term treatment plan.
  • Phase out my Benzo consumption, this is more for moneys sake as it's not covered on the NHS so I have to pay full price for it. (Which sucks, and it's such a nice drug as it allows me to sleep and dream, which I never really do) and if my work shifts get changed drasticlym It becomes a very useful tool for being refreshed no matter the shift.
Extras: Going to keep pushing for my shifts to be moved from afternoon till close (4-10pm) to mornings (6am-2pm or 6am-12pm) as the sun rises facing me if I'm on mornings, and even though we now have filters to block out light so we can see. Day shift / Morning shift tend to have a lot more outdoors activity.
  • If anyone has any suggestions on how someone working with a 4-5 on 2-3 off work schedule focused on evening shifts can get some time or go somewhere to get some natural rays and fight this cunt of a disease (sorry for the rant and the absence, but the aggressive expansion of patches and increased itching has made me verry annoyed.
  • P.S. Electr0skank, how you doing these days. Hit me up on skype, ain't chatted in a while.
  • P.P.S to those who saw the earlier photos, just imagine that shaved head photo with a few weeks growth on it. The light can get to the patches easily and I actually have hair xD
Sincerely, Mike @ PPKORE
submitted by PPKORE to Psoriasis

[Table] IAmA teenager diagnosed with "Dermagraphism" also known as the 'skin writing disorder' AMA.

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Date: 2012-06-12
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Questions Answers
Do you ever use it to cheat on tests? Do your friends or random people at school ever try to write on you by scratching you for no reason? What happens if you write on your skin with a marker or pen? Is there any way you use it to improve your life? Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, ahaha, I had to drive to work, but I'm back! If I tried to cheat on a test by writing answers down, it wouldnt work): The writing normally fades into like one massive blob after a few minutes, so it'd be unreadable. If I write on my skin with PEN, it literally looks like it's a tattoo... like the skin rises, and yeah. When I try to wash it off though, not all the ink comes out, like my skin absorbs some if it... And hmm, not really... i don't think it improves my life in any way, other then people thinking it's "cool." ahaha.
You weren't lying when you said you were a teenager. How does what I said have anything to do with me proving I'm a teenager?
How fast does it take for welts to appear? They appear faintly within 20 seconds; about 2 minutes to fully appear like in my proof photo.
Also, was there any precipitating event that triggered the first occurrence? And nope, I thought my cat had fleas to be honest... but then what I thought were "bites" would always go away after 10-30 minutes, so I was like "WHAT IS THIS" Then I looked it up, and went to a dermatologist to get it checked out, and he did the "Pen test"
This is something I haven't encountered before, but have heard about from my friend, who has a cousin with a severe case, to the point where she must wear special clothing to avoid skin contact. I also have a very severe case, I can NOT wear tight fitting clothing, and being a girl having to wear basketball shorts and XL t-shirts to avoid skin contact isn't ideal.
Do you find the symptom to be painful or just kind of itchy and how long do they last? They're just itchy and have a burning sensation, 10-20 minutes.
Do you have a specific antihistamine that you take for this to reduce the irritation or just some kind of over-the-counter one? They really dont make one to be honest, I've look around, asked my doctor, he said I can buy "Rash ointment." But I find it useless because I don't have a rash... it makes the itching and burning stop... until the next time I bump into a counter, or walk to the bathroom barefoot. The first time I bought it, I went through a tube of it in 2 days, its was 15 dollars for it, That's a lot to spend every two days...
Have you any idea if this is a temporary condition due to external factors? It is temporary, but long term temporary... I just got dermagraphism about a year ago. I'm told it can go away at any given moment, but normally lasts till you hit menopause. -_____-
Don't children get free health care in the U.S.? Not if you don't have parents. My 'guardian' is my boyfriends mom, I went to get medical and they said "She is not related to you, we're sorry" so yeah, it's rather stupid. D:<
Have you tried applying for Medicaid? Yes, denied. I've applied for everything in California, no one will approve me. Guess I'll just have to wait till I get a job with medical benefits, haha.
Reminds me of this. AHAHAHA. That was rather funny.
What's the effect of things that actually puncture your skin, such as when you get a shot? Well I get a birth control shot once every 3 months, and it gets itchy as hell after the shot! Also, I can not get any tattoos... EXCEPT, I can get ONE on the top of my left foot because my dermgraphism isnt as bad there as the rest of my body. But normally, people get a tattoo in one session, I have to get mine in 8! Only best pressure makes my skin welt, and a tattoo machine, will make my skin welt and can distort the lines, so this is why I have to get it done in 8 sessions instead of 1.
Depo shot? Mhmm, mhmmm.
How do you like it? I have been on it since last September. One of my friends had it and it made her so emotional, and a lot of people seem to hate it. I LOVE IT. I was told to get the pill, but I was like "... I'll forget to take it" But yeah, it's awesome, quick easy, never have to worry. and NO MORE PERIOD. The reason why I got birth control in the first place wasn't for worry about me getting pregnant... I got it so I wouldnt have the HORRIBLE cramps I used to.
Yeah, I got mine for migraines. I LOVE having no periods. I'm going to be sad next year when I can't get it any more! Do you know what you're doing after it? I don't want to go back to having periods Why do you have to go off of it? ): Well, one of my good friends was on depo for 3 YEARS, she skyped me the other day and was like "I DONT KNOW HOW PEOPLE LIVE WITH THIS, IVE HAD TO CHANGE MY TAMPON 3 TIMES THIS HOUR, WHY?!?!?!" I honestly hope I never have to get off of it until I want to have children, depo is my life saver. I used to have like really bad cramps, so bad that I would have to leave school because I didnt want to be a pussy and cry infront of everyone -____- but they were so baddd.
Does it hurt or itch at all? It's doesn't hurt, but it does become inflamed. It burns and itches for about 15 minutes (till the welt fades away) or until I go and take a hot shower.
How does it affect your life the most from day to day? It really does effect my daily life to be honest... like I can not walk bare foot, or else I get welts on my feet that itch like crazy, and if you've ever had an itch on the bottom of your foot, you would understand that you cant itch it without it getting tickilish. "High-fives" are a big NO NO. Sitting on a chair without a pillow makes my ass itch, so its hard to go out to restaurants to have a nice meal. Also sleeping is a big issue, because any pressure applied to my body ends with welts, so If I'm laying down I have to be like "DO NOT ITCH." Because if I don't itch, the welts go away in 10-20 minutes.
This might possibly be the worst thing ever. It probably almost is, haha.
Sitting on a chair without a pillow makes my ass itch, so its hard to go out to restaurants to have a nice meal. That sounds like a pain in the ass... HAHAHAHA.
How is sex then? I hope I'm not crossing a line. I'm genuinely interested. Just answered this, but seeing as how Im a girl, and none of my sexual organs are on the outside, just like any other persons sex. (: No itchyness.
So having this condition as a man, the whole penis would get thicker..... sign me up! Hahaha.
But, there's a lot of grabbing and feeling in sex. None of that affects you? Haha, yes there is. What I thought you meant was about the whole "Penetration" thing Anyways, hot showers make my welts go away, so shower after sex. ahaha
During isn't so bad either! Ahahaha, forgot to include that.
My sister has this as well. Can you read her thoughts? Probably, HAHA.
Do you find this useful when you come across The Silence and have nothing to make tally marks with? (yes this is a Doctor Who joke...) Lol, omg.
Seriously though, does it hurt when you make marks like the one in the pic provided? or is it just annoying and bumpy? It's not really bumpy, it like a HUGE BUMP, like people get freaked out when they ask me to show them how it happens and I tell them to feel it, because it feels like, a growth er something. And no, it doesn't hurt, just itches and burns. Very annoying, as well.
Still sounds uncomfortable. It kinda is... but eh, not that much, I mean I could have something worse, like cancer. I see people on dermaphism message boards getting so mad they have it, like saying its ruining their lives, and a bunch of bullshit, and they have like stage 2 dermagraphism, I have stage 4 the highest it can get and I'm just like "stop being a fucking pussy and get over it." I mean those people crying over it and shit could have something much worse... same with me, so it doesnt boter me as much as people would expect. :)
Hey there, fellow Dermagraphic. What's the worst thing anyone has written on you? I had friends pin me down at a water park and write on my back that I'm gay. Hmm, normally a big ol' penis on my arm. but recently someone wrote "666" on my forehead while I was sleeping, ahaha.
Can you cause the reaction yourself? (I don't mean scratching yourself, but rather making a fist and squeezing really tightly) Does it affect your scalp? (i.e. if you were to scratch your head would that then make it worse??) Yeah I can, hahaha. And yes, for some weird reason I always think I have lice? o.O Because my head gets so itchy all the time, and being all weird like I am, I always check for lice. Espically since I live in California and lice is a major issue here. I DONT HAVE LICE THOUGH, haha.
Sometimes my skin reacts much stronger than other times. Do you experience the same? Yeah sometimes, depends on the pressure being applied. o:
How difficult is whackin' the tubeworm? If you're asking about me 'wackinin' MY tubeworm' I don't have a penis, but if you're asking about 'wackin' A tubeworm' eh, not that bad.
What did you even say? Im pretty sure what I said makes sense.
Is it painful? How did you go so long (you said you found out yourself while watching a TV show with your boyfriend so you must have been 16+) before anyone found out what it was? Well I haven't always had it, it just randomly shows up out of no where, and when I saw that show I had had it for about a month. And correct, I'm 17 about to be 18.
Does ALL of your skin do this? Like, if you put on eyeliner, does that make your eyelids swell? What about your lips and tongue? Does it affect your health in any way? Do hard touches (like slaps) hurt you more than somebody without this? And one last one. If somebody gets scratched by a dog, their skin does this same thing, but eventually fades. Since a light touch of pencil does that, would a dog scratch make it HUGE and more puffy than usual? Id say about 90% of my body does this... but not my eyelids, eyebrows, or lips, my tongue does get itchy some times if i bite it, but I dunno if thats a cause of this, possibly. Nope, doesnt hurt any more than usual. anddddd, mine welt up worse, I have a hamster and I have a hard time playing with him because of his tinnnny nails that scratch the hell out of me, I can only play with him for like 15 minutes at a time. I also have a cat who accidently scratched me yesterday, it looked BAD, but when I woke up this morning, it just looked like a normal scratch scabbed over.
How do you wash yourself in the shower? Does it irritate your skin? If you read one of the questions I answered I say that "hot showers make my welts go down" So if I'm taking a hot shower my scrubber doesn't do anything, but in cold showers, I have to use my hands to wash my body. D;
This sounds like it causes you to miss out on quite a lot of things we all take for granted. You said that you'll likely have to live with this until menopause hits. How do you see yourself coping with this in the future? Will things get easier or harder? Do you (or do you anticipate) have trouble with relationships because of the restrictions on physical contact? I feel things will get easier, I'll learn to live with it a lot better... and I dont think I'll have problems with it, my boyfriend I have currently, which Ive had for the past two years doesnt find it a problem. :)
Did you take that definition from wikipedia? I did indeed, it explained it a lot better than I, myself could explain. I see you looked up dermagraphism. Haha.
How much of your body skin does it effect? What happens when you clap your hands? Can it also happen to your face? 90% of my body, and yes it happens when I clap. Yes, my cheeks and forehead are effected.
When writing, does the area which comes in contact with the pen get inflamed? Can you still write after, or is it a lost cause? Yesssss, one of the reasons why I do online school, lol. But yes, I try to never write. If I have to write a letter, I normally type it instead.
Well, since no one is asking. What is sex like? Can you have sex? At least rub one out? Is there some sort of medication or preparation so you CAN have sex? (i hope you are old enough to answer this. Deff not a pedobear) Haha, people have already ask, you must not of looked hard enough. ;D Yes I can have sex, penetration doesn't cause my dermagraphism to act up. And medication for sex? I don't think so.
Does this include places like the top of your fingers and the bottom of your feet? Bottom of my feet, only.
So is it harder to walk? Only if I walk bare foot, If I have shoes or sandals on, for some reason the don't get welts.
Do you get wrote when you shave? I've said in previous replies, that if I'm in the shower my skin condition doesn't effect me. Hot water makes my welts go down, so not nothing happens when I shave, but if I shaved and wasn't in the shower, which would make no sense, then it would effect me.
Is it all over, or only on certain parts of the body? 90 % of my body. Except for my lips, nose, eyelids, and eyebrows, probably a few other places i havent noticed yet too.
How the fuck do you jack off then? Do you leave a hand print on your dick? I am a girl, so I don't have a dick.
How did/does this affect your life in middle/high school? Lots of people, uncomfortable desks, and note taking for 7+ hours a day. I'm a naturally clumsy person, so I bumped into everything in those days. I just got this last year, 10th grade. and I do online school, so Ive never had to encounter this.
Can you post a video of this happening? I just can't imagine what it would be like having words appear on your skin, my mind won't wrap around it. Or am I asking too much? Well, hmm... I have no idea how I would be able to upload it, seeing as I can only use my phone for taking videos. Shoot me your email and ill try to email a video to you. Im at work right now, so it might not be for an hour if that what youd like to do.
Has this ever caused hilarious overreactions? Like someone doesn't know you have it and they hit you on accident. Yes, about 2 years ago I tought my aunt this game. If you see an out of state license plate, you punch the person closest to you. Anyways, I'm with my aunt every day, almost because I baby sit her children and man oh man, does she "forget" I have dermagraphism. lol.
What's the funniest thing that's happened because of your condition? Hm, I cant really think of anything thats too funny... Hm, ): Ill get back to you if I can think of something.
Do you ever risk going to parties and potentially getting drunk? Has anyone ever drawn on you in your sleep? Why would me getting drunk be a risk to getting drawn on? HAHA, I don't sleep over at people's houses, I find it rather, gross.
Some mexican dude in my class last year could do this. him and his brother. This disorder doesnt seem like it is holding you back or anything correct? Eh, not really. In little ways, sure; but nothing major.
What happens to your skin if you have really rough sex? Ahaha, any areas touched will welt up. xD.
Oh my xD. Yep, ahaha.
Dude me too, bread is my life. That's how I got the allergy in the first place -.- life's a real joker hey? Bread is cheap, bread fills you up, bread is good. lol Was it a gluten allergy by chance? o:
Do you get treated badly in school? Because honestly, this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! You should seriously consider writing things on your arm for money. I'd pay. No I didnt get treated bad, but I also didnt have this when I went to public school. I've been home schooled since the beginning of this year. and ahaha, good idea.
I used to have this too! I was diagnosed with it when I was 17, but it cleared up by the time I was 23. Initially, it was really uncomfortable and embarrassing, but lessened significantly overtime. Do you know whether or not it's common for it to fade as we age? Well, I've heard it sometimes fades, sometimes it will go away, then come back; and sometimes it wont fully go away til you hit menopause. THATS A LONG TIME, lol.
Whoa, pretty fascinating. Have you ever had anyone try to write bad (or awesome) things on you? Yeah, I get penises drawn on me, 666, "I love cock" All that Jazz, ahaha.
How long does it last when you are "drawn" on? 10-20 minutes, normally around 15 minutes. Unless hot water is applied.
You're not alone. I have the same "disorder" as you. How have you delt with it? For me, i've tried prescribed antihistamines but they don't do much. Same way, I really don't do much, except live with it.
So are you a bumpy mess down there after sex? Nope. Already answered about the sex life.
Do you think this is possibly caused by your body reaction to a chemical you've recently been exposed to? Possibly. Its from an "unknown allergy" and the only thing I'm allergic to are non-organic foods, but I've ALWAYS been allergic to those, so I don't know why all of a sudden I would get this. I mean, some times I still eat non-organic food, only because the reaction I have to it is stupid, it makes me look like I have pink eye, but I dont think it has anything to do with it. If I eat a non-organic tomato right now, I'll still get the pink eye symptom, and I wont bust out in hives.
I must not tell lies. Please do it. Link to i48.tinypic.com (:
OP delivers! Told you I would. \m/
This deserves all the upvotes in the world :) Right? lol.
In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix an evil teacher makes him write lines with a special quill that scratches the works into his hand. The line he writes is , " I must not tell lies" and it starts to appear on his hand. I'll post a link in a second. Omg, I'm such an idiot. HAHA. I was like "..." I do understand what youre saying now, and don't have to watch the video. give me about 20 minutes, I'll post a photo for you buddy. (:
This has to be asked. What happens when you.. Beat the bishop. So to speak. I don't have a penis, this has already be answered. If I give someone a hand job, my hands become inflamed. But I'm not gunna be like "Sorry, I have to stop, my hands are on FIRE." That's a little rude, lol.
What happens when you get a hickey... lol. I would never let ANYONE give me a hickey, because that's just not attractive.
Upvotes for most ballinest proof ever. I'm an awesome basketball player, guise.
I am so freaking jealous. Of?
You can write on your skin. One can only think of the magic tricks, and acting positions you could get. Not to mention you would be able to scare the hell out of me by saying a demon wrote a message through you and then there it is etched in your skin. OH HELL NOPE! Haha, my friend said the same thing. "Can I please write 666 on your forehead so someone will think you're a demon?!" Lol.
I have it as well and it's dangerous to use it to cheat on tests. Because you risk having it turn into a full blown anaphylactic reaction. I carry an epi pen around because of dermagraphism. Having your skin release tons and tons of histamines is not a good plan. :S. Yeah, I understand what you're saying, I've been told to carry an epi pen too, but I haven't had a horribly bad reaction to where I feel like I need one. The day might come, but it also might not. :p
You should really, really have one on you. It's great nothing has happened yet, but if it does then you're fucked. Dead. I shall invest into one.
Hey! Me too. Fucking hate it (so itchy) Indeed >.<
I think they were asking for specifics about the pen test. You get a pen, and draw a line gently on your hand, it it welts up, boom. Dermagraphism.
I have this too! I've never met anyone else with it. When I take reactine, the itchiness goes away and anything that would turn out to be welts or hives turn into red marks on my skin instead, maybe it will work for you too. I've already tried it, didn't help. :/
No offence, for a minute I thought the title said "Derp"graphism" Srry, too much reddit. Hope I made you laugh atleast.. That's what I think of every time I have to type it, no worries. ;D.
You must have to be especially careful at parties. I mean, you pass out and people can just etch dicks on you with their finger. Oh I know, I get dicks drawn on me all the time. HAHA. srs.
Haha it would be a total mom thing to type 'SO' instead of 'son.' HAHA, xD Sorry about that, I should've known that facepalm Yeah, thats why I didnt really understand the whole question I got about if it messes with my relationships, I dont think it really effects anything in a relationship.
Wow... thats very easy to read... now all you have to do is learn how to do some complex encryption/decryption and you'll never fail an exam again! Haha, well the welts fade into like one massive blob after about 5 minutes. xD
There's an edit button down there for your convenience Nice to know. :p.
You could take that into account and have like a 3D effect. Ahaha, my stomach would be the new controversial "art."
Aw man that would be so insane though haha. I know. D;
Can you write "I love milf_" :) Give me about, 30 minutes... I have to get all these welts to fade away from all the requests. :p
My friend has that! It's hilarious! we love to write shit on/slap him at the beach! Yeah, ahaha. Happens a lot. x]
Its a wierd one, i didnt get it until i was 26, i have an incredibly stressful week and i think it "broke" my immune system because since then ive been fairly badly dermographic... wierd. Are you saying you have dermagraphism?
Yeah, since that week. Went for an allergy test and they thought i was allergic to the pen used to draw the grid :) had to explain! Haha, yeah. I'm supposted to go get the board test done? Like is 1ftx1ft board with like 100 needles on it that have a certian type of food on it, and they have to push it into my back... -_____- sounds fun! ahaha.
I am a dermagraphic piece of clay onto which I was drawn.
Please explain what you're trying to say.
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