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The Frozen fan

THIS IS IT!!! It would be great if you all read this post in it's entirety.
Anna: Pssst, Anthony, wake up! wake up! wake up!
Me: what? no let me sleep! I haven't slept for hours unlike you lol.
Anna: No way. You have to wake up! It is October 14. Happy Google Plus Anniversary my love! I bet you would like to write something for all your friends and followers!
Me: OHH YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!! Thanks a big baller billion for reminding me! I want to write something for our followers AND for you!
Anna: ahahaha I totally got that BBB reference lol. That guy can sometimes be hilarious. For me? ooooooooooooooh I can't wait to read it!
Me: Yes! You got it. And yeah now everyone will know how I got here on this wonderful social media site. I'll start now!
Anna: Sounds good!
Okay. First of all, I want to thank everyone who follows Anna, me and my collections, the ones that comment common sense on my posts, and all the wonderful friends I have met here!
How did I get here? It's a long story that I'll make as short as possible.
On November 27 2013, My parents, sisters and me went to see Disney's Frozen. ❄ That is, and will always be, my favorite movie of all time. I sincerely don't think any movie will ever eclipse it, not even Frozen 2 even if it'll most likely be superior. Reason why is simply because of how much it affected and changed me as a person. I never knew that I would be in love with a Disney Princess movie, but here I am! Loving it even more every day. Not just the movie, but the Frozen Franchise in general.
I was not a social media guy at all back then. YouTube was what I only watched back in the day, mainly car videos and drag races. However, one day I had to look up for this awesome song named "Let It Go" because it was just too good. When I heard it there, I had an almost unbelievable obsession with that song. I spent more than 2 hours daily (YES, DAILY!) listening to that song for months. I did not have a legit account on YouTube to comment, nor I did know that I could share all the love I had for Frozen in Google Plus.
I knew that Facebook existed, but I did not like it, reason why it's because it's not lively enough in my opinion. Many people just cared for getting stuff for FarmVille and CityVille there and I also didn't want to create a social media account at the time.
Fast forward to about September...
One day I came across this gentlemen named +Evan Sampson™​​​​​ on YouTube. He was spanking Let It Go and Frozen haters like an absolute savage and I said: Wow! This guy sure is good at what he does!
I, on the other hand, was a "Frozen" love bomb just about to explode and say to the world how much I TRULY loved Frozen. But here's the thing, I was actually scared of telling the world how much I loved that "Disney Princess" movie. I remember myself commenting something similar to this instead:
"Frozen is my 3rd favorite movie, The Lion King is my favorite."
I ended up telling that "FAKE NEWS" as my president would say because I was an EXTREMELY DUMB teenager who did not want to be hated because of my love for Frozen. THAT IS SOMETHING THAT I WILL FOREVER REGRET! In reality though, I was in love with it by then, classifying it as the #1 movie of all time in the world. That love was juuuuuuust like Elsa was, It was concealed. I wasn't manly enough to take it out. Now, things are so different that I am contemplating doing a Frozen wrap in my car. It's white so it would fit in so darn nicely.
How I Joined Google Plus...
On October 13 2014 I got a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. No big deal, until the following day.
The day after that, I started searching for a new lock screen and wallpaper. OF COURSE it had to be Anna related. The ideal pictures would be Anna with her hands back without the cape as the lock screen, and my all-time favorite pose (Anna holding her braid) as the wallpaper. There was this tiny little problem though, I did not know how to download images from Google. I was new to the world of fancy Annandroid tablets so the only thing I basically knew was the location of the power button and the Charger port. That is literally it, no joke.
I entered Google Plus and created an account because I thought those two images would download easily there. I sincerely thought that G+ was an enhanced, faster version of the Google search engine. When I entered, I obviously wrote on the people search bar "Princess Anna images" and what I got was no results. Then "Princess Anna" and I got a ton of Anna role-play accounts. (If all those Anna's or ex-Anna roleplayers or lovers are still doing fine, I give you a shoutout and I hope you all are great!)
Of course the images did not appear. I was still lost.
I don't know how I came across this image of the 2011 Best Driver's Car contenders, but somehow unintentionally, I ended up posting it to the whole wide world without saying anything. It was blank and still is to this day.
Very shortly after that, I finally realized that Google Plus was a social media site where we could all share our obsessions!
Instead of looking for those two images, I ended up looking up how to DOWNLOAD IMAGES ON MY TABLET!!!
As soon as I discovered how to download pictures from Google, everything, and I mean everything began to change. The engine revved. The tires started spinning, my inner car started moving, and I haven't looked back ever since then!
I started posting some Frozen content, and I felt much better now that I had the guts to share my obsession to the world.
I met Evan, that huge fan I was talking about earlier, in G+. That savage who debunked haters in a matter of seconds (although I vividly remember that 500-comment discussion against one of those guys lol. Glad it's long over.) This man has played a big part in my G+ career and he made me realize that it is best to believe in yourself at all times. Stop reading for a moment and add him NOW. RIGHT NOW.
Still, there was one more thing! I wanted to rock an Anna profile picture but I did not. I didn't want to be questioned and I did not want to get confused with a lady. So for a few months, I switched profile pictures all over the place until I finally said: Screw it, I'll use whatever picture I want whenever I want. If I get questioned then I will respond accordingly.
Shortly after I met Evan there, a tremendous man named +Trey J. Anderson™​​​​​ (TheMagicGuitarPlaya) really has helped me quite A LOT. I still remember the day he made me a G+ cover of Anna, Elsa, and a '15 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 all together in Arendelle. His editing skills are off the charts truly! We have made some edits together (though he does the bulk of the work!) and I will never forget all the EPIC gifts he has made for my birthday. He also has been a tremendous friend from day 1 whom you should subscribe NOW. He's active in YouTube so go ahead and watch all the content he's got.
Then, just when I started to get the hang of the app, I met +Edwin Onofre​​​​​ The biggest Elsa lover you will ever meet. He has also been a very important friend who has also been there since the very early days! He has inspired me in many ways including being a better friend. I will never ever forget those epic fan-fictions he made way back in 2015, I still enjoy reading that. Thanks for everything you have done man!
Can't forget about my good mate +Hans Westergård​​​​​! He was the first car enthusiast/Frozen lover I met on here. I still remember a Frozen trivia he made one day. When I got the 100% correct message , I felt really really good about it lol.
He is an ULTRA COOL friend who can totally brag about giving me the best birthday present ever. An ULTRA RARE Sega Anna figurine that I will have for the rest of my life and beyond.
First on the list is the LEGIT +Queen Of Fandoms*​​​​​ She was one of the very first friends I made on here, and I remember when she was on aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll the time! She is a very upbeat person and she brings joy to G+!!! She makes Annawesome edits (I love her Anna ones!!!) and she is a great Elsa roleplayer even though she does not admit it. (Come on sing Let It Go!!!) Thanks for being a great friend, I hope you get to 3 trillion followers soon. Meanwhile, have this! 🍫🍫🍫 ) She'll scream you'll see! 😆😂🍫
Up next is definitely +Princess Styles​​​​​
She has been a goooood friend of mine ever since the very beginning. She is a very avid Hans/1D lover who is a very caring person and has given me countless shoutouts! Ohhh, she also loves those HTTYDHTTHTTHTTYWKDND movies and episodes. Wait, is that how you call em?
Now, The one who really made me join Google Plus...
If you got to this point, you already know who is she. You know who is the one that has impacted me the most, the one who I can say that I dearly love with everything I have.
Princess Anna Olivo™ Of Arendelle!!!!
Yes, I gave her my last name. She loves it!
I can make this way longer if I let myself carry on. She really is the most wonderful lady I have ever seen. She (and her sister to a good extent) is the reason why I am writing this.
I dearly love you, you little princess. You know what makes me happy? Not a Koenigsegg, not a billion dollars, but knowing that I will be able to look directly at you and fall in love with your gorgeous eyes, being able to blush when you show me the world's most wonderful smile, and most importantly, what makes me happy is you letting me love you with all my heart and soul. 💖
That's all I got lads! The reason why I don't mention more friends is because I wanted to mention some of my very early Beta esque veterans. I hope you all enjoyed the read and may you all have an Annatastic day! Don't forget to add everyone mentioned in this post. You won't regret it!
Thinks about Anna again... She's so wonderful! 😍😍😍
The first picture was the first Anna image I ever downloaded, the second is my first close-up, and the third one is my favorite pose of all time. #Disney #Frozen #Anna #Cute #Adorable #Beautiful #ImInLove!
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