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[PC-BETA] TheTopMostDog's (Long-ish) List of QOL Suggestions (& Discussion?)

[PC-BETA] TheTopMostDog's (Long-ish) List of QOL Suggestions (& Discussion?)
Howdy guys!
The following is a list of less-contentious suggestions that I think would generally improve the playability and quality-of-life of the game, for all players. Many of them are optional features, or objective problems with design that need addressing (whether or not my suggestion becomes the solution or not).
Suggestions are numbered for ease of reference. Thank you for reading and please don't forget to show your support or criticisms, if any, by leaving a comment.

1. Allow FoV slider max adjustment to +15 degrees
I don't have any of my usual migraine issues that I get with low-FOV games (the view is wide enough, here), but it's still just a tad shy of my preferred settings, which probably means I'm not playing at my best.
I'd greatly appreciate this addition, but at the same time - at least for myself - I don't think it a necessity; it might be for others, though, hence I still highly recommend the change.

2. 3D HUD icon-scale/transparency
The world icons, while less obstructive when aiming down sights, still get in the way more than they should.

3. Move zone-capture progress bar to a less-invasive location on screen
Anywhere other than almost dead center would be an improvement. Perhaps up, underneath the minimap, or on the opposite side?

4. Options to make 2D HUD generally less invasive
Allow moving of HUD elements further toward the edge of the screen; allow existing slider to remove excess padding [see image at bottom of post].
Additionally, add transparency and scale sliders, ideally per element - or at least include auto-hide visibility options for each; always on/when in use/never. Specifically, allow the client-side disabling of the passive minimap when UAV not in progress.

5. Options to make friendly player names less invasive
The floating names, which do not fade behind terrain lead to enemy mistaken identity. COD4 and MW2 nameplates faded behind terrain.
Additionally, options to set the scale and transparency of friendly player names.
[Contentious] Ink teammates in blue outlines while on-screen, faded when behind terrain, and show nameplates only when aiming at them. Inking could be invisible in Realistic mode, with nameplates behaving the same.

6. Move or remove "You" icon from killcams
The arrow that points to your character during killcams aims at your feet, obstructing view of yourself. The graphic needs to be moved further out of the way.
Alternatively, ink the player character with a gold outline while on-screen, faded while behind terrain, to better demonstrate what parts of your body were protruding from behind cover.

7. Friend/party-member green names
Display friends and party-members in green everywhere that they appear, particularly the 3D overlay and nameplates - to help locate them in the world (especially for users of 3rd party VOIP; discord, teamspeak, mumble, skype, etc. so you can group up easier and move together).

8. Allow the binding of slide and crouch keys independently
Crouch cannot be bound separately, meaning sprinting into a crouch requires particular tap-input, and slide occasionally fails to trigger while sprinting, leaving you crouching in the open, in a doorway, etc; a dedicated, optional bind for each should mostly eliminate this issue.

9. Add a specific switch-to-last-weapon bind (ala source-engine games' Q-keybind)
I noticed the game has 3 weapon slots in the keybinds, so having a switch-to-last bind would be useful for whenever a player has 3 weapons equipped (though I don't know where this will apply based on my experience in the beta; I'm just preempting a use-case).

10. Add a full-map overlay bind
Basically the same thing that's visible in options menu, but a dedicated overlay, just the map for quick access. Most FPS games call this the 'map key' or 'full map', and I usually bind it to ALT. Useful to check the location of airstrikes, vehicles, UAVs, etc. This wouldn't add new functionality, but instead make it easier and less invasive than using the menu key.

11. Allow independent binding of weapon-pickup and revive keybinds
Gamemodes where allied players can be revived requires the press of the action/use key. This frequently lead to difficulty reviving them, and accidental swapping of your equipped weapon.

12. Enable text chat on victory/final replay screen (!!)
Pretty self-explanatory. Fix textchat so that it is usable on the end-game results screen, during the final killcam and throughout the scoreboard display.

13. Motion blur strength sliders per type
I don't personally use motion blur, but I can imagine this would be a preference for many people.

14. Add an on/off toggle for depth-of-field blur, and improve existing implementation
Depth of field currently appears more as a pixel-scatter than a blur and needs to be improved [see images at bottom of this post]. When viewing the images, note the 'blur' around the scope, and on objects beside the player (namely on the left, behind the kill feed).
Additionally, DOF historically has had a toggle in the options menu for Call of Duty, and we need to see a return of this for players like myself.

15. Increase microphone volume slider max to 200% to allow boosting of quiet microphones
I was told by a bunch of my friends that my microphone was too quiet in game, despite being set to 100%. See next suggestion.

16. Microphone self-test feature so we can fix mic volume/threshold issues
Self-explanatory. I had mic issues in game and could not diagnose them, myself.

17. Add on-screen, clickable buttons for menus currently only accessible via keypress
Menus such as the weapon-attachment unlock-progress screen (top right of gunsmith page) is not accessible via mouse input.

18. Add post processing sharpen
Most antialiasing results in a reduction in clarity, especially at larger distances, meaning most competitive players will opt to turn the feature off. Give players a more reasonable decision by adding an optional sharpening filter, with adjustable strength, to counteract the blurriness.

19. Allow skip of intro after first boot
Don't make players annoyed every time they see the name of the developer.
Alternatively, add a skip-intro option.

20. Clock and Timestamps in text chat
Messages from 5 matches ago can be mistaken for recent ones.
Additionally, add the current system time somewhere on the chatbox when visible.

21. Add a dedicated leave-queue button, accessible regardless of what screen you're on
Having to leave the menu you're on to cancel the queue is a pain, especially when you're viewing unlocks and don't plan to queue again.
Additionally, remove the exit-queue confirmation dialogue. It's not crucial to confirm that a player wants to exit queue, as it's so easily undone if pressed accidentally. On the contrary, being put in a match while trying to leave queue (perhaps even to just change filters) is frustrating.

22. Gunsmith menu in-game is easier to use than the full-view in the lobby
Not sure what can be done here without taking away some developer's time and effort. If the two could be integrated into one, that would be great for muscle memory. Perhaps a quick-select pop-out for attachments, or a 'favourites' list where you could quickly select another set of preferred attachments?

[4.] Unnecessary Edge-Padding
[14.] Depth of Field ENABLED [Cropped Lobby Image]

[14.] Depth of Field DISABLED [Cropped Lobby Image]

[14.] Depth of Field ENABLED
[14.] Depth of Field DISABLED
Footnote: I've got a bunch of stuff that I'll be posting over three separate threads, divided into Quality-of-Life/optional-feature suggestions, contentious/subjective-preference suggestions, and bugs/issues I encountered in the game during beta. There may be a little overlap as I flesh out the dot points I have written down. I'll return here and link each of the other threads once they all have a URL. This is the largest and most impactful segment, so I'm starting with this.
About me: I'm not a Youtuber or anything, so my exposure with this kind of thing is always going to be limited, but I like to think I have an idea about some stuff; give me feedback as to whether I'm on the right track! I started playing CoD seriously with CoD4:Modern Warfare (2007) and I own eight titles in the series, with a moderate hiatus covering most of the recent, futuristic-based ones. I own and have played all of the *cough* Battlefield franchise, and begun PC gaming in the late 90s. I took a liking to FPS games when we first got a 28.8k dial-up internet connection, and things started getting competitive. My preferences might be a little old-fashioned, but I try to remain objective where possible, and will forever push for the betterment of gaming as a whole, both competitive and casual, as well as for improved accessibility for those with ailments: who turn to gaming as an escape.
[Edit: Thanks reddit for the formatting trouble (on mobile it still has numbers out of order, despite them being plaintext?). My username is in title for better searchability, mostly for my friends.]
submitted by TheTopMostDog to modernwarfare

CS:GO Moveimaking

Recently got into CS:GO and worked my way up to DMG.
I have hit a few nice shots on the way up there and would maybe like to make a short movie.
I would say im pretty good at editing. as I used to play cod4 on a competitive level and made a movie or so on there.
However I am having some troubles with it on CSGO, especially when it comes to smoothing. My demos are saved from GOTV and I use HLAE and smoofer to do my smooths. However when i press the record button that is linked to my config The game lags like shit and I'm just having complete difficulty being able to make smooths. (My pc should not lag atall, it is quite high spec!)
Is there anybody nice enough who could show me the ropes as I have watched enough youtube videos to give me permanent eye site damage now haha.
I would even consider the posibility of giving you some money.
skype - redcow789
Thankyou :)
  • Sorry for being a noob :)
submitted by redcow789 to GlobalOffensive

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