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Sorry if this reddit post gets to long, but its a big base with a long story. Sorry for spelling and grammatical errors.
TL;DR Fried and Cookie tried to grief newfag base got dropped so newfags blew it up themselves.
( In case u don't know me i go by many names. Infinitypanda and Nukl are the main ones)
The Story of Vardzia starts on Feburary 26, 2019.
I was talking in chat on my first few days of experiencing the server and get a message from a player by the name of Dinosaurwizard. He told me he has seen my signs on the nether highways. We get to chatting and i ask him if he wants to make a base with me. He replied with yes, and we got on our way. We started with a small base called Out Post 1, with the intention of moving out farther.
Next we decided we need more base members. We started talks with 2 other players, The_Glekster and Aesaer. Then on a trip back to spawn I met another player named Kinetic_Spectrum, who logged after I came after him with a wood sword. We got to talking and I Invited him. We all meet at a New base, Outpost 2. Dino and the rest of the crew go to find a main base location, whereas i go off to meet new people.
A picture of Outpost 2, a base of which we later destroyed ourselves for safety reasons
One of our members, The_Glekster, had met some players on his travels to our base. FrostedRouge and Corraine. I was on my way to meet them at one of their bases when i saw a message in chat. Someone was freaking out because they had found a castle. I engaged them in chat, trying to stall them so my basemates could get on and make sure the castle was safe. The base was safe, so i kept the conversation going. After a while the guys sent me coords to the base. This base turned out to be zoomertown.
I told a few of my trusted basemates and we took shulkers and ran. (We didnt grief the base)
Then I met someone on my alt at end spawn. ATotalHobo, which is dq6. We became friends and after a while he sent me coords to a dupe stash, since then we have stopped talking.(We got enought items to fill 3 dubs from these locations as everything was 2nd hand) I then met up with Frosted and corraine, we expanded the Z+ highway for a while, then headed to vardzia.
From here on out everything is chill. Dino and glek build, i shit around and there is world peace. Until early June, where we got access to the donkey hclip dupe. Thanks to Koze_404 and Kinger6621 duping day in and day out we were able to fill up with the amphitheater worth of just which for us newfags was crazy. I later took an inventory of the stash.
  • Gapples-373248
  • Obsidian-889920
  • Totems-8748
  • Vardzia Knight Kits-1134
  • Vardzia Spawn PvP kits-432
  • Lavacast 101 Kits-116
  • TNT-361152
  • End Crystals-371520
  • Withers We Can Spawn-15500
  • XP Bottles-233280
  • Ender Chests-88128
  • Golden Carrots-179712
  • Diamond Pickaxes-2376
  • Dragon Heads-24192
  • Gold Blocks-48615 (ore-437535)
  • God Helmets-2403
  • God Chestplates-2403
  • God Leggings-2403
  • God Boots-2403
Now starts the story that lead to the downfall of Vardzia.
Nearing the end of June I befriended 2 players. UncoChad and Jaden (the then leader of the Southern Canal Corp) Together we made a group called the Triple Entente, Which involved Vardzia,The SCC and The House of Dayne. We were gonna get started on some stuff but I had to leave for a summer camp, when i came back, everything had changed. From here I am going to tell the story to the best of my ability, I wasn't here so i am just piecing together what I have heard. Try to keep up cause a lot of pieces at play here.
Chads base House of Dayne's coords got leaked on the subreddit, Chad thought this to be Jaden (Has not been confirmed). The group got disbanded but one of the members of Vardzia, FrostedRouge had befriended a player in the SCC by the name of MuncherofMuff. Then Nyroc won the Constantiam election, So then Cuboyd, his Salt Miners and Chad raided the Canal. Together they destroyed many of the Canal outposts and Stashes. After that MuncherofMuff was broke, so Frosted stupidly invited him to our stash, Which was Vardzia. Muncher never came here, but he sent the Coords to Jaden of the SCC. I told my group they had nothing to worry about. Jaden was on very good terms with me.
Jaden was pissed so he set off on a revenge mission on Cuboyd. Then Cuboyd got banned, and Jaden was pissed. He wanted vigilante justice. So he campaigned for Cuboyd to get unbanned. He then got into talking to Players such as CookieofGods and FriedVevo.
Jaden leaked Vardzia coords to get into a group with FriedVevo and CookieofGods named Passione.
On august 22, Vardzia was attacked by CookieofGods and FriedVevo. Wips was able to notify us and myself, TheGlekster, Ratrx and Wips were able to get on. I killed CookieOfGods, then we killed FriedVevo, Fried did not have a spawn set, but Cookie did. He got Noble to log onto his account and fight for him, then Chad logged online and fought and killed him. Wips talked them out of continuing the grief. Together, we finished griefing the castle ourselves, since Cookie and Fried did such a shit job, didnt even do the base justice. Took us 5 shulkers of tnt to even make a dent.

Here is a link to the World Tour Video of Vardzia Made by Cuboyd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF_jUdICNg4
Here is a link to the World Download, Not everything is finished but it is pretty close: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zerpdknyk8qbmbt/vardzia.zip/file
Here are pictures of the Mappart room that wasnt Completed in the wdl:
Here are some of the earliest pictures of the base, Followed by the most recent.
Aerial view of Vardzia 03-16-19
A photo of Vardzia taken 12 days before the grief.
A picture of Vardzia from the WDL
Next I will put a list of Player Profiles, People who based at Vardzia. If I put an * before it means I am writing it. If the message is in "" then it is directly from the player. No specific Order
Player Profiles:
*Literally the fucking best. Built most of Vardzia, always helpful, super nice. Best builder I have ever seen. He is Vardzia, owe it all to him.
*This reddit post is mostly from my POV and since Vardzia was my first base, this is also my story.
*Did the 2nd most for the base, he was always doing something. Great guy.
*Aesear was one of the OG's of the base, he later joined VoCo and grew distant from the group. Every once and a while he would keep in contact.
*Built the 80k Block long sub highway that we used to acsess our base, He found the base so we added him to the group
*Built a small Village 10k from Vardzia, now inactive, Now is turbo virgin
"I joined 28 April 2019 with 2 friends. We fucked around at spawn and met Dino. He showed us cobble City and gave me some endchests. A few Weeks later my friends left and i was alone. So i asked Dino if i can join cuz he was friendly. He trusted me and i came to vardzia."
*Friend of FrostedRouge, Inactive
*Did alot of Duping for the base
"I was walking in the nether highway for the first time.you know, with shit armor and such, I see glek pull up with someone else, you know, a nice brief talk, and then I go back to my 10k base. I invite him there, and he gives me the vardzia kit. I think I still have it in tact lmao.he seems to mention a base as I ask him, and I ask him to invite mesays no, maybe soon.some time passes, I start a base with someone else, at like 150k+ nether,and that's when he invites me to vardzia. shit's nice"
" I was invited alongside Wips and Honden where we mainly built the catacombs."
" heres my storyIt really began in March (Or April?) When I was spawnfagging. I was really burnt out from working on my base, and took the liberty of camping the 00 nether portal while Dot4 and Mario were elsewhere, doing something else. After a period of time, a player by the name of FrostedRouge came through the portal. Call it fate, but for whatever reason I had chosen to not immediately crystal him. I let him out of the portal, and immediately started a conversation with him. Frosted was a very new player (it was actually his first day) and we found lots of common ground.... he just seemed likeable for whatever reason? I gave him some food and a totem for shits and giggles, and when he left I went back to what I was doing.On June 26th, I had returned to the server (after a brief period of time away due to exams) and a familiar name showed up in my whispers. It was FrostedRouge, who wanted to thank me for helping him out of 00 at the time of our first meeting. In return for my assistance, he welcomed me to come to a 'project' of his, which he revealed to be Vardzia.I had not realized the absolute scale of the project, nor the sheer amount of detail put into the base. It was incredible, and for a month I had put time into refining specific parts of the base.I established my own home, and near it a portion of walling in the fortresses' walls had secret redstone behind it. This redstone opened a secret door, which in turn lead to my portion of Vardzia- The Scarlet Hallway, and an underground catacomb system.I had some assistance in making the catacombs, primarily with the help of Xray_Doc, who kept me slightly annoyed/amused when he would randomly spam arrows in my direction.After a period of time, I felt homesick, and decided to leave the base to return to my own (which is still under construction to this day). I did not return to Vardzia until the 22nd of August, the day it was raided.After killing the raiders and making others log, I took the duty of helping to destroy the base first, to at least preserve its dignity and stop the raiders from getting any more video content. I left withers, as well as an alt, which is stationed near the ruins in case I decide to ever look back.Rest in peace, Fortress Vardzia."
*Took some epic pictures.
*Built the Church
*Corraines brother, inactive
*One of the originals in the base, since inactive
*Found the base by accident, invited to the group and now makes mappart
" Hey. This is Fenagle. I used to just roam around greater spawn, stealing beds from other players. One day I got bored of this and went back to spawn to fuck around. While there, I ran into FrostedRouge. He asked if I was VoCo. At this moment, I could lie and say yes, or tell the truth and say no. I figured him asking had a greater chance of him being VoCo too than not, so I said yes. He put me down hard. I whispered him that I wasn't and explained my thoughts on it. We hit it off. He replaced my now burned gear with some Vardzian Knight stuff. We talked about me maybe joining vardzia after he talked to the rest of the group about it. In the meantime, he asked if I would start building a backup base on the opposite axis. At the time, I was very leery of his claims of everything, and felt like a newfag being put on. At the same time, I was bored and had never built a base before, so I figured either way, I'd have a base at the end, so I set out. I found a suitable spot far away and started building.One day, FrostedRouge was very worried. Apparently some dude got coords to vardzia and was coming to grief it. He asked if I would come out and help defend it. My HeimlenIIV account was already super far out in the other direction, but my alt, Fenagle was still at spawn, so I hopped on that and began my way out, naked and ungeared. I didn't fare too well, and ended up having to go to work before I could reach the base. It seems as though it was a false alarm, though. After that, FrostedRouge stopped appearing online. That was it, I thought. I knew it was just me getting played with, so I just hung out at my base, messing around. After a while, I got bored and asked Wips if Vardzia and gang were real, and not just a dude lying to me. He said yes. I figured I'd make my way out to see it for myself, still half certain I was wasting my time. When I got there, I was amazed. I had seen base tours before, but this was the first time I'd ever seen a large build for myself. I was also incredibly ashamed of what I had built, because it paled in comparison. I read Dino's book at the gate, and Wips book at his grave, and I got a sense of how cool this place actually was. Apparently, frosted hadn't talked about me to anybody yet, because everyone was very confused as to how I got there, and who I was. It was decided that I could hang at the base. What else could they do? Say get lost and potentially make me an enemy? They played the only card they had.I didn't feel unwelcome there, but I definitely felt out of place. I kept my Fenagle account there, and pondered on how I could add something worthy to the base. I never built anything, just added a few easter eggs here and there. They had gathered all the materials, dupe or otherwise, and it felt wrong using their stuff that I hadn't worked for at all. On grief night, I allowed Wips_ to use my account to fight off whoever was there, and do whatever he needed to do out there. I know I wasn't involved at all in this base, but whatever comes next, I'd like to help if possible. Anyway, that's my vardzia story."
*House of Gay
*FrostedRouge was a Good basemate, but also messed up alot. He wanted Vardzia to become something major, and empire or something. Most of us just wanted to chill. He wanted an army and placed those withers at spawn. He was the LARP of the group. But he also saved us a few times. He wanted best for the base, but he didnt always know what that was. Good heart, bad mind.

Some stuff you guys should know about Vardzia:
  • Base was founded March 1, 2019
  • Although we had well over a dozen members, only 7 people actually ever built at the base
  • Vardzia was named after a Cave Monastery in Southern Georgia
  • A confirmed 30 people had coords to Vardzia before it was griefed
  • Vardzia had members from 4+ Well know groups

With summer and Vardzia coming to a close, the group is heading out separate ways. Sadly their wont be a Vardzia 2. A lot of us have to get back to living our lives. I made my school football team so I will be focusing on that. Vardzia has been a journey, and now it must come to an end. But I for one will not be sad. Everything that led up to this has been great. I have learned so much, developed as a person, and got a taste of the Constantiam culture. This is a great server and Community, and on behalf of the Vardzia community we are honored that you guys have let us experience it.
submitted by Settled121 to constantiam

PC CoD Ultimate Performance Guide to fix Lag/Stutters/Delays and Boost FPS!

Hey guys!
I played CoD: Warzone for a while when it released and I never wanted to continue playing it because there was always stutters/fps drops/delay and I quit because of it. Recently, I got the courage to combat the issues and try and fix it once and for all. So I did... and I want to show you how I did it with a detailed guide that was gathered from hours of research from all different sources and put it into one organized post. Here we go.
My Specs: Intel i7-4770k OCd at 4.3gh ... GPU: GTX 1080... 16gb RAM.
First Things First: Update Windows to latest version 2004 where you can enable HAGS or short for Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling. This basically can reduce input lag and boost performance especially if you have a weaker CPU. This is what to do:
Install Windows Media Creation Tool that upgrades to version 2004 and will upgrade your OS to Pro if you dont already have. Link to Media Tool to Update
Click: Update Now
Choose: Upgrade This Pc Now ... and done. Now you wait. Will take a while but can be a Game Changer! NOTE: Once everything is done being installed Download the latest NVIDIA Driver at this link: GPU Nvidia Driver because, for me, when 2004 version was installed it installed Nvidia Driver 432.00. Once that is installed go to Search Bar > Graphics Settings > Turn Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling ON. While were here, Under Graphics Performance preference > Browse > COD directory > COD.exe > choose High performance.
NVIDIA Control Panel Optimized Settings: CREDIT TO This guys video
3D settings:
Image Sharpening: Preferred to be ON at default settings w/ scaling on.
Ambient Occlusion: Performance
Low Latency Mode: Preferred ON
Power management mode: prefer maximum performance.
preferred refresh rate: Highest available
Texture filtering Quality: High performance
Threaded optimization: Auto
Triple Buffering: Off
Vertical sync: Off
Configure Surround, PhysX > PhysX settings> Processor: Choose your GPU
Adjust image settings with preview> Use my preference emphasizing: PERFORMANCE > then click on Use the advanced 3D image settings with the bar to the left for performance.
Download & Install ISLC Download Link CREDIT TO THIS REDDIT POST: Link
check: Enable custom timer resolution
Wanted Timer Resolution: 0.50
check: Start ISLC minimized and auto-start monitoring
check: Launch ISLC on user logon
Free memory is lower than: DEPENDS ON YOUR RAM. If you have 8gb> 4096 If you have 16gb > 8196 ...Refer to this Link to see a picture of my ISLC. I have 16gb ram so I use 8196
Disable high precision event timer to make ISLC work better.
Device manager: System Devices> High precision event timer> Disable device
go to C:\Users\\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players open the adv_options.ini file, and change VideoMemoryScale = 0.85 to VideoMemoryScale = 0.55
Save the file and make sure its read only (right click > properties > check read only)
Ultimate Performance Power Plan:
Ultimate Performance Command: Open Powershell in admin > type powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
This ENABLES Ultimate Performance Power Plan: Edit Power Plan> Power Options > choose ultimate performance
How to get to Regedit: Right-click start button and click Run > type in Regedit.
Regedit Tweaks for overall performance increase: NOTE: You can copy/paste the commands to the Regedit bar near the top instead of searching through the left side tabs.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile
--double click SystemResponsiveness > set value to 0 on hexidecimal
--double click NetworkThrottlingIndex > set Value to ffffffff --- eight f*s---- hexidecimal
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile\Tasks\Games
Priority> set value to 6 in hexidecimal.
Value > set value to 0
This next step is important and if you change anything other than recommended could do harm to your computer.
MSI Mode V2: Download LinkExtract and open using admin > On the row it shows your GPU check mark the column MSI and turn INTERRUPT PRIORITY to HIGH and thats it.
Refer to This Picture ONLY to give you a reference on the row that shows his GPU. DONT copy anything else on picture.
-Last but not least-
In game Warzone Settings: Competitive - you can tweak this to your liking
Display Mode: Fullscreen
Nvidia Highlights: Disabled
Texture Resolution: Low
Texture Filter Anisotropic: Normal
Particle Quality: Low
Bullet Impacts and Sprays: Enabled
Tessellation: Near
Shadow Map Resolution: Low
Cache Spot Shadows: Disabled
Cache Sun Shadows: Disabled
Particle Lighting: Low
Ambient Occlusion: Disabled
SSR: Disabled
Antialiasing: SMAA 1X
Depth of Field: Disabled
Filmic Strength: 1
Blurs: Disabled
Film Grain: 0

I did everything I just posted and my CoD: Warzone runs like butter. Its actually incredible. If anyone runs into a problem or has a question, dont hesitate to ask. BTW my apostrophe button doesnt work... RIP.
Love you all and just wanted to give back to the community that made it possible to play CoD as intended. Cheers!
submitted by OogaboogadooRCTM to modernwarfare

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