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The only full english hentai strategy game I know of is Pretty Soldier Wars and I've heard it. Dargothtranslations / MGQ Paradox 2 / Downloads. Paradox RPG [Part 1 & 2 ] Hemdom August 15, 2020 April 13, 2020 4 Comments on Monmusu Quest! You need to merge the 3 games for get the records and encyclopedia from MGQ 1&2 (be aware that, due to a bug, one of the records will disappear anyway until a new patch fix it).

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Monster Girl Quest Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Monster girls, also known as mamono or sometimes just monsters, are the stars of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and its many subordinate publications. Monster girl paradox install ( i did not provide link out of repect for this. GB; Please note that this page does not hosts or makes available any of the listed filenames.

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Crack Support all features one can need to edit videos professionally. Download Monster Girl Quest Paradox iSO Crack - It is the spiritual successor to the original Monster Girl Quest trilogy, taking place on a. Read the Monster Girl Doctor light. Spoilers for MGQ: Paradox Part 2. Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - [Black Alice/Alipheese F. VIII.

What is the most recent and/or most complete translation

Monster Girl Quest Walkthrough Part 9 (Family Orgies. For large uploads, we recommend using the API. Videos Didn't I say to make my abilities average in the next life 24 Videos Availability Information. Originally released in Japan only, it saw enough demand that it was eventually translated into English by a fellow named "Rogue Translator".

Monster Girl Quest: Servant Of The Monster Lord (Chapter 1)

Monster Girl Labyrinth Download look what i found. It is rather basic in this regard, but it does give you. MB. Patreon pack (outdated/don't buy) 727 MB. if you pay $5 USD or more. MGQ is hentai visual novel that involves Monstergirls, role playing, and sorcery.

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Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG [Part 1 & 2 ] Free Download. Steam Community: : Guide: : Melty's Quest 100% Walkthrough https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=912. When you get to the next town, inside the barn is a minotaur battle. Author's Note: Welcome to my very first fanfic.

Monster Girl World - Chapter 1 - Saya444 - Monster Girl

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Follow /Fav The Friday's End. You are the newest student to the Monster Girl Hunter Academy. Armed with your mighty cursor, point and click your way among planets and space stations, exploring the surfaces and. Monster girl quest part 1 english patch.

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Each letter adds some magic to the Christmas season and can set a worried mind at ease, as each reader learns that. Follow/Fav Steak Dinner. Update: monmusu quest is free safe and once you have played it you will just play it over and over again until part 2 comes out. Monster Girl Quest Monster Girl Quest Paradox Part 1 Monster Girl Quest 2 Violated Hero 3 Violated Hero Quest Failed – Chapter 1 Posted in Downloads Tags: duel, Early Sexual Content, Fantasy, female domination, high amounts of rape, male protagonist, monster girl, Monster Girl Heroine, monsters, Orphan Protagonist, Reverse Rape.

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Monster Girl Quest 100 Save Download look at this. Rolling Stones Black And Blue Outtakes Rar. I just want to browse the Monsterpedia without spending forever going through the game for the third time. Not much is known about the man other than him being a man who works at a large IT corporation in the international division in real life, and going on frequent business trips as a result.

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Queer characters in Assassin's Creed [Spoilers]

A few months ago, a whole lot of pretty horrible news came out of Ubisoft (and in some ways, the news never really stopped). Pertinent to Assassin's Creed and it's legacy was of course the now notorious treatment of it's female characters.
u/WhiteWolfWhispers made a post over a month ago going through every female character in the entire series. It was a great post and I have been inspired to do something... somewhat similar.
Sorry-not-sorry for stealing and adapting your idea Wolfie!
But anyway,
Media in general is usually pretty bad at representation for anyone other than the straight cisgender white man. It's been getting better, but it has a long way to go. In the same way that it is important to celebrate the women in Assassin's Creed, I think it's also important to celebrate queer people in the series. Many of the issues coming out of Ubisoft were not only relegated to women - instances of homophobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry were also shared.
AC hasn't been the worst series with regards to queer rep, and as far as AAA games go it's one of the better ones (though that is a very low bar to clear). I wanted to write up this list and explore the historical context behind a few of AC's queer characters. Originally I was planning just a simple list and one-sentence description. But pretty quickly I got sucked down the history rabbit hole and it got a lot bigger than I originally intended. Anyway,
The criteria for making this list are:
  1. The character is either explicitly queer, or
  2. is coded as such, or
  3. is otherwise stated to be so outside of the game.
I also need to make clear that there is a very good chance I am forgetting characters (especially if they are from novels, some of the comics, or even if they are from obscure sidequests). I also may have missed some obvious ones that might have been coded as queer that I never noticed. I'm not an expert on queer rep in media, and I can't pass judgement on whether someone was represented "good enough" or not. If anyone knows characters I missed, please put them in the comments and I will add them to the list! And if anyone has corrections, I welcome them too! I'm here to learn as much as anyone else.
Also, the disclaimer that I shouldn't have to add but will anyway: The existence of this post does not mean that being straight, or cisgender, or anything is bad. It's not. It's not a bad thing to be yourself. People aren't defined by their gender or sexuality unless they choose to be. If you don't care about this post, then just move on instead of commenting "who cares?" or "who asked?". The answer to both of those questions is "clearly not you". Don't expend the mental energy. I'm not here to step on your toes or tell you what to think, so please don't come and try to do that to others here.
So without further ado:
Main games (In-Animus)
Assassin's Creed:
  • Abu'l Nuqoud - ? - This is generally all speculation. As far as I can find, Nuquod is not based on any real person. However, there is potentially something going on with this guy - He poisons all the guests at his party as revenge for the poor treatment he believes they give him. He considers himself an abomination, and this is very likely in reference to the scarring on his face, as well as potentially his weight. A lot of his words echo someone who maybe has internalised a lot of bigotry, and learned to hate themselves because society tells them to. Either way, nothing definitive here, all speculation. But it's an interesting thought.
Assassin's Creed 2:
  • Leonardo Da Vinci - Leonardo is a gay man (or a bi man). Revealed in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's DLC "The Da Vinci Disappearance". On the historical side, it's a bit less clear than AC portrays, but definitely still a possibility. When he died, one of his pupils, Melzi, described Leonardo's relationship with his pupils as loving and passionate. Leonardo himself was also charged with sodomy in relation to an incident that ultimately was dismissed for lack of evidence (though apparently one of the involved parties was related to the Medicis, and so there is a possibility of a coverup to protect the family).
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood:
  • Leonardo Da Vinci - See above
  • Salai - Leo's boyfriend/assistant
Assassin's Creed Revelations:
  • None, as far as I can find.
Assassin's Creed 3:
  • Also none, as far as I can find.
  • That said, while as far as I remember there are no instances of any two-spirit people in the game, it is worth mentioning that some native American groups include some form of third gender as a valid identity. According to what I can find, while the English term "two-spirit" is disputed in terms of accuracy, the prevailing understanding is that these people are not considered men or women. While not necessarily related to the games themselves, I thought it might be interesting to talk briefly about an early instance of nonbinary gender identity in history. Please note: I am not from the American continent, and I have very limited understanding of Native American culture. Please do some reading about this on your own if you are interested, I am not the right person to talk about this in any detail.
  • Also, here's an honourable mention that I would have loved to see in the game - The Public Universal Friend - Colonial and post-Colonial United States. The Friend was a born-again preacher who left the cities and started a church out in the countryside. The Friend rejected all gender and all pronouns, and gender equality was a key part of the church that the Friend created, to the point where many women joined up, some of whom would later go on to also reject gender and names. When asked about gender, the Friend would reply "I am that I am". The Friend and the related Church didn't appear in AC3, but it would have been interesting to see this early nonbinary figure preaching around Boston.
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag:
  • Mary Read - Possibly trans man, possibly nonbinary person, also possibly a woman. Hard to say - Let's talk about Mary Read for a bit. In AC4 Mary is portrayed as a woman that takes on the alias of "James Kidd" in order to fit in around men. In terms of in the game? Mary's gender isn't really presented ambiguously. However, as pointed out to me by u/Evergreen19 in another thread a while back, the historical truth might be a bit more complicated. Taking on the name Mark Read from a young age - ever since the real Mark Read (Mary's older brother) died, Mary fought in the British army for years as a man. Mary then eventually fell in love with a soldier. They married, and Mary lived openly as a woman again until the husband died. After that, the Mark Read persona returned, and using it, Mary re-joined the military. When the ship Mary was aboard was taken by pirates, "Mark Read" joined the pirates. Eventually, on a ship with Calico Jack and Anne Bonny, Anne and Mary potentially had a relationship at the time (does that count as gay or straight... or something else?) - Anne Bonny (also living as a man) was supposedly attracted to Mark Read. They both ended up revealing to each other that they were women, a fact Anne used to temper Jack Rackham's jealousy at the two of them becoming close. In summary - Mary Read lived mostly as Mark Read, including using that persona to join the military and live as a pirate. It's entirely possible that Mary was actually a transgender man. At the same time, it is also entirely possible that Mary messed around with gender in a bunch of ways for the sake of happiness (such as living as a woman while married, then being a man again after being widowed), not unlike some nonbinary identities. And also, of course, the possibility remains that Mary was really a woman who adopted the persona of a man just to fit in. We'll probably never get an actual answer to this (not least because gender theory was generally poorly understood in the British Empire at that time), and that's fine. Any interpretation of Mary is reasonable, I think. But we should always account for the possibility.
  • Anne Bonny - Similar to Mary, she is definitively a woman in AC4. Similarly to Mary, Anne lived as a man while working as a pirate. Other than that though, I can't find too many details about Anne. Similar logic applies to the above - how you choose to interpret Anne is up to you, but don't discount the possibilities.
  • Jack Rackham - Mentioned by u/kaijino_Orochi - Potentially bisexual. In the game he definitely says a couple suggestive things towards Edward. While it's unclear whether or not he was actually flirting or if he was just super drunk, reading him as bi definitely seems reasonable. Historically, I can't find any mention of him being bisexual, but he supposedly was in a relationship with Anne, and perhaps even Mary at one point, both of whom were presenting openly as men on their ship.
Assassin's Creed: Rogue:
  • Outside of the modern day, not much as far as I can find.
Assassin's Creed: Unity:
  • Chevalier d'Eon - A French spy. She was most likely a trans woman, and also possibly intersex. It is kind of disheartening to see her portrayed as just a crossdressing man in Unity. She lived as a woman for 33 straight years, and asked to be legally recognised as such.
  • Marquis de Sade - Most definitely bisexual. But I do want to note that while Unity portrays him as an ally to Arno (if a bit untrustworthy), and a decent enough person, the real history is a bit less forgiving: He would supposedly torture maids for his own pleasure, abduct and abuse children, and all manner of pretty horrific things. This all happens chronologically before we meet him in Unity (in fact, torturing a maid he tricked into working for him is as far as I can tell the reason he was in the Bastille in the first place when we first see him in Unity). In short, this guy was a monster and I'm not sure how I feel about Unity just seemingly ignoring it. So... Unity is 0/2 here...
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate:
  • Jacob Frye - A bisexual man. This is official canon, confirmed by the writers. It's also evidenced in game too - he has a granddaughter (Lydia), meaning he has to have had kids at some point (so, therefore presumably had a child with a woman). In the same vein, him and Maxwell Roth are in some form of relationship during the main story, even though the story seems to try and hide it, there are hints here and there. If you want a rundown of the evidence from the game itself, please check out this thread I made on twitter a while back. Either way, come to your own conclusions about their relationship. But Jacob is bi no matter what.
  • Maxwell Roth - Gay or Bi guy. Again, see evidence above. Not a real historical figure as far as I can find.
  • Lewis - Roth's assistant, also possible ex-lover.
  • Ned Wynert - Transgender man. He is not a real historical figure as far as I can tell, and nobody in dialogue references the fact that he is trans. But it is clearly listed in his database entry. We don't get to learn much about Ned in the game itself unfortunately - of all the games "contacts" he gets the least screen time (I presume due to time constraints and cut content).
Assassin's Creed: Origins:
  • Venator - ? - I feel shitty putting him on this list since he's shown to be a sadistic villain. But I guess he counts? He paid for a room at the Herakleion brothel and him and his soldiers were serviced by twins - a boy and a girl. Anyway, fuck Venator.
  • Julius Caesar - ? - This one is really vague from what I can find. Apparently Caesar denied all rumours of sex with men, and apparently rumours like this were a common occurrence to discredit political opponents back in Ancient Rome. So I don't really know for this one, but I guess it's possible. In the game though, his sexuality is effectively presumed straight (or bi as well, but it's not really relevant).
  • Alexander the Great - While technically we don't ever meet the guy in the game itself, he is important to its plot. Alexander was very possibly gay or bi, with some accounts talking about instances of him displaying affection for people of the same gender.
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey:
  • Kassandra. Bi gal. Obviously, it depends on your choices and the romances you choose to pursue - the only romance the game forces Kassandra into through the story is a straight one. But the fact that she can be in relationships with women indicates that the Animus understood being in relationships with women to be reasonable possibilities for her. At the end of the day, everyone is free to have their own interpretation.
  • Alkibiades. Bi guy. I mean... I feel like I don't have to explain this one much. That man is a nymphomaniac. In terms of the history, I can't find references to Alkibiades' sexuality. I think it was a creative choice by the writers instead, likely with the intention of reflecting the fact that Alkibiades was considered to be very good looking, and incredibly charismatic, and that people generally took a liking to him and the things he would say. As a side note, the kinds of political antics Alkibiades got up to in his real life are quite entertaining: He made enemies in Athens that forced him to flee to Sparta. He then made enemies in Sparta that made him flee to Persia, before eventually returning to Athens once again by convincing Persia to make strides in the war that would secretly benefit Athens. Pretty shrewd guy, and we see that in the game.
  • Mikkos - From Lemnos. A romanceable character and therefore Bi, like all romanceable characters (except for Natakas/Neema). That said, as pointed out to me by u/dwarrowdam, the romanceable characters usually aren't written with the purpose of being bisexual - they are so because of the existence of the two possible protagonists. There is an important difference between characters like the gay couple on Lesbos, and the blacksmith in Lokris who could be either straight or bi if you picked Kassandra, or gay or bi if you picked Alexios (and in both timelines, he is exactly the same person).
  • Kosta - A blacksmith in Lokris. Romanceable character
  • Diona - From Kythera. Romanceable character
  • Zopheras - In Lakonia. Romanceable character
  • Aikaterine - In Athens. Romanceable character
  • Xenia - Romanceable character, pirate lord of Keos.
  • Odessa - Kassandra meets her in Kephallonia, but they meet up later on as well. Romanceable character
  • Auxesia - In Phokis. The woman the Eagle Bearer sleeps with on behalf of her husband
  • Daphnae - Kassandra meets her in a temple in Phokis. Romanceable character, leader of the Daughters of Artemis
  • Lykaon - In Phokis. Romanceable character
  • Roxana - From Hydrea, where her and Kassandra meet for a tournament. Romanceable character, my personal favourite romance quest in Odyssey
  • Thaletas - On Mykonos. Romanceable character
  • Kyra - On Mykonos. Romanceable character
  • Aspasia - the Ghost of Kosmos, and surprise romanceable character.
  • Bryce - From Lesbos. Her girlfriend is lost to Medusa.
  • Ligeia - From Lesbos. Taken by Medusa. Her girlfriend Bryce tries to rescue her.
  • Like... almost every other character in the game I mean Ancient Greece was really gay
Modern day and other media:
Assassin's Creed: Gold:
  • Isaac Newton - One of the main characters of Audible's audio drama AC:Gold. Implied to be in love with Nicolas Fatio de Duillier. In real life, while there are some (though seemingly few) historians that believe Newton and Duillier were in a relationship, it appears likely that Newton was actually asexual and aromantic (generally referred to as aroace). He was never married, and apparently never showed interest in the company of women. In one instance, he was somewhat coerced into an encounter with a woman by a former friend of his (John Locke), with whom he later severed ties with after suffering a mental breakdown, writing that Locke "endeavoured to embroil [Newton] with woemen". Accounts of his relationship to Duillier appear to be disputed.
  • Nicolas Fatio de Duillier - Implied to be in love with Isaac Newton in AC:Gold. The history is divided, as seen above. It's possible, though more people seem to agree that either Isaac was aroace, or that it is much too difficult to draw any conclusions.
Modern Day:
  • Arend Schut-Cunningham - Gay guy. married to Harlan. Former MMA fighter.
  • Harlan Cunningham - Gay guy. married to Arend.
Assassin's Creed has explored a lot of history - there are undoubtedly people that I missed. Also, I'm not an expert in history. If there are other things I have missed, or could have phrased better, let me know!
With respect to the historical figures that might differ to how they were presented in AC, in most cases I don't necessarily think the way that AC chose to show them was wrong. It's history, and we don't really have a complete picture of much of anything. You'll notice that the status of many of these historical figures is up for debate. Only in the case of AC:Unity was there seemingly an attempt to really ignore the history of its queer characters.
Sources for this was mostly a lot of Wikipedia (what? I'm a poor uni student, not a historian!), mixed with some other searching in cases where the wikipedia article was ambiguously worded. Below are the non-Wikipedia sources I drew from:
FWIW: When I use the term "queer" here I use it as an umbrella term for sexuality and gender diverse people. I understand not everybody uses that term or even likes it - that's cool. But just keep in mind that my usage of it here is as an umbrella term.
submitted by obeseninjao7 to assassinscreed

An A-Z of great retro games for Hallowe'en!

I know this sub isn't really about 'Retro' per se, but I also know it is about quality written content - and I like to think this fits the bill... Hope you agree and enjoy.
For me, the A-Z list; picking a single game in the given category starting with each letter of the alphabet, is the perfect way to ensure a healthy mix of well known and more obscure titles.
There are downsides, obviously. Choosing something for 'Q' that isn't Quake and finding something (Anything!) decent to suggest for the letter 'J' are a persistent challenge, but, when you don't have a readership of millions, constructing these lists is more about the creative side than the delivery, so these awkward letters usually make the process much more fun.
Anyway. I did an A-Z of Games for Halloween a few years back, and there will doubtless be a few duplications, but today I'm giving myself the additional constraint of 'Retro'. The definition of 'Retro' is pretty fluid, but for these purposes I'm saying any game released last century; up to 31st December 1999, is Retro. Make your peace with that now, it ain't changing!
So, with all that pre-amble out of the way, lets get started!
Wait! One last thing, I don't like RPGs, so don't expect to 'Vampire The Masquerade' or anything similar below!
Right, now we go...

Avenging Spirit - Aracde/Game Boy - 1991
In this, fairly cute looking, 1991 arcade platformer you, as the titular spirit, are first murdered and then summoned to save your girlfriend by her (don't say mad) scientist father.
At the start of the game you are given a choice four potential possess-ees to serve as your host - but it is only when that first avatar is killed that the game comes into its own. Emerging from the host as a ghost, and with your 'spirit meter' quickly ticking down, you must immediately jump into a new body.
In the standout feature of the game, you can possess absolutely any other NPC, and take on their weapon and other characteristics as you continue.
Besides the arcade original there was a surprisingly faithful port to the original Game Boy, an emulated version of which is available from the 3DS eShop.

B-Movie - PlayStation - 1998
You'll see, as we get further into this list, that I have a bit a thing for 50's B-movies. Ever since this particular era of film-making, the genres of Sci-Fi and Horror have been inextricably linked and, (something else you'll see reflected in this list) this is still very often the case in video games.
B-Movie, known in the states as Invasion from Beyond, not only embraces the full 'Mars Attacks' ethos, but is also old-school in it's design, with wrap-around levels employed as you search the map for enemies to blast and scientists to rescue.
It's a simple but hugely entertaining game, with added depth given by unlockable vehicles and a decent variety of mission structures.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - PlayStation - 1998
Despite its open level designs and progression method coming more than a decade after they were first seen in Metroid, Symphony of Night is the reason why the genre portmanteau has '–vania' stapled to the end of it. Simon’s Quest had toyed with exploration in the series previously, but not as expansively or as successfully as was achieved in this, which is considered a true great of the genre to which it gives (half) it’s name.
Shamefully I've only ever played it (briefly) through emulation - but the impact of that short play, and the opinion of people I trust, is more than enough to include it on this list.

Doom - PC/Various - 1994
Even with it's 'Hell' motif and legions and monsters, it sometimes easy to forget that, when it was originally released, Doom was a very scary game.
The sound design in particular lent an incredibly eerie atmosphere, and it was far more common to see players creep around corners and twitch at every sound than it was to see the borderline speedrunning pace that it's played at today.
Not just one of the most important games ever made, but one of the best too.

Evil Zone - PlayStation - 1999
In the first (but by no means last) trip on this list to Tenuous Town, Evil Zone barely meets the criteria of a game for Halloween. It does have the 'Evil' in the title, and it has an 'evil' being as the boss, with the plot of this simplistic fighter revolving around finding the strongest fighter to face them - but beyond that... erm... like I said: Tenuous.
On the other hand, the average-at-best reception awarded this title means that many thought it to be a horror of a different kind. Personally though, I found the TV Show presentation style endearing and, in an era when fighting games didn't often have stories, this has one for every single character, including the main antagonist.

Fear Effect - PlayStation - 1999
More famous today for a thirty-second quasi-sapphic elevator cutscene in it's sequel than any of it's own qualities, the original Fear Effect was a horror themed evolution of the classic point-and-click adventure that used sprites against pre-rendered backgrounds to great effect. There's a more considered approach than usual to Chinese mysticism that elevates proceedings a notch, with a late game trip to the underworld being particularly memorable.
The balance between puzzles and gunplay is well maintained throughout, and the grizzly death animations that play upon failure of a puzzle are a particularly macabre treat.

Grim Fandango - 1998 - PC/Various
And talking of point-and-click adventures, here's the one that's often described as the greatest of them all (although, admittedly, not by me).
There's not much new one can say about Tim Schafer's magnum opus, it's a brilliant, funny, and devilishly difficult tour de force that has been made available on just about every platform on the planet - so there's no excuse for not playing it.

House of the Dead 2 - Arcade/Various - 1998
Selecting the sequel was an easy choice of the 2 House of the Dead games that came out in the 20th Century, as it's a marked improvement over the original in many ways.
Most predominantly, the use of branching paths adds diversity and... lets not say 'depth'... but certainly it gives the game a sense of interactivity missing from many other 'ghost-train' style on-rails shooters.
The voice acting is the stuff of legend, but it's the only thing in the game that's of dubious quality; everything else is a fantastic example of the genre.

It Came from the Desert - Amiga/PC - 1989
With inspiration taken broadly from 50's nuclear age sci-fi-horror b-movies and, more directly, the astoundingly effective 1951 giant ant thriller THEM!, It Came From the Desert is one of Cinemaware’s most fully realised interactive movies.
Much to the chagrin of many a late 80's teenager, It Came from the Desert's core gameplay doesn't often involve trying to shoot enormous bugs in first person, but is rather more geared towards using your powers of persuasion to evacuate the wonderfully characterful NPC inhabitants of the small desert town for which the threat posed by oversized insects is most imminent. With this being an interactive movie it's actually impossible to die, but it's still all too possible to fail.
Luckily, as with many games of this type, the real joy comes from replaying and discovering new outcomes to individual situations and indeed the whole game. If you're even a little bit of a classic b-movie fan you need to play this game; as a love letter to the genre it is near flawless.

Jurassic Park - Amiga/DOS - 1993
I don't like it any more than you do, okay, but there are so few games that start with the letter 'J', especially within this definition of 'retro' that this is the closest I could get.
For large sections this rendering of Jurassic Park suffers from the same flaws as many of the others; uneventful 'fetch quest' style missions in largely empty open world environment. Where the PC/Amiga game differs (and excels), however, is where it also most fits the 'Halloween' brief. There are sections throughout that take place inside buildings, and these are rendered in the now familiar first-person-shooter style. There are jump-scares aplenty as you navigate dark corridors in near darkness, with velociraptors appearing, almost literally, out of nowhere.

Kid Dracula - Game Boy - 1993
Yet another game who's price on the secondhand market has ensured I've only ever experienced it via more dubious methods, this spin-off/pastiche of the Castlevania series is conceptually in the mould of The Evil Dead 2; being both a remake and a sequel to the Famicom original.
The scaled down platforming works brilliantly on the Game Boy's small screen, with the cute and characterful art in particular feeling completely at home here. 'Metroidvania' elements may be absent, but there are between-level upgrades that bring more interest to proceedings.
It's a short game, which makes the high price tag even harder to swallow, but if you can cope with not understanding Japanese, copies from that territory come with a slightly more palette-able price tag.

Leather Goddesses of Phobos - DOS - 1986
The sequel may have actual graphics and a name that is the stuff of legend (Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X!) but the second installment's sub-Leisuresuit Larry humour and terrible writing make it a pale shadow of the original - a properly old-school text adventure.
Leather Goddesses of Phobos has a style that is just irreverent enough for it to get away with a multitude of genre tropes and it's so genuinely funny that any missteps could be easily forgotten - if there were any (Spoiler: there aren't).
I grew up playing text adventures so I hope it's no small recommendation when I say this is among the very best of them.

Mortal Kombat II - Arcade/Various - 1993
While it's the original that is writ largest across my memory, it's this first sequel that is clearly the best game in the original, classic franchise. With enough improvements over the first game to make it worthwhile, and far fewer mistakes than MK3, Mortal Kombat II set the direction the series continues in to this day by bringing a healthy dose of sillyness to the otherwise gruesome developments.

Nemesis the Warlock - C64 - 1987
When I played this on my brother's Commodore 128 way back in the day I had no idea that it was derived from a 2000 A.D. comic, I think I actually loaded up the disc thinking it might be related to similarly named the Konami shooter.
Despite it's obvious simplicity as a single screen platformer, I've never forgotten the simple joy of defeating enemies and using their corpses as a stairway to the exit - a stroke of genius game design that I don't think I've ever seen repeated.

Olli and Lissa 2: Halloween - ZX Spectrum - 1988
I mean, it has 'Hallowe'en' right there in the title, how was I going to resist?
The Olli and Lissa trilogy is a set of exploration and puzzle solving games released between '86 and '89 on Spectrum, Amstrad, and C64.
This is really a recommendation for all of them, as each has strengths and weaknesses. I think the graphic style of the original is more unique than the that of the sequels, and the third game is obviously the biggest, but the flick-screen format was looking a bit old-hat on the eve of the nineties. Olli & Lissa II would be the sweet spot of the series were it not for the small issue of Olli & Lissa themselves not actually appearing outside of the intro and the game-over screen.
If you can put that small annoyance aside, the new character, a friendly witch, brings a new dimension to the collect-em-up format by being able to fly around the level on her broom.

Parasite Eve II - PlayStation - 1999
Despite all 3 entries in the Parasite Eve trilogy being classified as 'action role playing' games, they each have idiosyncrasies that differentiate them.
Between the two games that qualify as retro (by my definition) I was a much bigger fan of the survival horror leanings of the sequel than I was the heavy RPG style of combat in the original. I actually think the 'hot-swapping' action of the 'The 3rd Birthday' is best of all, but that is both an irrelevant and a very unpopular opinion.
Parasite Eve II is a beautiful looking game, and the Resident Evil style action is a big improvement, but the real highlight of the game for me is the boss battles - hideous, room-filling, creatures that it will take all your, and your avatars, abilities to overcome.

Quake II - N64 - 1998
Why Quake II? And why the N64 version with it's tiny grainy multiplayer screens and shonky control system? Because it's the only retro 'Quake' game I've played, okay?
I tried and failed to convince myself that Quazatron, the ZX Spectrum's brilliant isometric version of Paradroid fit the Hallowe'en brief more than this already loose connection... but it wasn't to be.
Play Quazatron on the Spectrum, don't play Quake II on the N64, move on.

Resident Evil - PS/Saturn - 1996
No prizes for guessing which series was going to be representing 'R' here, but how to choose which instalment?
Resident Evil 2 is probably a better all around game than the original, but this is a list for the Hallowe'en season - and Spencer Mansion is quite simply one of the best haunted house environments ever to appear in a video game.
It's a rare event in any medium when the flaws (or perceived flaws) of a piece manage to enhance it, but that is very much the case with the original Resident Evil. Take the voice acting, subject of a million memes, there's no way anyone could claim it had genuine quality. Yet, better acting may have telegraphed plot points that otherwise remain obscured by the stilted delivery.
And then there’s the 'tank controls', whether the vagaries of movement and inconsistent aiming exist by accident or design may never be known, but either way, they add huge amounts of tension to encounters where swift action is required.
There can be no doubt that the first Resident Evil, no matter the quality or otherwise of later franchise entries, remains an ingeniously designed adventure that has permanently and single handedly reignited a stagnant genre.

Sweet Home - NES - 1986
Brought to attention in the west by the success of Resident Evil, this NES outing from 1986 received a fan translation from its original Japanese to English almost 20 years after the original release.
It's influence on Capcom's first trip to Raccoon City is apparent from the very start, but this is a fascinating and genuinely scary game in its own right.
Played from a top down perspective, the gameplay involves, as you might expect, solving puzzles and occasionally battling evil entities. The backtracking and item management are familiar too, but a key difference is that in Sweet Home you control a group of five, and should any character die they remain so until the end and effect the outcome of the finale.

Todd's Adventures in Slime World - Lynx/Mega Drive - 1990
The Atari Lynx is one of my favourite game systems of all time. Although it lacked a big name franchise like Sonic or Mario to draw players in, it instead focused on brilliantly bringing hits from the arcade to it's tiny inch screen. Thanks to this, despite a pretty small library, it has one of the best quality-to-quantity ratios in the whole medium,
Todd's Adventure in Slime World was later ported to both the Mega Drive and the PC Engine Super CD, but it remains a Lynx game in my mind. As the titular adventurer you explore the vast slimy planet and collect gems. It's simplistic stuff, but fun presentation and a few neat ideas (having to wash off slime in water pools, for example) keep the game interesting - especially with those with the compulsion to see every part of the planet.

UFO: Enemy Unknown
The genesis of X-Com franchise can be traced all the way to 1984 when Rebelstar Raiders (a game written entirely in BASIC) was released for the ZX Spectrum, but in some ways the influences can be traced back further still, as it's another game that takes clear inspiration from the sci-fi horror movies of the fifties and sixties.
It's interesting that despite being the defacto series moniker today, it was only after this game was rebranded for the American market as X-Com: UFO Defense that the series’ first bore the 'X-com' name.
Whether you call it, X-Com or UFO, the game features a near perfect combination of management sim and turn based combat elements that ensure you’ll be hooked from the very beginning and despite the dozens of sequels, spiritual successors, and remakes it has, to my mind at least, never been bettered in the genre.

Vampire Saviour - Arcade/Saturn/Playstation - 1998
I've selected Vampire Savior, the original name for Darkstalkers 3, but any of the games in this series are well worth your time.
These 2D fighters featuring a deliciously twisted cast of monsters, villains, succubae, and various other freaks and ghouls may look a little simplistic when compared to games released since, but there's real class in the character designs and the fight engine.
Darkstalkers 3 is probably the best of the bunch, the Dark Force System it introduced was the major change from earlier instalments - a 'super meter' in all but name it brought the game in line with other 2D fighters of the era, so this is the one to play.

War of the Worlds - PlayStation - 1998
Did you know that at least one 'Where in the [X] is Carmen Sandiago' game was released every year from 1985 to 1993? I discovered this snippet of trivia as I trawled through twenty-odd wikipedia pages desperately searching for an even mildly horror-themed game starting with 'W'.
It was all worthwhile in the end however, as I was actually quite pleased to be reminded of this game. I've been meaning to play it for some time and despite having to do so via emulator (I wasn't willing to blind-buy for £40+) I'm really glad I did.
This EU only release is, a little bizarrely, a vehicular combat game - but it is thankfully a pretty good one. Each mission takes place in a different real world location taken from H.G. Wells' classic novel and sees you take control of a decent variety of era-accurate vehicles in battles against the alien menace. There's some light strategy too, and, played along to remixes from the famous Wayne album, it all makes for an enjoyable blast.

Xenophobe - Various - 1987
A multiplayer shooter a good few years ahead of it's time, Xenophobe allowed three players to cooperatively battle a variety of levels by giving each a section of the screen to themselves. Split horizontally, the view of the game would be pretty iconic, were it not, to this day, something of an underappreciated effort.
The Atari Lynx version had the potential to be a definitive port, with the link cable allowing 3 consoles to have a full screen each. But unfortunately the commercial failure of the machine meant that Xenophobe didn't find much of an audience, so trying to find two other people with both the same hardware and software was an even harder task than completing this side-on, screen flipping, shooter.

Yokai Dochuki - Arcade/PC Engine/NES - 1987
As a new owner of a PC Engine, it's nice to be able to exploit the amount of time I've spent recently researching it's library to the benefit of more than my game collection.
Much like the aforementioned Fear Effect, Yokai Dochuki is notable for it depiction of an eastern hell - in this case 'Jigoku', the Japanese variant.
The game has you play as a small boy who journeys through five stages of hell to determine his final fate - one of five endings available in the game.
It's an interesting game more than a brilliant one, with the NES version being particularly simplistic, but it's definitely worth checking out if you have the facility.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors - SNES/Mega Drive - 1993
It always boggles my mind that the (admittedly brilliant) title of this quasi-isometric run-and-gunner from Lucasarts limits the antagonists to zombies.
During the course of the game you will come across (forgive me a copy/paste from wikipedia) vampires, werewolves, huge demonic babies, spiders, squidmen, evil dolls, aliens, UFOs, giant ants, blobs, giant worms, mummies, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, "pod people" and, obviously, zombies.
Exploring the levels and saving your neighbours is made an extra joy through the game being very funny, and the accompanying music is worth a mention too - expertly capturing the monster-movie tone throughout.
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