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/r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 29: PIXIES

When we try to describe a taste, it is usually done by referencing other tastes or smells. Like, this Scotch tastes like a mixture of caramel overlaid with lilac and just a hint of rocket fuel and dirty socks. When we try to describe something we touched, we reference similar feelings. This would be like describing the feeling of touching a down blanket as being as soft as 10-ply. We do much the same thing when we describe a band or a genre of music. “This singer,” we say, “sounds like Debbie Harry and Tom Waits had an illicit affair, and the bastard child of that union was raised in an orphanage run by a strung-out Demi Lovato.”
Not for nothing, but I’m pretty sure that the singer in that description would be Taylor Momsen.
...but I digress.
The founding member of this week’s band once advertised for musicians who liked the music of Hüsker Dü and Peter, Paul, and Mary. In fact, the band is a study in contrasts - in style, in volume, in lyrical subject material, and from album to album. They are a band that never hit it big, but who influenced lots and lots of artists who did.
That's right. As requested, this week's featured artist is Pixies.
About Them
Wait, don’t you mean THE Pixies?
Nope. It’s Pixies. Just Pixies. That’s their name. Just like the name of the nation is Canada, not The Canada. Just one name, like Madonna and Xzibit and Sting and Prince and Eminem and Lorde. Like, if you put the word ‘the’ before any of those artists (The Eminem ?), it dramatically changes the meaning, so they are definitively known just by the one word.
Yeah, I wish it felt less awkward, but it is what it is.
So you know how you sometimes say that the time has come? As in, the time has come for a female, asian, black Vice-President? Well, that time for Pixies was really in the mid-1990s when Grunge and Alternative Rock ruled the airwaves.
That’s why it is such a bummer that they broke up in 1993.
Formed in Boston in 1986, Pixies were an incredibly influential and innovative band who truly paved the way for acts like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer and Radiohead. They were an evocative and eclectic mix of rock and folk and punk and laid-back surf sounds, with multiple vocalists and musical genres. Their lyrics ran the gamut from reincarnation to extraterrestrials to pop culture to mutilation. The band was founded by Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. Recognizing that his name sounds like a Disney villain, he changed it to the uplifting and somewhat culturally insensitive Black Francis. Seriously, I’m not certain you could do something like that today.
Black Francis grew up as the son of bar owners in California and was influenced by his parents’ love of Folk music and Christian Rock. He was not exposed to Punk or Rock until his teens, which may explain on some level why the band’s music can veer so wildly from one style to another. After spending some time in Puerto Rico, he met co-founder Joey Santiago at the University of Massachusetts in the early 1980s.
Santiago was born in the Philippines in 1965. His family moved to America to escape Ferdinand Marcos in 1972. Santiago was obsessed with Iggy Pop and The Velvet Underground as a teenager and learned to play guitar. One evening at Uni he heard loud guitar cranking out down the hall and rushed to join in. It was Black Francis. The two bonded and became friends and roommates. They went to concerts - notably, Black Flag - and were inspired. Black Francis was a singer and guitarist and set about turning his life experiences into songs.
By 1986, the duo had a decision to make: drop out of school and go to New Zealand to see Halley’s Comet, or form a band. They chose to found Pixies. They put the aforementioned advertisement out in the paper to get a bass player and met Kim Deal, the band’s female co-singer. Kim Deal and her identical twin sister Kelley Deal grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. Kim became a prolific songwriter as a kid and learned the guitar. Sister Kelley played the bass and drums. Kim borrowed Kelley’s bass for the audition and nailed it.
Pixies offered Kelley Deal the drumming gig but she declined, not feeling like she was ready. Don’t feel too bad for her though - she moved to California to pursue a career in computer programming. No shit, true story. When that didn’t pan out, she picked up the guitar and joined the band The Breeders. So that turned out alright for her.
Pixies hired David Lovering to sit behind the kit because he was at Kim’s wedding reception. Kim’s husband recommended him. Lovering is (if you can believe it) an accomplished magician who has actually performed under the name The Scientific Phenomenalist.
Geez, man, save some ladies for the rest of us.
The dude was working at Radio Shack (fuck, he had all the dating advantages) and graduated with a degree in electronic engineering and had a job to build lasers. He drummed on the side for fun with a few bar bands. Goddam chick magnet. Lovering was also able to secure his parents’ garage as a rehearsal space. Honestly, is everything this man ever did an absolute amazing move of male seduction? Side note: this fucker was such a goddam stud that after Pixies broke up, he TURNED DOWN an opportunity to drum for the Foo Fighters.
Some guys have all the luck.
With the lineup set, the band started to get gigs in small bars in Boston. At one of these, they were discovered by record producer Gary Smith. Smith - who would later work with Billy Bragg and 10,000 Maniacs - knew talent when he saw it, and got the band into the studio to do some recording.
This series of recordings came to be known as The Purple Tape, because of the color of the background. The work was done over a period of three days and produced 17 tracks. SEVENTEEN. That is an enormous outpouring in a 72-hour period. Pixies’ new manager and local promoter Ken Goes took those recordings and shopped them to a number of record labels. One label, 4AD, took an interest and signed the band. Eight of the tracks from the Smith recordings were made into an EP called Come on Pilgrim, their first official release. Two of the tracks on the EP were sung in Spanish and two were about incest. Yep, you read that right.
Pixies followed up their 1987 EP debut by spending ten days in the studio recording their first full length album, Surfer Rosa. Two tracks on the album - Gigantic and Where Is My Mind? - were released as singles in 1988. The mix of hard distorted rock and bizarre lyrics with peaceful pop melodies made it unlike anything else in music at the time. Their fresh sound (and perhaps the racy cover) brought the band legit airplay on college radio in the US.
Over in Europe, though, the album rocketed up the Indie charts. Just like health care and no need for gun ownership, Pixies were much more popular in Europe than in their own country. Pixies toured heavily in support of the album, and found a growing number of fans of their unique sound. Surfer Rosa also had an impact on a number of artists, most notably Kurt Cobain. Cobain would state that the album Nevermind was directly inspired by it. Well, I guess both albums did have nudity on the cover, so there is that. Cobain went so far as to hire the producer of Surfer Rosa, Steve Albini, to work on In Utero.
The album Doolittle was released in 1989 and picked up right where Surfer Rosa left off. This is because Francis was writing songs for the album while the band was touring. Doolittle got the band signed to the major label Elektra. It spawned the singles Debaser, Here Comes Your Man, and Monkey Gone to Heaven. Songs on it covered disparate subjects like gouging out eyes and murdesucide as well as environmentalism and biblical stories. This album is like taking one song off of each King Gizzard album and trying to mash them together. It is like David Lynch doing meth and then magic mushrooms and then coke, one after another.
It was wildly popular in the underground scene and hit #8 on the British charts. Here Comes Your Man even charted in the US. It actually sold decently and was a moderate success overall. But what is really most notable about the album is not so much a single song, as their use of dynamics. Pixies pioneered the sudden swings of loud to quiet in songs, and made it their thing.
Unfortunately, the pressure of recording the album and the constant touring were leading to cracks in the band. Deal and Francis began to bicker and spat almost constantly. This escalated to the point where Francis hurled a guitar at Deal during a concert, and Deal refused to perform. The source of the conflict was songwriting: Francis wanted creative control and so did Deal. The tension grew so high that the band took a break. Francis did a solo tour in that time and Deal went off to found the band The Breeders - the same one sister Kelley would join.
Since Deal found a creative outlet elsewhere, she came to accept that Pixies really had only one singer: Francis. After a hiatus of over a year, the band came back together to record the album Bossanova. With a sound more like Surf Rock and songs about space aliens, it was another departure from the norm. It was also the first Pixies record to not have any songs by Deal.
That just made it more popular in Europe. No kidding, it went to number 3 on the UK Charts. Two singles from the album - Velouria and Dig for Fire - got ample airplay. They once again began to tour, and once again hit the grind of the road.
The band entered the studio one last time in 1991 to record Trompe le Monde. The most notable thing about this record - apart from it being their last studio album - was how little it featured Kim Deal. One reviewer said it was “...essentially Black Francis’ solo debut.” Bossanova had no songs written by her, but still had her as a vocalist. This record pushed her into the harmony role. Trompe le Monde had four singles: Planet of Sound, Alec Eiffel, Letter to Memphis, and Head On (apply directly to the forehead). The record got them great gigs, including opening for U2 on the Zoo TV tour.
Abruptly in 1993, Pixies came to an end. Black Francis simply announced on BBC - without even telling the other members of the band - that they were over. The constant touring, the bickering, the strain of recording and the changing dynamic as Deal was slowly squeezed out of the band had given rise to conflict that overshadowed any growing success they had achieved.
From 1993 to 2003, the band members fell into solo projects (or magic performances) and it seemed like things were pretty bleak for fans. Unless you liked pulling rabbits out of hats, I mean. Then you were golden.
But in 2003, they decided to cash in on that sweet nostalgia give it another go. They got together and released a series of short EPs to justify touring and hit the circuit again. Fans didn’t care. They just wanted to see them play. They did gimmicks like play the album Doolittle track-for-track on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. They had fun, they made cash, and fans got to see them. All was right in the world.
But the tensions slowly rose over time and by 2013, the band announced that Deal was no longer a member. The slow breakup that had begun with Bossanova was finally formalized. She was replaced by Kim Shattuck from Pandoras, who was in turn replaced by Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle. Lenchantin was made a permanent member of the band in 2016.
The lineup with Lenchantin has done more than tour: they no-shit released new music in 2016. The album Head Carrier was no mere collection of EP tracks; it was a legit new record. And they followed this up last year. The album Beneath the Eyrie dropped in September of 2019 and once again moved the band in new directions.
The influence of Pixies cannot be understated. Kurt Cobain loved them. U2 still love them. Radiohead swear by them. The late great David Bowie was a huge Pixies fan and when touring with his side project Tin Machine in 1991, Bowie and the boys covered Debaser. He also covered the song Cactus on his 2002 album Heathen.
Even if you don’t care for them without Kim Deal (when is Nick coming back?), you gotta love that they are still making music.
Links to QOTSA
Pixies’ current bassist Paz Lenchantin was in the band A Perfect Circle with resident QotSA vampire and guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. Lenchantin is also credited as playing the strings on Mosquito Song.
Josh did a radio show a number of years ago discussing the history of the band.
Dave Grohl thought so much of Dave Lovering’s magic act (these are the Daves I know, I know...these are the Daves I know) that he offered him a chance to drum for the Foo Fighters.
Their Music
Velouria - probably the laziest video ever made
Gigantic - Live in 1988
Gouge Away - live on BBC in 2019
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Wave of Mutilation - UK Surf and Original
Where Is My Mind - Oh look! I have eyes on a locomotive.
Hey - Seriously Lumineers, Pixies did it first and weirder.
Here Comes Your Man - Clearly they didn't have the room for lip syncing in their 50$ video budget.
Show Them Some Love
Yeah, I know I made a big deal about it not being THE Pixies, but it turns out that /pixies was already taken and is a private subreddit...which leads me to believe that this is some kind of short hair fetish club.
Really, your guess is as good as mine.
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