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Security researchers have now discovered a new piece of malware, dubbed GhostTeam, in at least 56 applications on Google Play Store that is designed to steal Facebook. Fat Services Booking v3.1 FAT Service Booking is a WordPress plugin that provide you an automated booking and online scheduling of your services. X-men by JeeHyung lee on ArtStation.

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Download isumsoft password refixer v3.1.1 for free (Windows) click here to read. Stack Overflow Public questions & answers; Stack Overflow for Teams Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers; Jobs Programming & related technical career opportunities; Talent Recruit tech talent & build your employer brand; Advertising Reach developers & technologists worldwide; About the company. Twitter password hacker v3.1.

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[minisode1: Blue Hour] Comeback Megathread

🌀 [minisode1: Blue Hour] Comeback Megathread 🌀

Hello MOA! We're at TXT's third comeback! This is our comeback megathread where you'll find links to almost anything you need to know about the comeback - schedule, teasers/mvs, album info, music show posts, interview posts and more! The post will be pinned to the top of the subreddit and updated regularly before and after the comeback, so if you need to find something or have a question, remember to check back here. Special thanks to Hapocalypse on our TXT Discord for the "minisode1: Blue Hour" layout!
If you're a new MOA and want to get caught up on past comebacks, check out our previous megathreads here:

Schedule - Google Calendar (or look at the subreddit sidebar)

Discussion/Compilation Threads

Music Show Appearances/Voting Guide

Blue HouWe Lost the Summer Promotions: 🏆 = Win!

Show Voting Tutorial Notes
M Countdown Mwave (web, android, ios) link you can vote once per account per day and you can use up to 10 accounts per IP per day, voting starts evey Friday
^ Whosfan (android, ios) link same^ and also you can get extra credits by entering someone's referral code
Show Champion Idol Champ (ios, android) link you can vote 3 times per day per device
Music Core Mubeat (android, ios) link you can use as many accounts as you want but each account is limited to 15 ads (1 ad has the equivalent of 1 vote in beats) per day
The Show Starplay (ios, android) link max of watching 5 ads per hour (each can earn 1 vote), unlimited accounts
Others not mentioned + all the above STREAM THE MUSIC VIDEO and the stage performance for each respective show MV - TBD These also count in the scores in music show criterias
Compiled by u/kawaamu

Teasers & MVs

201113 'We Lost the Summer' Official MV - Youtube | Discussion
201112 'We Lost the Summer' Individual Official Teasers
201111 'We Lost the Summer' Film Stills
201110 'We Lost the Summer' Official Teaser - Youtube | Discussion
201026 'Blue Hour' Official MV - Youtube | Discussion
201023 'minisode1 : Blue Hour' Preview - Youtube | Discussion
201021 'Blue Hour' Official Teaser 2 - Youtube | Discussion
201019 'Blue Hour' Official Teaser 1 - Youtube | Discussion
201016 'Blue Hour' Official Teaser - Yeonjun - Youtube | Discussion
201015 'Blue Hour' Official Teaser - Taehyun - Youtube | Discussion
201014 'Blue Hour' Official Teaser - Soobin - Youtube | Discussion
201013 'Blue Hour' Official Teaser - Hueningkai - Youtube | Discussion
201012 'Blue Hour' Official Teaser - Beomgyu - Youtube | Discussion
201012 Bighit updated the photo (lockscreen) for 'minisode1:Blue Hour' - Website | Discussion
201009 'minisode1: Blue Hour' Tracklist - Twitter | Discussion
201008 Concept Photos AR Ver.
201007 Pixel Art AR Ver. - Twitter| Discussion
201006 Concept Photos VR Ver.
201005 Pixel Art VR Ver. - Twitter| Discussion
200929 Concept Photos R Ver.
200928 Pixel Art R Ver. - Twitter| Discussion
200921 minisode1: Blue Hour Teaser - Youtube | Discussion

Album Information

Tracklist, Credits, and Lyrics Translation Links:
Track Length Lyrics - txtonnews Lyrics - TXT Translations Fanchants
1. Ghosting 3:43 ENG TRANS ENG TRANS
2. Blue Hour - TITLE TRACK 3:29 ENG TRANS ENG TRANS Weverse
3. We Lost the Summer 3:30 ENG TRANS ENG TRANS Weverse
4. Wishlist 3:11 ENG TRANS ENG TRANS
5. Way Home 3:02 ENG TRANS ENG TRANS
Track Credits
Where to Buy (physical):
* Pre-ordering from Weverse Global Shop allows you to enter for a chance to win a spot at a video call fansign. See fansign information here You also will receive the pre-order gifts - a box package and exclusive photos. To see these notices in the the app, go to: Weverse Shop -> TXT Global -> "More" Tab -> Announcements/Events
** Please note that many of these shops have their own pre-order benefits/gifts so if those are important to you, check multiple shops before ordering!
Korea/International USA Only Japan
Weverse Shop Global* - Set OR Random Weverse Shop USA Weverse Shop Japan
Ktown4u - 40% discount b/c of a collaboration with TXT fansites! ChoiceMusicLA - Set OR Ver Choice Universal Music Store - Set or Random
Kpoptown - R OR VR OR AR BigHit US Official Shop
Kpoptown - Set Target
Kpopmart - Set OR Random Target - Exclusive PC
Aladdin - Set OR Random
YES24 - Set OR Random
Interpark Global - Set OR Random
Hot Tracks - Set
YesAsia - Set OR Random
Where to Buy/Stream (digital):

Goals & Hashtags

News Articles/Interviews

submitted by KPopology to TomorrowByTogether

[DISCUSSION] Community Supreme Bot (CSB) Official Release (V3) (Free Open Source Tool for Copping Supreme)

Source code:
Website (redirect) csb.center
What is CSB?
CSB or Community Supreme Bot is a project that has been in development for nearly a year now. Previously known as FESBSC, CSB is a completely free open source bot to cop clothing items from Supreme. Evidently, a market for Supreme bots has developed within the Supreme Community. This market has become saturated with bots that seldom work at prices exceeding hundreds of dollars. The CSB project is an attempt to remove these huge paywalls, allowing all members of the Supreme community a fair chance in copping the items they want without any extra burdens on their wallet. This being said, CSB is still in development and success will never be 100% guaranteed. However, we are constantly working on the bot in order to raise the success rate with ambitious yet capable plans for the future involving new tech which has never been utilised within this field. Currently CSB is being developed by a two man team: me – Tom, also known as HA6Bots and Daniel commonly referred to as Danielyc on forums. We have been working very hard throughout the summer to create a stable and functioning bot in preparation for the fall/winter season 2018. This being said, we are proud to release CSB V3.0. Again, we emphasise that the bot is a work in progress and success is not guaranteed. By downloading and using this tool, you as an individual are responsible for the output whether you successfully purchase your item or not. We accept no responsibility for any mishaps that may occur.
CSB V3.0 Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jbeu68b0b1divym/CSB.zip/file
CSB V3.0 Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/file/14aw2afinyi7jca/CSB-MAC.zip/file
Chromedriver: http://chromedriver.chromium.org/downloads
Follow our twitter for news about updates: https://twitter.com/CSB91496885
How do I use CSB?
We have written up a detailed set of instructions which can be found at csb.center. Included in the download is readme which also contains these instructions.
Are my payment details safe?
Yes. The bot itself (the python scripts) does not connect to any servers. The tool itself is completely client side, payment details (if chosen) are kept on your personal device in an encrypted .cnf file located within your CSB folder directory. The user has the option of saving payment and billing details when prompted to. Again, I repeat this is stored in an encrypted .cnf file which is only accessible via your personal password. Alternatively, the user does not have to save these details and can use the program as normal. The source code is on GitHub at https://github.com/danielyc/csb and can be analysed for complete transparency.
How was CSB made?
CSB is made with python. We utilise several libraries in order to make the bot functional. Selenium is used with chromedriver to replicate user interactions with the Supreme website. We use PyQt5 for the UIs. We are planning to replace Selenium and the chromedriver in the near future with our own custom library which will utilise Image recognition technology.
Why is CSB free?
There are several reasons why the CSB project is free:

  1. We want to send a message to the companies that have been exploiting the Supreme Community for years with extortionate fees for outdated bots that barely work: This is not a productive use of technology and is a business model that is unethical and out-right shady. We want to show that the prices that have been charged by these companies and individuals are completely artificial – if two people can create a bot at no other expense then a few hours a day, why are single use bots going for $200+?
  2. The bot is still in development. The bot will always be in development. This is the nature of bots – things keep getting updated, Supreme will always push out new changes to their website, so we will need to make sure the bot is responsive to all these changes. Thus there will always be an element or risk that the bot will not work. However small this risk might be, it will always exist and therefore there is always a chance it will not work. Even if there is a 1% chance that the bot will be unsuccessful, this means that one out of a hundred people would have wasted their money. The only solution to this issue is to keep the bot free.
  3. We like Supreme. The bot is a gift to the Supreme Community and gifts are free.
Will development be sustainable?
Currently CSB is being developed by two people – me (Tom) and Daniel. I will be working full time very soon while Daniel will start university in early September. However this will not stop us from continuing development on the bot. Last year we both had school and still managed to push out the first two versions of the bot. At the moment, apart from time – monetary costs are low. We are planning to further the project with some servers and a website in the near future. We will always keep the bot free for everyone to use. We may at some point look into different avenues for monetization such as advertisements but we will never introduce any paywalls that undermine the functionality and idea behind CSB.
How can I support the CSB project?
Like mentioned before CSB will and always will be free. We will never ask for any money as CSB is a gift to the community. You can support us by telling your friends/fellow Supreme users about CSB and help spread the word that a free and trustworthy bot exists. If you really want to support the project you can donate to our PayPal at https://www.paypal.me/supportcsb. We also have a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet: BTC 32U1WNf47UXcmDuMoJ7vezKd7UGRXmqPFP ETH 0xd445FC2b12B15A0FcA52153a75956bAb843bD03a. We appreciate any donations of any amount. We will also add your name to the donor list in the credits section of the bot unless you say otherwise. The money will help finance any costs involved with the bot such as domains, websites, servers etc.
Will CSB completely automated? Is there anything I have to do manually?
Currently for CSB V3.0 we have not reached full automation. While the bot will automatically find and add the item to the basket as well as filling out all the billing/shipping details, a google Captcha will appear at the end. This is the only process the user manually has to complete. Once the Captcha is completed the purchase will be completed. We are working hard to bypass the Captcha and already have some prototype concepts in production. Please read the instructions located at the bottom of this document for more information.
Chrome and/or my antivirus blocked the file. Is the code malicious?
Much to our frustration, CSB is being flagged by some antivirus software. The code is not malicious in anyway at all and can be viewed within the GitHub. Please add main.exe as an exception with your respective antivirus software and you should be able to run the program.
What is the licencing for CSB?
CSB operates under GNU AGPLv3. You are free to use the tool however you want - as long as it is compliant with the licence.
What OS (Operating Systems) is CSB compatible with?
As of now, windows 7 through 10 and MacOS
Can I help with the production of CSB?
At the moment we are not looking for any new members to join the team. Currently, the project is not big enough for multiple people to work on it without causing greater inconveniences. This being said, you can still help us by emailing us crash reports to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or open bugreports on the github page.
How can I get in contact with the CSB team?
You can get in contact with us by emailing [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
If CSB worked as intended or you want to support the project, you can donate at https://www.paypal.me/supportcsb. Any amount is appreciated and we will add your name if you wish to the donor list which will be included on a later version Thanks! -HA6Bots and Danielyc
submitted by memorynerds to streetwear

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