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They get top spin by hitting the cue against the top of the ball. But Still This Game Is. Acer Spin 1 SP111-32N review - premium build, average. It is the sequel to Top Spin and is followed by Top Spin 3. Serato DJ delivers all the features and performance to meet the demands of DJs at the top of their game and sets the new standard for controller DJs. Activation Codes / Serial/Key Generator. Knob for adjustments in uneven surfaces.

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LTC has provided the following photographs of cracks found on a Huss Top Spin. Top Spin Diving Program. If you are keeping the software and want to use it longer than its trial time, we strongly encourage you purchasing the license key from Top official website. The latter two shots are nice additions, but are more trouble than they're worth. You can decide on the range of numbers on your dice or spinner (1-6 or 0-9), and you can roll/spin two at a time if you wish. Fast Email Extractor 7 Serial Keygen 22. March 20, 2020. Also locates MS Office keys.

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SPIN 1038: Hit Music Now. Free games to download. Not logged in, it's limited to 1000 codes per batch. Top Spin 1 serial key or number. You will hear the recordings twice. This should be your intention too, as a user, to fully evaluate Top Spin Tennis without restrictions and then decide. Top Spin 2 is a PC port of a 360 game, hence all the Top Spinners are elsewhere, while your PC brethren are playing WOW.

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It was unclear about freight, but if we assume $100.00 + some mystery amount + freight to and.

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The controls are immersing and give a sense of satisfaction when in career mode. If this is the case it is usually found in the full download archive itself. License Key - CNET Download. Capacity of 1.5 kg and easy operation with self-explanatory knob. Top Spin (video game) https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=957. Code of Ethics Examples https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=961. March 26, 2020 - NIH Late Application Policy Due to Public Health Emergency for United States for 2020 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

My debate with my dad, an extreme Trump supporter

My original post is here, which I've duplicated below. I wanted to help out anyone going through what I'm going through...
I am liberal and my dad is an extreme Trump supporter. Over the past 4 years, it has been hard. As a result in the recent months, we setup a civil debate on topics that we alternate who decides. I'm looking for anyone with any experience in this and can offer some advice.
Here is my story...


I grew up approx. 40 minutes outside New York City. Both of my father's parents are liberals. My dad is educated, Jewish, has an immigrant wife, had an abortion for his girlfriend at 22, exposed to diversity on a regular basis since he works in NYC and at one point was considered liberal.
He became a republican, when Bush ran, for financial reasons. However, he is now a pro-life, anti-liberal, gun obsessed, Fox News loving, all in Trump fanatic. He reasons and believes every one of Trump's lies(and those who support him).
When Trump was elected in 2016, I tried to avoid all talks about politics to avoid the blow up fights. To be honest, it ate away at me every day. I thought to myself how could this privileged and educated man be so brainwashed. This summer when COVID hit and BLM protests broke out I started to boil. I thought about how to approach the situation with my dad and my execution went pretty poorly. It ended up being a phone call where he was screaming "planned parenthood is a baby killing mill" and more outrageous comments.
At that point I froze, this man who told me when I was younger I could be whatever I wanted, to look at all people equally and inclusiveness is better than exclusiveness was not the man who I was talking to. I told him straight-up I don't see us having more than surface level relationship and I can't have this toxicity in my life. I told him I thought he was on the wrong side of history, which actually brought silence, I felt that got to him for some reason(but thats an assumption). I also continued to tell him that his uneducated and unverified claims did not warrant such an emotional response. Surprisingly, at that point my dad suggested we do monthly debates.

The Debate

Each month we alternate who picks a topic. After he suggested this I put together a debate doc to help structure each debate. I even had us put our goals down for what we want to achieve in this process, so we can remind ourselves whenever things got heated. The structure is we have 2-3 days to pick a topic after our prior debate, 2 weeks for us to both provide research(articles, documentaries, videos, etc.) to support our claim and then an additional 2 weeks to review each others research.
The first topic I decided on was False information is a serious problem with irreversible consequences that cause a massive divide in America. I did this to plan how we would conduct our research, deem what sources are credible, decide on tools we would use to fact check and define certain terms. This was setup to prevent a back and forth on what is fact and fiction.
I wanted to encourage him to think twice before believing information he read from biased sources and verify his information using other sources. A goal of mine is to have productive debates based on educated, well sourced and non-partisan content. While agreeing that some of our content would be biased and left/right leaning, but the claims made need to be based on credible facts.
My research included:
His research included:
  • This is how fake news spreads
  • A article that no longer exists, but essentially it discussed Google extending fact checking to image search
  • Unfreedom Press by Mark Levin, that we both agreed was far too long to get through in 2 weeks - Reddit even reported this as fake, so I removed the link
My approach to this, was to review the limited research he provided. I read Dennis Pragner's article and it seemed apparent this guy focused on his opinion over facts. First, I used a few fact checkers on Dennis to see his credibility, which was amazingly low. To prove this, I went through roughly 10-15 of Dennis's most recent articles and put together data.
  • One spreadsheet listed his 13 most recent articles how many times he used the words left leaning words such a Left, Democrat, and Liberal and right leaning words such as Right, Conservative and Republican.
  • Then I researched top spin words & phrases, subjective statements and emotional terms to see how he was using emotion to persuade his audience of his claims. I created a doc highlighting how often he used these terms.
  • Also in the doc with the content from his articles I made a list of all words that he surrounded the left leaning terms he used in the first spreadsheet.
My results were that he used used 112 left leaning words and 8 right leaning words. Some examples of the words he used surrounding the left included:
  • Every leftist
  • Lying
  • Russian collusion
  • Indistinguishable
  • Brands
  • Abolish standards
  • As they have done for decades
  • Denounce
  • Reaction
  • Mantra
  • Bringing America down
  • The communists
  • Don’t give a damn
  • If the left cared
Anyway, without my opinion and solely using Dennis's words I was able to convince my dad that Dennis was not credible. It was a victory I did not think I'd get so easily. I felt after our first debate that we made real progress. He even went as far to say "Yeah, I don't know why I was getting so emotional and I won't read Dennis Pragner anymore" It was awesome.
The victory I felt was not based on that he agreed with me, but that we were able to agree on verifiable facts. This is and has been my goal so far. Let's get past debating what is verifiably true, since to me it's common sense and obvious, and let's focus on factual information that we can discuss.
As a result from our first debate we agreed upon certain definitions, a few tools we can use to fact check and how we would judge credibility and that we want to avoid content with extreme bias. In addition, we shared an understanding that there will be manipulation and bias in documentaries, articles, etc., we send each other to persuade the audience of what the author is saying. However, the claims, evidence and research the author presents must be factual. There is a difference of using manipulation and bias to convince the audience of false information and verified information. This is what we as an audience have to judge, is the bias or manipulation credible?

The Problem

However, it feels like all the work I am doing and how far we get, the progress just reverts. I'm frustrated and don't know when I should just throw in the towel. The second debate we had, my dad decided on Appointment of Supreme Court Justices. The debate was ok, but I didn't spend as much time as I did in the first debate. I learned a lot, however I felt there wasn't much for us to debate. However, I still felt we were on the right track and agreed upon being factual versus emotional/opinionated on unverifiable facts. His research supported this and was way more interesting and factual this time around.
For our upcoming debate I decided on The Republican Party’s Conflict with Science & How it Affected America’s Response to COVID-19. Both of our research was due last Thursday and here is the list:
My research:
His research:
Initially I read the Breitbart article, CDC Journal: Cloth Mask 'May give users a False Sense of Protection' against Coronavirus', which refers to COVID-19 as the Chinese virus(first red flag). From the fake news discussion, I felt we were aligned. I don't want to have to go through the exercise I already did or use the limited time we have for our debate on what is credible information. I had hoped we were moving past this. I decided to message him "it's hard for me to take an article seriously, when they are consistently referring to COVID-19 as the Chinese virus." We had a small back and forth, but it was civil and he understood. In addition, I searched a few fact checkers on Breitbart's credibility and it's labeled as a questionable source, extreme right-wing bias and publication of conspiracy theories and propaganda with numerous false claims. It shows he did zero fact checking here, which we agreed we would do with our research.
Then I started watching Fibs, Falsehoods and Fauci, done by Mark Levin on BlazeTV. The main topic was discussing Trump's ad campaign and using Fauci saying in an interview "I can’t imagine that … anybody could be doing more" in regards to Trump. I got about 10 minutes and felt defeated. I know the situation well and knew Mark Levin was claiming verifiably false information as true. So, in our google doc, I flagged this video as verifiably false and stated that I conducted minimal research into BlazeTV's credibility. My findings were that BlazeTV has some credibility concerns.
We are currently in a back and forth on this topic, yet again. I'm am spending a TON of time and energy on this. Repeating to myself that I gotta put my all into this and if it doesn't work out I know I had done everything I could.
I haven't gone through the rest of his research, but I'm just feeling super down and hopeless. When do I know I need to walk away? How do I know if I should keep trying? I'm conflicted and frustrated. I always believed the truth would prevail and set me free, but it feels like the truth is being used against me.
submitted by LurelinVillage to FoxBrain

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