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Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly (3: 50) 641. One two three four five six seven eight nine It's the ten crack commandments what Nigga can't tell. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. Now we recommend you to Download first result Biggie Smalls Ten Crack Commandments MP3 which is uploaded by Biggie Smalls of size 4.52 MB, duration 3 minutes and 26 seconds and bitrate is 192 Kbps.

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What, uhh, uhh ***** can't tell me nothin bout this coke, uh-huh. Les 10 commandements du MC by Disiz La Peste Ratchet Commandments by Tink Ten Duel Commandments by Anthony Ramos, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jon Rua, Leslie Odom, Jr. & Original Broadway Cast of "Hamilton". Biggie Smalls, or Biggie, [1] was an American rapper. Biggie Smalls 10 Crack Commandments Sharebeast Meekinstmanksl check out your url.

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Find more of Biggie Smalls lyrics. Biggie Smalls (Photo: Takeshi/Flickr). Uhh, it's the ten crack commandments What, uhh, uhh Nigga can't tell me nothin bout this coke, uh-huh Can't tell me nothin bout this crack, this weed To my hustlin niggaz Niggaz on the corner I ain't forget you niggaz My triple beam niggaz, word up (Chuck D) "One two three four five six seven eight nine" "TEN"j. Shop unique custom made Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Posters, Tapestries, and more.

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Crack Commandments Biggie Smalls Acapella, hwang jini tagalog version full movie 5593a673d3 [Notorious Big Ten Crack Commandments. Download Biggie Smalls - Ten Crack Commandments mp3. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Ips patcher download gba.

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The legendary producer discusses the origins of Biggie's remarkable record, as well as his relationship with Jay-Z. Download 10 Crack Commandments Notorious B I G from fast and private links. It'll make people jealous and want to steal it. Mix - Biggie Smalls Ten Crack Commandments YouTube; Biggie Smalls - What's Beef Lyrics on Screen (HD P) - Duration: Hillarious songss, views.

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Biggie Smalls Ten Crack Commandments Lyrics. Remembering the Notorious B.I.G.: A Life Lesson After. Confidential (2) (1998) Related Posts from WhoSampled News. 'The 10 Wife Commandments' Is Biggie And Faith Evans.

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Ten Crack Commandments Testo Biggie Smalls site link. Biggie Smalls 10 Crack Commandments Mp3. Biggie Smalls - 10 Crack. Ten Crack Commandments, the 17th track off of his eerily named sophomore effort, Life After.

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Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works. Smart TV, computer or portable devices. Chinese words, chinese characters, chinese, mandarin, i dont understand, luke im your father, may when tea, mei wen ti, no worries be happy, no worries, moves like jagger, moves like jia ge er, cow b, niu bi, yeah friday, xingqiwu hoo, friday woohoo, add oil, jia you, meat on a stick, chuar, horse horse, tiger tiger, mama huhu, mayo, mei you, fish and rice forever, you and me forever, yu and. Biggie smalls 10 crack commandments.

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I been in this game for years, it made me a animal Its rules to. Rooted in the New York rap scene and gangsta rap traditions, he is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. Top ten biggie smalls songs? It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission.

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Tupac Shakur, a media sensationalized war between the East and West Coasts ensued and when the smoke cleared, both of these young, talented, prolific Black men were gone. Download "Biggie Smalls - Ten Crack Commandments" Download video "Biggie Smalls - Ten Crack Commandments" directly from youtube. Life After Death for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Crack Commandments Biggie Smalls Lyrics licensed upgraded much between 0 and 25 impression on all Playground.

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What, uhh, uhh. For your search query Ten Crack Commandments MP3 we have found 1000000 songs matching your query but showing only top 10 results. Catholic Ten Commandments Lyrics For Kids lyrics. Main genre: Hip-Hop / Rap / R&B.

Entitled mom destroyed by bad carnival planning.

I was reminded of this event while reading another post about an entitled mom at a carnival. This event occurred about 10 years ago so I don’t remember everyone as clearly.
I worked for a company that did carnivals for schools. We would meet with school administrators about what their budget needs are. Design and set up booths and shows, that would meet their needs. We would then present our plan to the school administrators and PTA heads of the school or schools.
At the time this took place, I was a lead organizer for many of these events, so I would have the opportunity to meet up and get to know many of the parents and administrators of the school. This is important so everyone knows the chain of command if problems occur. So, with this all being said, let’s get in to the meat and potatoes of the whole ordeal.
IEM: Idiot entitled mother.
CK: Cute Kid, just there to have fun.
OP: Other People, as there were too many to name.
ME: your Fearless bleeder.
I was tasked to run a small carnival for an elementary school. You know the kind, end of the school year, let the kids play. The last big event before summer. Everything was going very well. However we did have some complaints about the hotdog stand not having enough of certain items, badly cooked hot dogs etc. But no biggie, I had dispatched a few of my underlings to go remedy the situation. I then had a couple of parents notify me that some woman was acting like she was in charge.
OP: There is this lady claiming "I'm head of the PTA. I organized this whole thing. My Child should be at the front of the line.
ME: OH? That’s interesting. Could you point her out to me?
OP points the woman out to me. She was not part of the PTA. I had met all the PTA heads.
I walk over to her, taped her on the shoulder.
ME: I hear you are the one who put this whole thing together?
IEM: (Looking confused for just a moment) OH yes. Isn’t it lovely? I just put SOOOO many hours in to this. Now if you don’t mind?
ME: Oh I don’t mind at all. However, many people are complaining how horrible the food is. I think you should go resolve the issue right away.
IEM: She just looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about.
CK: Mom, You promised this wouldn’t happen again.
ME: you did just tell me, as well as everyone else, you organized this whole thing. I insist you go fix the hot dog issue!
IEM: Well I have other people here who can handle that, Go talk to one of them!
OP: (Over hearing this exchange.) Yeah, the Hotdogs are missing ketchup and relish!
OP: The Buns where a little on the hard side.
OP: Yeah I don’t like them boiled, who’s bright IDEA what THAT!
OP: Could you fix it? MY Daughter didn’t like hers either.
IEM: Well I can go talk to someone, I ugh
You could see the back pedaling as she started to slowly walk away. People would not stop hounding her. Many followed her around complaining about several things. I just watched as this ladies lies came crashing down on her. It wasn't long after that she left. It was a solid win in my book. Several people came up to me and thanked me for handling this annoying mom. They said it was one of the most tactful experiences they had ever seen. I treated everyone to new fresh hot dogs.
submitted by Smoke_Water to entitledparents

BL3, The Good and Bad, Why it is important, and the future of Borderlands [SPOILERS INCLUDED]

First off, let me state that this is purely opinion, many may differ, and thats okay. Second, I still want to try to offer critical thinking, as to offer a nice healthy debate about certain aspects. And third, I am in no way a professional game designer, writer, etc., I am merely a consumer. This very, very, long wall of text will contain SPOILERS FOR BORDERLANDS 3, TPS, AND 2! To begin, lets talk about the good aspects of the game.
THE GOOD: GUNPLAY/MECHANICS:Obviously, the improved gunplay and mechanics were awesome. Holy hell was I blown away from how clean everything seemed. The ability to slide, leap over railings, and climb over obstacles was a huge improvement to Borderlands and I find myself missing it whenever I play 2 or TPS. Guns work phenomenally (most of the time, minor bugs are expected), and theres a wide variety to choose from. The HUD is a teensy cluttered, but still displays all my important info without getting in the way and still looks good. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: While TPS had oxygen kits which were cool, the overall gameplay was similar to BL2, so BL3 is a definite improvement.
GRAPHICS: The graphics are nothing to scoff at either. When I heard Borderlands was going to be in 4K, I scoffed because the graphics have a cartoonish, comic style to them. But I was blown away when I first started and saw the graphics and how they had majorly improved, especially the lighting and particle effects. The game looks absolutely gorgeous at times when you look at landscapes and areas from high above. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: What can I say? BL3 just simply looks better!
SOUNDS/MUSIC: The sounds and music are also amazing, great songs to back up your fighting really help get the player into the mood, and 3 does this perfectly. BGM is important, and I never felt like 3’s music took away from whatever area I was either fighting in, or simply looking around. The sounds are also great, from vehicles to guns to monsters, I love them all. I especially loved how some guns, Tediore guns specifically, made slightly different sounds as the ammo got lower. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 had some phenomenal music choices, and the BGM was very well made (I love the BGM in Thousand Cuts). TPS had some awesome BGM as well, but I don’t remember anything too memorable apart from the credits of The Claptastic Voyage DLC.
DESIGN: Design choices for areas and enemies are amazing. I have bias for Promethea because I love that dark synth aesthetic, but it looked great, and really connected with the feeling Atlas has. Eden-6 also had a very, very nice design that fit Jakob’s theme as well, and Nekrotefyo has a very Eldritch design to it that I liked. Enemies for their respective areas never seemed to clash against their background and helped to support the aesthetic of their respective planets as well. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: Felt a lil weird because Pandora in BL2 has very, very diverse and had an area similar to Eden-6. However, it was nice seeing those areas being expanded upon and given new life, and a definite improvement to TPS, which wasn’t too impressive in terms of area design since most of everything looked the same.
VAULT HUNTERS: The Vault Hunters were created and executed fantastically. I’m a Zane main, and loved his character, but others like FL4K, Moze, and Amara also shine with very round, charismatic, and downright lovable personalities that put them apart from other characters, but also the other Vault Hunters. Each one has a nice design and plenty of cosmetic items to choose from as well (I have two Zanes, a Dante Zane and a Big Boss Zane). COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: One thing I loved about TPS was how vocal and interactive the Vault Hunters were, it breathed new life into the player characters where as BL2 didnt see the Vault Hunters talk as much or have much of a say to key characters.
EXTRAS: Crew Challenges. I loved these. Exploring the map finally gave a reward beyond guns or a hidden vault symbol. We get siren lore, important background information on Typhon, and claptrap/car parts to find, and even then you’re rewarded with more than XP, as Typhon Dead Drops can offer very lucrative guns, as I’ve gotten a few legendaries that way. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: Obviously, this wasn’t in previous Borderlands games, so its nice to have.
As a small addition, I love the relationship between Jakobs and Hammerlock. Its very healthy, doesnt seemed force and doesn’t revolve around them being gay. They feel perfect for each other and bounce off each other well. Their interactions and personalities reminded me of my own parents.
Unfortunately, however, thats all the good I remember. There may be more, so feel free to bring it up!
STORY: One thats sticks out to me is the story. I would like to state that I simply do NOT understand why so many people defend the story by saying “nobody cares! Its a looter shooter!” But I can 100% guarantee that if BL2 only had Handsome Jack and some loose, disjointed story like BL3, it would not have been as popular. BL3 feels disjointed, and I really felt like there were times where I could do something better. This becomes worse once you beat the game. A fully powered up Troy and Tyreen are, apparently, nothing when compared to the power of gun, so really it makes no sense as to why we didnt try to kill them sooner because we obviously could have handled it. A lot of interactions and character choices don’t make a whole lot of sense. One really bad aspect, is that the villains never seemed to be a threat. They never directly attack us like they did Lilith, and due to our lack of existence in cutscenes, the twins never acknowledge us apart from being rude in our ears. They feel very weak and I kept questioning why I never went and attacked them directly before they got too strong. Also, a very disappointing final boss and rushed ending to top it off. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 has a very straightforward, but strong story. You’re a Vault Hunter, Handsome Jack wants you dead simply because you are a Vault Hunter, so you team up with a small army to help fight against Hyperion but also unlock the secrets of the vault. You meet many interesting characters along the way as well, but I honestly think the story flow made sense and gave valid reason as to certain plot points/missions. Even TPS, which most people have voiced their dislike of, has a very strong story and gives valid reasoning as to why we do certain things. We were hired by Jack to help find a Vault, but quickly get caught up in a fight between Hyperion and Zarpedon. Even if we weren’t planning on helping Helios get under Hyperion’s control, we are forced to help because the moon was under threat of being destroyed, and killing us with it and giving us a valid reason to fight. While TPS was short, I loved every minute of the story watching Jack’s descent from Hero to Villain. Awesome final boss for both games as well (Though the Warrior was straight up the best), and a great ending with a great cliffhanger.
WRITING: I want to keep this separate from the story so I can also cover a few extra things. One biggie was a lack of dialogue when talking to key characters. I loved how, in TPS, characters would react differently according to what character you were playing as. It made playing a new character feel truly new in experience. But a lot of dialogue falls flat when the player says something and the NPC just says, “I see” Many of the jokes feel like they fall flat as well, with many being toilet humor but poorly attempted. Borderlands thrives on dark jokes, but also irony. It doesnt help when a lot of jokes are repeated and become generally unfunny. (Vercuvian Ham, Digby Vermouth, Claptrap Sucks, BLOOOD-FEEEUUUD) Another issue is treatment of “serious” moments. Maya and Typhons death feel meaningless and unearned, and then become irrelevant as another poor joke is told and everybody moves on. Borderlands is completely capable of serious moments, which is why its a wonder that BL3 didnt pull them off. Many events also feel rushed as well. As a sidenote, a lot of the bosses dont feel important or even strong. The human ones exist with the sole purpose of “being annoying so you want to kill them” and the non humans just have obnoxious immune phases to prolong the battle. IMO, Pain and Terror was really the best fight. Theres also a weird focus on sirens that sort of just shoehorns Tannis into being one for whatever reason. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 is ripe with good jokes, but thats common knowledge by now. One good joke I loved is in TPS, after Jack recruits Pickle, Jack says “This is the 10-year old boy I hired to help us”. The way he says it is funny to me because hes not saying it as a joke, its funny because he’s completely serious. In the same missions, Tina compares Pickle to a child and says shes a Lady with lots of menopause. Its a gold joke with solid delivery. When it comes to serious moments, BL2 has its Control Core Angel moment with Roland’s death AND Bloodwing’s death. These are great moments that really cement Jack’s character, but even when Jack follows up Bloodwing’s death with a joke, its funny due to it being aligned with Jack’s character and being in poor taste, rather than another character making some one-off side joke. TPS even had this, with Felicity being put into the Constructor against her will and wishes. Its a moment that isnt just sad, but simply shows that Jack would have saved her if he had more time. As for bosses, BL2 had a LOT of them in just the base game. TPS might not have had a lot, but there WERE interesting side bosses. But BL3, doesnt have many bosses that are just side bosses, but rather “hunts” or slightly stronger named enemies that can be found on the kill list.
CHARACTERS: I know a lot of people complain about Ava, but its worse than that. All of the returning characters are hollow shells of their former selves with their worst traits turned up to 100%. Vaughn became an obnoxious dude-bro who only knows how to yell or talk about his abs. Lilith became downright stupid and effectively retconned the events of the Commander Lilith DLC since she not seems to be unable to command, but even make general decisions. Maya loses all her badass Vault Hunter skills and can only phaselock enemies for you to shoot at until she forgets how to and puts Troy in a chokehold. Rhys loses his character development and becomes a geeky loser again, he just owns a company now. I even want to defend Moxxi, who was revealed to be an excellent mechanic and fighter (where Ellie and Scooter got their skills), as well as be good at financial businesses like the underdome just became a walking sex joke again which makes her presence on Sanctuary III weird if thats all she can do. Theres also a heavy lack of the B-team, which we’ve heard a lot of but is a big deal considering how much they were marketed and cared about. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 introduces a lot of new characters but also has our cast of BL1 return. They feel fully fleshed out as well, and are given a new life that makes them feel alive. The TPS did this as well, giving us a huge insight into Jack’s character, as well as seeing what Lilith and Roland were doing between 1 and 2. Moxxi also makes a return and thats where we learn about her skills, honestly, The Boson had more character than Lilith did in BL3.
AVA: yes, I’m making an entire section about her because what was Gearbox thinking? Ava is most definitely a self-insert character designed to replace Tina, and completely fails at doing so. Shes a normal teen, and while that may seem okay, it completely goes against everything Borderlands. Nobody is “normal”, everybody is weird in their own way. But Ava is a normal, bratty teen with poor writing as to ensure shes the hero. She is a number one cause of Maya’s death, as Maya could have easily fought had Ava NOT been there. Hell, Maya may have even gone into the vault with us. Then, she tells Lilith off and NOBODY even tries to stop Ava or tell her that she’s completely wrong. She even tells Lilith that Maya said “Run towards the fire” when Maya said moments ago to not always do that. We then get the option to comfort Ava like she even needs it. At the end, shes given Siren powers to save the day and even control of the raiders and Sanctuary. Wow.
ENDGAME/MAYHEM MODE: I wont argue that there isnt anything to do for endgame, but I will argue its rather lackluster. Due to there not being a lot of dedicated Loot drops for bosses, theres no real reason to go out of your way to farm them when you could just farm a circle of slaughter, Graveward, or Katagawa Jr. However, thats a small complaint. My main one is “Mayhem Mode”. After playing for a while I simply cannot find it fun. The mayhem consists of nerfs to the player and buffs to enemies, the only real “mayhem” is that bullet reflection modifier you can occasionally get. It also just decides to constantly spawn badasses and anointed enemies as if that is fun when they all have rockets and 100% accuracy. It simply isnt interesting imo. I also want to argue a lack of bosses. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: 2 had a TON of bosses, and I mean a lot for a base game. Each one had dedicated loot, but some even shared loot as well. Even if OP mode for 2, I didnt constantly feel bombarded by badasses with 100% accuracy rockets. TPS had a weak endgame, so at least 3 did better.
GEARBOX AND THEIR “BALANCE”: I understand that Borderlands needs some balance, especially Zane needing a buff, but a certain aspect of Boderlands I liked was that if you grinded for specific legendaries that your skills had synergy with you could melt enemies. However, Gearbox seems to dislike OP builds and guns that outperform others which seems dumb when the point of a legendary is that it outperforms other guns. Im not saying OP Grenade Moze shouldve stayed, but Gearbox has shown that they want to lower damages on legendaries that “outperform” other guns. It might sound pointless, but I loved grinding for hours in BL2 to have the perfect build that would destroy bosses and mobs alike. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES; Salvador was braindead gameplay I’ll admit, but still had potential to be fun if you loved melting stuff. Even TPS had its OP moments as long as you put in the right skills and got the perfect legendaries.
VILLAIN MOTIVATIONS/GENERAL CHARACTERS: The twins were... disappointing. I know that they were designed to be annoying but that just feels like a lazy excuses for these guys. They never felt like a threat to the player, and the one chance they get for development between Tyreen and Troy is comply shirked because it goes nowhere. Their motivations are very, very loose. They want to become a star? How does that make sense? They were raised by an overprotective and endearing father who told them stories of the galaxy, but how did they decide that they wanted to become stars and the best way to do that was becoming genocidal cult leaders and awakening an ancient evil? You would expect sheltered kids to be more psychotic and committing evil because they genuinely enjoy it or for the sake of doing so now that theyre free, not wanting to be a star and thinking unleashing the destroyer would do that for them. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: Handsome Jack is talked about enough, we KNOW what makes him such a damn great villain. Zarpedon is TPS even has a great motivation. She knew what Jack would do, she knew what Elpis really was. She knew destroying it would save people, but to do so she had to kill others. Thats what made her so great.
SMALL COMPLAINTS: There seems to be a weird theme of “family” that is constantly pushed. From Ava and Maya, Rhys and Katagawa, and obviously the Twins and Typhon. But it feels as id it never goes anywhere, its just... there. Also, a lack of character CQ’s. I loved those and thought they were so cool, Borderlands 2 AND TPS had a bunch of them, but 3.... not so much which was disappointing. It mightve been a glitch but the second Traunt fight didnt even give me a CG or character intro, I just dropped in and the fight immediately started.
WHY IS THIS ALL IMPORTANT: I feel as if this is important because a lot of us had very high expectations for this game. Seven years and our payoff should NOT have been this mess. I feel disappointed because it feels like a major amount of time was spent on mechanics and the engine rather than a decent story, writing, or anything else. I, personally, have very high expectations of 3. I expected many bosses and raid bosses on launch, with multiple planets. I expected strong, threatening villains. And honestly, I dont think I expected too much. To me, it feels like Gearbox knew Borderlands 3 would bring in money and didnt actually care too much about the series itself. This brings me to the future THE FUTURE OF BORDERLANDS: If writing like this continues, I cant expect great DLC. The game will quickly lose replay ability as well. If a Borderlands 4 is announced within a few years after our final DLC, it will confirm that Gearbox is just milking Borderlands for money, which I hope is not the case. Simply put, we deserve better as consumers and loyal players and fans of Borderlands. We don’t deserve to be given a poor story and mistreatment of beloved characters. What do I expect to come from this for those who read this far? I don’t know, but I hope we can perhaps make a push for a change for the better for Borderland’s future.
submitted by CL4P_Channel to Borderlands

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