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Sun Is Giving Away Solaris 10 DVDs homepage. Snort - Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention System. SUN Cluster Solaris 10 x Recommended OS Patchset. Solaris 2.6 is currently undergoing both the ITSEC E3/F-C2 and TCSEC C2 certification processes. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Sage Bookkeeping India, Accounting BPO Outsourcing Services: Castleton.

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Framework OWASP Testing Guide / Code / [r1] /OWASP-SM/ZAP

News and feature lists of Linux and BSD distributions. The size of the clusters varies significantly: the Core cluster contains only 39 packages and uses 52MBytes; the End User cluster has 142 packages and uses 242 MBytes; the Developer cluster has 235 packages and consumes 493 MBytes of disk space. Solaris 10 x86 recommended patch cluster music. Start your Free Trial today. That and I always "try, try again, " hoping for good results. Sun Cluster Hardware Environment.

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Otherwise please contact support to learn how to reconfigure your CmDongle before upgrading. Tarmas writes "For a limited time only, just like Ubuntu's ShipIt service, Sun Microsystems lets you order Solaris 10 absolutely free of charge. Cracking Passwords Version 1 - Question Defense Pages 1 https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=1001. Prior to doing so, you should add something similar to the following to /etc/profile to make life easier for cluster administrators. How to Use Windows 10 as a Virtual Machine - A Step-by navigate to these guys. Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Backups.

Kubernetes Cookbook - Second Edition

Actia multi diag keygen serial keys. DarkPlaces is a Quake modification I have built over the course of 6 years on and off experimenting, it got somewhat of an overhaul when the Quake engine source code was released, and I began developing a custom OpenGL-only engine for it and other mods, which supports Windows WGL and Linux GLX, and has greatly improved graphics and. The MS Windows partition occupies my whole harddrive. Of course, there are many other useful disk management functions, such as Delete All Partitions, Partition Recovery, Wipe Disk, Data Recovery, Copy Partition, Change Cluster Size, etc. I installed Solaris recommended patch cluster and after that LDAP authentication broke. Red Hat Cluster Services "Stable" version 2. This describes the following core components: OpenAIS; Provides cluster communications using the totem protocol.

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Select and download the patch cluster applicable to your installation. Oracle Solaris 11 as a BIG Data Platform Apache Hadoop Use https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=989.

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Sunos - Solaris 8 available for download? - Server Fault

Recommended OS Cluster Solaris 10 x you can download the cpu os cluster from MOS and build a solaris cluster patch to deploy. I hope I m correct that one is supposed to be able to download it for free without a service plan. Take A Look At Solaris 10 https://globalbeatschool.ru/crack/?key=993. Downloading kubeadm v1.10.0 Downloading kubelet v1.10.0 Finished Downloading kubelet v1.10.0 Finished Downloading kubeadm v1.10.0 Setting up certs. ALCATEL QuickNet STC TCT MODEM X020, X030X, X060S, X070S, X080S, X0X, X200X, X200S, X2X, X2S, X215S, S220L, X225L, X225S AND X228L can be unlocked with the lock code and is easily available for free. If ZFS with 32 bit is not supported, it should be marked so in the documentation, not have a system panic -).

Patch mSP Software - Tools For Managed Service Providers

Rare Disco Funk And Dance Classics' utilizzati da Stefano SunnyDeejay per realizzare i suoi Dj-Set. CodeWeavers' CrossOver ran 32-bit Windows Intel binary on macOS on Arm CPU emulating x86 – and nobody died. I certainly didn't distribute my cracked versions. Java Project For Beginners Step By Step Using NetBeans And MySQL Database In One Video [ With Code ] - Duration: 1BestCsharp blog 5, views. Higher Quality and Lower Risk; Helps reduce cost and risk in. Quora - A place to share knowledge and better understand.

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This procedure applies only to Solaris 10 servers that have no zones or boot environments configured. Unfortunately the -v option didn't help me find this, but it's still very useful to check – Matt Connolly Jan. Some Systems With BIOS Firmware Do Not Boot If the EFI_PMBR Entry in the Master Boot Record Is Not Active (15796456) Some. The Enigma Group's main goal is to increase user awareness in web and server security by teaching them how to write secure code, how to audit code, and how to exploit code. I am running this cluster in single user mode after that I have did reconfiguration boot (As per cluster installation instruction) I have tested 3 times. Solaris 10 SPARC Recommended Patch Cluster Jul 7 MB Solaris 10 x86 Recommended Patch Cluster Jul 7 MB Solaris 9 SPARC Recommended Patch Cluster.

Godfall - Review from a CPG fan of Duelyst, as well as other ARPG titles

Hey Everyone I'm GrincherZ (rebranded recently as ToNoahEnd on TTV).
Some of you might remember me from CPG's first game, a card game called Duelyst. I streamed Duelyst for a couple years and made Twitch Partner early on because of it; CPG even gave me the great honor of becoming a card in their game: Grincher
That all said I have played all the Soulsborne games even completing SL 1 runs on DS 1-3, Nioh (which I think this game closest resembles), and I have over 2000 hours on PoE and Diablo 3 along with many other ARPGs.
I played on PC without a controller and as of this review have completed up to level 50 in dream stones and attempted the tower climb 7 times highest floor 8 (fairly fresh 50.. will do more later)I will break my review down by 6 categories Story, Graphics, Sound, UI, Gameplay, Post-game.
Story - About as short lived as 2 draw was in Duelyst (2/5)
  • We've all been there before. One of our siblings decides they will become the new Matriarch / Patriarch now that the parents are old and decrepit; and you must have a battle to the death in order to decide who will reign over the new family dynasty... Or just me? Godfall's premise at its core is simple enough and familiar so players don't have to jump through too many hoops to understand what they're trying to do especially in a new IP. However that is about the only thing they did right with their story decisions.
  • While the story may be a familiar one it lacks any kind of depth that would make it memorable. The conversations with NPCs are short and flat. No commentary to revisit NPCs for, no backstory to ponder about, it is a very dry experience with little life to any of the characters which is sad given there are only 2 of them to talk to. Even the final showdown with your power crazed brother was nothing but a few lines of dialogue; and the final cutscene was the funniest moment in the whole story but not from any effort from CPG - more like their lack of.
  • As a Duelyst fan I enjoyed seeing lots of small references to their origin game. The monolith was ripped straight out of Duelyst's lore. The Abyssian Host was a faction in their CCG. The Vargul seem to be their Magmar faction but only in spirit. Bosses like Decimus - Phalanxar - Excelsious - Thraex all named after cards and for the most part resemble them in some way. I streamed my playthrough and had many Duelyst fans come and ask questions and given that Duelyst is no longer playable we all enjoyed some nostalgia in their new IP.
  • Overall however they seemed to miss the mark on making their epic campaign of killing a god (who may not actually have been becoming a god? Weird plot twist btw which wasn't resolved anyways so... why bother?) into more of a minor feud and will leave many people wondering. And not about what happened to Sanctum.
Graphics - As beautiful a game in 3D as Duelyst was in Pixel art (5/5)
  • I loved the aesthetics in this world. Everything popped! From the heavy armor of the Valorplates to the different enemies in the world. Bosses in particular were extremely good looking. Everything seemed to be on brand with their chosen, albeit somewhat gaudy aesthetic it all 'worked'. It also was very impressive to have everything run in 60 fps with minimal frame issues. Sometimes after first starting the game up it would have a few jitters here and there but never were textures missing or anything typical of a launch game. I streamed it at 60fps 1280x720p with 1080p native display with an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz, 16 Core(s), 32 Logical Processor(s) and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. No dropped frames.
  • The environments were crafted with extreme care, great detail was put into every area from the backdrops in the Earth realm with ornate stylized architecture to the ruins of some lost civilization or the setting of a great war. Everything was amazing. It is just a shame we were not given a map to Explore them more thoroughly, as I am sure I have not been everywhere in these realms as I got lost easily. More on that later but at least I enjoyed my views while traversing the labyrinths of the Monolith.
  • Combat animations are extremely fluid and visceral. There's a bit too much visual viscera in terms of sparks but after a while you sort of get used to it. I found all of the enemies animations fun to watch and Takedown animations are amazingly brutal and I had my jaw drop a number of times. Very well done.
Sound - About as serviceable as the Story is memorable (3/5)
  • I sat here for a moment trying to recall the main theme music... I can't. I also can't think of any of the boss soundtracks... that's likely because there aren't any. I can't say their music was bad it was definitely serviceable but for a game about grinding bosses... you can easily have a kickass soundtrack for them. I look at Hades as the best example of this, that soundtrack SLAPS in each boss encounter.. hell in every encounter. While this $70 USD game I can't even hum a bar from? Disappointing.
  • Combat sound effects feel good. From the heft of the heavy weapons to the slicing whirring noises of the Dual blades. I could have done with some variation of weapon hits against certain textures, particularly for the Longsword's Northern Technique. That light "ping ping ping" doesn't make sense against both fleshy creatures and heavy armor alike... However it all works for what it does. I think the Soulshatter noise I could use a reduction on, sometimes it would distort wildly if there were a lot of things going on and seemed to crackle.
  • The one thing I could do without is that damned treasure chest hum. It both works for and against the game and I found it annoying hearing it constantly because it is ever present. If they had just done a mini-map and emphasized using the spirit vision more it wouldn't be in the game. But everything you interact with in the game hums! Corpses, Motherlodes, Chests, even Beacons! #STOPTHEHUMMING
User Interface - QA on a 3 year lunch break? (1/5)
  • I found a UI bug within 3 minutes of launching the game. If your 2nd weapon, Charm, Right Ring, or Banner slot are empty and you mouse over it; the tooltip goes behind the attributes.... I had to have the Dev (a friend who watched my stream; bless him hes the best) in my chat tell me it was for charms.
  • Salvaging is a nightmare on PC with KBM. It takes 2 clicks for every item, and that includes the travel time to click on the item. On top of that sometimes the salvage button doesn't register a click. On top of that no bulk salvaging, sorting is limited as hell and also- augments and gear seems to be locked?! I can't unlock certain items in my inventory from 30+ levels ago and salvage it so it just sits there annoyingly making my screen cluttered. Very Frustrating.
  • No loadout saving for skill trees makes respeccing a chore.
  • You cannot see how many total resistances you have. Making the skill tree point of +5% resist cap completely meaningless because we do not know the cap.
  • You cannot tell how much blessings do. The codex only reveals their effect, not the rate. Blessing of luck for example increases crit chance... by how much? It does not say, nor does your stat sheet reflect a change while it is active. Impossible to know if it is even working.
  • If ailments work on bosses, I can't tell. I had a dual blade build that healed me on chilling an enemy, I never got healed on a red hp bar boss. If bosses are immune to ailments, we need to know because that is 1/2 of the Valorplates completely useless on bosses and a whole subset of items even less useful. Only purpose would be for Tower clearing trash mobs, and then my point of no loadout swapping hurts even further. We need clarity.
  • Certain Augments don't seem to work (Rampage crit dmg per might point doesn't update and sits at 0%)
  • No idea when I enter rampage, how long shattering blow lasts, how long my marks are up, how long my Lifestone effect will be going. Only polarity, banners, blessings, and Archon Fury have UI representation.
  • The codex entries are all out of order for some reason? And no they are not chronologically listed.
  • There are numerous more issues that I won't bother listing but suffice to say the only redeeming point that didn't give this category a zero, was the aesthetic. It was clean. If they can fix all these issues it would vastly improve the quality of this game but having already poured 40+ hours into it and seeing most of the content, I can't see myself returning just because of these fixes.
Gameplay - Addictive and Satisfying.. To a point (3/5)
  • The combat in Godfall is satisfying and feels good when its working well. Aggressively darting around or super armor tanking trades with a hammer is fun. The downside is there is no action queue. I find myself failing to execute Weapon Techniques extremely frequently because it gets locked in LMB or RMB spamming instead of swapping to queuing a weapon technique. Same for sprint attacks. I eventually got used to this annoyance and adjusted but it still happens with great regularity. Clean this up and the game would benefit greatly.
  • Mini bosses and up are all fairly unique each with their own move sets and challenges. In isolation all bosses are pretty fun (aside from Solaris). The pacing however for many fights feels very off. Many bosses seem balanced around parry windows you can punish on after parrying a white attack. This would be cool if the windows were predictable in any way, instead the AI seems to randomly do whatever it wants with the one Exception of Zamora who will teleport to you at range post phase 1 ad nauseum making her extremely easy to exploit. It makes optimal play either annoying to do or slow as you wait to parry a white attack. Meanwhile all trash mob fights are mostly just spam fests, use all your abilities in a whirlwind. It is counter intuitive especially when most bosses are just spamming massive projectiles at you and jumping away so you sprint after them only to get severely punished. If they had more set patterns it would be much more satisfying.
  • Balance is not very good right now. Hard mode is lame. I found myself turning it down to normal after a few attempts of the level 30 Solaris mostly because I wanted to play and have fun. No patterns on bosses means hard mode is just a grueling stat check instead of a big skill check. I beat all 3 dark souls on SL 1. It was a grind but Eventually it could have been a hitless run with Red tearstone ring sitting on 1 hp. That is how you know your game is well designed because you can master the combat to that extent. I can't avoid damage in Godfall for beans. Every fight has massive ground AoEs and you get whiff punished by everything. Not to mention knockdowns... oh my lord the knockdown chaining is ridiculous.
  • Those complaints out of the way, the core is quite good. Lots of diverse playstyle choices to choose from in the skill screen make for change of paces if you get some items with things you can build around. It is just a shame the content itself isn't as consistently fun.
Post-Game - Well I'm still playing 20 hours later after beating it.. (3/5)
  • Multiplayer not on launch is a big reason why Post-game isn't well received right now. Being able to matchmake is key for games like these because not everyone likes the core loop of kill monster for loot so you can kill bigger monster for bigger loot. Meaning I have few in my friend circle who want to play. They say this is coming though so hopefully that saves the game but without it this game won't go very far.
  • Dreamstones have potential but bosses need to be actually damageable by ailments if they are to work as is. If a boss is resistant to my weapons and crits I need a way of fighting them otherwise its just a reroll if they are too strong. Particularly if you take a magnify mod that makes them 100% resistant.
  • Dreamstones need to have no cost to use. There is no way this endgame is sustainable with current loot distribution, to up an item its like 100k+ and you barely get enough electrum to cover the cost of entry. You are constantly at zero electrum there's no given way to hunt it either, you cant choose an electrum buff instead of another boss drop or something. It is very frustrating to balance resources when everything costs money.
  • All of the realms are useless. That's it. Hunts not scaling is the worst design decision ever. They should have their own little incentives. The explore mode is not worth doing at all because it is just trash mobs that drop nothing worthwhile. This is hugely depressing.
  • Tower seems fun as it promotes using builds different than those that are made purely for single target dps. It gives the shield moves and takedowns use and is generally fun to just fight swarms of enemies. The icons make no sense however and it takes a lot of trial and error to understand what room is doing what, it should also tell you the key cost of chests inside before you open a door so I can know if I will be wasting my door or not. Overall seems like a good way to make zerg fights fun still and fruitful, they just need to up the value proposition and give better clarity.
  • Overall the endgame will scratch an itch of boss hunting and loot farming but it needs a bit more depth and nuance and multiplayer needs to be a thing.
Verdict: 3/5 (2.8)
  • Godfall is a niche game that likely will find a nice home in people's collections much like Diablo 3 did after a couple years getting their seasons right. I can see myself playing a season mode in Godfall if time goes on and attention is given to it's obvious flaws. The game has good positives, but its negatives prevent it from feeling as good as it could. Patches this month could make this game MUCH more approachable.
  • My recommendation is Buy if you don't mind paying full price and you enjoy ARPG looters, just be patient with hard mode and play on normal if you find it too annoying to deal with.
  • As a fan of Duelyst I enjoyed the small touches and nods in the Lore that make their first game a not forgotten memory. I think they have a lot of potential for fleshing out these connections.

My final wish is for them to add PS4 Controller support on PC. There isn't any currently.

If you guys enjoyed this review you can find me on Twitch at ttv/ToNoahEnd Thanks for reading.Edits: Spelling / grammar
submitted by GrincherZ to PlayGodfall

A Silver to Gold Guide for Bard - How to be a Great Meepster

This is not a solid build for high elo players but it could be your basis as you climb up. This guide is for those low elo players who want to spice up their picks by dwelling into a more complicated champs. You may not agree on some of these things and you are free to feel that way. I'm just here to help you guys!
Who is Bard
Bard is a support champion that is really satisfying to learn and master. There's nothing more satisfying than landing that sweet, sweet, cosmic binding. Bard is the kind of champion where only great players can play him with finesse. Not really item dependent unlike other supports that need tank items like Alistar or AP items like Zyra or Janna. All you need is your level 6 and a bunch of meeps and you are good to go. The only problem with Bard is that he only works well when your team knows how his spells work. But once your lane partners have synced perfectly, Bard can definitely turn the tides and help you get that sweet victory.
Bard is perfect for those support players who love to:
  • Roam around the map even if their ADC needs help at bot lane
  • Practice their skill shooting ability instead of doing that lame-o point and click shot
  • Play with their friends, especially with a duo bot lane.
  • Hear trumpets and soothing chime-themed ambiance music
Here are the runes that goes perfect with Bard.
  • Electrocute - By far the best main rune for Bard for his early exchanges. With his good range and if you landed a good cosmic binding, you can chop down at least 1/3 of your enemy ADC's health with one good combo. Some might suggest getting Aery but I really don't find her additional damage or shield much impact compared to electrocute. This could still hurt even in late game as a combo could chop down 1/8 of your tanky enemy, something that is really remarkable for a support like Bard.
  • Cheapshot - Causes additional damage after cosmic binding. Taste the blood is not really much needed for he can sustain with his shrines, and sudden impact is not really compatible with Bard.
  • Zombie Ward - You'll be roaming and dewarding a lot because of your passive so this is more useful than collecting eyeballs or leaving a single ghost poro.
  • Relentless Hunter - You really need that out of combat speed to hasten your meep collecting. You can also choose Ingenious Hunter for redemption or solari cdr but meeps are more important.
For Secondary
  • Bone Plating/Font of Life - Laning phase declares your game as a Bard player as this is the only way you can easily kill your lane enemies with your burst autos. I usually get bone plating just because I need to survive a few more hits when getting all in. Font of life is also great since it synergizes with your cosmic binding
  • Chrysalis - I only get this for the extra HP because Bard is really squishy and he needs all the help he can get early game. Some might say Sorcery but you really don't need early AP or Inspiration for the stop watch since you'd most prolly mess it up. Right now let's settle with a more simpler rune set that could help you survive more.
Just like any other supports, your items will revolve around the following:
  • Spellthief to Remnant - This is for AP plus for a good oof during AA. Some might go for Coin but its too risky to get those coins and you'd be spending your time roaming around the map instead of sticking with your lane partner. Make sure to build remnants before level 9 so you can change to sweeping lense asap.
  • Boots to Mobility Boots - Others may argue with additional OOCMs but for me, it doesn't hurt to have additional movement speed especially when getting those meeps. You can get tenacity but you will most likely to be killed after being cc'd once.
  • Redemption/Zeke's - To be honest, both can be your first item after wards. Go with redemption if you think you need an additional help with clashes or Zeke's for a chunkier Bard. In some cases, you can go Redemption first if your ADC isn't really carrying your team, and just build Zeke after.
  • Mikael/Solari - After building one or two items from above, you can now go for Mikael's if you have a strong cc using enemy or Solari for an additional shield. I don't really recommend Solari really well with Bard as he does not have big HP pools like Alistsar or Braum which the shield depends on.
  • Twin Shadows/Frozen Heart - If it came to a point that the battle is not yet over then you can buy twin shadows for searching and slow or Frozen Heart to make bard beefier plus for the attack slow. Trust me, frozen heart makes a big difference with Bard.
  • Red Wards - Alwayd bring at least 1-2 pieces of wards with you everytime you go out.
Here are some tips and tricks for his skill set.
Passive: Traveler's Call
  • Collect those two chimes before minions are summoned. Then get back to leashing.
  • Only collect chimes when going to an Objecting, dewarding, or when returning to your lane. Never leave your lane partner for meeps. Always make sure that your chime hunting will have an output.
  • Use magical journey when collecting chimes to cut the travel time in half.
  • Take note of enemy position when hunting chimes. Make sure that your enemy jungler is far from your chimes before collecting them.
  • Make a mental path with the chimes so that you are going on a straight path and you're not just going back and forth.
  • Never ever risk your life for chimes.
  • When your team needs you, skip the chimes and go straight to the clash.
Q - Cosmic Binding
  • Don't hesitate to throw it even without minions or walls near the enemy when chasing them. The slow is enough for you and your team to finish them.
  • Watch your enemy minions carefully when laning. Find a good angle to fire off your Q. Go hide under the bushes to surprise them. This is perfect for those relic shield using supports like leonna, alistar, braum, etc.
  • Lure enemies into your magical journey and bind them once they reach the end.
  • Binding works on invisible units as well! It also works at those ruins left by destroyed towers.
W - Caretaker's Shrine
  • When clashing isn't needed in level 1, get this first and leave it for your jungler when leashing. A good 20% hp heal works in big ways especially if your jungler has no sustain skill.
  • When being pushed into your towers, leave the shrines at the back of your tower. Avoid leaving it in front of the tower so your enemies can't destroy it.
  • When you are the ones pushing the lane. Leave the shrines at an linear open path so you or your ADC can get them while backing from an enemy attack.
  • Always wait for the shrines to 'activate' before getting it.
  • The MS boost from it is also helpful when running away or when chasing enemies. Just click it on a chasing team mate to give them a boost.
E - Magical Journey
  • Bard's most unique skill, you can use it to get to objectives fast.
  • You can also use it to scare your lane enemies by casting it from a push for a fake out.
  • Abuse magical journey when getting chimes.
  • Don't hesitate using magical journey when being chased by the enemy. Allies including yourself travels faster inside the tunnel.
  • It works best when used on thick terrains like corner walls, but it can also be used on those thin walls when needed.
R - Temepered Fate
  • Only use this when you are out of sight or if you are near the area (the further you are the higher the delay which gives time for your enemies to dodge it)
  • Don't use it during a clash when more of your teammates will be affected by your ultimate. Aim well.
  • Slightly adjust your aim above your enemy's position so they would be forced to go to the other direction or to give them lesser space to react to.
  • You can use your ultimate on towers, dragons, or even baron!
  • Only use your ultimate to low health teammates if their are champions near him/her to back them up. If not, don't waste your ultimate on them.
  • Don't hesitate using your ultimate to chase down enemies.
  • Also use your ultimate to isolate ADCs or enemy crowd controllers. Aim well again!
Max Q W first for good sustain and exchange while E last. Only upgrade E when your team excels in ganking and pushing objectives.
Early Game
  • Chimes are the least of your priority. Focus on keeping your lane partner alive with shrines.
  • Only roam when you are winning your lane or when the mid overextends. Use chimes along the way as speedboost.
  • Bard has a good AA range so abuse it. Your electrocute can cut your enemy hp by 2/3 so better make the exchanges count.
  • Use your ultimate for securing kills or saves. Don't hesitate to throw it when needed.
  • When taking chimes on enemy jungle, place some deep wards. Deward along the way if possible.
  • Don't worry when kill credits goes to you. Bard has natural early game damage burst. Use this early farm advance to invest on wards and early support items.
Mid Game
  • Use chimes to reach objectives faster. Ward aggressively if possible while ensuring safety by checking your enemy positions. Use your speed boost when dewarding to cover more area.
  • By this time, your enemy will be reckless with their actions and would ignore your binding threat. Use it as your advantage.
  • Roam only if you are free to do so. Chimes are not really your priority however get some along the way when heading on to an objective.
  • Shrines are more useful as a speed boost than an emergency heal.
  • Save your ultimate for big fights and sure kills.
Late Game
  • It is given that most enemy champs can kill you now so be very careful not to get ganked and be killed.
  • Your ultimate is very crucial as it could turn enemy advantage into your advantage. Use ultimate only when delaying can help your team.
  • Bard should be able to ward heavily at this point of the game due to the number of chimes. Take advantage of speed boosts for warding, dewarding, and reaching of objectives.
  • Just like always, stick to your team carry to ensure survival and victory. Abuse magical journey when escaping.
  • Always remember that your ultimate works on buildings, too!
Quick Notes
  • Bard is a very technical support champ so don't expect to master him immediately. He needs to be in sync with his team to perform well.
  • Patience is important with Bard. Every aspect of him needs quick planning and advance thinking.
  • Using Bard will help you familiarize with the map and minion control. Using him is beneficial for mastering the game.
  • This guide is not a fool-proof one! Also please forgive me if there are grammatical errors.
  • If you like this, I can make one for Rakan and Alistar!
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